Coa 3 analysis

~> This passage includes all COA (in 2018, 2019 and 2020)

~> If everything is destined to despair, will you still step forward?

~> Since this story is too long and dark.. I’ll just play easy mode: storytelling ??

~> COA3 is a story that connects coa2 and 1 all together…


Before we start the coa story, first we need to know one thing


This seems to be the novel that I wrote before I got amnesia – Something that appeared in The "Call of the Abyss"… 

‘Surprise for you all: this coa story is written by Orpheus, so that’s why I need to say how I wonder how he keeps the story going on btw ???(??)???

(? ?ω??人??ω??)

Coa: The abyss treasure

Brief Story 

(this part won't tell in the passage I just tell something more important to the next storylines.)

There is a legend of the abyss. In the abyss is a precious treasure; countless people yearn for the treasure and head off into the abyss, but no one gets the secret treasure, one after another far-founded home (voyage) in the sea (lost) … No one knows where they went and why they disappeared.(Two of the skin are for Explorer)


If there are times when you long to uncover the mystery of the abyss, why not put on your backpack and embark on a voyage!


Life is a long voyage. As long as you have a lighthouse in one's heart, you won't lose your way.

Until the emergence of that special pirate ship, the abyss treasure, only to see the day of the day.

The pirate ship – there is a moment to look at the self-proclaimed "far-sighted" captain (pirate spotter) who has a dream of using coral to build a ship (pirate shipsmith). He has a reliable Mechanic (Boat technician), all the men who are afraid of the witch doctor (pirate doctor), a skilled gun-woman (pirate gun), and, of course, there is a core existence, that is, the eye has a treasure map of the pilot (Navigator).

Such a day until that day, the sea monster attacked the pirate ship.

The sea monster did not bury the crew all in the sea, and he wanted to use them to find the treasure. He became the new captain (captain of the sea monster), and the former captain was left with the title of "far-sighted".

The captain of the sea monster also brought the manta rays of the great deputy (Manta Ray Mate) and the ghost blue helmsman (ghost blue helmsman), this special pirate ship is completed.

However, their voyage was unexpected.

In the sea, there is a man who has been fighting the sea monster, they see each other as a lifelong enemy, that is, the Blacktip (mercenary). He was scared and left behind in numerous battles with the captain.

Blacktip is in tracking the sea monster, but also to harvest their love, he met a beautiful woman, a self-proclaimed "Caged Butterfly" woman (Caged Butterfly).

The pure Caged Butterfly longed for a wonderful love, and her feelings with the Blacktip were very beautiful.

However, the sea monster also saw the beautiful and pure lady, he also fell in love with her. In order to get the lady, he let the big waves devour the Blacktip.

The old soldier is not dead but withered, but before he withered, he had seen the lady he was worthy of a lifeguard. (Sharkbite- mercenary)

The sea monster took Caged Butterfly to the boat and even gave her the magic conch that the legend could come back to life and live forever. But her beloved has been buried in the waves, no matter what the sea monster gave her, she will always hate the sea monster.

The captain's actions made the chief very unhappy, and he felt that the captain had been lost. He pushed caged Butterfly to the sea

The caged butterfly trapped in the cage, this moment finally got free.

The chief does not regret what he has done but feels a bit of a waste of that magic conch.

The captain was indeed very angry, but the vice-captain was also too disappointed with the obsessive captain, he gradually became no longer obeying orders, people became colder and colder. (Stern Mate)

However, the caged butterfly buried at the bottom of the sea was not dead, and she had brought it back with the power of the conch. Her body was melting with coral reef rocks and surrounded by hot magma, but her heart was like a cold. (Madame Coral)

Now, she can't find the conch.

On the side, looking at the beautiful Madame Coral's deep-sea turtle, he asked why Mrs. Coral was walking alone here, and Madame Coral said she was looking for the same treasure. The deep-sea dragonfly had never heard of any treasures, but he was still searching for his wife.

When he handed the already unshiny conch to Madame Coral, he did not notice that his shell had been cracked by lava. (Lava Turtle)

There was a clownfish next to Madame Coral, who had lived in coral, and when she was born again, she tried her best to do everything for her. Turtles and clownfish, they became the last companion of the beautiful lady.

On the other side, above the sea, the ship continued to set off into the abyss, relying on precise maps and compasses, and they found the treasure. Just as they were about to return, an accident happened – no, it's not anything other than that, it's a plot of the Abyss Monster.

The monsters of the abyss, already disguised as oars (the oars of the abyss), revealed their true faces as they returned, dragging the whole ship into the abyss, while Poseidon, who was in charge of the ocean lakes, summoned the monsters and devoured them…

Except for the captain.

He escaped with his own strength with his treasure.

Now he is covered in gold, but a heart is full of holes. He has no lover, no ship, no crew, no enemy for a lifetime… All he had left was a gold and silver jewel and a heart with a sandfullheart. (Golden sea monster)

Years later, when a broken boat ran aground on the beach, the lucky young man was so shocked by the strange trauma of the ship that he sketched it.

Oh, there is a legend, thick fog ports, often appear a touch of color, sailing people do not want to meet it … Or him. (Fog Osprey, Red Osprey)


 The brief history about coa 2

Abyss One's treasure hunt fleet was not completely destroyed after the accident. The surviving crew realized the terrible place of the treasure "evil eye" and took it to the extreme north to establish the prototype of the steam capital. The first group of people who guarded it formed an adventure group and the earliest believers among the crew who were brainwashed by evil eyes built towers and banks. 

The family where the banker (embalmer) belongs to one of them, and he started planning early so that the evil eye can reach the core mutation. To this end, they indirectly created the Iron Cap Regiment with rumors, the capital of the steam, and scattered the evil eyes to restart the core, and when the time was ripe, the core of the tower was extinguished, and the steam capital was caught in a frozen crisis, trying to force The adventure team surrendered the evil eye to restart the core. 

However, the adventure team is responsible for guarding the evil eye for generations. The current head of the optical mirror (magician) refuses to hand over the evil eye out of a sense of mission.

After the first step plan failed, Evil Eye decided to deceive the Evil Eye host (Jack) to make him understand the consequences of the city's freezing and restart. 

Dissatisfied with the leader's cowardice and whitewash, the host betrayed the adventure group, stole the evil eye, and defected, intending to meet with the iron cap group in private. The banker gave the key of the tower to the head of the iron cap (the clown) and asked him to give the key to the host of the evil eye who was going to board the tower. At the same time, the schemer (thief ) stole the treasure chest with evil eyes, and the adventure group lost the last hole card. 

At the same time, the evil eye also called a distant teen (spring hand). He ran into a deal between the Punk (gamekeeper) and the Evil Eye Host, was chased by the Punk, and was rescued by the Adventure Group ’s sound wave (mind eye) and Inventor (explorer). The equipment became a steam teen.

The head of the adventure team asked the steam teen to stop the evil eye host's plan. With the help of the sand of time (perfumer) and Sonic, he successfully intercepted the host of the evil eye on the tower, got the evil eye, and fell into a dilemma. 

Maybe in the end he decided to sacrifice himself like the host and start the core with evil eyes to restore the warmth of the city. But in fact, first of all, the inventors and chemists (doctors) in the adventure group have long been eroded by the evil eye. The equipment of the steam teen and the evil eye host has made them lose their ability to resist evil eyes; The evil eye is not the key to starting the core. It wants to reach the core because it requires sufficient heat recovery capacity. 

Finally, the energy crisis is an artificial conspiracy by bankers and some insiders. The tower can start at any time, and the real crisis is when the evil eye arrives at the tower, everything will become a desperate end.

In the end, the evil eye that got the heat of the core and the entire city regained its full strength, and except for a few members of the Iron Cap, urban residents and bankers selected by the evil eye, everyone was frozen in the snow with the city, All died.

 Then, as time went by, a part of the steam capital was dragged into dreamland and became a part of the abyss. The evil eye and partly informed human beings (including bankers) who have become their dependents have created a new kingdom, the Snow Kingdom. 

A few dozen, even hundreds of years later, when the ordinary Snow kingdom residents had forgotten the past, a young woman visited this Kingdom …

??* ?tbc??*?

The brief history of coa3

Time is long after Abyss II

Far from the far south of the steam capital, a team of surveys with modern civilization has arrived in what is now the Snow kingdom. The team included a young woman who was warmly welcomed by local residents and presented with a "snow lily growing at the Sacred Land of the Snow State".

