First off: there were different sources used in this document and so there are some books with page # and some without. Also, I initially wanted to try to attach an emotion to each Curse; giving it an understanding but gave up on that and focused on getting it done. So, sorry if it’s a little disjointed.

(Hs) is harry saying the  curse

(Ht) is Harry thinking the curse

Don’t know if that needed to be shown but when I started I felt like it did and kept it all the way through.

Yellow highlights are for Curses usually said by Harry but said by someone else. Purple are just interesting ones.



Storm Front

Hells bells

-Page 185 (wrong page #) …until tonight." I rubbed at my face. It made sense. Hell's b

Page 253 (Wrong page #) …crashed into my office door, rattling it on its frame. "Hell's bells, Ha…

Page 342 (Ht) Fear: after seeing a scorpion cut up the couch


Fool Moon

Hells Bells

Page 31 (Hs) Disbelief: Harry talking to murphy, I risked my neck to save you!

Page 112 (Hs) Shock: Chauncey- when he tries to recruit Harry

Page 179 ... (Hs) Fear/Shock: when macfinn is taken by the cops

Page 194 ... (Ht) Fear: macfinn has changed

Page 228 ... (Hs) said by Subconscious Harry to real harry, how dense real harry can be

Page 241 ... (Hs) to Tera about her not really knowing anything about humans

Page 270 … (Ht) not wanting to die on concrete floor

Page 319 ... (Hs) Tera’s public nudity

Page 351 … (Ht) Denton being big bad wolf. Death by nursery tale


Grave Peril

Hells Bells

Page 2 … (Hs) caught off guard: when asked if he’s going to marry Susan

Page 29 (Hs) disgust: STDs, turning down sex from Lydia

Page 40 ... (Hs) shock: Chicago was/is a tinderbox

Page 118 ... (Ht) Fear: not wanting to soul gaze Mickey Malone

Page 132 … (Hs) Appalled: to bob when bob says he wants to ride along with Susan

Page 151 … (Ht) Grossed out: seeing vampire Kelly’s bloody mustache

Page 170 … (Hs) used as emphatic yes. “Yeah….hells bells yeah!” talking about the kravos dream

Page 179 … (Ht) shock: Nightmare was using Harry’s likeness to get to murphy

Page 195 (Ht) hopelessness: Charity is taken, seems like too much

Page 207 … (Hs) mocking: nightmare speaking in these and thous

Page 218 ... (Ht) sudden Realization: he was in the nevernever and at lea’s mercy

Page 228 ... (Hs) conviction: to Michael, trying to get him to leave charity’s bed side

Page 232 (Hs) Frustration: Michael bothers him while he’s trying to set up a complicated summoning spell

Page 235 … (Hs) anger: getting the nightmare to tell him who commands it

Page 243 ... (Hs) Fear: don’t wanna die

Page 245 … (Ht) shock: noticing how good Thomas looked

Page 253 ... (Ht) Surprise: at the reaction he gets with his vamp costume

Page 264... (Hs) Realization: figured out part of the reds plan


Stars and Stones

Page 132 ... (Bob) disbelief: it’s too early to work

Page 223 (Hs) disbelief: that charity’s bruises are from Michael beating her

Page 282 ... (Hs) Disbelief: a self-inflicted spell…talk to bob later.

Page 332 ... (Ht) what have I done: innocent victims in the fire that burned up Bianca’s


Summer Knight

Hells Bells

(Hs) Frustration: Billy’s looking out for him

(Hs) Frustration: there sending kids after me

 (Hs) Realization: imp in trouble

(Hs) Disbelief: can’t believe the wardens didn’t take down the licence plate

(Ebenezer) shock: that Harry’s out of his depth

(Hs) Proving to murphy it’s actually him

(Ht) Worry: find out murphy has been drinking and taking pills

(Hs) Dumbstruck: Elaine’s alive

(Hs) Frustration: he didn’t pick toot’s name

(Hs) Epiphany: you’re the summer lady

(Hs) Urgent: telling murphy to get out

(Ht) awe: the Chlorofiend is big

(Hs) Anger: telling Morgan to pull his head out of his ass

(Ht) awe: mother winter heard him thinking

(Hs) Smartass: reacting to mother winter telling him not to fail

(Ht) aurora makes him sink in mud


Stars and Stones

(Ht) sounds silly: Billy and the werewolves sound like a rock band

(Elaine) surprise: harry is the winter emissary

(Hs) Stupidity: keep my mouth shut

(Hs) Epiphany: aurora is behind the missing mantle

(Hs) Frustration: don’t have time to deal with the gatekeeper


Death Masks

Hells Bells

Page 16 (Ht) Worried: Ortega is the worst kind of enemy

Page 33 (Ht) power comes from belief, so the shroud could be magical

Page 51... (Hs) Jealously: We? Susan and martin?

