Can you share your portfolio of stocks, if you are a long term investor?

Hi Everyone,

In 2010, My father used to trading in the stock market. **I did not know ABCD of the stock market, I was 19 at that time. **he had a Demat account with approx 200k–300k. he was a daily trader and did not make anything from the stock market. he also opened an account with 100k of mine and I also started playing with it. and as I told, **it was my first experience with this market and got the loss.**

So we both got 400k-500k loss within 1 year and came to know that, the stock market does not give any profit, it’s just gambling. in 2013 we both stopped doing this and left everything. after that, my father did not do any trading/Investment in the stock market till now and I got busy with my animation course. and started doing freelancing.

In 2019, I read one book** “Rich Dad & Poor Dad”.** after reading this book, my mind totally changed in the Finacial field.** I did not invest anything before it. I bought iPhone XR with 17k down payment and 34k EMI. I had cash but take it on EMI and invest 34K in the stock market on a long term basis. within 3.5 months it became 40K. I was in profit with 6k and started investing more, was investing monthly into it.

In the lockdown, have invested approx 100k and made a profit with 15K, I book profit and invested more into it. ( had made many mistakes, and still learning, but yes did not go in loss)

Here My Portfolio:

I have one question, please tell me your view on this.

in longterm investment, an investor should book profit or not?

if yes, then how? please tell me.

Thank you! your comments will be appreciated!

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Thank you everyone I got suggestions from you and sold out some stocks and booked my profit:

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Current Portfolio

Thank you so much 🙂

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