However, after the team left, the woman changed strangely and became a "Vile Blossom". At the same time, some strange abyss creations are beginning to appear in this Kingdom (or the whole continent), creating unprecedented fear of society. While the government behind the investigation team tried to deal with the cover-up, it sent a new team of investigators to Snow state to try to figure out what was going on.

Bankers of the past are already at the top of the Snow kingdom. Perhaps it was the instructions of the evil eye, perhaps their decision, and he communicated with the investigation team in a "friendly" manner and revealed to them the existence of the abyss. After the water pushed the boat, he left the Snow kingdom to the southern new continent, as a Trickster, and the local government in 1930 set up the "Fear Officer" to deal with the abyss-related matters.

The Fear Officer was initially set up for the sake of human well-being, but with the infiltration of snow-state forces such as the Trickster, it eventually became an institution that served the forces of the abyss in the dark. The Snow kingdom faction brought weapons made from abyss creatures, put forward the slogan "Use the Abyss against the Abyss" and distributed them to elite investigators.

But these weapons on the one hand are unfinished semi-finished products, on the other hand, the snow yearning for the residents has a strong erosion effect. Over time, some of the original young investigators or the abyss eroded themselves, became waste products eliminated by the Fear Officer (Patchworks, explorers), others retreated from the front line, dragging broken bodies for paperwork and investigation work (Patchwork, priests). And the managers of the abyss, such as the Trickster, control the truth and the voice, and others either do not know the truth, blind justice, or know the situation and cannot speak out.

A few years later, the wildman, who was a snow-hunter at the time, had fallen under the pomegranate skirt of the "Vile Blossom" and became her bodyguard (the wild man's abyss three blue skins), following her everywhere. Pickman (the clown), who was also a man and a frustrated man on the art trail, met the "Vile Blossom" and got a way to go to the dream and started her artistic creation as a model. These works have received extensive discussion and honor, and have been widely discussed and honored, and have been widely distributed and disseminated by avid enthusiasts such as the auctioneer (Joseph).

Yet the good times are not long, and the erosion of the flowers of evil makes her body decay. For this reason, Pickman transferred erosion to himself to become an out-of-bounds walker, but never saved the flowers that had long been human. Art creation broke down, and he realized that he was looking for a new, Vile Blossom Successor. As a result, he opened an art gallery, luring new visitors to choose the right person.

After the " Porcelain doll" (geisha) exhibit caused a stir, the Fear Officer's investigators realized that Pickman himself was involved in the abyss. The people of the Fear Officer's abyss faction also took the initiative to contact the exotic walkers, learned the news of the destruction of the "Vile Blossom" from the other side, decided to send someone to block the message to deal with this matter, secretly, the appropriate "Vile Blossom" container shipping to the gallery.

The selected container is the young newcomer "Puppeteer" (mechanic). She didn't know the truth, only to take it as her first assignment. "The Vile Blossom" is of special significance to the abyss, and the hipsters, in order to prevent the poor pool, have also deliberately joined the team to take care of them as teammates. As Surveyor (seer) and Whiplash (cowboy) accompanied her to the gallery, both may have known the truth to some extent, but one side, out of despair, and on the other out of the alert, did not tell the young newcomers the truth.

The investigation was hard, and the speculation was correct: the Patchwork Work did investigate part of the erosion of the abyss, trying to convey the information to them as a warning. He stopped the messages and passed them on to the Puppeteer. This misinformation, and ultimately, did lead to the failure of the Whiplash and the Puppeteer in the final situation against Pickman, leading to the Puppeteer being caught by the abyss, and will be eroded as a "Vile Blossom" as planned.

Yet as Pickman perceived: "The erosion cannot be eliminated, but it can be transferred" – the Whiplash eventually chose to take on the erosion for the puppet, destroying the original plan at its own expense and creating the opportunity for the puppet to escape. The Puppeteer hasn't been the new model of Pickman, as those people think. But exactly what the future holds is hard to determine.

This trip, the hipsters also did remove an obstacle to the expansion of the abyss (teaching Whiplash) and find out who knew the truth (the Patchwork Work). And the path of the Puppeteer still looks very gray. But in any case, the sacrifice of the Whiplash did buy her some time 

and what happened to the story after that, it was time to wait for abyss four.


Part I: Porcelain doll exhibit suspected by the Fear officer of Investigation, Puppeteer was sent with other three-person team investigation

The story begins in the second half of the 1930s or later.

A few years ago, the art world suddenly added a new artist named Pickman.

In the early days, Pickman's work imitated other works with heavy traces, was not well received, and was ridiculed. However, from one day on, Pickman's works began to be "exotic" as the theme, beautiful and strange, with a unique, moving charm. Some people are afraid of his work, while others are extremely fanatical. The art world has even appeared to some of Pickman's admirers, who continue to spread Pickman's work in an attempt to bring the exotic beauty and novelty of his work to the world.

The auctioneer was one of them: on the one hand, he and Pickman teamed up to bring Pickman's work to auction at his own auction house, and on the other hand, the auctioneer knew part of the inside story about "exotic" and "Vile flower" and chose to passionately admire them and spread them.

Such a move would certainly attract the attention of some people – and at one auction, the sudden riot of "porcelain doll" scared others, but the ignorant and fearless people decided that this is a manifestation of Pickman's extraordinary artistic ability, but also another manifestation of the extraordinary beauty of the world.

The other, the foreign objects and cultures that flow from the distant snow countries are called "alien" by some knowing but unknown people. But the alien is the abyss, the eventual destruction of all.

The auction also did attract the attention of agencies dealing with abyss issues.

FEAR OFFICER is the police official established in 1930 and has a rigorous internal system dedicated to dealing with problems arising from the abyss. The staff of this body, collectively known as the Investigator, are responsible for collecting and gathering information about the abyss, going to corroborate, blocking public consultation, and having special armed combatants specifically responsible for resolving these incidents.

In terms of in-game intelligence, this government agency is largely staffed because of its handling of the problem, and the appointees are usually elite. Their attitude towards people disabled by tasks is not the usual retirement or medical treatment, but elimination.

At the same time, the institution also has a number of "betrayers" present.

All in all, the Fear officer, though suspicious, is still a reliable institution dedicated to dealing with the abyss. Investigators who noticed the auction's anomalies brought back information about Pickman, who had been in contact with a woman who claimed to be a bad flower a few years ago, who had been working as a model. She was one of the sources of his creations.

At the same time, Pickman did something beyond the fear officer's expectations.

He set up his own gallery and opened it to visitors. The impact of the abyss will spread faster and more widely than before, and the fear officer of Investigation can no longer sit idly by and decide to send investigators to settle the matter and find out the truth.

Abyss is not a creation that humans can destroy, but the fear officer of Investigation has its own special undercard.

In keeping with the principle that the abyss can be confronted with the abyss, the investigators responsible for the field investigation all belong to their own "abyss weapons."

And the puppeteer was a young female investigator sent to solve the incident

Official introduction: Puppeteer dress edgy, an exquisite black dress covered with embroidered purple yarn, white face on the red lips. A pair of goggles on a semi-high hat

She hung the Fear Officer's badge around her waist and carried a remote control that could remotely control the puppet. From the other people's skin description and no signs of erosion on the body can be seen, before this incident, the Puppeteer did not participate in solving similar things, it is complete newtons.

The Puppeteer has also been puzzled as to why he was disPatch worked and the Fear Officer's attitude towards the abyss.

And with a spouse, they also sent three other investigators

Official introduction: the Whiplash dressed west atmosphere, as if in the wild to chase the criminal's sheriff, the black cloth can not hide his sharp eyes, the firm face more to declare his determination.

Whiplash is one of the most senior investigators and belongs to combat personnel. The Whiplash he carried with him was self-conscious, interacted with the Whiplash, and looked good.

Official introduction: Surveyor are tightly wrapped in their own, night-vision glass eyelashes red manure, instead of observing the abyss. The owl standing on the left shoulder seemed to be eroded by mysterious forces and dark textures gradually destroyed the body

The Surveyor is also the veteran of the investigator, who is primarily responsible for gathering information and exploring the terrain and working closely with his owl.

Although both cover the upper half of the face for some special reasons, for a spouse, both are worth depending on

Official introduction: The Trickster meticulously dressed himself, as if to attend a grand farewell ceremony, neat clothing, and white gloves, to show his attention.

