Click-Debuff Strategy

A Primer to Click/Debuff

Updated July 29th with Ellywick in the Gold Farm team

Updated July 17th with new lower favor requirements thanks to testing done by Madlampy

Updated April 11th with a 6th team for Orkira!  Jump to page 8 to see the details of the best debuffer in the game and how to get the most out of her!  As powerful as her debuff is right now I will not be surprised if it gets…ahem…”adjusted”.  If it does, I’ll update here!

  1. Core concept

It all started with a couple of very experienced players on Discord mentioning “If I knew how far you could push with click/debuff I never would have invested so much into Zorbu”.  That was intriguing to me and I started to run various Google searches but could not really find anything.  So I started asking them about the overview and the details and it’s pretty simple in concept.

  • Click damage has no soft-cap.

This one tenant is what Click debuff is all based around, and it has gotten easier in the last couple of months with key debuffers like Freely, Grimm, Penelope, Talin, and especially Orkira.

Important note: as of November 3rd, 2020 FireBreath pots have been nerfed; debuffs are no longer applied. This means do NOT use FB pots (esp huge/epic) when doing a Click/Debuff run. – EnoDetah (with Fiers and mikebaldi1980’s help)

  1. Favor Requirements

This strategy is for high favor campaigns and events only.  Your Zorbu DPS formation will be better early on.  What is “High Favor”?  Well I think if you have the team, as Asszudemi on Discord tested (see 5th Team below) you can go as low as e29 (thanks to Madlampy testing Team 6) in Torm and probably e28 in the 10 Champion formations.  I still recommend e25-e28 in events to prevent it from being such a slog.  I have successfully used Click Debuff with no bugs helping me go from e35 in Torm to e56 over a few months in Mid 2020.  Asszudemi went from e33 -> e40 favor in Torm on his first Click/Debuff attempt and e31-e38 in Kelemvor.  Note – Several people have DM’d me since I put this guide out complaining that it is not working for them, in every case they have been attempting with favor that is way too low.  With the Modron core, DPS favor runs (maybe a few of them) will get you up to the minimum levels required to switch over to Click/Debuff.

  1. Basic Process

After you get to e70 gold, you’ve pretty much hit softcap for all your champions and your damage will not go up from here.  Click damage has no soft cap and will continue to rise as you get e80, e90, e100 etc Gold.  So after hitting your wall with a DPS team you switch to a team of debuffers in order to max out the effectiveness of your click damage.  In order to keep pushing your click damage higher to keep progressing, Do an azaka farm when your kills slow down (approximately every 25-50 zones after your DPS Wall).

A. Basic Debuff Team

Most people would look at this and say “why not have Gromma tank with her 1st specialization?  Why is Zorbu in there?  What good is Sentry for debuffing? Havilar…really?”

  1. I prefer Aila to Gromma, because she lives longer.  Her self-shield is dependent on her health and with the Modron core we have two nodes that boost Champion Health significantly.  Because of this, I use Gromma in Arctic Specialization for the Debuff.

  2. I put Zorbu in because at the time I first started doing this (in the middle of Freely’s Event) I did not have anyone else to put in and I realized that with Freely specced for Chaotic, Zorbu added Freely’s debuff to every single mob he hit (more on this later).

  3. Sentry was a surprise addition for me – Her Aerois Synergy ability is buffed by Nrakk (but Aila’s is not).  Sentry adds to aerois synergy for every mob on the screen, then due to Aila’s ability each of those mobs take 25% of the Aerois pool in additional damage.  Normally she adds 225% for each mob, but Nrakk boosts this to 604.7%.

  4. Nrakk boosts Aila (with WIS feat), Sentry, and Gromma for their Health Share abilities, from 25% up to 67.19%.  This can really help keep Aila alive for a long time as it boosts her shield as well.

  5. Havilar is there to add health (not boosted by Nrakk), but also to help apply Freely’s debuff in an AOE attack on the front mobs helping familiars’ click damage hit those with the most debuffs.  She also has a cool feature if you pick her left side spec (Speedy Sacrifice) and put a familiar on her ult her exploding imps will slow the mobs down drastically, making them hit your tank less.

