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Table of Corp Quest Documents

Long-term plans

Let's make sure our big ideas don't get lost in the day to day crises!

  • Drone pilots / support member for each cape (whiteduke)

  • Personalized equipment for each cape

    • Thrak: Dragon net gun

    • Shadowdoubt: binoculars or other vision enhancing equipment

  • Benson's strength is multiple campaigns. The other PRs persons weakness is smear campaigns. Can we come up with a bunch of positive spin campaigns for Benson to overwhelm the competition with?(Allien Shar)

    • Isn’t this her job? (suddenlyAstral)

  • Hire a programmer

Session 17

Just posted a comment on reddit, here.  Basically, Two Teams- Epicenter and Darkling to attack, Thrakena and Shadowdoubt to hide and either snipe and capture someone from RC, or follow them back.  Priority would be to remain on good terms with Convalescence, they helped us out before. Also, long term, we need to hire someone who can do the drones if we’re not available. Not sure which option to vote for on that count, but I think it’s more important we go to our meetings? (also, no point in seeing how popular we are this second since between the missions and price club it’s likely to change) – beetnemesis

The White Duke:

Yeah, hiring drone pilots sounds like a plan. In my mind, an ideal eventual setup might involve an individual support person for each team member, providing them in-ear support and piloting a drone to get their good side for publicity shots and watch their backs. Someone who can scrub back the footage live to catch the detail that the cape noticed but didn’t have the chance to study, or who can feed them the data on their opponent in the middle of a fight. Permanent one-to-one relationships, so they can develop rapport, know when to jump in with a comment and when to shut up, etc.
For now though, just one or two people to pilot the drones well (and eventually teach others how to) would be good. My immediate thoughts are someone who’s studied cinematography, someone who’s a professional drone pilot (they do races and stuff), or a popular gaming streamer (who’ll have the dexterity, some level of entertainment industry savvy, and maybe their own fanbase).

Right now, I think we should let Jordan participate, even if it means skipping out on meetings. The PR guys can handle pushing the meeting back to another day, and if the whole team’s out it’s not like there’s much use in Jordan attending a mission planning meeting or a touchpoint with Darkling on his own.

Session 15

Discussion – things we could ask the Elite for:

  • Nothing. Safest option, keeps us totally above-board, lets us comfortably act against them in the future.

  • Cash. We’re a startup, and they have money. This could get us off the ground – we could probably do net good, overall, if we take the deal. We weren’t planning to focus on the Elite in the first place. Sure, we’d be building our organisation on a foundation of corruption, but what successful venture isn’t?

  • Intel. (About our enemies powers, their movements, whatever) Like Cash, but subtler to make use of. Potentially, we could get info from him and immediately renege on the deal – juice them for what they’re worth and bail. No paper trail.

  • Security. Use them as a safety net – favours we can cash in, in case one of our capes gets badly hurt, or we need a story smothered (and it’s bigger than our own PR team can handle), or we need competition removed, or some unforeseeable disaster strikes. If everything goes to plan, we’ll never take anything from them. By the time we’re willing to take their help, it’s because we desperately need it.

Session 14

Discussion – which therapist?

The PRT cycle therapists to ensure one isn't exerting too much control. I think we should do the same – cycle between these two therapists. It may reduce their effectiveness but it would protect our capes. -Allien Shar

  • Counterpoint: the PRT has a couple of advantages here – they have more budget to pay them with, and they have enough capes (and therapists) that when they cycle all therapists have capes to attend to and capes don't meet the same therapist again reasonably often. For us, cycling would be much less effective.

More so, the PRT requires a lot of oversight and regulation because it's a government body, but we aren't so there's no need to hold up to their standards. We have Shadowdoubt, one therapist is fine. -suddenlyAstral

(Also my phone's swiftkey got Shadowdoubt correctly which is kinda funny)

  • You make a good point, but I’m reluctant to rely too much on Shadowdoubt. Even she doesn’t fully understand what she sees. Shadowdoubt may know that someone is evil and intends to murder someone, but would they pick up a more subtle manipulation?  – Allien Shar

Discussion: Ambush Tactics and Equipment?

Dragon-mounted net gun, ideally with some sort of functionality that could be used to tow and/or set a trap, would be great.

  • Those are two different things right? Not a trap going from ground level to dragon height.

  • A net gun sounds excellent. The dragon is fast and turns quickly. This is also something that won't add much work to the capes since with our video games hand-eye coordination and drones we could do it ourselves. In the same vain, I wonder if Thrakena would use a bola well. It's not necessarily an easy weapon to use, but she's strong and it would work well with the speed of the dragon. -suddenlyAstral

    • Net gun and / or bola… I like it! – Allien Shar

Discussion: Strategy for meeting McIntyre?