Unlike the previous two, he did not wear the Fear Officer's badge, but he had the Fear Officer's letters in his box – he was not indeed an investigator in the usual sense, but an upper-level officer in the Fear Officer. This time he may have joined the team as a special player, citing the need for intelligence exchange and, if necessary, dealing with Pickman.

This part analysis and easter egg part:

Porcelain doll

The pattern of the porcelain doll is clearly Chinese, and it should be in the qing dynasty. 

Chinese ver 

Back in 1671 porcelain dolls were not its main product, but the quality reached the peak of the Qing Dynasty. The blue material is in China Zhejiang, improved the refining method, vase color is very bright, also known as "gemstone blue", and "green-blue". Blue can be divided into eight to nine levels, and can perfectly reproduce the ink rendering effect of Chinese painting. The water division technique is widely used, and the fingerprints of artisans are often visible in the blue rendering part. Large parts are rare, usually not writing the pilgrimage. The Qing flower of folk kilns has been developed very much, in which the quality of the fine quality is even above the kiln. The devices are diverse and large parts are particularly abundant, and they are kept abroad in baton bottles, generals, phoenix tails, and beautiful bottles, not only have more quantities but also of extremely high quality. The decoration is diverse, in addition to the decoration, there is also a whole picture appearing.

Then why do they choose a Qing dynasty vase?

This is a historical correspondence: Mr.David exhibited Chinese ceramic art in Bullington Building in London in 1935

Sir Percival Victor David Ezekiel David, 1892-1964, made an inexplicable bond with Chinese porcelain and devoted his life to it. He made many trips to China, made famous scholars and collectors friends, and from the age of 22, after more than 40 years of tireless efforts, he built the world's most exciting and influential private Chinese ceramic collection and eventually donated all to the British Museum.

The porcelain doll should be his 1935 exhibition of ceramic art – this landmark luxury exhibition, the lineup of unprecedented, fine collection, both in business and education, has achieved great success, known as the "great exhibition" so that the entire Western world has a strong interest in Chinese ceramic art.

2. The FEAR OFFICER and the division of employees

The FEAR OFFICER (I will summarize to FEAR) is a very contradictory series in the story. I won't mention the deep story about it here, let's briefly analyze its prototype (may contain some spoilers for later).

1930 engraved on the badge should be the year when the FEAR was established, and 1930 was a famous time in the mythological works of Cthulhu

In September 1930, a group of expeditions led by Dr. William Dyer, a research geologist at the University of Miscatanik, discovered some catastrophic expeditions on the Antarctic continent.

Yes, 1930 is the year of the story in (At the Mountains of Madness). Combined with the description of other skins, FEAR is indeed related to snow kingdom is likely to be established by the government and some relevant to snow kingdom (this will be explained later)


Take this link if you are interested in this book.

In the setting of many authors, since "At the Mountains of Madness", Miskatonic University has specially set up a school specializing in Cthulhu

As for this university

Miskatonic University is a fictitious university located in the fictional town of Arkham, located in Essex County, Massachusetts, USA. The name of this university comes from the Miskatonic River (this river is also fictitious)

The University of Miscatanik is modeled after the Ivy League school in the age of Lovecraft, with a status equivalent to Oxford. It is possible to refer to Brown University in Providence (the Lovecraft himself had hoped to study The school). Later generations of writers and fans have two different interpretations when describing the external image of Miskatonic University. The first interpretation is based on Lovecraft ’s literary tradition, that Miskatonic University is an ordinary school abroad, and the research on mystery and Cthulhu mythology is under the table. The second interpretation is more common in role-playing games and believes that mystery and myth are part of the external image of Miskatonic University

To put it simply: there are many books, knowledge, and research related to the Cthulhu myth in this school, and there are many students or teachers with profound knowledge of the Cthulhu myth (abyss). It is also the only official institution in most of the works that have clear research on the existence of Cthulhu. Therefore, the earliest prototype of FEAR may be Miskatonic University.

As for the division of labor in FEAR, you can judge by the marks on your body:

First of all, similar to the field investigators sent out, they usually carry badges to indicate their identity

(But it turns out that model Eli didn't have that badge, but it's still ok btw we can see his Concert art.)

Secondly, clerical staff like Patchwork Works, and people who cannot go to the frontline due to disability, such as Patchworks, are generally dressed in a white-collar style and have other signs on their bodies

They will carry the cloth logo of FEAR to indicate their identity

There is no similar symbol on Trickster, only the letters in the box have the symbol of FEAR. In a sense, his identity is indeed very special

3. Investigators and their abyss "weapons"

Here is a brief mention, each person in the four-member group treats their abyss weapons differently:

The puppeteer treats it as a simple prop application, and the props in her hand seem to be pure props;

The box that trickster holding seems to have a certain consciousness, but it is very compatible with Aesop's move, and it is more like a smart prop;

Eli's owl looks like an animal changed into metal due to the inexplicable effect, and sometimes it will short-circuit, requiring Eli repair it;

The whip in the Whiplash is a living creature, and it seems to be very self-conscious. It may even appear to be pointing the finger. It needs Kevin to appease and coax to be obedient.

There is a reason for the performance of each "weapon" here, the specific explanation is placed behind, for people who pay attention to mv may notice

The tentacles appear only after the remote control broke

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~( 0 x 0 )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Part II: the investigation process when suspicious, the Patchwork  message was tampered with

After all, the puppeteer is a newcomer, and the run-in with the other three may not be particularly good. But as a veteran, the whiplash is still willing to teach newcomers. After the initial period, Tracy also used her weapons proficiently and got along well with the other two people (Trickster and Surveyor).

Based on the entry points of porcelain dolls and auctions, investigators may have investigated the auctioneer and learned from him that some of Pickman’s past and “outlanders”: the admirers call them outlanders and the rebels call them. For the abyss. The Surveyor concludes that this is an influence of those things on the human heart, and indirectly sees through the essence of darkness in this investigation, everything to the abyss is actually just a child's play.

The auction house should also contain some art that has not been sold, which may include a small flower from another world:

And with this little flower, they also traced the evidence that Pickman had an exact connection with the abyss: that is "Vile Blossom"

The story about Pickman like this:

In the early years, Pickman was just an ordinary, imitative painter. He was evaluated as lacking in talents and talents, and he only imitated and received a lot of mockeries. However, taking one day as the realm, he met the Vile Blossom that followed the bodyguard next to him.

The Vile Blossom has taken a fancy to Pickman's imitation … or the ability to express the original, and Pickman has also received countless inspirations and beauty from the Vile Blossom and Netherwalker. Before this, the Vile Blossom also infected people like Pickman, making them fanatics of their own.

It's just that most of them either want to occupy the beauty of the other world alone or just want to guard beside her-the real purpose of the Vile Blossom is not the same. She is essentially the spokesperson manipulated by the abyss, and the abyss. What they want is someone who can spread this "art".

Therefore, Pickman is the person she or "them" are looking for.

The plan was successfully implemented, and this alien art also engulfed the city and the Kingdom. It's just that the body of the Vile Blossom is still human, and human beings eroded by the abyss will always rot and change into other terrible gestures.

Therefore, Pickman, who has become a stranger, chooses to transfer the abyss of the Vile Blossom to himself, so that the Vile Blossom can survive (although it may fail). He became an inhuman thing, but artistic creation must continue after all. Pickman, therefore, opened a gallery to attract more people to try to choose a new "vile flower".

In this way, everything is clear. The puppeteer's current task is nothing more than to eliminate Pickman, who has become an abyssal creature, to block the art museum and prevent the expansion of the victimized area.

But everything so far is too simple.

As the investigation proceeded, either from teammates or from FEAR, Tracy gradually learned about the "erosion" phenomenon in the investigators-the same as the "vile flower" physical body will rot If the investigator is attacked or the weapon is used too much, the abyss will be physically eroded. The eroded will not die but will usher in a more terrible end.

Combining the skin of the Patchwork and the vile flower, we can find that this kind of erosion generally starts from the left eye first, and then gradually expands to half of the entire face, and the brain will also be filled with foreign objects (tentacles). The end is like a Patchwork. The whole skin will start to fall off and have to be replaced with other things (such as iron skin). The brain may be replaced by tentacles, losing its consciousness, and finally becoming a walking dead that can’t die or be alive.