B. Gold Farming Team

July 29th Update: If Freely’s Slot 2 is less than 1300 item levels Epic or 650 ilvl GE, replace Barrowin with Ellywick.

Gold farming is key to continuing to progress with Click/Debuff.  I am using a lawful Freely/Azaka farm – The goal here is to apply Freely’s Requisition Debuff as many times as possible in the 15 second duration.  The debuff is multiplicative and thus very powerful.  I have also ensured that every GF node is maxed on my Modron core (but you can still do this strategy without the core).  To get best results, practice getting multiple instances of Krull’s Pilfer debuff on the last mob – 20 stacks is the minimum and should only be used in your first 1 or 2 farms.  30 and 40 stacks are what you need to really progress without having to farm every 5-10 zones.

Note: Remember to put Baeloth in at the beginning of the farm so his Paid Partially with Pain debuff can be applied before swapping to Jarlaxle.

Note: Since I first posted this guide on August 24th, the most common question I have received about the guide is “why do you have Dragonbait?  Why not use Wulfgar?”  And it all comes down to the multiplicative nature of Freely’s Requisition Debuff.  In a rolling 15 seconds your goal is to place Freely’s debuff as many times as possible.  Here is an example:  At softcap, my Freely with the 40% Requisition feat (this feat is super important to your Azaka Farms)  and an Epic slot two with 119 items levels gets a 276.9% higher GF for each application of Requisition.  Let’s say that your Freely only has 200% to make the math simpler.  200% multiplicative means that:

1 Application = 3x or 200% more GF.

2 Applications = 9x or 800% more GF (this already beats out Wufgar)

3 Applications = 27x or 2600% more GF

4 Applications = 81x or 8000% more GF

5 Applications = 243x or 2.43e4% more GF

6 Applications = 729x or 7.29e04% more GF

7 Applications = 2,187x or 2.187e05% more GF

8 Applications = 6,561x or 6.56e05% more GF

9 Applications = 19,683x or 1.968e06% more GF

10 Applications = 59,049x or 5.905e06% more GF

The natural question upon seeing this chart is to ask “well how likely is it that I could apply 10 applications of Requisition when there are 4 debuffs and only 15 second?  Wouldn’t my lawful champions have to hit 40 times on average in a 15 second period to get that crazy high number?”  The answer is yes!  And to do it you need lots of lawful champions hitting as fast as possible to try to get as high on the chart as possible when the Azaka Tigers strike each time.

Attack Speeds in Torm:

Drizzt – with his Icingdeath ability it can cut his base attack in half from ~4.5 secs to 2.25 seconds allowing 3-6 strikes in a 15 second period

Barrowin – 3.35 second cooldown base for 4.5 strikes per 15 second period.  With Barrowin right behind the tank she gets to use her Even Temper skill “When any champion eligible for Healing Word is hit by an Enemy, she attacks 1 second faster for 8.2 seconds”.  Nrakk buffs this skill so her cooldown drops to 1.15 seconds!  This can allow Barrowin to attack as many as 13 times in the 15 second timer if the mob attacks the tank just as the 8.2 seconds expires!  Triggering Barrowin’s Ult also lowers the cooldown of the base attack – this is not consistent as the Ult cooldown is rather long.

Dragonbait – 4.55 second cooldown = 3 strikes in 15 second period

Azaka – 3.75 second cooldown = 4 strikes in a 15 second period

Freely – 4.65 second cooldown = 3 strikes in a 15 second period

Nrakk – 5.25 second cooldown = 3 strikes in a 15 second period

Omin – 6.75 second cooldown = 2 strikes in a 15 second period

Krull – 5.75 second cooldown = almost 3 strikes in a 15 second period

Adding this all up tells me that I can get 25-37 strikes.  Dividing that by 4 gets me to about 6 to 7 applications of Requisition on the chart above. If I factor in the Follow-Through (border) debuff, it reduces all of the attackers cooldowns by 0.1 second per stack or 0.6 – 0.7 second cooldown reduction which is between a 9% to a 23% speed up to the attackers which would add another 6 hits on average in a 15 second period for 31-43 total hits.  So you see, Freely is a Beast when he has a majority Lawful in an Azaka Farm and you want as many fast Lawful champions as you can so that there is a good chance of getting 9-10 stacks of Requisition on the mob regularly.

