#LGBT FAQ   What is #LGBT for? #LGBT is a glorious hugbox that members of the community or allies can come and discuss rant or play games. We as a community are always open to questions and discussions, but it gets tiring having to justify the validity of your existence multiple times, especially if the …

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Transgender People are Valid

Transgender People are Valid Forward – an incomplete list of the reputable scientific & social organizations which affirm the validity of transgender people (that transness is not an illness, that trans people are deseving of respect and equal rights, etc). This also serves as a list of the institutions which recognize the difference between sex …

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TG Links

Hello fellow trans person or ally! This is Sonja’s Trans Links List. I hope you find something helpful here for you.     (this is my own list of stuff I refer to often, cite for others, or just didn’t want to forget.)   gender variant:      but see:  dysphoria types:  the null …

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OSP Gender Lecture Pre-notes

OSP Gender Lecture Pre-notes STRUCTURE – Current  Beginning Intro Topic sentence – What is Gender, why is it what it is, how to deal Serverside – Rules reminder, Questions later, content warning (slurs) Definitions Differences – freud, movements, not new Fundamental issue with typology (Atomic parts) Gender as concept Genders as Qualia Thought experiment Not …

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Transgender Information Sources

Transgender Information Sources   Important Terminology   Trans woman: A person who is physically born male, but transitions to female. Address these people with female pronouns (she/her).   Trans man: A person who is physically born female, but transitions to male. Address these people with male pronouns (he/him).   NB or Enby: Short for non-binary; …

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