The method of infection or erosion is also simple-as long as it is attacked by the abyss, it will be eroded even after a long time near the abyss creation.

For the existence of such erosion, most people in the FEAR should be aware but silent. Most of the investigators who will join such a Fear are rebels of the abyss, and it is worth it for them to give up their lives and contribute to the abyss. 

( Instead of using Fear next time I think I can change to bureau right? Meh I using FEAR better than Bureau tho it not the same)

But where did the FEAR obtain this abyssal weapon? We will discuss this matter later.

Here first look at the Telcoperator's side.

While the four-person team is investigating, members of the FEAR on the teleoperator's side are also dealing with various dispute-related matters. And the teleoperator herself received a special message from here, it should correspond to the creature in the description of the wildling's A skin

After investigating the two figures in-depth, some people from the FEAR may have discovered a terrible truth: they were once humans, and are likely to be former investigators eroded by weapons of FEAR. To put it bluntly, the FEAR's technology is not natural but imported from outsiders. In addition to causing erosion, abyssal weapons are also dangerous and suspicious in other ways.

The teleoperator who learned the truth immediately relayed the information to the group of four, perhaps hoping they would stop the investigation, or asking them to pay attention to the weapon in their hands.

But in the end, she still failed. Because of the existence of trickster 

Here, the description of the skin of the trickster is translated in vernacular:

"Trickster is responsible for maintaining the basic soundness of investigators in the investigation process and not letting them go crazy or eroded on the spot due to the mental pollution caused by the abyss weapon in his hand. Investigators, like the truth, go to the abyss. One of the ways he maintains the investigators' mind and trust is to tell them false information in a joke-like manner. "

And let u guy see what is the meaning of surveyor: 

There is a very thought-provoking detail in the show action of the trickster

The box will convey the letter from FEAR, which should contain the information sent by the teleoperator. After reading the letter, Trickster shook his head.

It stands to reason that from the teleoperator's standpoint, she sent the information for the safety of the investigators. However, it is clearly mentioned in the description of the skin of trickster he misrepresented the information.

In other words, the display action is likely to be in the process of reacting: for some purpose, the desperate man passed the information sent by the operator to the puppeteer in the wrong way, causing her to be swallowed by tentacles in the mv.

The analysis of this part and the easter egg part

1. Snowfear, Bodyguard and Evil Eye

According to the skin description, Abyss III is undoubtedly related to the "Snow Kingdom" series: specifically including the pendant of the witch of the dream, the snow lotus of the female dancer, and the snowfear.

The relationship between the snowfear and the bodyguard is probably the same 

The snowfear may have encountered the vile flower while wandering in the snowfield, then fell down under her pomegranate skirt (of course why there will be explanations after this), and became her bodyguard.

It is worth noting that the relationship between the Snow Kingdom, or snow kingdom  and Evil Eye (Abyss II) is also reflected in the bodyguard's skin:

The bodyguard's chest has a distinct one-eyed mark-blue base eye.

In the Middle East, especially in Turkish culture, this color and the decorative eye are generally called "evil eye".

2. The eroder and the uneroded

In the skin, people can be divided into two categories by being infected by the abyss-eroded and uneroded

The eroders belonging to The Fear are:

These people basically received erosion and infection during the investigation of the abyss. The sign is the covered tentacles or the tentacle pattern that appears in the left eye, and there are obviously broken marks on the body.

The non-eroders to which The Fear belongs are

Because Tracy is a newcomer, there are no obvious signs of erosion. The reason why the desperate people have no signs of erosion (even taking off the mask to show this) will be mentioned later.

The non-eroders of the abyssal forces are

According to the investigators of FEAR, the erosion of the abyss usually starts from the left eye. However, although these two skins have strange iron masks on their faces, there are no obvious tentacle patterns on their left eyes, face, and limbs-in other words, they are not infected, and black masks are only used to divide the power.

The trickster is still understandable, because he works on art, but not directly. And why the bodyguards who followed the Vile flower were not infected, this is related to the Snow Kingdom

The abyss of the abyssal forces is

Netherwalker transferred you the erosion from the Vile flower to you, and as an ordinary human himself, the traces of erosion are very heavy (or, this is also a late manifestation of erosion)

3. Trickster’s White hair

Trickster’s hair color is very special, because he is the first character in the idv "the original skin hair color is one body color, and the skin hair color uses pick coloring ".

In the idv roles, there are three roles with white hair highlighting: wildling, Wu Chang, and Barmaid

The wildling is because of the difficult living environment and abuse from an early age. Wuchang is one of the dead and the yin and yang complement each other. And finally Barmaid is having the body's own disease (the official said that Demi has a disease such as vitiligo, and the head has whitening skin). Combined with the Vampires series, the vampires are all set with white hair-it can be seen that in the Idv, the skin color is closely related to the plot of the game character itself without considering the art design.

So, what information is contained in the white hair highlighting here?

First of all, in the Abyss series, there are three types of skin that use white hair: Angel of Light, Caged Butterfly, and Wasteland Traveler (Abyss 2 ticket gift). The Angel of Light is conceptually similar to the illusion of the shipwrecked people caused by the abyss in the abyss. The butterfly in the cage is the incarnation of the abyss in the abyss. The wasteland traveler symbolizes the player who is called by the abyss like the spring hand— -To put it bluntly, white hair is one of the endorsements of "relevant to the abyss and death" in the series.

4. Investigators who have "eliminated" by The Fear 

 As mentioned above, the disabled investigator's final path is nothing more than a Patchwork, or a further Pickman. Since the prerequisite for erosion is "injury" or "use of weapons", then to draw the conclusion of "abyss against abyss", The Fear will definitely have the first batch of "investigators" in history 

 By the way, under the circumstances of lack of technology and experience, how did they deal with the first batch of "disabled" investigators? How do you get the technology to make abyssal weapons? 

Here is only speculation, but a more logical explanation is that they may have conducted some experiments on the first batch of disabled investigators, and finally came to the conclusion that the abyss can be trusted to resist the abyss. , And passed down as a universal method of dealing with abyssal creations. 

And the first batch, or maybe even the abyssal weapons until now-is made for the abyss that has eroded the investigators.

There are descriptions in the Patchwork's skin 

There are "betrayers" in The Fear, and the fate of these betrayers is the erosion of the abyss. Therefore, it is very possible that there is a complete set of punishment procedures within The Fear, and in the end, weapons made by these betrayers (that is, the concept of living people making weapons) will be output. As far as the Patchwork still stays in the bureau, facing the abyss that these people alienated, there is a processing and restriction method inside the bureau, which is much safer than capturing the unknown abyss. However, such evil-door technology does not seem to be done by a decent Fear—because, in a sense, this technology flows into the Fear.

( 0 x 0 )

Part III: The Art Museum Faces the Netherwalker, the FEAR's dusty truth is revealed

Under the interception and misinformation of the desperate people, the teleoperator's message was not correctly and timely transmitted to the puppeteer, whiplash, and surveyor (the surveyor is suspicious, he is likely to know the whole truth of the matter).

A group of people seemed to have reached the end of the journey and arrived at Pickman's gallery, preparing to meet the "netherwalker" directly to stop what he did. Witnessing the decorations in the museum, the Puppeteer also understood from his own point of view why the FEAR has always treated Pickman ’s artworks in a manner that was blocked rather than made public.

Only a few people can penetrate the terrible abyss behind these artworks, and publicizing them for no reason will only allow more ignorant people to chase Pickman's artworks, and thus make the abyss' influence unprecedentedly expanded (just like auctions). Everything is the same as the description of the Surveyor.

These arts will also erode people's bodies through their minds, and finally let the abyss spread to the public crazy

(Think about the biohazard through visual communication … it's really scary)

However, even if the truth is known, the final duel will not be smooth. In the official Abyss Propaganda PV, we saw that only Whiplash and the puppeteer faced the Netherwalker in the end, and there was no figure of  Trickster and Surveyor. (There is a scene of four people facing the gate. Pause carefully to see that Aesop and Eli are both original skins, not these two skins)

There are three possible causes:

1. Aesop and Eli are not combatants themselves. In the final plan, only Tracy and Kevin were responsible for the fighting.

