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A beginners guide about the character system in..

Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void!

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Getting Started

  • Introduction

  • Basics

  • Characters

    • Level Up

    • Skills Up

    • Inheritance System

  • Main & Support

    • Cross Skills

    • Equipment

      • Upgrading

  • Talent System

    • Talent Shuffle

    • Rank Promotion

    • Fragments

  • Awakening

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These are guides already written by our fellow Void Agents in the community! 

(All credits goes to the respectfully owners)

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First of all, this game is a gacha game.

It often relies on luck to optimize your potential in terms of stats, strategy and flex rights /s

And how you will be spending your resources can change all of that.

(Check the F2P Resource Guide by JDawgs for tips on how to efficiently collect all of the currencies in the game.)

Lastly, all of the information in this guide is already accessible within the game, I have only collected the data, and supplied some notes for beginners.

Hello welcome to the character guide! 

My name is Keystar, this guide will explain about the basics of the features in characters, and how to optimally raise them. 

Hopefully this will help newcomers, and maybe even experienced players.

Without further ado, let's begin!



Every Character has a Quality rank, and Star rank.

Quality ranks from lowest to highest: 

C > B > A > S

Each Rank of every character, can upgrade Stars up to 6★

Which can be achieved, once your characters reach the max level of 60.

Note: Higher quality ranks gets higher stats, and more slots of talents, each rank increases stats by an additional 20%.

The Character Base Stats chart can give you a broad view of how the character's roles are divided into categories of HP, DEF, and ATK.

Picture above presents the Characters Info page.

Tapping any of the blocks, will bring you to the according stats info page. 

Star bar > Star Upgrade

EXP bar > Level Up

Weapon > Impression Weapons

Cross > Cross Skills

Skill > Skill Upgrade

Talent > Talent Shuffle

Hue > Change Hues

Inherit > Dismantle Characters

Capacity > Basically an overall Inventory value of character

Awaken > Awakening Page

Character Leveling

There are 3 ways to level up characters.

  1. Doing any stage with your characters will give a certain amount of EXP.

Later stages in story mode will give more EXP.

Note: Max leveled characters will gain EXP materials for the overflowing amount.

  1. Raising Project: This is a premium feature for limited editions of characters that you have obtained, this provides a lot of materials for upgrading your character.

Note: Without paying for the activation of the project, you will only gain EXP mats, a Profile Picture, and a Background on your Character Info page as a F2P.

  1. Using EXP Materials as shown in the picture below.

Note: EXP materials can be obtained from various places, such as Raising Projects, Decrepit Dream, Breaking Events, and Story Mode.

Skill Leveling

Leveling skills requires Star UP Materials.

Note: The required Star UP Materials to level up skills, and star up characters are listed in Salieri's guide.

Higher star levels unlocks new base stats, and higher max levels of skills.

1★ Max Lv. 1

2★ Max Lv. 5 

3★ Max Lv. 10 + Attack Up

4★ Max Lv. 15 + Defense Up

5★ Max Lv. 20 + Health Up

6★ Max Lv. 25 + Critical Rate Up

The Character Wikipedia has all of the information on the current, and future characters available.

You can view information on their skills, cross skills, and talents!

There is another way to view every character in the game. From the home screen on the left side, there is a vertical menu.

Go to History > Characterpedia

Inheritance System

In this game, having lower quality ranks of characters isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Especially if you like the characters.

Because with the Inheritance System, you can inherit everything invested towards the same character of lower quality rank, into the same character of higher quality rank.

Example: You have leveled up, and star up B rank character, but you have recently obtained the character of S rank. 

By inheriting everything from the B rank into the S rank, all of the stats will be transferred over. 

(Includes; Levels, Star, Talents, and Skill levels.)

You even get fragments, like as if you had dismantled them.

Mains & Supports

There are 2 types of roles for characters in the game.


The Mains are the characters that are displayed on the field, and together with the support they carry the combined team stats of the pair.

The Mains have a moveset of 3 active skills, which has a different cost of skill points per character to perform a move.

