Instrument Checkride Write-Up

Instrument Checkride Write-Up   Yesterday (09/25/2015), I had my instrument rating checkride (aka, “practical test”) at Lincoln airport (KLHM) in California. I flew with DPE Jim Hinson and this is my write-up of the experience.   Pre-Checkride What I knew before the checkride is that Jim wanted me to plan an IFR cross-country from Lincoln …

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Flight-Review — Study Guide

Private Pilot License Checkride (2014) — Study Guide Flight Review Updates (2017) Summary of actual July-2017 Flight Review (CFI Bill Peterson, Above All Aviation, KSBA) oral exam/discussion in his office (mostly Part 91 regulations stuff; ~1.5 hours) here’s the lateral track (zoomable): Takeoff — normal, 15R, right downwind departure Flew to western practice area …

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The E-Gull

The E-Gull A high-performance, practical, affordable personal electric aircraft.   The E-Gull is an Earthstar ThunderGull converted to electric power with a Zero Motorcycles electric drive system. Mark Beierle is the owner of Earthstar and the designer of the Gull and several other aircraft. Mark has performed and assisted in numerous electric conversions using the …

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Airplane Systems & Structures

Airplane Systems and Structures   Instruments:   Pitot Static Instruments: the VSI, the Altimeter, and the Airspeed Indicator.    The pitot tube only affects the Airspeed Indicator. The airspeed is also affected by the static port however because it measures the differences in pressures. The pitot tube must be drained in the preflight. Also check …

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N68TQ Twerp Report

TWERP Project Report Elliot Seguin 8/20/2016     Aircraft Description N68TQ is a Rutan Quickie Q1 modified for installation of two small turbojet engines.  The program goal was to be a flying test bed for the first manned application of these engines, and study their performance and reliability, specifically at altitude.  The Quickie was chosen …

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N211WP — 2008 Diamond Star DA40-XLS (DA40/G)   See also: N211WP Two-Pilot Flow/Verbal Checklists   Runup : (do a runup before ALL flight legs) Throttle to 2000 rpm… Cycle Prop(2x) only on first runup of the day Mag Check: Lean Mixture until all 4 EGTs show; Both/Left/Both/Right (make sure on each “mag” all 4 spark …

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Flying to Canada Checklist

FLYING TO CANADA FOR THE U.S. PILOT GET READY A MONTH PRIOR TO DEPARTURE Confirm Passport is current and won’t expire in the next ~12 months, renew otherwise. Confirm a current Custom’s and Border Patrol (CBP) Decal is affixed to aircraft (order here if not: or request the aircraft owner/operator to do so) Confirm …

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CFI Study Guide

FAR Part 61/AC 61-65E Categories/Classes on Pilot & CFI certificates Pre-requisites for practical tests – 61.39(a)(6) Retesting after a knowledge test/practical test – 61.49 CFI must retrain the applicant in all areas deemed deficient CFI must endorse the applicant’s logbook that training has been recieved Flight Review; What must it include? – 61.56 Required once …

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N588RV Spec Sheet

Van RV-10 N588RV Technical Specifications Exterior Exterior Height: 8 ft 8 in Wing Span: 31 ft 9 in Length: 24 ft 5 in Occupancy Crew: 1 Passengers: 3 Operating Weights Max T/O Weight: 2700 Lb Empty Weight: 1520 Lb Fuel Capacity: 60 gal Lb Payload Useful: 100 Lb Payload W/Full Fuel: 2700 Lb Range Max …

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