Classes in depth


Before you pick your class you should pick a race, this determines your aesthetic and racial traits. 

Types of Races

The Humanoid: Humanoids look like humans or have the same body shape as a humanes are no different than the human and have the same ability mods and hit die. Examples: Humans, Rodians, Bothans, Sullustan, Zabrak Duros and Twi’leks. 


Hit Die

Levels 1-5: D6

Levels 6-13: D8+2

Levels 14-18: D12+D4
Levels 19 and 20: 2D20



Mandalorians are found on Mandalore, 

they wield mandalorian armor and carry 

a military background and heavy amounts 

of training. They disgust other races and 

normal humans. They start with mandalorian armor.

(Human exclusive).


Humans from the outer rim or the underworld of 

Coruscant, they have background knowledge of 

crime in the galaxy and specialized weapons. 

They get a level 1 specialized weapon.


These people are regular people, they regularly 

don’t engage in politics but they do give in to 

militaries, they are the regular soldier. They gain a 

+1 to intelligence score.


These Humans are the opposite of the civilian,

 they fight for their legion and regularly gain the

Level of officer. They get a +1 intelligence. 

They have political knowledge.


The Dathomirians are strong savage zabraks banished 

from the home world.  They can go into rages dealing 

+4 damage but only with melee and +2 with any other 

Weapon. Exclusive to Zabraks.

Factory worker

A factory worker regularly works on planets like geonosis 

or sullust, they have knowledge of scraps and instructions

To build whatever they built in their background. They have

A +1 to crafting.


If none of these fit your background of choice you can gain 

+1 to any ability score and a +1 to HP every level.


A humanoid is proficient with a game of your choice. When they 

pass level 15 they can add +2 to a ability score, this can go past 

the ability score of 20.


The Strange

The Star Wars universe is infamous for the interesting design of their Aliens such as the Mon Calamari or the Besalisk.

Hit Die

Levels 1-5: D6+2

Levels 6-13: D8+2

Levels 14-18: D12+D4
Levels 19 and 20: 2D20

Small Races

These races have a +3 to dexterity and an advantage to all crafting roles (Dex). EX: Jawas,Ugnaughts,Charta-fan and Ewoks. 

The Oppressed

These races are dedicated to destroying the army or legion that destroyed a part of their past. They have a +2 to charisma and have a minor ability that gives them a +2 to hit to give to a teammate every short rest. EX: Sullustan, Mon Calamari and the Geonosians.

Large Races

These aliens are naturally above 5,5 feet tall. They have a +2 to strength ability scores and have a natural +1 to their AC. EX: Wookies( can rage), Besalisk (can dual wield, they can attack twice but the damage is reduced by 4) and Trandoshans (can use heat vision and can sense living creatures in a 10ft radius).


They can have a +1 to an ability score and a +1 to another ability score or +1 to AC or +2 HP per level.

Robotic Races

Droids and Cyborgs

The creation of Droids is mysterious but they are a major part of the population and cyborgs are a more recent creation witch makes cybernetic enhancements expensive and rare to get it done well, the only people who are cybernetics enhanced are normally special individuals or have gone through serious damage.


These individuals have missing parts/limbs of their body and gain extra abilities. They have a +5 speed, an advantage to an ability check of their choice( including attack roles). Upgrades are the mission or enhanced parts of the body, they have advantage to perception roles and +2 intelligence if their head is upgraded, +5 more speed if legs are upgraded, +2 strength if an arm is changed, +4 hp per level if body is changed. Changes are restricted to 2 at the first level. Further upgrades can be made but they cost many credits. They start with a -20 to vitality.

War Droids

These droids are built for battle, they have a +2 to hit and and extra 3 damage to all attack roles. 

Assassin Droids

They have a +10 to speed and a +3 to dexterity checks. They also have a +1 to hit on attack rolls using firearms/blasters.

Protocol Droids

This is the only race and class that can not attack, this is a major downside but in nearly every other area of gameplay they succeeded far more superior than any other. FURTHER DETAILS IN RACE SPECIFIC CLASSES.

Self Thinking Droids

These droids are another model of protocol droids that can think for themselves and attack, but by gaining the ability to attack sacrifices their high intelligence, they can speak up to 2 branches of languages and have a -10 speed, they have a +5 to their intelligence score with a total cap of 20 and their ability to record others and hide small items inside their legs still remain.


