Can I create a freelancer account on Upwork now in 2018?

You can create an account, but that does not mean they’ll approve it and let you work for them.

They ask you so many details you’ll take several hours filling everything up as needed, the interface has no support for formatting your text, not even something simple as Quora’s answers text editor.

Then, nowadays, 95% of the times you get a totally copy and paste, general mail stating something along the lines of: “we are sorry we cannot accept your application”.

Then you try navigate their vast and not really intuitive website until you find the beginners forum and try ask what’s going on.

Only then, you find out that in order to ask your first beginner question, your account must have been approved first… a dog eating its own tail situation!

Then you contact their “human support” and they tell you: “sorry, we have too many of <enter here basically any specialization>” and that’s the last time you hear something off them.

You can tweak your curriculum, make it perfect, follow a tutorial (there are a LOT of “hawks” trying to sell you courses about how to create a profile) but in the end you get rejected.

In order to get approved in 2019–2020 you must know how to do weird, rare and valuable stuff or you are out. Even as a very valued senior full stack developer you are still not granted a spot.

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