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Crescent? is the product of Prancing Pug Games LLC

What is Crescent?

Crescent is a Tabletop Roleplaying Game set in an endlessly expanding archipelago. Sail off the maps and explore the mysterious magic of each island in a game where your creativity is as boundless as the ocean.

Crescent is a virtually supported TTRPG, and our goal is to provide an experience that is fun and engaging for players whether they play together in person or online. 

The World: 

  • 9 original races (and humans), each with their own lore and connection to the world.

  • A world made up of endless islands, each defined by their own strange and unique magics, with new adventures awaiting over every horizon.

  • An inclusive and flexible setting that empowers GMs and players alike to create their own characters and stories, and imagine within it.

  • A low-fantasy game where magic is uncontrolled and mysterious, while the supernatural can be just another part of daily life.

  • A richly detailed and unique world setting with time as a central theme, where all mortals die at one-hundred years of age due to a blight known as the Century Curse, and day lasts for one-hundred years before night envelops the world for the next century.

The Game:

  • A classless progression system with 14 Attributes and thousands of Techniques to choose from, that ensures that no two characters are alike on or off the battlefield.

  • Detailed systems for non-combat encounters including exploration, investigation, social challenges, and situational skill trials.

  • Modular support for homebrew so that GMs can more easily and freely create within the system and setting.

  • Tools and incentives that promote roleplay, growth, and engagement with the world.

  • Tactical combat that encourages wit, creative thinking, and teamwork.

Table of Contents

Core Gameplay: READ THIS FIRST! The most fundamental and important aspects of Crescent’s systems—Attributes, Rolls, Checks, and Thresholds.

Races: The lore as well as roleplay and mechanical details about each of Crescent’s races, as well as information about the languages each race speaks. 

Techniques: The core of character building: Combat and Utility Techniques, as well as the rules for learning Techniques and their various unique mechanics. 

Combat Rules: How Hit Points, Rounds, Actions, and Reactions work in Combat, as well as all other Combat rules.

Non-Combat Systems: Information about all major systems outside of Combat, such as Trials, Investigations, Group Checks, Sailing, Statuses, etc. 

Character and Roleplay Details: Important systems and tips for fleshing out your character’s backstory and personality, as well as a Level Up guide.

Equipment: A guide to how weapons, armor, and shields work. Also includes general supplies and Resonance Stones and Touched Items, as well as an explanation of item weight and description of the Crescent’s currency: Xenos. 

World Details: Information about the world of the Crescent itself, from islands and regions to cults, magic, and the Touch, to the ocean, its history, and its legends. Also includes information such as wages and miscellaneous costs.

Tables: A spreadsheet with various tables, including a Level Up table, Equipment, and Group Checks.

GM Tools: Information that will help a Game Master make the most of Crescent’s systems. 

Additional Guides & Tools

Creating a Level 1 Character: An easy to follow step-by-step guide to creating your first character!

Conditions (Easy Access): The list of Conditions with a more extensive outline and without all of the other combat rules.

Statuses (Easy Access): The list of Statuses with a more extensive outline and without all of the other system rules.

Premade Characters: 20 unique premade characters with starting weapons, Attributes, and Techniques. (In the future, these characters will have personality traits, dedications, and backstories as well)

One-Shot: Morkerhorn's Treasure: FOR GMs! A premade mini-adventure where a group of adventurers race against another faction to solve a series of riddles left on the island by a famous pirate, and make off with her treasure.

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