Key Feats:

Krull – Golden Rule – Increases the effect of plague Pilfer by 40% (costs 12,500 gems – Huge value to this strategy)

Freely – Fortuitous – Increases Luck of Yondalla Requisition lucky break by 40% (chest feat – Huge value to this strategy)

Freely – Lucky Choices – Increases Luck of Yondalla Requisition lucky break by 80% (Patron feat 25,000 Zariel Currency – Even more value to this strategy)

Omin – Rules Lawyer – Increase the gold find buff provided by Contractual Obligations by 40% (chest feat)

Jarlaxle – Fortune’s Favor – Increases all Gold found by 50% (Patron Store)

Azaka – Lucky – Increases all Gold found by 25% (chest feat)

Drizzt – Lucky – Increases all Gold found by 25% (chest feat)

Barrowin – Darting Weapon – Reduces the cooldown on Barrowin’s Base Attack by 0.5 seconds

Here is a great step by step guide to Gold Farming if you’re looking for a more basic guide with substitutions based on Champions and gear:

IV. CirusDane’s Original Favor Run

I have been focusing almost exclusively on Torm favor to move my clickwall out for Gem farming purposes, so here is how I’ll run in the Beast Intentions Adventure:

1st Team: Speed

Light up Epic/Huge potions of:

Speed, Clairvoyance, Heroism

Make sure to include Freely – you want early to start building up Adventurous Tale Stacks and Beadle to start building up Long Rest stacks for the eventual flip to Grimm.  Fill the other slots as you choose.  Run this team until your click damage slows down on killing mobs. 

2nd Team: DPS

Go with your best DPS team that includes Beadle and Freely so they keep building stacks.  At your wall, run an azaka farm, even with only 10 Pilfer stacks on a mob.  The “wall” that I usually use for the DPS team is the first unkillable mob on a boss level.  For me that’s about zone 640-675 depending on if I use Jim to turn that mob into a chicken.  The farther you go with your DPS team (as long as you’re still killing mobs very quickly with a small FB pot) the better since it will get you to a farther zone for your first gold farm ensuring that your click damage will get a bigger initial boost.

3rd Team: Basic Debuffers

I will run this team until Beadle gets to anywhere between 1500 and 3000 stacks of Long Rest but I do not switch in Grimm until the kills really start to slow down which is usually somewhere between zone 765 and 810 for me – when you start out you may have to switch sooner.

4th Team: Grimm/Freely Debuffers

This team is my newest team based on how crazy powerful Grimm’s Debuff is as well as maximizing the application of Freely’s debuff.

  • 4 tanks helps with the health share 

  • Grimm, Wulfgar, Briv, Penelope, and Strix all have AOE Chaotic attacks.  

Aila is chaotic, but only hits 1 mob at a time.  This is huge as they all apply massive stacks of Freely’s debuff in addition to their own if they have it.  I have actually found that this helps me push farther and faster than the basic debuffers.  I use Briv at the end to speed the run as Grimm starts to lose stacks once he is tagged in.  This team has let me kill e60 higher than my click damage!  I just used this Team on Sunday August 23rd to go to zone 998 where I got walled.  I could have run an Azaka farm to get past that, but I had been on that run for about 7 hours and needed to go run errands 🙂

  • Same as with the Gold farm example above the more Chaotic AOE attackers the better for the Opportunity Debuff but with the goal of spreading to more mobs rather than maximizing applications to a single mob.

Aila = 6.5 second cooldown = 2.3 strikes in 15 seconds

Briv = 7.5 second cooldown = 2 AOE strikes in 15 seconds

Grimm = 6.5 second cooldown = 2.3 AOE strikes in 15 seconds

Freely = 4.9 second cooldown = 3 strikes in 15 seconds

Wulfgar = 3.75 second cooldown = 4 AOE strikes in 15 seconds

Penelope = 5.25 second cooldown = 2.8 piercing strikes in 15 seconds

Strix = 6.5 second cooldown = 2.3 AOE strikes in 15 seconds

This totals 18.7 hits in a 15 second period spread among 4 debuffs and Opportunity will be running at 4.6 stacks on average or 2400% * your bonus debuff (I usually get to 2e07), which is spread to multiple mobs via the AOE attacks.  Wulfgar, Penelope, and Grimm are especially good because they AOE the nearest mobs making sure that your familiar will be almost guaranteed of clicking a Freely debuffed mob.

