Class – Solar

Wizards have their spells, priests their gods, warriors their honed steel and searing plasma. Druids call upon the power of the world’s wild places, and genius scientists bring to bear the full mechanized might of the fruits of their minds’ labors. You, though – you know the truth. You know these powers – this arcane wizardry, these divine favors, these horrors of science – you know that they’re nothing, that whatever their wielders might believe, they cannot hope to draw near the true beauty and power of the universe. No, these other awesome powers are mere refractions – each a component of the Grand Power, but never its entirety. You know that that honor is reserved for one thing and one thing alone – the Stars. 

You know this because you can feel it thrumming in your breast – the fiery ecstacy of creation, the crushing weight of entropy and destruction, you are attuned to it all. Your breath is the stuff of supernovas, your bones the children of black holes, your very being the product of the endless maelstrom of creation, destruction, and the infinite cycle that joins the two for eternity. Of course this is true – how could you feel it so strongly if it were not? How could your joy and your rage burn so brightly, or your despair shake the foundations of planets and bend light? Let the others believe what they will – it’s of no concern to you, after all; you have all the joys and miseries that the universe has to offer ahead of you. All you have to do is grasp them.

The Solar

The Solar is the wielder of mysterious powers they themselves seldom understand. Born from the stars and tied to their emotions, this power is just as volatile and unpredictable as the Solar is themselves, manipulating star fire and gravity at their whims – or sometimes on accident. To master these powers requires that the Solar first master themselves – play a Solar if you want to play a mystical character with powerful emotions and a free spirit.

Core Characteristics

HP: 8 + Constitution

Damage: 1d6


Mark of Power: Large Birthmark, Glowing Eyes, Disfiguring Scars, Floaty Hair, _________

Body: Lean body, Muscular body, Wiry body, Ravaged body, _____________

Clothes: Concealing, Practical, Minimal, Ostentatious, _________________

Demeanor: Brash, Irritable, Mysterious, Calm, ____________________


__________ helped me through a moment of raw emotional vulnerability – I owe them.

I’m fascinated by ____________’s irritating mannerisms.

__________ is my favorite person to make mischief and adventure with.

I feel kind of like __________ wants to dissect me to figure out how I work.


Good: Foster growth and the spark of creativity in another

Lawful: Protect or enforce the balance of the Cycle

Evil: Display the terrible and awesome power of the sun

Chaotic: Indulge your emotional whims


Even though your power was born, not learned, you still had to come from *somewhere*. Pick one of the following Origin moves.

Edge of the Galaxy

You were born to a small community cut off from the bustling and strange ways of the Galaxy where you learned right from wrong. Whenever you act on your moral convictions, roll 1d6+1d8 instead of 2d6. If the result of the d6 is higher than the result of the d8, your reckless pursuit of right and wrong have gotten you into a particular spot of trouble.

Monastic Order

You were raised from childhood by a monastic order of people with powers similar to your own where you learned moderation and self control. Whenever you feel your control wavering, take +1 forward to avoid losing control of your emotions or your powers.


You grew up in the hustle and bustle of city life where your liveliness and vivacious personality earned you countless friends – plus a little push from your nascent powers. Take +1 whenever you rouse others to action, celebration, or confusion.

Starting Moves

Starlight, Starbright

When you first manifested your powers, the subsequent burst of energy created a tiny creature resembling a celestial body forever bonded to you called a Mote. You might not get along with your Mote all the time, but it is your constant companion, never straying far from you and shedding light like a lantern. While it can’t talk, it can understand you as well as sense your emotional state, which it is in turn influenced by.

Choose a look and a quirk for your Mote.

Looks: Pulsar, Red Giant, Brown Dwarf, Neutron Star, Binary star, Quasar, Black Hole, _____.

Quirk: Mischievous, greedy, capricious, altruistic, self-important, sensitive, curious, _________

Whenever you ask your Mote to do something specific, roll +Cha. On a 10+, it understands your request well and carries it out as you asked. On a 7-9, it gets *most* of it right, but either must be further convinced (taking extra time) or it misinterprets you and does something similar to what you asked, but not exactly. If your request supports your mote’s quirk, take +1 – if it contradicts your mote’s quirk, take -1.

Battle Bond

Your bond with your mote manifests itself uniquely when you are threatened or in need as it transforms to protect you. Choose one of the two following options:

Solar Weapon: Your mote springs into your hand, transforming into a weapon made of light. The details of the weapon’s design are based on the mote’s personality, but you can choose what general form it takes: Sword, Spear, Hammer, Axe, Rod, Flail. Regardless of its form, your solar weapon always has these tags: close, fiery, and does 1d8 damage instead of 1d6. When attacking with your Solar Weapon, you can use Cha instead of Str or Dex.

Solar Armor: Your mote envelops you with light and transforms, becoming a glowing suit of armor made of light. Your mote determines the details of your armor’s appearance, though you can determine its general form. Your solar armor provides 1 armor and has the fireproof and radiant tags. Whenever you defend yourself by acting in sync with your armor (eg, using a gauntlet to parry, shouldering the brunt of a blow and letting your armor absorb the damage, etc), take +1 to Defy Danger.

Heart On Your Sleeve

Your emotions have a tendency to be volatile, vibrant, and plain to see. When you are open and honest with others, they tend to be the same – at the very least, they cannot directly lie to you without it being obvious. When you express strong displays of emotion, the emotions of those around you shift towards yours.

Volatile Emotions

When you channel the power of the stars through your soul, roll +Cha. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. On a 6-, you lose control of your powers – the GM will tell you what happens. Choose what emotion you use to channel this power. If that emotion is positive (joy, excitement, anger, panic, etc.), you let loose a fiery blast of plasma and spend hold one for one to add features from the Sunfire list. If the emotions are negative (sorrow, grief, fear, spite, etc), you exert gravitational force on your surroundings spend hold one for one to add features from the Gravity list.