2 Base Skill (blue gauge bar)

1 Climax Skill (yellow gauge bar).

Every round, 1 skill point is gained whenever a character can act (incl. opponents actions, skipping action, and when being sealed). 

That means in a single turn, a maximum of 6 SP will be obtainable by the end of the turn.

1 round = 3 allies + 3 opponents = 6 SP

(Spending your SP wisely can turn the tables around on the opponents!)

Note: Some characters got the ability to gain extra skill points, for example such as Tomoka's unique talent, and Mashiro's support skill.

Climax: Total skill points used will convert the amount into the climax gauge bar. This allows your characters to release their ultimate move!


The Supports are characters that supply their stats combined, towards the team stats of a pair.

They have 1 support skill to supplement the main with an alternative ability, which can make teams more flexible for optimizing the usage of skill points/climax points, total stats, and more.

Cross Skills

Mains and Supports who are compatible gain a skill called a Cross Skill.

Cross Skills are a combination ability between the Main and Support, which acts as one new, and unique skill. 

Note: Cross skills benefit from both of the effects by equipment sets or Impression Weapons(IMP), if they meet the set requirements.


These are items that apply unique effects, when a set of 4 pieces are equipped.

They also supply extra stats to the characters (each of the stats in the equipment can be upgraded).

Lv.40 is required to equip S-Rank Equipment. 

Most common equipment sets:

Poser: Skill DMG up for skills that cost equal or less than 3 SP. (0, 1, 2, 3 SP)

Alternative Fashion: Skill DMG up for skills that cost equal or more than 4 SP. (4, 5, 6, and so on.)

For situations where you only use characters for their stats as a "statstick", you can mix 2 pieces from 2 different sets to apply more Final DMG %.

I.e. 2x Alt Fashion + 2x Poser = 6% Final DMG.

Note: Effects of an equipment set does not stack from the Main/Support, when using any of their skills.

Except from the Final DMG effect.

Only the use of Cross Skills stacks both equip effects of Mains & Supports, if the set requirements are met.

Example: Shana and Wilhelmina cross skill costs 4 SP, equipping Alt Fashion on both of them will stack the effect when using their cross skill. 

Upgrading Equipments

Tapping "Research" as shown in the picture, will proceed to the Upgrade Equipment page. This can also be done from the Bag page.

Each piece of equipment has a quality rank, and a max level.

C > Lv. 8

B > Lv. 12

A > Lv. 16

S > Lv. 20

Each piece of equipment gains a random stat everytime it reaches a certain level.

(1 > 4 > 8 > 12 > 16 > 20)

Each of the stats can be stacked at most 2 times.


Each of these stats can be upgraded 5 times in total. 

Note: For glass cannons, the optimal build needs each of the 4 pieces in a set to be:

x2 ATK, x2 Crit Rate, x2 Crit DMG

Priority in DMG:


Overall viability:


Defense is sufficiently enough from the base stats, and from impression weapons. 

Note: The stats from equipment are added individually, and are applied additionally to the base stats of characters. (Meaning talents, will not multiply the stats in the equipments.)

Decomposing equipment returns 50% of value used. 

Note: Upgrading stats require materials, which can be obtained by decomposing equipment. Each decomposed equipment gives 4 Rare Crystals. 

S equipment got the ability to convert a stat of choice at Lv.20, with an item called Craft Essence.

They have a very rare chance to drop, when an equipment is decomposed.

Note: This method is not a reliable source, as the drop chance for Craft Essences is very low. 

The recommended solution is to reroll new equips entirely.

Talent System

Every character has a talent system.

Talents provide additional stats, such as Crit Rate, Crit Dmg, Attack, Defense, and HP.

The Mains also has an unique Exclusive Talent.

It can provide additional buffs to the characters skills, or bring a whole new ability.

Reminder: Support does not have this feature.

Talents have 2 forms of stats. 

A flat number, and a percentage number.

The calculation for talents goes: 

(Base stats + Flat Talent) x Percentage Talent.

