Can any one share there experience from failure to success in freelancing as a fresher? What mistakes does a fresher do? (company) I got to know about this site , when I was in my graduation 1 st year . Since then i have experienced Enough learning , Learned pretty much from the site .

with out proper Research on Freelancer , how Winning of a project , I used to Quote the price for the project with hardly no Acceptance even after 2 MONTHS , I have quoted more than 50+ projects with my Best skills , But nothing Seems to be working .

After a few days i realized that , Freelancer project Awarding works with Contents , fast delivery , quality which is all verified and monitored through contents which have been running. After Spending some decent Amount of time participating and winning some good contents, I can see people giving some good recommendations and ranking which helped me to bag projects to which i have quoted .

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