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Civilian Injury


Enemy Capes


Collateral Damage

Tier 1

Lasting 1 Month

Capes with total rank of <5

Enemies succeed in minor crime






Tier 2

Lasting 1 year

Capes with total rank of 5-7

Enemies succeed in moderate crime






Tier 3

Lasting for the rest of life

Capes with total rank of 8+

Enemies succeed in major crime


Collapse 2 Map


PHO Files

Seattle Protectorate (team)

From Parahumans Online, the free guide to parahumans

Members [edit]


Blaster 6

Downsize can shrink objects around her and then accelerate them to bullet-like speeds

Downsize has been part of the Seattle Protectorate since the beginning, being one of the first Seattle Wards and is now the leader of the team. She is committed to superheroics that prioritize civilians and bystanders and acts to protect private property and life above all. She is known to carry a host of miniaturized objects on her person including gifts for anyone who can catch her on patrols. 


Striker 5, Brute 1

Buck has the ability to manifest ghosts and infuse them into objects and people making them intangible and harmless

Named for the famous Capitol Hill ghost horse, Buck is the imposing but protective strongman of the Seattle Protectorate who doesn’t shy away from putting himself in harm’s way to protect the city and his teammates. His intense heroics have seen him hospitalized several times but he always gets back up and back to the fight. 


Stranger 4

Can reduce the field of vision of other people and causes those affected to become unstable and more vulnerable to damage

After spending time as a solo cape Tunnelvision joined up with the Protectorate and has become one of their strongest and most reliable members in record time. Ironically she has an eye for detail, something criminals rarely have and is known to be able to remember the faces of any criminals she’s seen able to spot them even in large crowds or after long periods of time.

Professor Protean

Tinker 8

Professor Protean has the ability to use specialized Gamma, Delta, and Beta waves to give other people temporary superpowers. 

A recent but important addition to the team, Professor Protean brings old atomic age ideas to life with his complex control of radiation to grant temporary superpowers to select individuals. Not just anyone can handle these effects and an elite team of PRT Officers works closely with him gaining enhanced traits and abilities.

Rude Awakening

Stranger 3

Rude Awakening traps nearby objects, causing anyone who touches them to suffer massive dehydration and cramping. 

A recent graduate from the Wards, don’t be scared by her name Rude Awakening is a sweetheart who enjoys working at local hospitals and with the Seattle Police. She does have a mischievous streak and her teammates know to watch out for her good-natured office pranks. Criminals receive the same treatment but with none of the humor. Be warned, that gun you are reaching for maybe booby-trapped!

Ward Members [edit]


Shaker 2, Mover 4

Flytrap can seed an area with clawlike nodes which entrap those who step on them and which she can teleport through

The oldest Ward and team leader Flytraps is the groups leader. Focused on keeping her team and the people of Seattle safe Flytrap has memorized nearly every PRT and Protectorate handbook. In the field Flytrap can dance around and through her opponents in dramatics displays.   


Brute 6, Blaster 1

Vitae can store damage in his bloodstream and release it later as a stream of blood that deals the damage back to his enemies

One of the Wards darker members Vitae has first hand the harder side of Seattle’s streets and has risen to try and improve things for the better. Vitae doesn’t give in and never takes no for an answer as many villains can attest to.  


Thinker 5

Compound has a large invisible zone which she can sense everything inside of she is able to remotely move and break up this zone into smaller zones 

Compound is easily one of the busiest capes in the city. This young Ward works hard tracking criminals and dangerous hotspots throughout the city. Her team is incredibly supportive of her and her demanding schedule and requirements.


Striker 4

Makes it so objects absorb and perpetuate sounds and noises causing them to ring and vibrate to incredible degrees allowing them to shatter objects 

Twin brother of Tune. Both of these capes are highly interested in the music scene across Seattle and can frequently be found exploring new clubs along Protectorate capes and interviewing up and coming artists. Tune’s favorite artists include Charles Monroe, Windsor, and Undead Bob. 


Shaker 6

Causes objects and people to become highly responsive to sound and light causing even slightly noises and brightness to become painful 

Twin brother of Tune. Both of these capes are highly interested in the music scene across Seattle and can frequently be found exploring new clubs along Protectorate capes and interviewing up and coming artists. Vinyl’s favorite artists include Maybe, Fire Witch, and Rose Frank.