Page 56 (Hs) frustration: getting murphy to tell him what to expect from Susan being back

Page 58 (Ht) Resignation: his involvement in creating corpses

Stars and Stones

Page 38 (Hs) surprise: at seeing Susan and having been attacked by a Red

Page 72 (Hs) disbelief: bear creature shouldn’t have a soul, Ursiel

Page 82 (Hs) confusion: who is the old Japanese man?

Page 122 (Hs) surprise: someone powerful or lots of somethings set off an alarm spell


Blood Rites

Hells Bells

Page 4 (Hs) puppies are lucky harry got paid half up front

Page 48 (Hs) shocked: at determination of puppy (mouse)

Page 52 (Hs) anger: at getting hit on the knuckles by murphy

Page 93 (Ht) questioning: is harry insane for taking comfort in the stress of everything

Page 118 (Hs) awkward: murphy’s list of boobs

 Page 132 (Ht) shocked: Lara is Thomas’ sister

Page 134 (Ht) awe: Lara grazed his ear with intent

Page 161 (Hs) disgust/shock: Lara says Thomas is going to feed deeply

Page 195 (Hs) astonished: finds out about Thomas being his brother and the case

Page 224 (Hs) realization: figured out the curse is a ritual spell

Page 232 (Ht) worry: genosa could have a fourth wife,

Page 239 (Hs) pleading: with Trixie Emma has kids

Page 275 (Hs) Kincaid finds out the Red Cross are there

Page 300 (Hs) frustration: can’t believe Kincaid can’t figure out what to do

Page 333 (Hs) disbelief: that Trixie is that stupid

Page 366 (Hs) shock: Justine is alive

Page 388 (Ht) hopelessness: he can’t help murphy against Raith


Empty Night

Page 133 … (Lara) your harry Dresden. First time it is said


Stars and Stones

Page 252 (Hs) Disbelief: in the arrogance of the black vamp taking a shelter as a home base

Page 336 (Hs) Realization: what is motivating the killings/murphy word start it

Page 406 (Ht) Dumbstruck: Hell’s holy stars and freaking stones shit bells! Finds out about power behind ritual. He who walks behind.


Dead beat

Hells bells

Page 4 (Hs) fed up: Thomas had sex on his bed and the apartments a mess

Page 100 (Hs) disrespectful: hates the “I know and you don’t” shtick

Page 105 (Ht) awe: cowl was tough

Page 106 (Ht) fear: a very loud crash

102 Page 131 (Ht) worry: severly out numbered

116 page (Ht) embarrased: that he’s broke

Page 196 (Ht) foolishness: evil dimple

(Ht) Worry: more then just Kemmler”s to worry about

(Ht) Fear: dozens of zombies

(Ht) awe/worry: Captain Lucio was coming to town

(Ht) Impatient: billy trying to say something

Page 414 (Hs) epiphany: figures out the #’s from bony tony

Page 431 (Ht) resignation: hoping for a knight of the cross to save him

(Ht) worry: Lucio is losing and is proctecting children


Stars and Stone

(Hs) Frustration: Thomas is a lazy bum

(Hs) Frustrated/denile: doesn’t use fire magic

(Hs) Confusion: why would Kemmler dothe things he did

(ht) fear: if he hadn’t sent bob bad into the skull, he’d be dead

(Ht) awe: after seeing Cowl throw power at him

(Ht) shock: at howmany wardens died

 (Hs) disbelief: Sheila is lasciel


Proven Guilty

Hells Bells

(HS) Frustration: he just info and hasn’t had a chance to look into yet

(Hs) Tells nelson he’s stupid

(Ht) frustration: already has lots on his plate/being asked to talk to molly about charity

(Ht) uptight: almost killed a kid dressed like a vampire/fangirl

(Hs) Resignation: murphy is right, got to stop feeling sorry for himself

(Hs) Frustrated: that lily is playing word games with him

(Hs) Disbelief: agent rick is bullying girls

(Hs) Complaining: that there has to be more they can do

(Hs) Disgusted: thinking of Molly and sex is just wrong

 (Hs) Frustration: the girl is dead and she was just alive a second ago

(Hs) Worry: when Thomas tells harry of joining the Hunt

(Hs) Awe: sees charity as bad ass

(HT) Frustration: how is he supposed to get in the fortress?