Picking a class

Before you start playing you will want to pick a class, this gives you abilities, strengths, weaknesses and items.  A class is chosen with your playstyle, interest or trying  something new.  I suggest picking a class that you haven't ever thought of or haven’t played yet. 


Remember, ability scores can’t go over 20!

-Don’t question the DM about their own rules….

-Ask the DM about nerfing or buffing but give a solution as well.

-The DM will tell you about changes so be patient.

-Make sure you play your character correctly, EX: If you play a monk don’t act like Han Solo.

-If you need visuals ask the DM.

-If your character has a 15+ intelligence act smart. 

-Don’t yell at other players for their decisions.

-Be a good sport and don’t exploit the rules.

-Not everyone can be Luke Skywalker every time

 Bounty Hunter Strength and Charisma

The Hunter Killers:

These are most of the time scumbags of the galaxy, they get

 paid to kill, most of the time they

 use custom made guns bought off 

the coruscant underworld or they 

use their legion's expenses to create 

weapons of destruction.


    There are 9 bounty hunter paths, the player can choose any of them, but they cant change it later on.                 

The Hunter Code

A bounty hunter never trust anyone other than the legion who provides them weapons and bounties. They tend to not be team players and take the glory of the kill.


The bounty hunters have a +1 with deception and a +1 with intimidation, +2 to hit and

the bounty hunters also have a +1 with demolitions. 


The bounty hunters have a -1 with intelligence. No armor weakness.


The bounty hunters start with 1,000 credits, a large ship, a level 1 pistol of their choice, a level 1 grenade of their choice and 2 thermal detonators, and a bounty hunter pack.

The Bounty Hunter Legion

This legion lets players access the bounty board and free entry to any crime lord lair.


Each level the bounties get more and more hard/complex and of course pay better. Every 5 levels hey gain a specialized weapon and every 2 levels they gain 3 deoxys grenades, 4 thermal detonators, 1 thermal imploders and a bacta bomb. They also gain a +2 to their AC every 3 levels and the AC cap is 21.

The Bounty Hunter Paths 


This path is similar to the force monk class, they choose not to use the clumsy blaster,  but instead a different alternative, melee weapons. They can choose between A long staff ( D8 +1dmg and an advancement needed to attack), Daggers ( D4 +2 and an advancement will be needed to attack, and this weapon will give the user a +1 to hit) and dual quarter staffs ( D6 and and an advancement will be needed to attack). This path has a +1 to their ability strength modifier. This path starts with the survivor kit.

Explosive Expert:

This path allows the player to unlock 10 thermal detonators and 2 Ion imploders and 1 thermal imploder from the start. This path is equipped with a DL-44 blaster pistol and a +10 ft to their speed. This path starts with a scrapper pack.


This path is similar to the scout class, They excel at long range rifles, gifting them a +2 to hit, they hold a DLT-19X from the start, and a +5 speed from the beginning. The downfall of this path is their health, they immediately start with a -2 to their health and a -3 to their armor. They immediately start carrying the scout pack.

 Rocket Hunter

This path takes advantage of the rocket pack technology, they can fly up to 30ft in the air but every 5ft takes a quarter of fuel, when 5 feet in the air the enemy firing will have a -1 to hit the player using the rocket pack, when 10 feet they have a disadvantage to hit, when 5 feet it is a disadvantage -1 and when 20 feet they have a disadvantage X2 where the attacker rolls 3 times and picks the worse. The player has to wait 2 turn cycles for the pack to refuel and the pack stays in the air for 2 turn cycles in combat.  They carry a EE3 blaster rifle, and a wrist rocket ( d8 +3 and can be reloaded with an action in combat) with 10 rockets.  

Mercenary Hunter:

This path uses their military skills to use, they have a +1 to all ability scores and they start with a generic military issue rifle and medium armor, they have a -3 to their survival.

Heavy Bounty Hunter:

This path lets the player start with heavy armor and a level 1 heavy weapon such as a DLT-19. This path also gives the player 4 sticky thermal detonators. The disadvantage of this class makes the player have -10 speed.

Vicious Hunters: 

These killers can sense their prey, they have the sense ability which allows the player to follow enemy footprints or see their enemy (if in a 90 ft radius)they hold a Relby sniper rifle. This path also gives the player a survivor kit, and a dioxis grenade.

