Beyblade burst regulation: 2020/07

ベイブレードバースト レギュレーション   Beyblade burst regulation: 2020/07 *Battle: The smallest unit that determines whether to win or lose with Beyblade *Match… Until the winner is decided after several battles.   This “Beyblade Burst Regulation” applies to everyone who participates in events and competitions. About Beyblade Beyblades can only be used in the “Beyblade Burst” series …

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DIGITAL MONSTER VER. 0NL1NE Guide by bludragon1220 (Blu) Contents:   Introduction Circuit Circuit Components Circuit Assembly Software Software Required Software Set-up Software Download Using 0NL1NE Code Extraction Community Credits   Introduction: Welcome to Digital Monster Ver. 0NL1NE! This system is designed to allow for communication between Digimon Virtual Pets via the internet. Current compatibility includes …


Figure Store Information Guide

  Store Features Strengths Weaknesses Conclusion Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) $150 Free Shipping Minimum, TOM Points Free shipping, occasional 30%+ figure discount Overpriced, TOM points, high free ship minimum, requires prepaid preorders Use their wishlist, wait until they offer 30% straight discount. AmiAmi Pre-order discounts, (occasional) pre-order bonus, pay when item is shipped. Also has …

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The New Busou Shinki & Friends Guide

The New Busou Shinki & Friends Guide

Busou Shinki [武装神姫] was a toyline launched by Konami in 2006. The figures are 1:12 sized but considered 1:1 in lore, and came pre-assembled with removable armor & accessories. They were typically released in themed pairs with each set designed by a different artist, although some releases were expansion packs and a few artists contributed multiple waves. …

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