Character guessing by Terhon

1: human, 1 jumps higher than 2, best martial artist, London, fastest, toonforce, blue, relies on weapons, cosplayed the most, self made gear, crossovers, biggest fanbase

2: human, beats 1, smart, cruel, serious, appeared most 

3: beats 4, closest to Batman, need tech to live, drinks, London, TV, swordmaster 

4: human, drinks, weakest, appear in TV,movies, plot armour, most fragile,mortal 

5: she, strongest, smart, furthest in the past, godlike, crossovers, most immortal

6: human, fighter

7: afraid of 9, sense of humour, magic

8: human, female, in biggest number games, smartest, furthest in the future

9: can eat 8, largest, strong, eats planets, heaviest, hungry, bond with animals, says own name, least intelligent, property damage

10: human, depends on tech, can sabotage, is yellow, drinks, cruel, vain, inventor, can cosplay, break 4th wall, property damage

All: 4 limbs, no medical, no superheroes, 1 and 3 names rhyme, no Marvel 

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