2. Surveyor is responsible for opening the way, and the desperate people are responsible for maintaining mental stability. At that time, the two were unable to participate in the war because of other sudden reasons (such as when the official PV model was not built yet)

In the first case, even if a veteran is following, the task of dispatching to a newcomer is too demanding-in the action of the puppeteer showing her, she throws an umbrella at the puppet, but the puppet fails to catch it. It can be seen that she is actually very unskilled in the use of weapons. Moreover, Surveyor's owl also has a disturbing effect.

The second case is most likely from an official production perspective (the model is not built), but there is no obvious hint in the skin copy. So there is a possibility (but not necessarily the standard answer;

3. The task of this squad was not to solve the Pickman incident —they, or the real purpose of the Habitat, is to send the puppeteer who is a container of vile flowers to Pickman and let him get a new model.

In the squad, the Trickster knew all the truth from the beginning; the Surveyor may know, but not all the inside information (even if he knows all the inside information, he may not be able to stop the truth); the whiplash only realized this at the end And faced with the choice of whether to sacrifice oneself to save the puppeteer.

For the puppeteer, in the final battle, she may have listened to the misinformation of the heroes without knowing:

Caused the abyssal weapon in her hand to be broken

She was also captured by tentacles

Then the question is coming, why do the desperate people induce the puppeteer, "betray" the FEAR, and spend a lot of money to help the stranger to send the new model of the Puppeteer? Isn't this contrary to his position?

But, he is a person from "Snow Kingdom"?

This starts with the birth of the "vile flower" and the birth of the FEAR :

Before 1930, the Kingdom that established the FEAR may have sent a team for diplomatic, scientific, or exchange purposes, and had exchanges and cooperation with the snow Kingdom far away in the north and the mysterious and backward civilization.

There is one woman in this team. She received a warm, deeper welcome and hospitality in the snow kingdom. When walking, for the purpose of "friendliness", they gave her a "Snow Lotus"


This snow lotus seems to have a miracle effect, even after leaving the snow Kingdom, it still blooms miraculously. However, the good times didn't last long. Shortly after obtaining the lotus flower and leaving the snow Kingdom, the woman began to experience some wonderful changes-her left eye developed wonderful, plant-like tentacles, and her personality also happened. The great change seems to have lost oneself and was replaced by something else.

At the same time, some inhuman and terrible existence also became popular on the land of the country after this visit. Although it is only private, it is enough to draw the government's attention and vigilance to the "abyss".

The operator's description called the place "Snowland" and kept observing the situation, indicating that the two sides are connected. Therefore, it is very likely that the government sent an investigation team to the government in an official capacity, and indeed obtained some information about the "Abyss". In 1930,  "fear officer" was established in this regard. ), Specializing in dealing with the expanding abyss storm.

In this process, the snow kingdom also sent relevant personnel to help establish the FEAR and help cope with the abyss. This group of related personnel includes desperate people: his status should not be below, and it is likely to be the group of people who brought abyss weapon technology.

The purpose of this group of people joining the FEAR is certainly not to resist the abyss-or that the snow country itself is a country " created " by the abyssal forces. They infiltrated into the FEAR, and their fundamental purpose was to assist the abyss to spread, to consume the resources and manpower of the FEAR, to control the forces against the abyss from the foundation, to create the best without the public, opponents and even the government's knowledge. creating the most appropriate pathway of spreading the abyss.

In another way to tell it… More like an abyss cult.

Under this premise, it will be very reasonable to look at the behavior of trickster

1. The decision of the group of four is likely to be finalized after his intervention. The newcomers and women like Tracy were deliberately chosen because she and the vile flower are very similar in form and conditions, and are the best container.

2. The surveyor in the group of four may have known the truth of some tasks in advance, but due to the limitation, he could not say it (the equipment on his face and the maintenance of the owl should be provided by the FEAR. Of the severely eroded); the whip is unaware, and there will not be too many doubts in character.

3. Even if someone finds the truth among them, the liaison right is in his hand, they can tamper with it at any time, and afterward, they will blame this part of the person who knows the truth and "handle" it.

It was really terrifying to see how he reacted by shaking his head slightly when he received the letter from the investigation board sent by the operator.

As for the origin of the snow country and the identity of the desperate people, we explain in the next section.

This part of the text and eggs

  1. Vile Flower and Puppeteer

The conclusion of the part of the story is the statement that "let  puppeteer be a container for the new Vile flower to Pickman." In fact, many people thought that the Puppeteer's skin was a mechanic before this time. She is a dancer. This shows that the skin of the puppeteer does have a high degree of similarity to the dancer to some extent.

One of the reasons for the similarity between this skin and the dancer is the change in style: compared to Tracy's previous tomboy skin, the puppeteer ’s skin obviously has a more traditional “feminine” —lipstick, High heels, pale cheeks. Instead of setting the hat that covers the face, choose a bowler hat.

It can be said that most of Tracy's skin (including Little Red Riding Hood) was a little girl's style. The skin of the puppeteer should be included in the category of women.

In addition, it is the artist's design of Tracy's curly short hair-curly hair short + not covering the face, which is largely a representative match for the dancer. When the puppeteer continues to use it, it is very possible to let the dancer wear this skin without looking at the tear marks.

In fact, the Vile flower also has similar design elements (such as high heels) to the puppeteer in many parts.

2. Snow Lotus and the nether flower

The snow lotus that given to the dancer looks nothing special

However, if you look at it together with the nether flower, something very scary will happen.

First of all, the petal types and painting methods of the two flowers are the same, and there are two layers (aside from the middle eyes). Second, the outermost petals of both have seven petals. However, biologically speaking, there are few plants with seven petals due to genetic variation. Even the multi-petal plant called Trientalis Europaea is more common in nature, with six petals and eight petals.

"Seven" Petal Lotus aka chickweed-wintergreen

Therefore, the number of identical petals of the snow lotus and the nether flower is not just drawn to be fun (the lotus painting also pays attention to symmetrical aesthetics). It is very likely that this thing is not a snow lotus, but one of the deformed bodies of the flower of the outside world. Snow kingdom’s intention to give it to the dancing girl is also very obvious-just hope that she can be eroded and become the host of this "Snow Lotus" and this vile flower.

The other two interesting points are the four designs of the vile flower emphasize the existence of the chain, and this necklace is the same as the one on the neck of this little flower; because the Vile flower is eroded netherwalker. The erosion is transferred to himself, and the black color of the outsider ’s color planing is removed, and the other is very similar to the small flower.

3. The unexplained parts in the COA 3

Part of the story of COA 3 is actually in an unfinished state, which may be explained in the follower's skin of vile flower and COA 4

For example, the pendant of the Dream Witch

Another example is that the part of the plot that has not been completed by the surveyor may also have supplementary explanations in the COA 4.

4. Pickman's model

Pickman's Model is a horror novel written by HP Lovecraft, the founder of Cthulhu Mythology, in 1926 and published in the October 1927 issue of "Weird Tales". Pickman in the novel is a ghoul artist who painted corpses and indescribable objects. It is similar to the stranger who draws with indescribable objects in the game.

Pickman's model is actually the corpse that Pickman eats.

The novel ends with "I" visiting Pickman, and finally discovers the truth of his painting. After fleeing madly, he cut off contact with him and suffered from the phobia. It can be said to be a classic type in Cthulhu's horror novels.

If you interested in this book:

 ?? ???? ?? 

Part IV: The establishment, prosperity, decline, and past of the Steam City

This part is more troublesome, so it will be mixed with the text.

Everything starts from the age of navigation in the abyss.

After the battle between the first officer and the captain caused the excavated treasure (actually the evil eye) to sink into the deep sea, a part of the crew was sinking into the deep sea under the influence of the abyss and merged with marine animals to continue fighting around Madame Coral;

After that, another wave of crew members looking for treasure came to the sea and became involved in the ongoing battle between the captain and the first officer.

Solitude – Geisha

A part of the crew sacrificed, while another part, such as the crew represented by rebirth, prayed to the ancient gods in the dark of the abyss, and finally survived the identity of human beings, and learned that the treasure "evil eye" can be Terrible thing after the lava turtle re-excavated the evil eye, they decided to take this harmful treasure to go high, go to the place where it can restrain its ability, and seal it.

Severe cold can prevent the recovery of evil eyes, and for this reason, a group of people traveled a long distance to the north of the cold: the predecessor of the steam capital.

