Copy of The Realm of Asleron

Realm of Asleron 

Material Plain  

Loose Pantheon 

Government: Monarch 

3 Kingdoms: Ataraxia (Kings District), Sankori (The Lost Kingdom), Araceli (The City in the Sky) 

The Realm of Asleron is a realm owned by the Royal Family of Godfrey. Residing in Ataraxia commonly named The Kings District. Ataraxia is the northern Center of all the Kingdoms, with high mountains encasing the Kings tower from behind as it drops down to a level valley for common houses. The king's district is dense and heavily populated. All walks of life interact here in Ataraxia; From Peasants to Nobles, merchants to travelers, and even the King Himself. This dense population as well as the constant in and out motion of merchants and travelers, has the kingdom in a constant flow of information and wealth. 

Merchants can be found on every street corner, taverns as big as ballrooms and as small as restrooms. Entertainment abound, from street jugglers and fire swallowers, to King approved traveling Circuses and Ballards. In short Ataraxia is massive in scale and density, with the elegance and beauty that is to be expected of the King of the Realm. This is not to say that Ataraxia is perfect, there is petty crime as well as organized crime at all levels of life. However, through the combined effort of the Underground King and The King of the Realms royal guards; serious rebellions and violent crimes have been squashed. The current King is Jonah Godfrey, His Queen Clara Godfrey. While the royal family technically rules over all land, each district/kingdom has their own royal family as they sit on the Mithiral Throne. 

In the North West there is Sankori, which is known to commoners as The Lost Kingdom, seeing as though the easiest and safest path to this kingdom is lost on commoners not born in Sankori. The dense and treacherous wilderness to get to Sankori has left many merchants and travelers lost to never be seen again. However those with the knowledge, seem to pass in and out of Sankori with ease.

While seemingly isolated, Sankori is a bustling kingdom, while not quite the density of Kings District, it still has respectable population numbers. The population of Sankori is a proud and loyal population, seeing themselves as the “salt of the earth” type of people. They are classy, intelligent, yet humble servants of the kingdom and of Asleron. While no one outside of the sitting royal family has “generational wealth '', most Sankori live comfortable lives, whether through living off the land, or through a traveling merchant lifestyle. 

The Standing royal family of Sankori is a Single Queen Eleanor Brighton, her son and boy prince: Shamus Brighton, Heir to the Vine Throne. Good information on the Lost Kingdom is scarce, however the information contained in Sankori is ancient and powerful. This knowledge is the reason Sankori has stood as a beacon in the heart of the land for centuries, and is the oldest kingdom of Asleron.

In the North East, high above the clouds resides the kingdom of Araceli or as commoners call it, The City in the Sky. Araceli truly seems like a fabrication of a place to any commoners. Located atop the clouds, built into a series of the tallest mountains in Asleron and connected by bridges of magic and stone. This is a city of Scholars and Nobility. Access to this city is very limited to any one of no status. Even merchants must have documentation and have acquired the right wares to be allowed access to this beautiful city. Smallest in population among the kingdoms, however the wealthiest in all of Asleron. Cities lit by magical orbs, every business owns giant shops, with mystical and magical wares. Things never seen below the mountain ranges. Top of the line entertainment, only hand selected troops allowed to the city. 

Araceli is also home to the Asleron treasury and is responsible for most of the banks and exchange rates in the realm. Anyone looking or acquiring a loan has done so through delegates and loaners of Araceli. To keep such prestigious status and exclusiveness of the kingdom, their royal guard is known to be the coldest and most powerful of the realm. While Kings districts royal guard have vast superior numbers, Araceli’s guard make up for it in quality. Only top of class troops make it through to become Araceli royal guards. Their rank carries heavy status across all of the realm. This Kingdom is run by the richest man in Asleron Dexter Malrone, a famous Wizard of the highest caliber. While he doesn’t classify himself as a “King'' he is the royally appointed,  to rule the Kingdom and own the Skyward Throne. 

Outside of the three kingdoms is the twilight zone. This zone is not “officially” owned by any kingdom, and small villages and tribes inhabit the different areas.

 In the South east of the twilight zone, leading toward the City in the sky, lies The Vale of Ice. Cold whipping winds, snow storms and blizzards inhabit this bio-dome, it’s inhabitants a brave and hearty folk, barred from the City in the Sky. The eerie silence of this area can quickly overwhelm newcomers, and the icy surroundings can quickly turn travelers around. The inhabitants of this area however have the privilege of the most beautiful view in Asleron at sunset. The magical orbs and extra essence of magic collect into the sky above the Frosted Desert giving the sky a beautiful mixed color pallet of greens, blues, yellows and purples. 

In the South-Middle of the realm lies The Burning Sands, which is, as the name implies: sand, sand, and more sand.  Known for its dry and tasteless heat, this land scorches the realm and murders crops. But still, citizens have found a way to inhabit this town, many traveling merchants know the secrets of how to use this land and have set up “pop-up” open market shops. They appear as quick as they disappear. However be warned traveling this twilight bio dome as freak marauding and bandit raiders travel this land, looking to make a quick score and escape out into the mirage filled hot void. Blending into this back into the south west is the Moist Desert. 

In the South West lies the twilight bio dome of The Howling Jungle. Resting below the lost kingdom and helping to conceal and further confuse those who try to reach it. Mostly swamp, with a mix of rainforest. Once entered into, it's extremely easy to be overwhelmed by the humid air and noise of the abundant nature. Many travelers easily become prey to the wildlife after entering. However this is the most inhabited bio dome of the twilight zone and is known for its many small tribes and villages scattered among the wildlife. 

The three kingdoms have ruled a peaceful regime, as peaceful as any monarch has ever gone, however any denizen of Asleron in any of its kingdoms knows the real reason, and cause, who all in any kingdom know of as The Underground King, aka: The King of Beggars was the real leader of this realm. 

While not many know who or what the King of Beggars is, everyone knows of him. He kept violence and other wise outlandish crimes that would hurt innocent civilians to a minimum through sheer respect of his ungodly fighting prowess, and unnerving ability to collect precise information. They say he was a demon presence with an angel’s grace. 

This does not glorify this man, he was no saint, however he was benevolent in his judgement. His followers, and even harshest Critics, were left astonished how he always toed the morally grey lines with the finesse of a trained acrobatic. He collected a fee to compensate for his work and spread his influence, however he was fair and reasonable with basing taxation based on the hardship of each individual person. 

He owned networks of men and women who relayed information and his will throughout the realm and all three kingdoms. While officially unconfirmed, many believe that the King of Beggars had a long standing agreement to operate with the king himself. He treated all people equal: Noble or Peasants. All became “beggars'' when they had to speak with the underground king. Thus the name “King of Beggars''. 

He truly was the King of All People, and the spine to society. That is, until word spread in the last year, that the King of Beggars has left his throne…or has perished. While there is no official word if he is truly dead or not, what the realm does know is that he is not in the shadowy throne anymore. With his absence, new underground leaders have stepped up looking to claim the dark mantle, beginning turf wars and blood feuds for the right to wear the underground crown… 

As our adventurers set off, they are beginning to feel the impact of the King of Beggars missing ripping across the realm; violent acts and extortion, new drugs appearing, and money sharks becoming commonplace as common people struggle to find their place amongst a turf war they have forcibly been thrown into… 





The Vale of Ice:


The Burning Sands:

The Howling Jungle:

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