Econoline Buyers Guide

The Ford Econoline was built from 1961 to 2015. This buyer’s guide will focus on the most common and widely available platform – the 3rd Generation (1992 – 2015).   Which model should I buy? You have 3 options to choose from:  E150 (½ ton) E250 (¾ ton) E350 (1 ton) If you don’t plan …

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​​Tesla Voice Commands

​​Tesla Voice Commands Crowdsourced list of working voice commands by category   Media Controls Per the manual: To listen to an Internet music service, say “Listen to” or “Play”, followed by the name of the song, album, artist, or combination.  To improve voice recognition accuracy, provide multiple cues in your command, such as the artist …

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Winter Tesla Tips

Winter Tesla Tips    Charge before you leave so your battery isn’t cold soaked. I used to do math to try to leave each day fully charged, but I only need ~30-50 miles a weekday, so I started just charging 1-2 hours before my leave time to simplify. This allows me to leave with good …

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EV Tax Credit and AMT/TMT

EV Tax Credit and AMT/TMT   Due to many people (including myself) getting Notice CP11 or CP12 from the IRS regarding a reduction in the $7,500 tax credit due to AMT/TMT, myself and other intelligent individuals from have put together material showing that the IRS is unquestionably in error.   The CP12 notice from …

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Model 3 Tips and Tricks

Turn on the rear window defroster to defrost the side mirrors Triple tap on the Tesla logo to open the arcade quickly Just swipe down on Tesla nav button for car to automatically navigate to home, work or destination in calendar If charge cover won’t open, there’s an emergency latch. Pull the tab. You can …

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DELIVERY CHECKLIST   Make sure VIN matches paperwork Steering Wheel – test for clicking noise by rotation wheel with car on & off Two Key Fobs Rubber mats Front license plate mounted CHAdeMO Adapter  Wheels Issues with paint / bubbles under paint Scratches in paint Scratches on wheels, tires and underside  Residue on windows or …


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