Can we get manual testing freelancing projects?

search on google, you will find more

for you question i am giving links below i hope this will helpfull.

open each and every site and see what the wrote there and what the purpose of freelancing.

Manual Testing Jobs

Manual Testing Freelance Jobs

Manual Testing – PeoplePerHour

Testing manual Workers and Jobs

Freelance software testing jobs | Crowdsourced Testing

Manual testing projects Freelancers and Jobs

Manual testing projects Workers and Jobs

How to kickstart a freelance software testing project – Maverick Tester

Last One

I would bet that you once thought of finding a testing freelancing job.

Of course, why not? Look at developers. Developers do a lot of freelancing jobs from building websites, WordPress theme to mobile applications…and they are making good money. This type of work seems to fit so well for developers…and I agree.

But, how’s about freelancing works for testers? Are they that promising? Here are what most testers think about freelance jobs:

“Really? There are such jobs for testers?”

“You can’t make decent money as freelancer”

“It’s too difficult to find testing freelancing project”

What if I tell you that it’s not that difficult to find freelancing jobs and that there’s a platform where you can earn extra money by testing and finding bugs.

I’m talking about uTest (Applause) platform, one of the biggest communities of testers in the world. I mentioned uTest in one my post before as one of the best resources to learn software testing, but uTest doesn’t stop there. uTest is also considered as one of the best places for testers to find testing projects and get paid.

Here’s how things work on uTest:

People give you a project and you get paid for each bug you find in their products. More bugs more money. You can test any time you like in the way you want. No more control from your grumpy boss…you are now your own boss.

That sounds cool, right?

In this post today, I would like to introduce you a step-by-step guide and everything you need to know to become uTest freelance tester and earn extra money.

Here’s what you will know after reading this post:

  • What is uTest platform and how it works
  • How to get started as uTest tester
  • How to get invited for projects and start earning money
  • How to participate in a project.
  • Tips and tricks to be a successful tester on uTest

Since the post is a bit long, here’s the quick navigation of the post for your convenience:

Table Of Content

Introduction of uTest platform

1) What is uTest platform?

2) How does uTest work and how do you get paid?

3) How much do uTest pay you?

4) Who will decide and approve the severity of the defects you report?

5) How many bugs you can submit?

How to get started as uTest freelance tester?

1) Prerequisites

2) How to create an uTest account:

3) Take an uTest tour to get familiar with it:

How to be invited for a project and start making money?

1) Apply for a Sandbox 101 project

2) Be active on uTest as an active member and start contributing.

3) Don’t just wait for project invitations…go and find them.

How to participate in the uTest project after you are invited?

1) Step to access your test cycle:

2) How to report a bug on uTest?

3) How to execute test cases or verify fixed bugs:

4) Configure uTest payment options:

Tips and Tricks to succeed as freelancer on uTest

#1: Set the right expectation

#2: Be patient

#3: Build your credibility

#4: Be professional

Final thought

Take Action and all the best.

More details – 8003070864

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