CDR Community Coordinator – Position Description

Position Description:

CDR Community Coordinator

The Center for Digital Resilience (CDR) is seeking a Community Coordinator to join our global team, supporting day-to-day management of our community support efforts through delivery of digital security response and prevention assistance to CDR member organizations. The Community Coordinator will serve as a key intermediary between CDR and various member communities, providing a high level and quality of interaction and follow-through across digital security incident response, community engagement, and digital wellness and education for members. This interdisciplinary, cross-cutting role will be critical in cultivating and strengthening ongoing community health and trust in CDR by ensuring that members get the most out of the assistance we provide.

About CDR 

The Center for Digital Resiliencestrengthens the digital resilience and integrity of civic space around the world. We work closely with partners to provide the structures, tools, and resources needed by communities to operate safely and effectively online. Our values of tolerance, internet freedom, community-focused approaches, human-focused technology, continual learning, and transparency guide every aspect of our work across our core pillars of Community Engagement, Information & Analysis, and Technology.


Digital Security Incident Response

  • Manage incident response and triage on CDR Link, our secure help desk platform

  • Route incoming requests to appropriate responders and track case progress

  • Communicate with members to ensure that high-quality assistance is provided

Community Engagement

  • Track member engagement to ensure consistent interaction and follow-through

  • Contribute to the design of new, creative strategies to drive member engagement

  • Capture and incorporate feedback from members and stakeholders

Digital Wellness and Education

  • Support provision of digital wellness assessments for CDR members

  • Produce and share community outreach on relevant digital threats and updates

  • Contribute to ongoing strategic efforts to improve learning and behavior change 


Relevant Experience

We do not expect applicants to have all of the experience detailed here, nor should these be considered requirements; rather, these are illustrative examples of what we will be looking at when evaluating applications for this role.

  • Experience working in human rights, digital security, tech advocacy, or related field working with high-risk users and communities

  • Understanding of basic concepts and issues related to digital security, online privacy, surveillance, social engineering, and online harassment

  • Experience coordinating activities across online networks or communities

  • Experience communicating effectively across multiple platforms in a fast-paced, remote team environment

Expected Skills & Capacities

  • Superb interpersonal, writing, and communication skills

  • Fluency in English is required; fluency or proficiency in Farsi is highly desirable

  • A high level of self-motivation and desire for continuous learning

  • Exceptional professionalism and follow-through with acute attention to detail

  • Ability to manage time effectively across multiple responsibilities and priorities

  • Excellent ability to work collaboratively and respectfully with diverse, multicultural audiences across organizational boundaries


CDR is a global organization based in Washington, D.C. This position can be located anywhere, with a slight preference for those based in EST, GMT, or CET time zones.


This is a mid-level, full-time position, reporting to the CDR Community Director. Compensation for this position is $70,000 USD annually, inclusive of benefits.

How to Apply

The application period has closed and we are no longer accepting new applicants.

CDR is an equal opportunity employer. We are dedicated to building a diverse community of individuals who are committed to contributing to an inclusive environment. We encourage candidates from all backgrounds of race, color, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, nationality or national origin, religion, age and disability to apply.

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