Hired Gun:

This path is favored by their legion, they regularly confront their target before killing them, they always give the reason the target should die or be arrested for example Greedo, he told Han exactly why Jabba sent him. This path has a level 2 pistol of their choice.

Stealthy Killers:

The way of stealth is for only high trained assassins, the path of the stealthy killer lets the player have a +3 to dexterity roles but a -3 to constitution score. Example: Zam Wessel and the attempted of an assassination of padme.

Officer  Intelligence and Wisdom

Leaders Of War

Born and raised to the ideals of their legion, 

they choose to fight for the greater good, ordering 

their comrades into the glory and honor of war,  

they encourage their militia to use the encouragement 

of their legion for battle.


Officer:  Can give all teammates a +1 to initiative and can order 1-3 soldiers. (level 1)

Once you reach level 3 you can choose one of the two listed below, once level 6 they can have both.

Captain: Can give a +3 to hit to all teammates and order 1-10 troopers or a 1-30 ships. (level 3)


lieutenant: Can give +3 armor to teammates for 5 turn cycles,  and a +3 damage with the same rules. Orders 1-10 soldier(s) and 1 crew piece(level 3)

Commander: Can set up a minor base and order a starfleet, gains 100 soldiers immediately, can give a +1 to armor during battle. They also can take part in decisions for a entire starfleet.  (Level 5)

General: Can control a star fleet and settle a medium sized base and control a army (level 8)

Admiral: Can set a large sized base and control a star fleet with their own capital ship (level 10)

Grand Admiral: Can set up a main base, control star fleets, be summoned for meetings, and their own place in a grand capital ship. (level 13)

Moff: Can set up multiple main bases and control large stare fleets. (level 15)

Grand Moff: Can order the entire army and can create as many bases as they want, controls the entire army. (level 20)


+2 with diplomacy and a +1 with intelligence checks

Proficient with pistols and light armor.


Disadvantage with rifles and heavy weapons, -2 constitution. Weak with all armors other than light.


A level 1 or 2 pistol of their choice, 2 thermal detonators and 1 infantry turret, and a medic pack.


Every 2-5 levels the officer class can go up the ranks making them a better support player every level.


An officer can call a orbital strike or bomber run onto enemies when they reach level 2, this is only able to be used 1 time every 2 long rest. 


The Empire: Gives players the financial support of the Empire, permission on planets and ships, 3 crime passes and 100 credits. Tryderium pickup request

The Rebel Alliance: gives players knowledge of Rebel tactics, 200 credits and permission on Rebel planets,locations and ships. U-wing pick up request.

Force Monk Wisdom and Dexterity

The Force

The Force, it binds us together as one, it chooses fate, and it keeps a balance across the galaxy. The Jedi and Sith are the only who can control it others can speak to it. The Force monk are the trained to appraise the force and speak to it in need.

Prayer Points

A prayer point is a point a Force monk earns after a prayer, this allows them to gain special abilities, praying takes a short rest, when a monk levels up they gain more points when they level up.


At level 1 a monk player can use a prayer point to not be hit for a turn cycle, this takes 1 action to cast this, but the player can advance an extra 10ft while using the ability.

At level 2 they can pray and earn 2 prayer points, and they learn a new ability, they can get a guaranteed 15 to hit, the player can choose to try to hit, and if it fails they can choose to use this ability and have a higher chance of hitting, and if the player rolls higher than 15 they don’t need to use the ability and have a higher chance to hit, this ability only cost 1 prayer point and grants the player 2.

At level 4 they can have up to 3 prayer points per prayer. They also earn the ability to bless, this gives a teammate 3 health points until they use another prayer.

At level 6 they can have 2 blessings a day and 4 prayer points per prayer. They also choose a level 3 weapon of their choice.

At level 10 they gain the ability to heal their teammates, they can cast cure allies and give 10 hp to all allies in a 20 ft radius.

At level 12 every prayer they can roll a D10 instead of taking the set points.

At level 16 a monk can bring a player back to life but the action takes 3 prayer points and takes 2 turn cycles, the monk also has to do a medicine roll and if higher than a D6 it will succeed. 


A Force monk usually don't choose to use any new age weapon, which means rocket launchers or blasters. They regularly choose melee weapons such as…

-Long Staff             D8 +1 melee weapon     large and takes 2 slots of your inventory

-Quarter Staff         D6     melee weapon    Can carry 2 at once easy to break

-Dual Daggers         D4+2   melee weapon     can wield 2 and can penetrate heavy armor doing +1 when penetrating into skin, this requires and extra roll to hit.