If you are overwhelmed by your emotions and lose control, roll +Wis. On a 10+, your suppress your powers just in time – they manifest enough to be obvious (and maybe frightening) to anybody nearby, but not enough to cause any harm. On a 7-9, your control slips – your powers manifest, but you stop them in time to avoid causing serious harm. On a 6-, you lose control completely – the GM will tell you what happens.


  • You burn everything nearby for class damage

  • You ignite nearby flammable objects

  • You can exclude creatures or objects from the effects

  • You lob a ball of fire that splashes like liquid on impact

  • Fire you produce evaporates without causing too much unintentional damage

  • You cloak yourself in flames

  • You blind everyone nearby


  • You pull everything nearby towards you

  • You anchor yourself to the ground

  • You repulse everything nearby

  • You can exclude creatures or objects from the effects

  • You bend light, making yourself hard to see

  • You increase the weight of everything nearby

  • You push everything nearby to the floor

Advanced Moves

When you gain a level from 2-5, you may pick from the following moves.

Radiant Persuasion

When you use your powers to influence the mind of another, you may Parley with them using your mystic power as leverage. In addition to any normal results of your roll, on a 7-9, the target of your Parley knows you influenced them after you leave, and on a 6-, they know you tried to influence them right now.

There Is No Try

When you tweak gravity to manipulate objects or perform incredible acrobatic feats, roll +Wis. On a 10+, choose three of the following options. On a 7-9, choose only one.

  • You don’t miscalculate, use too much power, or mess up.

  • You don’t take a very long time

  • You aren’t loud, obvious, or clumsy.

  • You’re very impressive

Wisdom of the Beyond

When you meditate and gaze to the stars for guidance, roll +Wis and ask the GM a question to receive a vague vision. On a 10+, you can repeat the roll to ask another question and make the vision more specific. On a 7-9, the vision is brief. On a 6-, you saw too much – the GM will give you an Ill Omen and tell you what else.

Nectar of the Universe

When you can bathe in starlight for a full night, you don’t eat or drink, can heal 1 debility, and don’t need to mark a ration to Make Camp.

Lucky Stars

When you spend your supernatural luck to turn a bad situation into a good one, treat a roll of a 9- as a roll of a 10+, and take -1 ongoing and lose this move until you can rest in the light of the stars.

Hey, Listen!

When you let your mote lead the way and help guide you, take +1 to Discern Realities on whatever it’s trying to show you. On a 7-9, your mote is over eager to lead you to something that satisfies its quirk – following it might be dangerous.

My Little Friend

Your Battle Bond with your mote is strengthened. If your bond manifests as a Solar Weapon, pick two of the following options to add to your weapon:

  • +1 damage

  • Reach

  • Thrown, Near

  • +1 damage, dangerous

  • Messy, Forceful

  • 2 Piercing

If your bond manifests as Solar Armor, your armor’s armor bonus increases by +1, and you take +1 Cha ongoing against those awed by the glorious splendor of your armor.


Whenever you are completely and unjustifiably overconfident in your abilities, roll +Cha. On a 10+, people believe you and will act as though your claims are true. On a 7-9, they’ll believe you if you can back it up.

Focused Flame

When you channel a positive memory and focus on a specific object, roll +Cha. On a 10+, the object of your focus and only the object of your focus violently combusts. On a 7-9, the object of your focus combusts, and the fire starts spreading. On a 6-… oops – that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Multiclass Dabbler

Gain one move from another class. Treat your level as one lower for choosing the move.

When you gain a level from 6-10, you may select a move from the following list.

Apology Accepted, Captain

Requires: There Is No Try

When you focus your gravitational power on someone,  roll +Wis. On a 10+, they are at your mercy until something else distracts you. On a 7-9, you can only maintain your focus for a moment – whatever force you exert, it’s instantaneous.

Binary Star

Requires: My Little Friend

When you call upon your bond with your mote, your mote splits in two, forming both Solar Armor and a Solar Weapon. When you select this move, your mote also gains an additional quirk.

Do You Hear the People Sing

Requires: Radiant Persuasion

When you influence an entire crowd of people, roll +Cha. On a 10+, you implant a powerful emotion in their minds, which they will act upon immediately. On a 7-9, you either get some but not all of them, or you get all of them, but it’ll take time for them to do anything about it. On a 6-, you implant the emotion – but it’s directed at the wrong target (probably you).

Knowledge From Beyond

Requires: Wisdom of the Stars

Whenever you spout lore, you can call upon the wisdom of the Things from Beyond the Stars to aid you. If you do, don’t roll – instead, act as though you rolled a 10+, and gain the Stunned debility. You cannot use this move if you have the Stunned debility.

E = MC2

When you fill yourself with solar exuberance and focus on a point you can see, transform into a beam of light and roll +Cha. On a 10+, you are instantly transported to that point. On a 7-9, you get there, but you don’t wind up exactly where you wanted to be and you don’t land on your feet. On a 6-, your focus wavers for a moment and you reform roughly halfway in between where you started and where you were going (even if that’s in space).

Multiclass Initiate

Gain one move from another class. Treat your level as 1 lower for choosing the move.

The Circle of Life

When you use your powers as with your Volatile Emotions move, add the following options to the Sunfire and Gravity lists.


  • Plants and life flourish and grow around you, healing living things nearby for class damage and creating wild outbursts of vegetable and microbial life.


  • Life withers and crumbles around you, killing plants, darkening the area, and sickening all living things

Over Here!

Replaces: Hey, Listen!

When you let your mote take the lead and guide you, it will fly to the most important thing or person nearby. If you discern realities on whatever it has pointed out, take +1.

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