ICU safety checklist for COVID pandemic

ICU safety checklist for COVID pandemic   Rationale: During this pandemic, many people working in ICU’s are NOT trained in critical care. This includes nurses, residents, attendings, respiratory therapists, and every other type of provider involved in critical care. For example, currently some ICUs are being run by psychiatry, dermatology, radiology, ophthalmology, or pathology residents, …

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COVID Stimulus Resources

COVID Stimulus Resources   THE CARES ACT: The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act  Text of the Bill:   Part 1: (For Businesses) Keeping American Workers Paid and Employed Act Paycheck Protection Loan Program The clearest summary of the Paycheck Protection Program I’ve seen – very useful Paycheck Protection Fact Sheet What is …

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Remote Work Survival Kit

Introduction What is this? The Remote Work Survival Kit is a crowdsourced document, created in response to the COVID19 Coronavirus, to help those who are trying to:   Implement remote working in their organisation. Set themselves up to work from home. Protect their business, their staff and teams from effects of this and future pandemics. …

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COVID-19 masks-research

Papers about effectiveness of basic masks  The papers below have been used to create a video, and a newspaper article, summarizing the utility of basic masks. In summary: everyone should wear masks, which they should make themselves using t-shirts and/or paper towels, whenever they go out in public. I’ve also made a little summary on …

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