Celeric Blessing

Celeric Blessing

Divine-magic user of level 7 (or spell level 4) and above can cast Celeric Blessing once per day after praying to their god for this blessing, specifically.  Asking a god other than your own god for this blessing will gain the bonus one time but will violate your pact of faith with your god and you will have to atone (see below).

Celeric Blessing – Special Ability 1x/day (not modifiable)

A Divine enchantment that bestows an item with a charge of +1 effect of the Divine-subtype.  All charges are expended upon the next use of the item whether intentional or unintentional.  Partial expenditure of charges is not possible.  Holy damage deals 200% damage to creatures with the Abyssal-, Demonic-, or Undead-subtype.  Celeric Blessing’s charges check to see if the target is immune to effects of the Divine-subtype prior to application of their benefit.  If the target is immune to effects of the Divine-subtype, the charges will dissipate after the item is used but before their effect is able to take place. 

Example:  If a creature is immune to holy damage and a Sword with +5 Celeric Blessings on it is used as a weapon in a declared attack, the player will roll attack vs AC and, if the attack strikes, damage would be applied from the sword but, since the sword has 5 Celeric Blessings, all 5 Celeric Blessings will check to confirm if the creature is immune to effects of Holy damage.  They will find that the creature is immune and will dissipate as the sword strikes the creature, dealing only the damage that would otherwise be dealt.


Celeric Blessings on weapons glow with red light and enchant weapons with the wrath of the gods. Weapons receive +1 Holy damage per Celeric Blessing.  This bonus is used as a bonus to damage the next time the weapon would be touched.


Potions enchanted with Celeric Blessing glow with white light and are made by entreating the mercy of the gods.  Potions gain bonus healing and regen as with the Divine-subtype for +1 HP of healing and +? HP per second for 10s (flat) per Celeric Blessing (this does not function as Regeneration).  Blessings are consumed or destroyed along with the potion.


Armor blessed with Celeric Blessing glows with blue light and is made by invoking the wisdom of the gods.  Armor receives +? Damage Reduction and push the attacker back 5ft. per blessing.  This bonus is used to defend against the next time the character or armor would be touched.


Characters that violate the pact of their faith must atone.

Atoning for the violation of this pact requires the violator to die by being beat to death by members of their faith and save vs. death 3x, taking the highest of the three rolls..  If they survive, their powers are restored, they must heal from their wounds by the standard means of their race, and they cannot be aided by healing from any divine source.

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