-Short Staff              D6-1       melee weapon      Can wield 1 and can attack twice. 


Wisdom has a +1 to modifier and knowledge has a +1,dexterity of +1 to ability score.  Proficient with light and medium armor.


-2 with Piloting and a -2 to everything tech related ( Astrogate,Computer use,Disable device,Demolitions and Repair) a -10 to hit with all blasters.


A melee weapon listed above, a traditional pack, and an animal of their choice, they have 6 inventory slots


A monk can choose if they want to use the dark side (giving them +1 strength, +1 intimidate and knowledge of the Sith) or Light side (giving them +1 dexterity, +1 diplomacy and knowledge of the Jedi).


Scout  Dexterity and Wisdom

An armies eyes

A scout’s main role is to sneak into enemy lines 

and deliver information, when the scouts position

              is blown they have to leave the area in a fast 

way.  The scout always has a rifle by their side so they can 

take down enemies while in the shadows.


           Every level a scout gains 5 ft to their speed.  The scout class starts with 40 ft speed.  Every 3 levels a scout can upgrade their riffle. 


         A scout starts with a sniper pack a DLT-19X and a jump pack. They carry an orbital strike request flayer, this only works when in a legion and a legionary capital ship is in range.

         Sniper Pack

Sniper packs contain:

– VDM binoculars

– Grappling rope

– Area grid scanner

– Sniper stand 

– Transportable food

– Climbing picks

-Disguise kit

-Voice recorder


A scout has a +2 to hit and a +3 to dexterity ability score. Proficient with rifles and light armor.


A scout has a -1 to strength ability score and a -2 to constitution ability score, weak with pistols, heavy guns, melee weapons and specialized guns. Weak with all armors other than light amor.

Force Users Wisdom and Intelligence


The Jedi and Sith

For generations the Jedi, Sith and the people in between have fought for the true sense of the warriors of the Force. The only people who can control the force itself use the lightsaber. 


The progression really depends on the subclass you choose. If you choose the dark side and start to act like a light side user they will lose force points and become a light user or a in between the same goes from all sides of the force. When a force user changes their side they lose all progress on the original side. You also get the option to use a subclass.

               Proficiencies of a Jedi

A Jedi has the knowledge of the force and they have a +2 to wisdom. They start with a Jedi starfighter or small ship.  Proficient with melee weapons. They are weak with blaster rifles, heavy rifles and specialized weapons. They instantly are strong minded. 

    Proficiencies of a Sith

The Sith have a +1 to strength and a +1 to wisdom modifier. They start with an infiltrator or a medium ship. Proficient with melee weapons. They are weak with blaster rifles,heavy rifles and specialized weapons. They are strong minded. 

    Proficiencies of Balanced Users

These users can choose on of the profencies of the Sith or Jedi. 


Both sides start with a lightsaber (unless specified), a pack of their choice and a level 1 blaster pistol.


  Subclasses of the Jedi 

Light Attacker: Light Jedi use a single blade,dual blade, and a curved handle. A light Jedi uses heavy attacks to deal mass amount of damage by letting them attack twice, they have a +10 ft to their speed. Proficient with 

Light Tank: Heavy Jedi use a dual wield, single bladed or crossed lightsabers. This subclass grants players with a +3 to their armor class. Grants a proficiency with heavy armor. -2 dexterity ability score, +2 armor. Can’t deflect blaster bolts.


Light Warrior: This subclass is focused on lightsabers instead focusing on the force.  They can attack twice and have a +3 to strength checks. A warrior can attack twice but it takes a full turn. This class delays all progression by 1 level.

Light Master: The master subclass makes all progression advance by 1 level but the class has no lightsaber option until level 6 giving them a standard saber. This allows the player to attack using a force push dealing 2D4 damage, no need to roll to see if it hits just needs to be in a 10ft radius. This gives the player the ability to cure wounds, giving a D8+D4 of health.

Subclasses of the Sith

Dark Attacker: The same rules apply with this subclass, it grants the player 2 attack opportunities, a single blade,dual blade or a curved handle. They get an additional 10 ft to their speed.

Dark Heavy: Heavy Sith use single blades or crossguard blades. They can attack twice in one turn but it takes the entire turn. The subclass gives a +2 to strength checks, they have a -2 dexterity and a +3 armor. Heavy can’t deflect blaster bolts.

