Shopping List for a Samoyed Puppy!

Shopping List for a Samoyed Puppy! Things to take when you go pick up your furball Food (ask your breeder) Food reward bag Food/Water bowl (2) Water bottle for pets Airline bag (if you plan to fly him/her back in the cabin, like we did!) Puppy collar ID …

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Pet Financial Aid Resources

Nationwide Programs – United States American Veterinary Medical Foundation: (veterinary care charitable fund) Bow Wow Buddies – Nonprofit organization dedicated to helping sick and injured dogs by funding urgent medical care and aiding with veterinary bills for serious conditions Brown Dog Foundation – Helps with grants to cover vet costs in Illinois, Tennessee, and Iowa …

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Things to ask a breeder

  Do they do health testing? Check if they test for hips, elbows, hearts, eyes, other breed specific tests, and if they do genetic tests as well.   If they don’t, then don’t bother contacting them. Some breeders who are on breed club sites don’t follow the code of ethics, so not everyone you contact …

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APA! Fading Puppy Protocol

APA! Fading Puppy Protocol   Fading Puppy Syndrome is a life threatening emergency in which a puppy “crashes” and begins to fade away. If not dealt with immediately it can result in death. If you are fostering puppies 6 weeks or younger, it is a very good idea to familiarize yourself with this handout so …

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