Cheese ideas

NOTE:  cheese contains rennet, which is an animal product.  For a vegan cheeseboard you will need to source vegetarian cheeses of this type.   
Ideas (with some description of flavours and suggestions for serving)  
Cheese and crackers 
Cheddar (a nutty, crunchy, sharp, strong cheese), with apples and sweet pickle on Digestive Biscuits (a sweetish, buttery biscuit) and Cream Crackers, which are similar to saltines but larger and tastier). 
Jarlsberg (or similar - 'the cheese with the holes' - a sharper version of American 'Swiss' cheese), with pickled onions and pretzels (hard pretzels, sticks or rounds). Edam or Gouda would also be good here. 
Stilton (a hard-ish blue cheese, most enjoyed in England at Christmas time but good for any time of year), with pears, grapes and walnuts on a plain cracker (Carrs or similar water crackers). 
Wensleydale (or similar – this is a white, mild, sharp cheese, crumbly and a little chalky) with tomato chutney and soft wholemeal bread. 
Gruyere (similar to Jarlsberg but smoother and milder, most often used in French onion soup) -served with a simple sweet onion chutney on French baguettes). 
Dips and breads 
Tzatziki and Hummus selection for dipping Crudites (vegetable sticks – usually carrot, celery, cucumber and perhaps peppers or other fresh vegetables) 
Pita Bread – served hot from the oven (or toaster oven, we can use ours if you don't have one) 
Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Salad with black pepper and olive oil (note – may not be pasteurised) 
Kettle chips: Salted, salt and black pepper, salt and vinegar, cheese and onion (if we can find them in America) 
To Drink 
Apple juices – I would recommend one sharp and dry, one sweet and mellow. 
Perrier water – a sparkling water from France, or similar 
Grape spritzer – a non-alcoholic twist on a dry white wine spritzer made with sweet, sharp grape juice and soda water 

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