Crossing Void Character Skill Translation

For some “unknown” reasons everything after August of 2018 all contents about Crossing Void on Google(In USA at least) is gone, takes some time to look through BiliBili so translations can be lacking.

PS: This document is subject to update, if you have any other source or suggestions contact me on discord.

Due to recent issues, the author of this doc is not as engaged in this game as he was, so updates are likely non-existent 

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Kimono Shana

S1[0 SP]: AOE: Deals 54% Atk Physical and Arcane. Stacks a DOT effect, up to 5 stacks, lasting 3 turns. Enemy takes 8% of atk for every stack every turn, this can't be cleansed.

S2[4 SP]: AOE, 163.73% Physical and arcane dmg. If the DOT effect is stacked at 5, deals 28% more dmg, can refresh the duration of the DOT

Climax[10 SP]: AOE, 364.50% of both dmg, gives all enemy 3 stack of the DOT.

Unique Passive:

Kimono Asuna skill:

S1[1 SP]: Aoe 162%, after usage S2 gets -1 SP cost

S2[4 SP]: Aoe 350.98%, after usage S1 gets -1 SP and changes your climax skill

Climax[8 CP]: Before S2: Aoe, deals 270% dmg, increase dealt to enemy by 33.75%

After S2:[12 SP] 877.50% aoe dmg, ignoring dmg reduction skills and shield

Duo Blade Kirito

S1[0 SP]: ST to the back unit

S2[3 SP] AOE, Slashes all enemy, if an enemy is defeated in the process, DBK will slash another target

S3[10 CP]: Massive dmg to back unit

Unique Passive: When defeating an enemy, the times DBK can use his Climax Skill increase. Increases the dmg of all skills whenever DBK defeats an enemy.

Butterfly KYH:

S1[0SP]: Buff whole team dmg

S2[2SP]: Cleanse debuff from all allies, if at least 1 debuff is cleansed, dealt dealt will also be increased.

Climax[10 CP]: Deals arcane dmg to all enemies

Unique Passive: When an enemy is defeated, gains x amount of CP and increase whole team damage.

Swimsuit Kirino

S1[0 SP]: AOE to all enemy

S2:[3 SP]: Deals dmg to enemy mid unit, increase self’s crit rate

Climax[12 CP]: Deals physical and arcane dmg to all enemies

Unique Passive:

Mashiro Shiina (Support)

Skill[3 CP]:Increase whole team’s dmg by 22.50% for 1 turn and increase 1 SP

Cross[AkoM x ShiinaS] [4SP]: Increase team dmg and Cdmg by 16.53% for 2 turns, for every lstar the sup unit have this bonus increase by 0.33%, 

Cross[TaigaM x ShiinaS][5 SP]: Deals 445.50% physical dmg to all enemies. Increase physical dmg percentage by 8.91% for every star the sup unit have


S1[0 SP]: Dmg to enemy front and mid unit, dealing 120% physical dmg and gains a stack of [Excitement], increases dmg of S2 and Climax Skill by 20%, lasts for 2 turns and can stack.

S2:[3 SP]: Deals 276.76% physical dmg to all enemies and removes [Excitement]

Climax[10 CP]: Deals 599.98% physical dmg to enemy front unie, removes [Excitement]

Unique Passive:

Emilia Justina (Support)

Skill[3 SP] Increase self’s atk, deals arcane dmg to enemy back units and dispel 2 buffs. After 2 usage it will no longer dispel.

Cross[AsunaM x EmiS] [5 SP]: Arcane dmg to all enemies, and cleanse 2 debuff from Asuna

Cross[SelvariaM x EmiS] [4 SP]: Loses some health to boost this atk, deals both dmg to all enemies 

Sadao Maou (Support)

Skill [3SP]: Deals dmg to enemy back unit. When an unit(didn’t specify both or just enemy) has under 60% health, this skill’s effect changes: [4SP] Increase this skill’s dmg, deals arcane dmg to all enemies. For every unit under 60% health the multiplier of this skill increases.

Cross[IzayaM x SadaoS] [4 SP]: Deals both dmg to all enemies

Corss[EmiM x SadaoS]: Loses some health for more dmg, deals both dmg to enemy back units

Mikoto (Swimsuit)

S1[0 SP]: Aoe both dmg

S2:[3 SP]: Deals both dmg to enemy front unit, increase self’s crit rate

Climax[12 CP]: Deals both dmg to all enemies 

Unique Passive:

Yuuki (Main)

S1[0 SP]: Physical dmg to enemy mid unit

S2[ 2 SP]: Deals physical dmg to enemy mid unit

Climax [10 CP]: Deals physical dmg to enemy mid unit

Unique Passive: When using S2, grants increase crit chance to self

Kuroneko (Main)

S1 [0 SP]: 

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