Dark Warrior: The warrior subclass gives the player the opportunity to choose any lightsaber.  This gives a +1 to strength,  delays all progress by 1 level. Can attack twice.

Dark Master: The master subclass speeds up all progress by 1 level,they can give a +2 to hit to any creature, they have no lightsaber but they get a curved handle or regular lightsaber at level 13, can use force lightning 1D8+1D4 armor penetration damage.  


Force Powers

Force User Progression abilities:

 Player lvl  Ability Slots   Lvl 1   Lvl 2   Lvl 3   Lvl 4  Lvl 5  Lvl 6  Lvl7

1   3 long                  1.        1            –           ––         –            –        

23 long                 2          1           –            –           –          –        –         

3               2 short   4 long               4           2          1           –           –          –        –          

4               2 short    5 long              5           4           2          1          –         –         –          

5               3 short     6 long             5            4          3           2         1        –          –            

6               4 short     8 long             5           4          4           3         2        –      –           

7               5 short      9 long            5            4          4           4         2        –    –            

8                5 short      10 long         5            4           4          4          3       1        –            

11             6 short       12 long         5            4           4         4         4        1        –             

13             7 short       13 long        5            4           4         4         4       2       1            

15            8 short        14 long         5           4           4         4          4       3       3           

17             8 short      16 long        5           4           4         4         4       4        3           

18             9 short        18 long        5            4          4         4         4        4       4         

20            10 short       20 long       5           4           4         4         4        4        4          

Force Abilities

Level 1 abilities (Takes no slots):

Force lift

In early levels (level 1-3)

The force lift can lift up tiny sized enemies and 100 pounds up to 10 feet in the air.

In mid levels (level 4-13)

The force lift upgrades and can lift small-medium enemies and up to 350 pounds up to 15 feet in the air.

In later levels (level 14-20)

The force lift upgrades and allows a force user to lift large enemies and up to 1,300 pounds.

Force push

A force user can push enemies of all sizes 15 feet away from their location. 

Force pull

A force user can pull an enemy closer to them with the range of 20 feet.


A Jedi can heal 1D4+2 of HP to a teammate within 10 feet.


A Sith can use rage to deal a D4 damage to all attacks. Disadvantage to all wisdom,charisma and intelligence roles while in rage but advantage +2 with strength roles. Rages last 5 mins max and take 2 mins to refresh. This

Reflect bolt

A force user can reflect a blaster bolt as a reaction, the enemy has to roll higher than your reflection roll and if your roll is higher than 16 you reflect the bolt. Instant Unlock.

Challenge enemy

This ability forces an enemy to attack the user.

Level 2 abilities (takes 1 slot):

Force leap

A force user can jump up to 10 feet in the air.


This Jedi ability takes 1 turn cycle or 1 minute, the ability gives the player or a chosen teammate a +2 to hit.


This Jedi ability takes 45 minutes and will refresh all abilities with a prayer and this instantly refreshes. This ability takes 2 slots.

Force Sense

This ability allows a player to sense force abilities used in a 50 ft radius.

Force Crush

This Sith ability lets a sith crush small objects or people, this deals 1D4 damage.

Projection of Pain

A Sith can make anyone fell a D4 worth of damage anywhere on their body.

Level 3 abilities (3 slots):



A force user now can give all teammates +5 temp hp. This takes a turn in combat.


This ability allows a force user to attack 2 enemies in 1 turn. 

Area of courage

A force user can place down a radius of 10 by 10 feet that give players an extra D6 of damage.

Bolt freeze

A Sith can react with this ability to stop a blaster bolt for a round, and when the round ends the bolt will rickashay, the DM rolls a D20, if higher than 15 it hits an enemy and under 5 it hits a teammate and in between 5 and 15 the bolt will hit the environment.

Force communication

This Jedi ability allows you to speak with another force user within the same system as you, you can speak for a total of 5 mins.

Level 4 abilities (4 slots):


A force user can revive a downed player bringing them to the HP of their hit die +1

Extra Push

A force user can cast this ability to give a creature of their choice advantage to all roles.


A force user can add +8 temp HP for a duration of 2 hours.

Projectile push

A force user can use a small sized item to use as a projectile, this deals D8 of damage.