The crew and their descendants built the city here, and the people who knew the secrets of the evil eye set up the first generation of adventure groups (to be honest, the second wave of crew members who looked for treasures also started under the name of adventure, it is likely that this is regarded as a continuation of the title)

But not everyone who knows the secret of the evil eye strictly abides by the goal of sealing it. As the chemist's description said, the manipulation of the human heart by the evil eye has corroded a group of people in the original crew. From this moment on, these people began to plan a huge, sophisticated, and comprehensive plan across time, so that the evil eye could get back its full strength.

The time came before the start of Abyss II.

Unlike when it was first established, today's steam capital has become a capital-shaped city with a mixture of dragons and dragons, using heat as a currency. Countless criminal refugees and lucky people gathered here. The adventure group is also declining compared to the past, and only a few permanent members are guarding the evil eyes.

Then, one day, for unknown reasons, the bank announced that the core of the tower responsible for the heat source in the steam capital was extinguished-this may have been a sign, and after many years, the city has spread " Evil eyes can ignite the core ". Its source is unreliable, but at least the optical mirror also believes that this matter does exist. However, due to his duties and illusions, he refused to hand over the evil eye to the core of the tower but chose to continue to watch the evil eye.

The host of the members of the adventure group also saw a similar illusion (or heard the voice of the evil eye). He was unwilling to accept the leader’s method, so he betrayed the optical mirror and stole the evil eye (the host in the PV directly stole the evil eye), and then he and the iron cap group reached a cooperation, got the key of the tower, and prepared to Go up to the tower and place the evil eye in the core.

The Iron Hat Regiment is an organization made up of civilian refugees, and it is omnipotent in order to survive. They did not know who was entrusted by them. After the Evil Eye was stolen, they stole the treasure chest containing it and lost some costs.

The boy who was called by the abyss hit the trading site of the host and the deer head steampunk was attacked and was rescued by Sonic and the adventurer. The adventurer introduced him to the adventure group, equipped him like a steam teenager, let him join, and became the protagonist in this story to stop the evil eye host.

With the help of Sand of Time and Sonic, the Steam teenager did indeed rise above the tower, preventing the evil eye host. At the same time, he learned the "truth" the host told him: if the evil eye is not placed, all the people in the city will die in the cold; if it is placed, then the evil eye will pull the steam capital into the abyss.

The plot in PV ends here.

Next, let’s talk about the real and abyss plot: the energy crisis of the steam capital is artificial. The real purpose of the evil eye to go to the core is not to ignite the core, but to absorb the heat energy of the city in the core and let yourself be recovered.

Here we first deeply analyze the "economic" mode of operation of the steam capitol-thermal energy system

At first, many people would think that the plot of the Abyss seems to be the age of ice steam, but in fact, the two are completely different from the social system.

After playing in the ice age, we can actually find that this is a game that demonstrates the superiority of the socialist and even communist systems. It is essentially a government-led market and even work distribution; while the steam capital in the Abyss II, it has no clear Government agencies are speculative capital systems.

The economic model of the steam capital is simple: the labor income is directly converted into a heat source (in the image, some are heating for a few minutes). This heat source is divided into currency, similar to the point card system: these heat source cards can be exchanged for in-kind, labor can be used to exchange these heat source cards, and even stealing and smashing is also tacit (the existence of the iron cap group). All heat sources are produced from banks, and the currency value and quantity of heat sources are all regulated by banks.

To put it bluntly, all rules and regulations related to economic capital in this city are set by banks. The bank is the government agency that really holds power in this city; the organizations left by the original crew, such as the adventure group, are more similar to the honorary government (similar to the British royal family)

But many people may have realized that if the fundamental purpose of the city is to trap evil eyes, such a political system is extremely unreasonable. Under the premise that everything is controlled by bank capital, the city's trade is chaotic, social stability is extremely low, and public order will become a mess. In fact, the current steam capital is indeed a sinful place, which is obviously not the original goal of the city. If we want to stabilize society, then the uniform quota of heat sources should be the best solution for everyone.

So the root cause of this situation is the establishment of banks, and the group of people who originally established the banks obviously have foreseen such a situation. In other words, they are banks that were established in order to achieve such a situation today.

At first, there were three groups of people who came to the extreme north with evil eyes: the first group established an adventure group; the second group established cities as ordinary citizens; the third group established towers for energy intake, and In the name of the urban system, the original bank was established. And this third group of people is also the earliest group of believers of evil eyes-after they built the tower, they can store a lot of heat in the tower and finally used to restore the evil eyes to achieve the ultimate goal.

In other words, the ancestors of bankers should be the earliest believers of evil eyes. They manipulated the trade of the steam capital and gradually made the steam capital what it is today. In addition, they have carefully prepared two lies for many years:

First, the core of the tower needs evil eyes to restart;

Second, the core of the tower will one day go out;

Return to the chemist's skin-in fact, evil eyes will affect people's minds and make people believe things that are not needed. The same lie says that hundreds or thousands of sides will become "true." This is why the optical mirror, the evil eye host, and even the Iron Cap are convinced that the evil eye can reignite the core of the tower.

In the generation of optical mirrors, almost all are ready.

According to the plan, the banker first announced the message that the core was extinguished. Then he put pressure on the optical mirror through the survival of the whole city, and for the first time secretly asked the other party to hand over the evil eye to ignite the core;

However, the optical mirror can distinguish the illusions created by the evil eye, and also sticks to its original intention, refusing to hand over the evil eye. The banker who failed for the first time then contacted a wave of extrajudicial wanderers in the city and secretly concluded a deal with them that is, the Iron Cap.

In fact, comparing the costumes of the banker and the head of the iron cap, it is obvious that they should be together

The tentacle decoration on the two is the same paragraph that exists in opposite colors

At the same time, the material of the banker’s metal mask is exactly the same as the material of the iron cap head mask, hat, and prosthetic leg.

It is not the only metal in the steam capital-the same metal-based deer head steampunk, metal with optical mirror surface is another color. Together with the color of the spring hand, the color of the spring is also different from the two.

There is a reason that the iron cap is called the iron cap because Joker's iron cap is one of their marks: but if the material, color, and most metals of the skin series of this hat are different, just the mask material of the banker. Again, it doesn’t matter whether there is a problem.

Coincidentally, shortly after the core was declared extinguished, the banker immediately announced that the key of the tower was stolen.

As for the description of the whereabouts of the stolen key, it is also clear in the skin description-in the hands of the Iron Hat Geek (steampunk), it was used to conduct a transaction with the adventure group's traitor evil eye host.

As mentioned earlier, the bank is the actual government in the city. After the fire goes out, the desperate people have not attacked or vilified the bank like the mob in the ice age but chose to accept it by default. (In reality, banks fail to print because they can’t print money, and they are afraid that they will be ripped off by angry people.) In other words, banks have enough power and force to protect themselves, and they are indeed guarded against severe conditions. Even if the Iron Cap is crazy and desperate, in theory, it is impossible to break through such a place and steal the keys that the banker keeps tightly.

Furthermore, it is the equipment of the steampunk and iron cap.

This refugee organization has equipment that can compete with professional adventure groups. This equipment even consumes a lot of energy and is expensive. (Recalling the PV, there are two hosts of the Iron Cap Regiment and the Adventure Group in the PV driving the airship to fight…you guys have a lot of money) If no one provides enough financial support, it is difficult to imagine that such a refugee organization can become a great cause.

In summary, the banker may have secretly contacted the Iron Hat Group (even the Iron Hat Group may have been established by him), and cooperated with the evil eye to make a second step plan: the evil eye understands the personality of everyone in the adventure group, which is convenient to use Jack, induced him to hesitate to misinterpret the optical mirror after he knew part of the truth (the evil eye pushed the city into the abyss), and stole himself to betray the adventure group; the banker gave the key to the iron cap group on the ground that the heating of the tower was restored, Let them use this to deal with it, to help the host.

At the same time, he also did the third crucial thing: stealing the treasure chest with evil eyes

The treasure chest used to hold the evil eyes of the past, and it has also undergone obvious changes. The evil eye can be kept in it for a long time, which shows that the treasure chest itself also has a certain inhibitory effect on the evil eye, which is regarded as the last card of the adventure group when there is nowhere to go. After losing this hole card, even if they get back the evil eye, they can only face putting the evil eye in the core of the tower, or procrastinating until the end of the city is frozen.

