Crafting +3 Attack Speed Bow

Crafting +3 Attack Speed Bow

Use a Shrieking essence of dread on an Ilvl 50+ Short/Thicket bow until you hit t2+ attack speed suffix.

Next you will want to craft the suffix metamod “cannot roll attack modifiers” it can be found in the Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack's Den unique map and costs 1 exalt to craft.

Make sure your suffixes are full and have a free prefix, while also not having any fire damage to attacks at this step of the process, since you don’t want to proceed to the next step without those conditions.

Finally you augment with harvest, leo slam or simply exalt slam the bow to guarantee the +1 level of socketed gems prefix.

The last step is: if you have a free prefix, craft +% fire damage as extra chaos damage as a prefix, if your suffixes are full finish the bow with fire damage over time multi instead.

Method 2

This method requires a ilvl 64+ short/thicket bow
Keep in mind that with this method you will have less attack speed on your bow and will need to make up for that elsewhere most likely ending up more expensive and taxing on your gear.

With the corroded + Jagged + Metallic fossil combination it is a 1 in 4 chance to hit +3 prefixes on a ilvl 64+ bow.

You can then finish the bow by crafting attack speed.

This is a more budget but way less effective way to craft the bow as you’ll be stuck with a 3 mod bow instead of 4 and you’ll need to get a bow above ilvl 50 which means porcupine cards won’t do.

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