5th Team (v0.370) – Adding in Talin

Talin is a great addition to the team!  His scatter tacks slow the opponents and cause them to take extra damage.  With Grimm in I was still killing mobs at ~e75 over click damage which allowed me to not have to azaka farm as many times which is a nice quality of life improvement.  I think part of this is proper damage from Krull’s Traitor plague post fix despite the drop in Pain’s effectiveness.

6th team (v384) – Introducing the new Queen of Debuffs, Orkira!

The more that Orkira heals, the more that she will debuff…and we’re talking crazy levels.  Orkira alone is worth as much debuffing as the next two best debuffers combined.  In a 10 champion formation, I’m pulling Sentry.  In Torm, I’m pulling Gromma (Talin and Gromma are really close and you could keep either one, but I like Talin’s slow).

To boost Orkira’s heal to the highest level, you seem to need to have 4 key champs: Artemis, Arkhan, Ulkoria and Nrakk.  Put Nrakk and Arkhan (in Usurp mode) next to Orkira, then fill the formation with as many magic DPS champs as you can so that Ulkoria’s Watchful order gets 5 stacks and Buffs Orkira further.  Make sure to choose Orkira’s right side spec so she heals everyone regardless of if they have been damaged.

Notice the e18 healing that Artemis is getting?  That translates into massive Debuff!

Once in Debuff Formation without Nrakk, it drops to 4.02e19% though.

After some tweaking with help from Jlssg4 on Discord, this formation will build up stacks of healing flame the fastest and farthest.

After you have built up healing for 2-10 minutes (try to gain the next highest stack of Healing Flame).  Then you run your standard debuff formation!  I Tried this out on a zero favor Nrakk TG and got to 991 without having to azaka farm once.  It did get pretty laggy with all the mobs and debuff’s on them, but I was pretty easily killing e110 over click damage with this formation:

V. Specializations:

  • Talin – Additional Scatter Tacks – Increases the slow effect, damage, and radius by 50%

  • Aila – Stormcaller – Reduces cooldown on her debuff by 2 seconds

  • Grimm – Chip Away – increases Special Orders by 100% (Beadle’s don’t matter, but I use As Quick As Me) 

  • Freely – Chaotic for running through zones, Lawful for Azaka Farms (use Potion of Specialization and remember to switch him back to Chaotic at the end of the farm).

  • Gromma – Circle of the Arctic – Applies AOE Debuff

  • Krull – Pilfer.  Gold Find is more important than Pain or Traitor Debuffs.

  • Strix – Smelly Lunch – boosts Strix’s Debuff by 100%

  • Warden – Cloak of Flies – Allows Warden to apply AOE damage (for applying Freely’s debuff)

  • Sentry – Echo’s Will – Sentry is only used for speed in my formations and her other two specializations don’t seem to help in the Click/Debuff strategy…although Nature’s Wrath may help slow the mobs down some.

  • Wulfgar – Does not matter too much, but I use Heavy Blows to increase Stuns.

  • Penelope – 1st spec does not matter, 2nd Spec pick Minor Eruption to enable her AOE on her base attack

  • Minsc – Beast for Beast Intentions adventure.

  • Ellywick – All That Sparkes – Boosts the Gold Find for each gem stack she gets during the run.

VI. Great Adventures to Click/Debuff

Thanks to Kertofer and EnoDetah for the discussion on these.  The following adventures are good for few ranged bosses and usually a large number of a single type of mobs which works great with Minsc’s Favored Enemies ability when you hot swap him with Freely.  Try to skip them with Briv if possible, but If you do land on the Ranged Bosses, remember to use either Lazaapz or Warden’s Ult to pull them into range of Strix.