In addition, there is also a symptom of extreme fear of infection-the left eye and hands of the iron cap black hand is also corroded by tentacle-like things. The symptoms are the same as those of FEAR. In other words, he may be deep II The second is the corrosion depths in the bright surface of the person. (From this point of view, long-term contact with the abyss will also become the abyss itself)

(Why not the first…the first is down there)

After the second step of the plan, the adventure group basically had no choice but to deliver their hopes to the Spring hand who "heeded the call of the abyss". But in fact, the spring hand or the steam teenager is just a piece arranged by the evil eye. From the second step of the plan, or that Jack was bewitched, all of this has become an interesting play directed by the evil eye.

First of all, the spring hand will come to the steam capital because of the "whisper" of the evil eye

The unnamed teenagers are also among them, chasing the echoes in his mind

Oh yeah if someone finally found out the one who was doing coa 2 lore told her that actually, her translation had a few problems there.

Secondly, in the adventure group, inventor (explorer) who provide equipment for the entire group

The explorer seems to have no problems on the surface, but don’t forget that the equipment of the entire adventure group is made by him.

In other words, if tentacles appear on the equipment, he should be blamed.

At the time of Abyss 2, why there would be tentacles on all equipment was a mystery. But now when combined with the three views of the abyss, the reason is very clear this is the technology of the abyss weapon.

Combine the chemist's description

The source of inspiration for inventors should also come from the whispers of evil eyes.

Of course, with this technology, where the material comes from is another question.

The left hand of the inventor's skin is obviously a prosthesis (and a metal prosthesis similar to a patch), and the other hand wears gloves at the end and glasses on his face.

What exactly is under the glasses and gloves? What exactly did his missing hand become? We don't know this.

(By the way, there are also obvious tentacles of the same style of the iron hat on his chest and placket)

What does this mean? This means that our technicians are most likely completely manipulated by evil eyes.

The consequences that will directly result in include but are not limited to:

1. The real reason why the tower is extinguished, whether it can be ignited with evil eyes, and whether the tower is really extinguished. The adventure group and the public cannot know the real situation.

2. After the members of the adventure group are equipped with the equipment he made, they are more or less affected or manipulated by the evil eye.

3. Even the Evil eye host is doing good or even steamy teenagers. Their equipment is made by inventors.

Yes, they were stolen directly from the inside, and the adventure team went too far.

This can also directly explain why the flameout of the tower requires the evil eye to be re-ignited. Even the cautious optical mirror is convinced-technical experts have said so, why not believe it???

Someone might have a question since they are already dead inside, why would it take a lot of trouble to pull the steam teenager and the host of the evil eye to the top of the tower to fight, and what final choices should be made?

In fact, the reason is very simple and very funny

Because the evil eyes are playing.

For these abysses, it is not really a matter of being sunk in the sea for hundreds of years or being kept in a box for hundreds of years. The fundamental purpose of them coming to this world is to play.

Abyss one uses love tragedy to erode thinking; Abyss two uses change and choice to erode thinking; Abyss three uses art to erode thinking. In the abyss, the evil-eye host is a necessary "villain" on the stage and bears the name of "betrayer"; while the drama needs the protagonist, the steam teenager is naturally the "protagonist" of their choice.

As for the result, it doesn't matter, because they have already decided.

The third step of the banker and evil eye plan: After placing the evil eye in the core, restart the tower.

A huge amount of stored energy enough to thaw a city goes straight to the tower so that the frozen evil eye is completely thawed. All the energy expected by the people in the city that should have been distributed to the city was absorbed and used by the evil eye. The family represented by the banker and the crew of the early generations who prayed to the ancient gods for miracles finally completed the first step of the huge plan.

Everything in the steam capital is only a man-made energy crisis, and when the evil eye is prevented from being at the core, the real crisis comes-except for the humans who have been selected by the evil eye for the bankers, other people in the city, accompanied by The sudden cold was completely blocked by the ice, and no one was spared.

Like this pic

Since then, the steam city no longer exists, and on top of its ruins, evil eyes manipulated other surviving human beings to establish a new kingdom, the Snow Kingdom.

After the snow kingdom, it may be tens or even hundreds of years later. People here have forgotten the technology and civilization of the past, and the bottom has become ignorant, like uncivilized residents; high-level people such as bankers have kept their existing appearances because of their identity and the specificity of the content they know. After a long time, he planned to expand the abyss outward.

There is an interesting detail in the wildling's skin that is, he holds a carrot in ice in his hand.

Carrot seeds are easy to germinate at a temperature of 20 ~ 25 ℃, and the time required is about 5 days; stems and leaves are most suitable for growth at 23 ~ 25 ℃, seedlings can withstand high temperatures above 27 ℃; suitable for straight root expansion The temperature is 13 ~ 18 ℃. Carrots have high requirements for light, especially during the period of fleshy root hypertrophy, they must ensure that they have sufficient light, otherwise, it will reduce yield and affect quality. During planting, the soil must be kept moist, especially during the germination period, when the soil is too dry, if the soil is too dry, the fleshy roots will be small, rough, irregular in shape, and rough in texture. Carrots are suitable for growing in loam or sandy loam with deep, fertile, and well-drained soil. In order to allow sufficient growth space at the root, the cultivation container should be at least 40 cm wide and at least 40 ~ 50 cm high.

Although carrots come from Europe, from the perspective of the snowfield environment, it is not only without growing conditions, it is not even possible to germinate. Then there are only two possibilities for carrots to appear here: 

1. Foreign imports.

2. In the past.

The snowy environment is closed, and the carrots in the hands of the snowfear don't seem to be eaten. Judging from his level of cultural education, it is very likely that this is a cultural relic dug by the snowfield hunter from the ruins of the steam capital-the the snowfield hunter who did not know exactly what it was used for, and finally, decided to use this antique to tease pig?

Why would you do that?

Then, what are the unique characteristics of the residents of the snow country? What is the purpose of the snow country established by the evil eye?

Murro, a resident of snow country, has a very unique constitution: even if he stays beside the Vile flower (which may also witness her apoptosis), there is no trace of erosion on his body. But when he encountered the Vile flower, he immediately fell under her skirt and even changed himself for the other party.

In fact, the nature of the Vile flower resembles Madame Butterfly in abyss 1. However, it is obvious that the three Vile flowers must converge a lot in nature: simply sum up, the residents of the snow country have a very high physical resistance to the abyss creation, but they are very, very easily spiritually captured by the abyss and Allegiance to them.

To put it plainly, it established a kingdom that it manipulated secretly and was absolutely loyal to itself. The part where the abyss is located may be the holy land of the snow country, and relying on the snow country, they can unscrupulously extend more touches to the human world.

In addition, if you look back at the trickster, you will find that he is the only human in the group of four who has not suffered physical erosion due to the length of time (even with ease)

There is also a conspiracy theory here-that the Abyssal Weapon of FEAR was originally not prepared for investigators, but for residents of the snow country. Once this technology is mature, the snow country residents who have physical resistance to the abyss and no spiritual resistance will become the best pawn in the abyss. The investigators of FEAR are the experiment sacrificed for this step…

Then what is the pendant on him

In the three abysses, there are two light effects and similar things

First, the decoration on the Vile flower music box

Secondly, the decoration of netherwalker's Rocket

Although there is no way to tell which category it should belong to, it is probably not a good thing…

In addition, the eyes of a desperate person are actually very different from other skins.

His pupil is Cross Fleury

This is a cross decorated with irises (lilies) at the end. The three-petal shape at the cross represents the Trinity. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (the Holy Spirit in Catholicism, the Holy Spirit in Orthodox and Protestant religions) are common in the Anglo-French Centennial Wars and have an extremely strong religious meaning (by the way, you can see detail here ——The hair of the desperate person is not pure highlighting, but gradually changing to white)

And his box, structurally very similar to the Vile flower, maybe the same source technology

In the display action, he also showed that according to different cases, he could receive letters from FEAR. The desperate people may use this method to connect with various forces across the region (FEAR, snow kingdom, and outsiders) to ensure the smooth implementation of tasks and plans.

(????д?? ?)

Part V: Facing critical moments, Facing life and death choices, the puppeteer is rescued, FEAR and humanity have an uncertain future 

In the previous section, we learned about snow kingdom, FEAR, and the past of all this. If we re-read the story of the stranger, we may understand what this is all about:

The Vile flower is a new way of erosion that uses art as the medium, requiring the human body or model to be the medium. Once this type of erosion becomes popular, it can arouse enthusiasm through the naked eye, allowing many groups of people to become captives of other worlds in spirit. But she needs Pickman to portray herself, and she needs channels for artistic creation to be displayed.

