Can I still become a crypto artist in a country that bans Bitcoin and Ethereum? How can I make a deposit? Will my bank account become suspicious?

Sounds to me like it is super risky to dabble in breaking financial laws.

Many governments in countries in Asia, people don’t have rights and the government has a short leash on financial transactions. The penalties for breaking their laws are super steep. I personally would avoid such matters.

I know one guy who was trying to sell artwork online with paypal, which was banned in his country, and he was caught. They took all his money and banned him from using the internet.

Another one was Ai WeiWei in China, who for a long time was under house arrest and watched very careful for his illegal broadcasts on YouTube. Some of it was his outspoken criticism of government, but the other was his artistic transactions and online sales, including donations from his website.

Yeah. If you can. Don’t break laws, it’s so easy to get caught.

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