  • Sword Coast: Beast Intentions 

    • 1 Ranged Boss on x5/x55

  • Tomb of Annihilation: Ring of Regeneration 

    • 2 Ranged Bosses on x10/x60 and x35/x85

  • Waterdeep: A Mysterious Summons 

    • 3 Ranged Bosses on x35/x85, x45/x95, and x50/x100)

  • Avernus: The Dead Three 

    • 3 Ranged Bosses on x30/x80, x35/x85, and x50/x100)

  • IceWind Dale: The Everlasting Rime

    • 3 Ranged Bosses on x30/x80, x35/x85, and x50/x100)

VII. Special notes: 

  1. IMPORTANT: as of November 3rd, 2020 FireBreath pots have been nerfed; debuffs are no longer applied. This means do NOT use FB pots (esp huge/epic) when doing a Click/Debuff run.  If you do, you’ll likely have to abandon the run.

  2. If you Don’t have all the debuffers listed, I’d add Ellywick or Sentry as my 10th debuffer.  Ellywick decreases mob health and Sentry adds health share and reduces the number of mobs that you need to kill, plus her Aerois synergy boosts Aila’s Debuff.

  3. Warden is also extremely useful in place of Strix if you don’t have her yet, and he is pretty much crucial for the zone 105/155 etc Boss who is ranged.  Wardens Ult pulls everyone together and allows Krull’s Traitor stacks to Pop the boss.  Spec him for his AOE attack and as a Chaotic champion he applies Freely’s debuff with a fairly short attack cooldown.

  4. Jim is critical for boss stages with a single “unkillable” mob.  He eventually turns them into an Abyssal Chicken and they instantly pop.

  5. Remember to Azaka farm!  My basic debuff formation above (with my gear levels) can kill ~e40-e45 above Click Damage, which is consistent as click damage goes up.  I have my Azaka Formation tied to hotkey E and my Click/Debuff tied to W so I can get effective Azaka farms every 25-50 zones.  With all debuffers in Epic gear you should be able to kill at e100+ over click damage!

    1. Switch feats for Krull to Pilfer and +25% Gold Find if you have them

    2. Switch feats for Freely to 40% Requisition and 25% Gold Find or 40% and 80% Requisition if you have them (40%+80% is the best but the 80% costs 25K Zariel Currency)

    3. Remember to switch them back to Unlucky For Them (Freely) and Venomous Touch/Increase Toxicity (Krull) when you get back to the run.

    4. For best results, watch Omin’s Contractual Obligations stacks and when they hit 98-ish, manually trigger Azaka’s Ult, this will make sure that you get the most possible gold.

  6. At the very end you can squeeze out more zones (10-20) with hot swapping debuffers. Start with Melf, Warden and Freely in and wait until you have ~25+ mobs on screen (you can wait for Aila to be overwhelmed to start swapping).

    1. Melf’s Righteous Determination applies a small debuff that persists, swap Penelope in so she can get 2-3 shots off, applying Freely’s debuff

    2. swap Strix in.  If this is not enough to pop the mobs, 

    3. I’ll also swap Minsc in for Freely, 

    4. Fire Minsc’s ult (boo provides a debuff to 5 random enemies)

    5. and start clicking immediately as you only have 15 seconds of freely’s debuff overlapping with Minsc’s.

  7. You’ll need both Familars and some active clicking.  Oftentimes the familiars only click on a mob that does not have very many debuffs or does not have a traitor stack and you need extra manual clicking to pop a pile of mobs.

  8. At the end of the run remember to switch Freely’s feat to the one that boosts Adventurous Tale.

  9. If you are struggling to keep Aila alive at the end of a deep run (zone 952 the mobs hit for 207K damage) I will drop back to zone 749 (where they only hit for 12.6K) and load up on Tanks and Nrakk like this:

Then let the mobs pile up until you get just to the moment after they start to enrage and then engage autoprogress and switch back to your debuff formation.  This allows Aila to gain a maximum shield based on all the combined health share boosted by Nrakk for Bearil, Dragonbait, Gromma, Sentry.  Her shield will give her 10% of her health (at the time of shield generation) per electrified mob (100).

Or just use Briv in Phlo mode to tank everything if your Briv is high enough item levels and you have the Mirt Perk that boosts healing on Tanks.


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