Red Caravan (team)

From Parahumans Online, the free guide to parahumans

Members [edit]


Breaker 5 (Blaster/Shaker 9)

Transforms into a glowing pillar of light and then a hovering sphere that can rain fire down over an area.

Assumed leader and founding member of the Red Caravan. Has been known to appear suddenly in breaker form in populated areas causing evacuation and panic allowing the rest of his team to enter an area unmolested. If an area begins to glow in a mixture of bright and dark reds immediately vacate the area as it may signal UFO is close by. UFO has used his powers frequently on banks, police stations, and public events. 


Unknown Breaker/Changer, Unknown Master/Stranger 4

Appearance modifies perhaps based on who is observing her. Leaves after image trail that can trap those who touch it.

Vinegarpot is a recent addition to the Red Caravan but has quickly become a staple being seen all over Seattle and becoming one of the most prominent and aggressive members of the group. Vinegarpot has a rivalry of sorts with many capes in Seattle who seems to go after her during any engagement they are in. Known rivals include Stop Light (CTC), Significant Other (The Tide), and Tunnel Vision (Protectorate). 


Shaker 2, Stranger 2

Causes hair to grow on surfaces and attack those nearby.

One of the founding members of Red Caravan, Parasitosis has been an annoyance to Seattle as the hair created by his power can cause massive traffic blockages, evacuations and deny important assets. Not much is known about about them as they often aren’t seen during fights, instead of holding back and using their power from afar


Breaker 6 (Stranger/Striker 3)

Becomes a very small flying speck which slowly increases in speed.

Described by many eyewitnesses as a “barely visible blur” Buzzer if often one of the first members of the Red Caravan present after Romero or UFO reveal themselves.  Recently Buzzer has been working closely with Vinegarpot.


Brute 4

Creates super dense glowing material under skin

Appeared with Red Caravan shortly after their initial debut. Known to be a fairly powerful cape able to hold her own against most capes and on two occasions has bested a squad of PRT Squad Members.


Breaker/Master 4

Causes those within a variable range to fall unconscious. Those knocked unconscious may awaken as minions.

Romero’s a very visible cape whose breaker form is hard to miss. However, her ability to cause near-instant unconsciousness can pose a serious hazard to people's health, and she is implicated in a dozen counts of reckless endangerment and several counts of manslaughter. People are advised to shut down any heavy machine and sit down if they see others around them fall unconscious and do not have a clear direction to flee.  


Blaster 5

Fires blasts of light and sound.

An unknown new member of the Red Caravan. Believed to have become a cape recently, renamed from another cape, or appeared in Seattle after an Endbringer attack.  

Dead Ringer

Striker 3

Creates dozens holograms of any object they are touching a short distance around their body

An unknown new member of the Red Caravan. Believed to have become a cape recently, renamed from another cape, or appeared in Seattle after an Endbringer attack.  

The Elite: Seattle (team)

From Parahumans Online, the free guide to parahumans

Members [edit]

Greater Than 

Trump 6 (Striker 2)

Deals powerful punches influenced by the capes around him.

Front man of the Seattle Elite team, greater than rarely appears publicly and scant information is known about him. He is known to be particularly aggressive with a penchant for forcing teams out of Seattle under penalty of further attacks.


Blaster 8

Creates pillars of stone which are fired at incredible speeds.

A rarely seen cape, Basalt typically only appears when the Elite bring their full might to a conflict. Her power is able to level many buildings in a matter of minutes and can cause massive amounts of collateral damage. 

Heartless Diamond

Striker 4

Creatures lines and solid shapes of nigh impenetrable force fields out of her hands.

Formerly leader of Delta Theta Pi and elite brute squad as well as participant and major backer of The Blacklist. Heartless Diamond seems to have joined the Seattle Elite Branch as a second in command.


Tinker 7

Tinker with a focus on large scale devices that create water and manipulate existing sources of water, especially inside people's bodies.

Charybdis works by manipulating liquids and nanotechnology. This can range from creating entire downpours out of stolen biological liquid as well as discreetly poisoning water supplies. People who drink unfiltered tap water or pure bottled water should keep track of their health if they believe they have been poisoned.


Stranger 5, Brute 2

The bodies of people who move near him begin filling with poisonous fluids and slowly shutting down.

Often the herald of the Seattle Elite, Runoff’s powers allow him to waltz into enemy headquarters attacking politicians, businessmen and even capes while their teammates struggle to stay alive. 

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