Note: Every stat is unique, and cannot stack with itself.

Example: you cannot have x2 Valor in talents.

Talents have a Quality Rank, and a Talent Score, that can be upgraded by Shuffling.

C > 5 – 25

B > 30 – 45

A > 50 – 75

S > 80 – 100 

Note: Fragments are required to start shuffling talents. Where they can be obtained is explained further below.

Talent Shuffle

This feature is based on luck, in order for you to reach the full potential of your characters. 

Each fragment used for a shuffle, gives a chance to upgrade, and change the talent of choice. 

Before Talent Shuffle

After 1 shuffle

Replacing old talent, with a new talent

Result of shuffle, talent score 55>60

Rank Promotion

Every talent shuffle has a chance to promote the quality rank of your character, even when you keep the original talent. 

Example: once you do a shuffle, chances are that the character may promote into a higher quality rank. Even with C rank talents, you could promote from B to A, it's all a random chance.

Note: Talent Shuffled promoted characters from A rank into S rank, cannot receive Awakening Soul from another S rank dupe by the gacha.


There are 2 types of Fragments.

Origin, and Character Fragments.

The Origin Fragments can be used for every character, while the Character Fragments are for specific characters only.

Origin Fragments can be obtained from:

  • Log-in Bonus after 21 days

  • Pinnacle

  • Achievements 

  • Burst Link

  • Various rewards from events

Character Fragments can be obtained from: 

  • Guild donations by the Pray system

  • Guild shop (only certain chars)

  • Specific rotations in Mirage Arena

  • Dismantling characters

  • Gift for You (unlocked at Lv.9 affinity)

  • Void Trial

  • Void Agency missions

  • Various rewards from events

Some Character Fragments are farmable through Story Mode.

Farmable Fragments

Chapter 4 – Emi

Chapter 5 – Ryuji

Chapter 6 – Enju, Rentaro

Chapter 7 – Touma, Shizuo

Chapter 8 – Zero, Miyuki

Chapter 9 – Uiharu, Qwenthur

Chapter 10 – Rusian, Shana, Wilhelmina

Chapter 11 – Selvaria, Llenn, Kuroko

Chapter 12 – Havia, Haruyuki, Kuroyukihime

Chapter 13 – Kouko, Mashiro, Asuna

Chapter 14 – Izaya, Sadao, Accelerator

Not yet released:

Chapter 15 – Tomoka, Kojou, Holo


All characters can be awakened. 

Characters that are awakened will share the Awakening Level across all their ranks.

Example: Mikoto(main) rank C, B, A, and S all share the same Awakening Level. 

Other versions cannot share the Awakening Levels, such as Mikoto(support), Mikoto(swimsuit), and Mikoto(summer) are all different versions. 

Note: they do however share the same character fragment for talent shuffles.

[Soul – Character]

Obtaining S-dupe of a character from the gacha/exchange, will provide an Awakening Soul of that character. 

After getting an awakening from the dupe character, you can just dismantle them for 75 character fragments. 

Reminder: rank promoted S cannot receive Awakening Souls. They must be inherited into the S-dupe, then it will be eligible.

[Soul – Origin]

After having max awakened a character, a single Soul Origin fragment will be obtained instead when obtaining that same character. They can be used by any character, but it costs 5 Soul Origins for 1 awakening. 

Note: Pinnacle gives 5 of these for clearing it. Since they are so rare to obtain, it is advised to save them for when you truly understand what the need for them is for. 


That's about it for the basics. 

I hope this guide was of any help to you, enjoy using your characters to their fullest! 

Good luck testing your limits, and raising their potential even further in the many upcoming future events!

Special Thanks to @Kino The Traveler#1034 for helping out by reviewing the guide!

Visit the official Discord Server, and the official Subreddit for more information, and other community related discussions!



If you need any help, you are always welcome to contact me on discord or reddit.

Discord: @Keystar

Reddit: /u/xKeystar

See you across the void.. 

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