Coastal Pitch

Coastal Campaign

For several generations, Keoland was a formidable military power. Its superior cavalry and bold knights pushed the kingdom's borders outward to the north, west, and east. Each successful campaign increased both the crown's wealth and power, and each one in turn drew the kingdom's attention even farther north. 

In time, Keoland's victories in the north gave way to a string of defeats in which its neighbors pushed the kingdom back to its original boundaries.

You were members of the King’s Forwarders Company; a special division that specialized in operating behind enemy lines, in the wilderness, or on covert missions.  With the war over you’ve struck out with a few other members of the Forwarders.

Your former commander suggests you check out the town of Saltmarsh.  

Saltmarsh is a small fishing town tucked away on the southern coast of the Kingdom of Keoland. The southern coastal regions of Keoland remained a backwater during the wars to the north. The crown's benign neglect allowed piracy and banditry to flourish. Saltmarsh and similar towns kept to fishing, content to maintain a low profile and avoid governmental entanglements. Decades ago, the pirates who prowled the waters off Saltmarsh grew strong enough to create their own realm, a loose confederacy known as the Hold of the Sea Princes. 

Remote though it might be from the center of power in Keoland, Saltmarsh is growing rapidly. The crown's agents want to expand the village's port and make it a prime location for trade with the world beyond. In another recent development, a band of dwarves bearing a decree from the king himself- have arrived and begun to excavate the hills and seaside cliffs near town, looking for precious metals. If their work bears fruit as expected, the mine stands to become a major factor in the village's-and. indeed, the entire region's prosperity. 

Campaign Details

This is the official D&D campaign Ghosts of Saltmarsh reworked to fit on the Oregon coast.

Ghosts of Saltmarsh was well reviewed when it came out.  It has a strong central arc that takes place in a variety of coastal environments, and enough side quests and options to allow for good individual character progression.  Game play often presents opportunities for both social and combat solutions to encounters.

Medium fantasy setting

Low level magic items and charms are commonly available.  Inhabitants of the region are primarily human, dwarves, elves, and halflings; but other races are generally well tolerated.

Only sardine based snacks allowed during game nights.

Just kidding.  Herring and cod snacks are also allowed.

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