The Spiral Torque (Excerpt)

The Spiral Torque The spiral torque is the final variation of the different types of knee torque. In my opinion this is usually the least utilized and understood, partly due to the fact it is the most difficult to develop and the ability to largely play the dogfight position without using it. Additionally the spiral …

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Godherja Encyclopedia

A Aagiokrata (p. noun) short-hand for Aversarinas Aagiokrata ‘faith’ in Aversarian languages Aautokrata (p. noun) short-hand for the Aversarian Aautokrata ‘imperium’ in Aversarian languages aautokratir (fem) aautokratia    a person who rules the Aversarian Aautokrata A’Bajjarmi’a (p. noun) one of the three Root Schools of Wardenism, A’Bajjarmi’a translates literally to mean ‘Solidarity’, or ‘Those who …

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