Level 5 abilities (5 slots):

Force choke

The Sith can force choke a person with the strength under 15, this deals a D8 of damage if released and the range is 10 ft.

Fighting style

A jedi can now fight in a different way but to activate the new style they have to use 5 spell slots each battle.  do one of the following:

Extra attack

This ability lets a jedi do one more attack.

Better deflection

This lets a jedi reflect when an enemy attacks anyone in the party and the number to reflect is lowered to 13.

Force concentration

This ability lets a jedi deal an extra D4 of damage with force abilities.

Multi push 

You can push back up to 5 enemies at once. 


A sith can have an instant intimidation success.

Slow fall

While falling a force user can slow their fall and stop all damage from the fall. 

Calm Person

In a encounter or conversation a Jedi can calm an enemy. This ability disengages rages and halts anger being projected.

Level 6 abilities (6 slots)

Jedi Mind Trick

This Jedi ability grants the power to trick a creature to do what is asked, these actions limit to 10 ft of movement and speech. This ability only works on those whose intelligence is below 15, you can upgrade this ability by upgrading the max intelligence to cast being 17 but this ability requires an extra spell slot.

Force Chain Lightning

A Sith force user can use chain lighting to attack up to 6 people in a 25 foot radius dealing 1D10+1D8 of lightning damage.


This ability gives a +5 and a advantage to persuasion or deception. You can also use this ability to give a +5 and advantage to any roll to any teammate in the range of 30ft.

Harness Anger

This sith ability grants a buff to your rage, you gain +4 to strength and intimidation rolls, you deal an extra 5 damage and you gain 2 to your AC.

Channel Peace

This ability let’s a Jedi gain advantage to dexterity rolls and wisdom rolls, you also gain +4 damage and heal 10 damage to a teammate within 10 feet.

Ground slam 

A Jedi can ground slam and knock back all enemies in a 20 foot circular radius 30 feet away

Freeze Enemy

This sith ability lets you freeze an enemy for a turn cycle.

Level 7 abilities (8 slots)

Final Movement

Before dieing a force user will refill all slots and gain 2 hp, this hp last for 10 seconds and this final movement grants them an ultimate ability of their choice, this has to be approved by the DM.

Force Projection

This force ability grants a force user to cast oneself or another to any location, they can change their/there  physical appearance and remain invincible, this only last up to 1 minute and if longer every extra second will subtract 10hp. The projection is invincible and can not be touched.

Multi Slash

A force user can slash up to 10 enemies in one attack in a 40 foot radius.

Upgrade Ability

This sith power can do one of the following:

Chain lightning: Chain lightning deals 20 damage and has the radius of 50 feet and can attack however many are within the circle.

Multi Choke: This lets a sith deal 20 damage each turn cycle while in hold and 5 turn circles instantly kill the enemy, unless describe by DM. This also lets a sith choke 5 enemies at once in a 30 foot cone radius.

Blaster Barrage Freeze: When casted blaster bolt freeze now can be held for however long but must succeed in a strength roll each turn cycle. Now the damage of the bolt increase by 5 explosive damage and the bolt can be directed towards an enemy.

Force lift Enemy: You can now lift up an enemy and freeze them up to 20 feet in the air, this ability upgrade is only available level 14 and up.

 Disarm Enemy

This Jedi ability let’s the user disarm up to 10 enemies in a 20 foot cone radius by launching their weapons 30 feet away from them.

ScoundrelCharisma and Dexterity

Scum and Villainy

The scoundrel normally find themselves in trouble

 with crime lords and bounty hunters. These scumbags are 

just trying to survive in the outer rim, so they regularly don’t 

gain many friends because of their selfishness.


A scoundrel is proficient with +2 charisma ability score, +1 persuasion, +1 intimidation and light armor.


A scoundrel has a -2 to intelligence rolls. They are weak with medium,heavy and mandalorian armor.


Every 2 levels they gain a new advantage to a skill of their choice, every 5 levels they gain a specialized weapon and 3 thermal imploders.Every 6 levels they can upgrade an ability score by 3, with the cap of 22.


Pilot: A pilot has a +3 to all ability modifiers relating to flight, +5 to all menuvor rolls and a small ship of their choice. Every 5 levels they go up a rank in their legion. Advantage to all menuvor roles.

Smuggler: A smuggler has a +2 to disguise and a +3 to stealth. They start with a large cargo ship of their choice. Every 2 levels a smuggler gets 200 credits.