(Hs) fear/worry: what happened to lea?

(Hs) Realizes: that murphy lost time going to nevernever and was away from her job

(hs) Frustration: he trying to protect Charity’s daughter

(Hs) Shock: Ramirez being strict with molly


Empty Night

(Madrigal) how sweet it is to feel all those souls in fear


Stars and Stones

(hs) He swears by the Stars and stones

(Hs) Doesn’t want dating advice from lasciel

(Ht) awe: little Chicago worked

(Hs) Pleased: the spell might work better

(Hs) Shock: the power he used at arctis tor is calling the troops

(Hs) Disbelief: that molly used nightmares on her friends

(Hs) Pleading: with Morgan to not kill molly




White Night


Hells bells

Page 120 (Elaine) shock: that harry has a temple dog

Page 137 (Ht) murphy was right that teaching teaches the teacher.

Page 194 (Hs) to Thomas when he doesn’t believe it’s him

Page 212 (Hs) to Ramirez about how young the new recruits are

Page 258 (Ht) worry; hurt a lot worse then he thought

Page 270 (Hs) impressed; with the grapevine of the cops

Page 271 (Hs) worried: Marcone is involved

Page 428 (Hs) Excited: Celebrating a great spell

Page 477 (Hs) when marcone says he had to kill a few vamp in the retreat

Page 493 (Hs) surprised: to find out Justine has been faking her feebleness


Empty night

Page 380 (Madrigal) oh fuck: when harry enters the deeps

Page 385 (Madrigal) fuck that: when Vitto says they are going to fight Harry

Page 452 (Lara) Fear: the deeps are about to explode


Stars and Stones

 Page 61 (Hs) Disbelief: crossed a threshold and gave up his power


Small Favor

Hells Bells

(Ht) frustration: can’t find the right book

(Hs) Frustration: it’s not about the money, but that murphy has to be able to her job

(Ht) shock: he didn’t know you could erase you magical residue

(Ht) Surprised: toot got bigger

(Hs) Shock: Marcone was inside the building

(Ht) He isn’t happy with the circumstances of this case

(Hs) When Tessa offers to have sex

(Hs) When Thomas pull out the coin

(Hs) sanya reminds him that his agnostic

(Hs) That Marcone plans ahead

(Ht) when Thomas becomes his doppelganger and he’s worried about if that’s how he looks

(Hs) Gard won’t give him marcone’s secrets

(Ht) that this situation is going to be a bloody mess soon

(Ht) Michael takes out a bunch of hobs

(Ht) at the power of the trap Gard had set on the locker

(Hs) to luccio when she picks up the box of blood samples

(Ht) it’s a wonder anyone ever notices the supernatural world

(Ht) Tessa is a sorceress

(Ht) no time to dawdle, have to warn ivy

(Ht) to mouse’s reaction to Nicodemus

(HS) to Michael when Michael thinks harry is lying about the shadow of lasciel being gone

(HS) Michael should have let molly look in Harry’s brain

(Ht) seeing marcone has lost an ear

(HS) understanding the weight of being the archive


Empty Night

(Thomas)  Compares harry to a racoon

(Thomas)away  when harry says he didn’t sleep with luccio


Stars and Stones

(Bob) telling harry it’s easy to get him going



Turn Coat

Hells Bells

Page 1 (Hs) Frustration/shock: Morgan stubbles into his apartment

Page 40 (Hs) Sadness: seeing Kirby’s body

Page 47 (ht) realization: the reason he went out was to get meds for Morgan

Page 55 (Hs) shock: sees the wanted poster

Page 131 (Ebenezer) worried: harry is being to obvious with his questions

Page 141 (Ht) shock: Injun Joe makes him realize how political everything is going to get

(HS) when murphy takes out two grey suits

(Ht) what happened to Thomas?

