Can you make multiple accounts on UPWORK will that get you caught do they log you IP or something and they close down accounts if you have multiple?

It’s amazing how much time and energy freelancers are willing to invest in “creative ways” to find “shortcuts” on Upwork. Why?

The simplest and safest way is just to do your job. Create an account. Get verified. Do your work. Get paid. Move on to the next project. Why is this so hard?

Do you want to leave in fear until you eventually get caught? So, you are going to “clone” yourself on Upwork. What’s the point? You will increase your chances of finding additional work. Seriously?

Just imagine what you could have achieved if you have invested all this time and energy in the right direction. In your portfolio and top-quality proposals, for a change. It’s a heartbreaking thing for any freelancer.

We keep getting the wrong questions, how to bypass the system. Instead, we should ask questions how to become more successful on Upwork.

There are no shortcuts in freelancing, at least not the ones with the happy end.

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