Could/should we wear a wire, and/or openly record everything?

Should we have an emergency escape plan, if things turn nasty? Not expecting them to, but always a possibility. A dragon probably calls too much attention, but maybe just keep Darkling on standby nearby?

Are we game to try to get info/resources from these guys and backstab them, or would we prefer to take the high road and avoid any real contact with the Elite?

  • I figure backstabbing the Elite would bring a world of hurt. They have versatile resources and wouldn't like to allow a bad precedent. -suddenlyAstral

    • I concur. Let’s give them the time of day, string them along for just this meeting, play nice. My aim is only to get some clues from Shadowdoubt. Perhaps an opportunity will arise from our conversation to establish a sort of detente with the Elite while we focus on Red Caravan. We might gain some clues from our conversation with them about what companies are associated with them or what the deal is with the PRT. Info-gathering and non-aggression is the priority. – Allien Shar

Red Caravan Targets

TheWhiteDuke’s notes – please feel free to add to them!


  • Leader – taking him out would cripple the organisation

  • Very powerful

  • Breaker form makes for a difficult capture

  • Will usually be surrounded by allies


  • Heavy Hitter – taking her out would cripple the organisation

  • Very powerful

  • Shaker/Master Power makes for a difficult capture

  • Will get civilians involved via her power

  • Will usually be surrounded by allies


  • Some of our capes have personal grudges – taking her out would probably boost morale

  • Still don’t fully understand power details


  • Breaker Power makes for difficult capture


  • Reputation for taking on whole squads


  • Primarily support power – might make them easier to target if isolated

  • Force multiplier – taking them out makes an impact on Red Caravan’s lineup

  • His hair causes traffic blockages (re:files). Even if it's less relevant post EB attack, it probably made him greatly disliked among regular folks


  • Recent recruit – sends the message that Red Caravan can’t protect other recruits either

  • Force multiplier – taking them out might make an impact on Red Caravan’s lineup

  • Power details unknown


  • Less-attached to the group – more likely to isolate

  • Recent recruit – sends the message that Red Caravan can’t protect other recruits either

  • Low-priority threat – taking him out doesn’t slow Red Caravan down much, if at all

I think our best bets are Parasitosis, if we’re going for someone vital, Truck, if we’re looking for an easier mark to start with, or Corrosion, if we’re willing to roll the dice on something in the middle.

Organization of Information

Legendkeeper – proposal by Allien Shar

Prim’s done great updating all the files but Google Docs doesn’t suit my needs. This is quickly getting complicated and things are going to get away from us. I’d like to propose Legendkeeper. 

  • Powerful, clean, pretty, modern

  • Easy to use, simple. The developer’s goal is for you to be able to pick this program up in a few minutes. 

  • Auto-linking. Drop in the latest chapter and automatically link all articles to every word in the chapter. Bellevue… is that important? Oh, I see it’s a link to an article. Let’s check it out.

  • See a preview of an article in a current article. Who is Britt again? Ah yes, I just mouse over the name and get the gist of who she is. 

  • Based around “maps”, but that can be used very creatively. So I have a calendar as the main “map” so as soon you open it up, you’ll see the PC event is sneaking up on us awful fast. I’d like to add a map of Seattle to help me understand better the layout of the city and where all the groups are positioned. 

  • Relatively new so some features still WIP, specifically there is no mobile support yet.

  • Yet another window/app – currently we’ve got Reddit, google docs, and Google Survey on the go. 

  • You’ve got to be invited. I only have so many invites, but it’s not difficult to obtain more.

  • No “comment” feature. So if, say, a reader wanted to note that Thrakena is vulnerable to being wooed away from us by the Elite because she’s a mercenary and they can offer more money than we can, then that reader would have to add that into her article. We’d have to work out a format for that that we all agree to so it’s clear what the “facts” of the article are and then have a separate section at the end of the article where people can add thoughts, notes, or opinions about the article.  

  • Limited formatting ability. Not really any options when it comes to changing font size or type. You can italicize, bold, strikethrough, etc. but you don’t have the option of Times New Roman versus Comic Sans, for example. It sometimes recognizes formatting from other programs if you copy and paste something over. 

<joke>(re: session 1 example) "hmm, I wonder why Thrakena and Belfry have links but Dreamcoat doesn't" </joke> -suddenlyAstral

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