(Hs) When luccio tells harry that Morgan loves her

(Ht) when shagnasty breaks a vampire’s arm

(Hs) When harry realizes that Madeline had time to call for backup

(Hs) Lifting Binder whiles he’s in the chair

(Hs) Realizes that Demonreach is the perfect place

(Hs) Finds Luccio, molly, mouse, and Morgan in a standoff in his apartment

(Hs) Realizes he would trade Morgan for Thomas

(Hs) He choose to trust Luccio, without needing to look at her mind

(Ht) the size of the situation settles in

(Ht) affirmation of previous hell’s bells

(Ht) in awe of Wardens pure destructive power

(Ht) Madeline Raith kisses him

(Hs) Finding Billy and Georgia high from white court blood

(Hs) Sick of things like the skinwalker

(Ebenezer) trying to convince that Thomas isn’t Harry’s friend, that he’s a monster

(Ht) impressed with the Merlin’s ability to control a chaotic situation

(Hs) Thomas tells him what the skinwalker did



Empty night

(Thomas) when harry tells him about Morgan

(Lara) When the skinwalker attacks house Raith

(Lara) and again during same battle

(Thomas) when he tells harry that he feels normal now that he lets himself feed


Stars and Stones

(Ht) When he sees Shagnasty with the sight

(Hs) Thanks murphy for grabbing the med kit for Morgan

(Hs) Impressed with Morgan nuking a skinwalker

(Ebenezer) when harry shows him the picture of Peabody in Chicago



Hells Bells

 (Hs) Saying he’s off his game

(Hs) Can’t believe the merlin didn’t yell at him

(Ht) respect for luccio to go against merlin

(HT) remembers how it feels to be in molly’s shoes

(ht) when the FBI come

(Ht) supernatural community missile crisis

(ht) needs to stop being so arrogant vs centipede

(Ht) realizes the power of his mother’s gift

(Hs) Vadderrung tells harry that Victor Sells spell was a small version of the bloodline curse

(Ht) didn’t even know if he could stand up on his own

(Ht) didn’t even realize he’d said mab’s name twice in the erlking domain

(HT) forgot about Maeve and how she’s going to treat him now that he’s winter knight

(Hs) Just remember that time changes in the nevernever

(Hs) The vamp are going for a killing blow on the council

(Ht) a lot of jaguar warriors

(Ht) the red king was a junkie

(Ht) red king is really paranoid

(BOB) don’t have to scream, I’m right here.

(Ht) murphy’s cheeks are pink and harry find it cute


Empty night

(Thomas) finds out about the bloodline curse and wonder if the raiths can be harmed


Stars and Stones

(Bob) accuses of being paranoid like a warden

(Ht) he saves mister from the burning apartment


Ghost Story

Hell’s bells

(HT) been ten years since he’s seen Carmichael

(Hs) When he bleeds ectoplasm

(Hs) Asks sir stu why he couldn’t stop the lemurs

(Ht) went through a car and got hurt

(Hs) Every time he sees a ghost it tries to rip his lungs out

(Hs) Just saw Mort use ghost/axe attack

(HS) mort saying that harry is deluding himself into believing Jack murphy

(HT) Memories of Elaine hit hard, hates being new guy

(Hs) Fitz can hear him

(HT) it’s like Oliver twist

(HS) Fitz is terrified of the rag lady

(Hs) Time gets away from harry

((Hs) Demonreach’s voice hurt harry

(Hs) Talk of epic sex

(Hs) Wowed by the construction in his old apartments lot

(HT) Fitz drew killed murphy’s neighbour

(Ht) Molly was really good with illusions

(Ht) can’t even find someone to hear him talk

(ht) been tricked into almost walking into a force field trap/ siren songs style

(Ht) young harry is lucky he had his new driver’s license

(HS) tells butters and Fitz to get a room

(Ht) he’s known Aristedes type

(Ht) panicking over scene of Normandy beach

(Hs) Says it twice when impaling tongue kills a wolfwaffen

(Hs) Learn not to victory gloat

(Ht) about to soulgaze with Corspetaker but it doesn’t happen

(Hs) Every time I’ve run into a ghost it tried to rips my lungs out (second time)