Therefore, the most important thing in the whole story is the Vile flower-that is, the right model.

After the Vile flower withered or withered, Pickman actually imitated the host of the evil eye and fed the "core" of the Vile flower in his own body.

He himself has been eroded and deformed, and it is not a way to prolong it. And at this stage, Pickman's artistic talent (accurately re-engraved talent) is indispensable to the abyss.

This may be why the desperate people will come out in person, eager to take the Puppeteer who knows nothing about it as a new model and send them to the outsider-because for those who worship the outsider, they really let Great opportunity for the abyss to spread all over the world.

Of course, everything will not be as easy as they wish.

In the whole story of Abyss Three, we have another character who has not been described in detail that is the whiplash.

The truth is that the name of whiplash is indeed strange, but it is also very in line with the cowboy's skin this time: the Whiplash is responsible for teaching the Puppeteer how to deal with the abyss, if faced with fear, and how to defeat these roles with courage that sounds illusory. He may not know the truth until the end, but combined with the description of the bladeless hilt, he resolutely chose to sacrifice her life for a little girl who may not know for a long time and teach her the most important lesson.

One of the most important qualities of those who dare to resist the abyss is fearless sacrifice.

The series of Abyss 3 is very dark, even darker to Abyss 2 has also been dark. But although the story is Dark, we should not ignore some beautiful and warm details.

Take the group of four, although it is unclear about the attitude of the trickster (as far as he is responsible for sending the message to the Puppeteer, the superficial relationship should be good), the whiplash, and surveyor should still be the newcomer to the puppeteer. Take care of it.

This can be clearly seen in the official poster: when entering the gallery to investigate, the whiplash guarded the puppeteer with her hands, so that she should not rush forward; the surveyor's owl looked at the puppeteer's direction, watching her every move.

There is no idea of shipping these two here. From the standpoint of the investigators and companions of the Bureau of Investigation, it is actually very touching: in terms of patches, the living environment of the Bureau of Investigation should be very cruel. Each investigator may be eliminated in an instant. Under this premise, the cost of training a new person is too high. Over time, the veteran who is used to life and death may not care about these things.

But Surveyor and whiplash are still willing to impart knowledge and experience to him in a crisis that they may not be able to protect. In fact, for humans, personal life and death are not the most terrible, spiritual, cultural and intellectual The dysfunction is the devastating blow (just like the Indians in those years)

Although the investigators may die from life to death, they still endeavor to live for the justice they insist on with the hope for tomorrow.

In addition to getting along with peers, there is another very interesting and heartbreaking point:

Both Surveyor and Whiplash should be veteran investigators, with traces of erosion on their abyss weapons. However, in the face of the abyss creation that may cause erosion to themselves, both attitudes are like treating their friends.

Eli does not yet know whether the owl is an abyssal creature or a substitute for the eroded original creature (it may also be that the original creature has been added with an abyssal creature to become what it is now). The owl will growl while Eli is debugging the sight glass on his head, and he will break down halfway to the point where he needs to be repaired.

The whip in Kevin's hand should be an undoubted abyssal creation (of course it is not clear whether it was made by an abyss creature transformed by the original investigator), and his chance of being under the mask is also a sign of erosion by the abyss.

But in the show movements, there has been a situation where he is very patient and very gentle to coax the whip and guide it what to do next (I have some doubts about the whiplash's teaching) and the whip is also very humane and will actively nest in He was coquettish in his hand, fell down from the ground and was smashed, and he would be stunned in one direction, but he couldn't get back to God; he circulated in front of the Whiplash like a show, showing how good he was; When Kevin pretends to be handsome, he pulls something off the screen and does not let go. Waiting for Kevin to pull it before releasing it…

It’s so cute, I didn’t know how to talk anymore…

Treating his own weapon is so patient, aside from the original skin Kevin, at least the Whiplash should also be a patient, experienced, and very friendly veteran investigator.

In fact, there is a detail here-

Surveyor was probably wearing the strange device because he lost his eyes, but the two eyes of the Whiplash should be normal, but he put on a Zorro-like mask

On the one hand, this is because the character he salutes is indeed Zorro; on the other hand, according to Kevin's character, we may interpret it like this: in order to prevent the traces of erosion on his face to scare the newcomer Tracy, he chose especially A handsome mask that can cover scars.

In addition, the denim skin is indeed a tribute to Zorro in all aspects

After wearing the bladeless Hilt, the special effect of the pendant is to draw a fiery red "z" (one of the symbols in Zorro's movie) when the whip

The shape of the broken sword also refers to the saber in the 1975 version of Zorro. If the plot of the Whiplash itself refers to this version of Zorro…

As the governor and the vigilante, Diego and the brutal Colonel Huerta fought wisely and finally, at the wedding of Huerta Qiang to marry Orton Thea, the villain's life was finally saved, in addition to the local people. Zorro said goodbye to the good girl Odensia and said goodbye to New Aragon. Zorro, a justice-seeking and freedom-seeking man, stepped on the maroon horse to do the chivalrous…

Then he may say goodbye to Tracy in some way after driving his justice.

In addition, one of Zorro's symbols is the sword at his waist-his superb swordsmanship is a symbol of himself. In both China and the West, the breakage of the character's portable weapon is in a sense a symbol of the character's departure.

So the ending of Abyss III’s story is probably like this:

The whiplash and the puppeteer sneaked into the gallery and faced the stranger who attacked the two under the urging of the "vile flower" in the body. During the wrestling process, due to the traps laid down by the desperate people early, the Puppeteer broke the remote control in his hand and was entangled by the limbs, which will soon become the new "vile flower" and the new model of Pickman.

Both handover and replacement at critical moments take time, and the outsider has no time to take care of both sides at the same time, so he gave the Whiplash a choice: he can leave the gallery now, pretending that this has not happened, and bear the loss of students and juniors The painful price, leaving like an experienced investigator;

He can also choose to continue to challenge and save the transformation that is almost impossible to stop.

Obviously, the whiplash chose his own path

He chose to stand up and resist, it is very likely that the whip will also break and die together in the process…but after all, it is a veteran, and the whiplash has discovered the secret that Pickman.

The erosion caused by the Vile flower can be transferred. Although the influence cannot be completely eliminated, in terms of the total amount, as long as he has suffered all the erosion for the puppet teacher, then the plan of the outsider to transform her into a model has completely failed. And he may become the existence of the abyss eroded like a stranger, and may even lose his consciousness.

But if it really saves the life in front of him and prevents things from getting worse, then everything is worth it.

As a result, the Puppeteer survived and left the gallery. Pickman failed to get the model he wanted. The abyss' plan to use art to erode people's hearts was temporarily stopped by the investigator at a painful price-in exchange for it, a respectable veteran investigator left forever.

On the side of the desperate people, although this trip failed to achieve the original purpose, it still achieved something: First, it was found that the operator discovered that Snow country was the source of the abyssal weapon. Cooperating with his misinformation and sacrifice of teaching Whiplash, the other party may undertake most of the responsibilities and be investigated and even eliminated. The second is to sacrifice Kevin, who has an in-depth understanding of the abyss, and even influences the abyss weapon by his own (his Whip), to make it a humane veteran investigator;

Facing the future of the Puppeteer is still very dark and difficult, she may still not know the truth; she may also know the truth, but she doesn't know how to be good; it is more likely that at this time she has been eroded by the Vile flower, and assimilation is the end, One day's fate.

All in all, there are still suffocating open fights in the FEAR, and the dormant abyss in the distant snow country has not been seriously shot-these things are like a game to them, but only In this way, humans are panicked.

But in other words: as the spirit and courage represented by the Whiplash, as the Steam teenager and the evil eye host’s unyielding struggle, as the responsibility and responsibility of the first-generation adventure group, the investigators of the first-generation FEAR put their lives together. The abyss is terrifying, but as long as the human spirit is not cut off, the real despair is far from coming.

The small fire in the darkness, even so, is still bright and warm.

What will happen to mankind in the abyss world, everything may have to wait for the abyss to be revealed.

Thank you for reading until here, see you in the next analysis. 

-by berry (?)`ω′(ヾ)  

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