Bilbron Bloodhorn

Parameters: Evil characters taking on North Pole (anticipate Santa BBEG with elves, reindeer, snowmen)

        5th level, 1st level equipment, +1 armor or weapon, 1x Potion of Healing

         Wanted to make my first martial using Tasha’s subclasses

         Wanted to stay away from standard Fighter tactics like PAM or GWM


Name: Bilbron Bloodhorn

Class: Fighter (Rune Knight) 5

Note: Must leverage Giant’s Might (Large size, advantage on Str/Con checks)

Therefore must somehow optimize for Shoving/Grappling


Race:Amonkhet Minotaur

+2 Str; +1 Con

Natural Weapon: Horns d6+4 Piercing

Relentless Endurance (drop to 1 instead of 0 1x/day)

Savage Attacks (extra damage die on criticals)

Intimidation Proficiency

Note: Natural weapons eliminate need for Unarmed Fighting Style and opens up Blindfighting

           Savage Attacks is leveraged by Shove/Grapple to often attack at advantage

Other Minotaur types add bonus action 10’ Push and Dash Attack if preferred to RE/SA

Good option if synergy with allies AOE options

STR: 18Saves:Str +4 (+2 w/active Frost Rune)

DEX: 14 Dex +1 

CON: 16Con +3 (+2 w/active Frost Rune)

INT: 8Int -1 

WIS: 8 Wis -1

CHA: 10Cha +0

Skills: Perception (+3), Athletics (+7), Deception (+3 at adv), Intimidation (+3 at adv), Animal

Handling (+3 at adv), Smith’s Tools

           Deception, Intimidation, Animal Handling, and Sleight of Hand at advantage

Feats: Tavern Brawler (+1 Str, bonus action Grapple after hitting with unarmed strike on my turn)

Note:Unlike Shove attack, you want to Grapple at the end so works w/ “bonus action after action” rule

AC: 21 (Full Plate +1, Shield)

HP: 49 (2nd Wind - bonus action d10+4 heal)

Initiative: +2

Special Abilities: Action Surge; Second Wind; Extra Attack

  Fighting Style: Blindfighting (offense/defense if obscured)

Synergy with ally who creates Heavy Obscurement

  Giant’s Might 3x/day (L size, Adv to Str/Con checks, +d6 damage to attack)

  Rune Magic (Cloud, Frost)

Attack Rolls: +7 with Horns, Shove/Grapple Attack; +5 with Longbow

+2 on Shove/Grapple with active Frost Rune

Advantage on Shove/Grapple with active Giant’s Might

60% hit rate vs. AC 16; 84% at advantage

75% hit rate vs. AC 13; 94% at advantage

Melee Damage: 18.5 total if both hit (3d6+8) 

Horns x2: d6 +4 

+d6 1x/turn for Giant’s Might

Extra d6 on critical

Note:PAM would do 29 if all 3 hit; but worse defense and doesn’t fully leverage Giant’s Might 

Ranged Damage: 16.5 total if both hit (2d8 +d6 +4)

Longbow x2: d8+2

+d6 1x/turn for Giant’s Might

Runes (2 known, 2 uses, DC 13):

Cloud Rune:  Advantage on Deception and Sleight of Hand checks

               Reaction to divert any attack roll within 30’ to a different target

Frost Rune: Advantage to Intimidation and Animal Handling checks

Action for 10 minutes of +2 to Str/Con checks and saves

Final Character Build Assessment

Notes: Put magic item into armor to gain Plate (otherwise unaffordable)

Build is intended to work with allies who also benefit from Prone/Grappled enemy

Defensive oriented so invested in good AC and condition imposition; did not sell out for damage

Interactions: Good Intimidation and Deception with Runes

Terms of Engagement: decent (+2 initiative; Blindfighting)

Maneuverability: poor

Resource Management: Primary Offense/Defense always on or many uses; 2 Runes; HP

Efficiency: Strong bonus action economy with bonus action Grapple

Melee Offense: Shove at advantage; unarmed Horns; bonus action Grapple to set up self and colleagues;

Blindfighting if obscured

Ranged Offense: Longbow

Defense: High AC, Shove/Grapple, Cloud Rune to divert criticals, Relentless Endurance, Blindfighting 

Weaknesses: Maneuverability, Wisdom Saves, can’t Fly

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