Crime Lords: A crime lord starts with a palace on a low populated planet with the power to control the bounty board. Every 3 levels they gain 100,000 credits to expand their company.

Gambler: A gambler is all about taking risk, Example: Lando Calrissian. This subclass has a +2 to sleight of hand, they start with a ship within 0-50,000 credits of their choice and they start with a X-8 sniper pistol ( or a level 2 pistol). Proficient at all game so.

 Slicer: A slicer is the hacker of the star wars universe. They have +2 intelligence and dexterity  ability score and a scrapper pack with a credit transmitter stick.

Scrapper: A scrapper can craft weapons with the correct items. From level 1-4 they have the ability to  craft level 1 items, levels 5-10 they can craft level 2 items, level 11-16 they can craft level 3 items and from level 17-20 they can craft level 4 items. They also can have side projects, small ships take 5 weeksand medium ships take 3 months

Inventory: A scoundrel starts out with a level 2 blaster pistol, 200 credits and a light trooper pack. This stays true unless detailed otherwise.

MedicWisdom and Constitution

The Heroes of Battle

The medics are the people on the field helping and not

 killing,they wield a level 1 pistol and the equipment needed 

to save their teammates. They do whatever they can to save a person.


A medic has a +3 to intelligence and wisdom ability scores. Proficient with healing equipment and light/medium armor.


A medic has a -2 to their strength ability score and a weakness with heavy 


A medic starts a medic pack and medium armor.


A medic gains 500 credits for only medical purpose every level

Healing Kit

The healing kit allows a medic player to heal without any equipment other than their healing pack, to do so you roll a D12 and add your wisdom then have them roll a constitutional save through to see if the procedure works, if it is a 1 the save fails if anything above they add their cons modifier to the health.


The Defenders of the Galaxy

The soldiers of the planets in the Starwars universe

   fight for different reasons their planet, legion, redemption,

          honor, glory, family and any other reasons. 


A trooper gets a +1 to all ability score, the abilities “strength in numbers”, “art of war”, “challenge enemy” and “preparing for war”. 

The ability strength in numbers gives the player and all teammates a +2 to hit.

The ability art of war gives the player +5 health when an enemy is killed and when hp is reached maximum the player can give a teammate the +5 hp.

The ability preparing for war gives the player a +3 to initiative.

The ability  challenge enemy forces a chosen enemy to attack the user of the ability.


Following orders: When given and order by a leader of a legion they MUST FOLLOW.

This forces the player to join the Empire or Rebellion ( the main legions ).


Assault: This subclass gives a +2 to hit and +10 to speed. Every 2 levels the player deals a +1 to damage. They start with a E-11 if with the Empire and a DH-17 for Rebels, medium armor and a soldier pack.

Heavy: This subclass gives a -5 to speed, +3 to strength ability score, +1 to hit, a -4 to dexterity score and +50 pounds . Every 3 levels the armor class goes up by 1. They start with heavy armor, a DLT-19 and a soldier pack.

Warrior: This subclass focuses on melee weapons. This subclass gives a +2 to dexterity ability score, +3 to strength and wisdom, a -4 to cons ability score, -10 to hit with blaster rifles  and a +10 to speed. They are equipped with a melee weapon of their choice ( full list on the Monk class), light armor and a soldier pack. 

Race Specific Classes

Protocol Droid

The protocol droid knows all languages (the ones that are known in popular systems). They can’t attack but they have an instant 20 for wisdom and intelligence. They walk and can’t run,swim or climb and they have the speed of 20 ft. These players speak in a posh accent (if comfortable with roleplaying). They also have the ability to record and play sounds from their history. They can hide small items inside the sides of their legs. Every 3 levels they can upgrade an ability score other than strength by 2 or split it to therefore upgrade two ability scores by 1. Their Intelligence score can cap to 25 and they have an advantage to all history rolls.


A wookie has a strength of instant 20 and starts with a bowcaster and a survivalist pack. They have a -3 to intelligence and can’t speak any languages other than wookese but they can understand basic. 

Hutt Crime Lord

A Hutt can not pick any other class other than the crime lord in scoundrel, this race is not featured in the race section. Hutts are purple,green,tan and grey, they typically feature a tattoo of their clan on their shoulder. They start as a crime lord in the scoundrel class and have an extra +500,000 credits, they have a speed of 10 ft and have a default 5 dexterity.

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