audio streaming audio(Mixer)

Mixer:   ⅛ to ¼ stereo cables   Optical   XLR   TRS to ⅛ adapter To get rid of noise, I use these on every 3.5mm connection   And the mixer and two PC’s are ground lifted using these:   In OBS, select the line-in  as the desktop audio, and disable the audio …

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Marketing Resources for Streamers

Branding    “Finding your USP” This article is long and in-depth and everything people on Reddit hate, but it has a lot of fantastic info so if you only read one thing from my list, read this.   “Brand strategy” / “brand marketing” – Simple article that talks about things like consistency across …

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Setting Up Mobile Streaming Direct to Twitch

This guide will walk you through the setup process for both iOS and Android for how to go live from your mobile device directly to Twitch using your mobile data connection/wifi.   iOS (8.0 or later)   Download Live:Air Solo from the App Store:   Features of this app: Username/Password Login Support for Twitch …

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Eglato Set up hdmi.png

Elgato HD60(Pro) Setup with Dual PC Builds

Items Needed 2 different PC’s; 1 for gaming and the other PC for using to gather all recordings and for streaming! 2-3 Monitors (2 Priority) 1080p 60 Hz (if higher, set up will here )  HDMI Cables or DVI A Elgato capture Device. Can be purchased here! HD60: HD60 Pro: The latest Elgato …

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Streaming sound guide

I didn’t want to do tech support on stream, but I’d love to help! Starting with your mic, make sure Windows isn’t boosting it. It causes distortions. In Sound Settings > Input > Device properties there is a slider. Set that bad boy to 0. Then in OBS crank that slider all the way to …

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