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School of Devotion (Wizard Subclass)

Those who practice the ways of their gods and who carry out their divine intentions usually become clerics, but not you. Your god claims arcane magic as their domain, and as such urge their followers to practice and divulge in the ways of devoted study of wizardry, with blends of religious traditions.

This path of wizardry is extremely uncommon to say the least. Students of this school would typically have angels, celestial-like creatures, or even experienced wizards from this school as their mentors and/or teachers.

Celestial Student

When you pick this tradition at 2nd level, you have access to the cleric spell list and can choose a spell from that list instead of a wizard spell. If you choose a spell from the clerics spell list that you share with your wizard spell list, it takes half the time and gold into your spellbook is halved.

When you copy a cleric spell into your spellbook, it is counted as a wizard spell and you cast it as such. However, wizards of other schools won’t be able to copy the spell into their spellbook.

Additionally, you gain access to one cantrip of your choice from the cleric cantrip list. This choice doesn’t count against your total cantrips known. When you reach 4th level and 10th level, you can choose to take a cleric cantrip instead of a wizard cantrip.

Channel Arcana

Beginning at 2nd level, you gain the ability to weave remaining divine energy to heal yourself or your allies. Whenever you cast a spell from the cleric spell list, as a bonus action you can cause a creature you see within range to heal hit points equal to your wizard level + your intelligence modifier.

Devoted Spellcaster

Starting at 6th level, spells and cantrips that do radiant or fire damage deal a +2 extra damage. This increases by +1 at 12th and 18th level.

Divine Commuter

Starting at 10th level, you become more adept to channeling godly energy throughout your body. You have resistance to radiant and necrotic damage if you didn’t already. 

As a bonus action, you can speak a prayer and channel divine energy through yourself and gain flying speed of 20 feet, and while you are not moving you hover in place. This lasts for the duration until you’re incapacitated, unconscious, or die. You can dismiss this effect early on your bonus action. If you do this while in the air, you slowly and gently fall to the ground.

While you do not grow wings, your eyes glow with white, divine energy.

Radiant Spellcaster

Starting at 14th level, after you cast a spell, you can expend an additional spell slot to call on the power of your deity. When you do this, you heal half your hit point maximum and the next spell you cast has a +5 to the attack roll or its saving throw DC, as appropriate.

You regain this feature after you finish a long rest.

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