(Ht) the hit he gave Boz should have killed him


Stars and Stones

(Ht) hates being the new guy (second time)

(hs) The Grey ghost has half a dozen human who can hear him

(hs) Lea can see him

(Ht) shouldn’t have let molly go to Chichen Itza

(Hs) Fitz showed independent thought that it forced Aristedes try and kill him

(Hs) Uriel didn’t even know that Captain Jack lied to him/ Harry finds it hilarious


Cold days

Hell’s Bells

(Ht) Just met The Cat Sith

(Hs) Put foot in his mouth when trying to make conversation with sarissa

(Ht) easier to go to a party filled with monsters

(Ht) panic attack over thinking of Sarissa as his wife

(Ht) had to step up his game to survive

(Ht) Red cap didn’t seem bother with a broken leg

(Hs) When Cat Sith just suddenly appears

(Bob) Harry is back from the dead

(Hs) Tells bob he’s not lying

(Ht) wish he had his shield bracelet

(Hs) Impressed with molly’s apartment

(Ht) making fun of his recent life. Death/rebirth/woke up in mab’s bed

(Ht) Thomas meant it/going to kill him

(Hs) Trying to convince Thomas it’s actually him

(Ht) understands how powerful the spells are on the vault on demonreach

(Hs) Realizes what the island is for/containment

(Hs) Being the warden of the island is bad

(Hs) Upon hearing how hard it is against the fomor

(Ht) mac’s just told him there are three Outsiders in town, one was bad enough

(Hs) Red Cap catches up with him in the gardens

(Ht) Amazed that elder gruff spoke on his behalf

(Ht) realizes that if mad died then Maeve would be Queen

(Hs) The gates are a spiritual CAT scanner

(Ht) Fairy Lacuna offers to cut his head open, resigned that this is his life

(Ht) It’s hard enough to think past his own urges let alone dealing with the winter mantle

(Hs) Sees molly as all grown up

(Ht) misses his equipment

(Ht) the Sidhe who transformed from bird to archer looked awesome

(Ht) what did you look like? His friends were afraid

(Ht) realizes the significance of his conversation with the Mothers (Also uses Stars and Stones)

(Ht) he forced He who walks before to give harry his name

(Ht) murphy was right he needed to contain the Winter mantle’s influence

(Hs) Didn’t want a fight with fix and lily

(Ht) Circle of energy is a ward

(Hs) Sarissa and Maeve are twins but not identical


Empty Night

(Thomas) should have realized that Harry was the one to kill himself

(Thomas) doesn’t Harry realize now that life is short/go see Maggie

(Thomas) when Cat Sith talks

(Thomas) when harry demanded that Donar Vadderung see him

(Thomas) Seriously asks Harry if they should put up a circle

(Mother Summer) “Even you must think better that than empty night.” Mother Winter spits to one side


Stars and Stones

(Hs) Thomas scares him

(Hs) When Fix tries to pick a fight with Thomas

(Hs) Puts together the meaning of the conversation with the Mothers (also uses Hells bells)

(Hs) If the outsiders get the boat to shore…



Skin Game

Hells bells

Mab tells Harry to get on the boat or die in three days

End of chapter when Harry finds out he’s going to work for Nicodemus and steal from Hades

Realizing it’s been ten years since seeing Anna Valmont, first meeting at the warehouse

Talking to Anna Valmont, trying to scare her away.

The appearance of Octokongs

Dazzled by how good Ascher is with fire in the fight with Octokongs

Harvey didn’t recognize a movie reference (“Cops got better things to do than get killed.”)

Marveling how Grey didn’t care about turning his back on Harry.

Talking to Michael about his situation

Realizing that Molly hadn’t told her parents that she’s the Winter Lady

Harry’s Id says it at the beginning of their exchange.

Harry’s Id saying that Molly isn’t a kid any more and Harry should boink her.

Seeing the pictures of Sanya in Iraq with Magog and Shaggy Feathers.

Realizing they’re going to break into Marcone’s building

Unnerved by the Genoskwa wanting to tear people’s heads off as a ‘distraction’.

Realizing Butters is headed to Michael’s.

Complaining that Butters distrusted him.

Again, complaining that Butters didn’t know Harry was a good guy.

Realizing Marcone had the safe wired.

At Nicodemus when he threatens to kill Valmont if she didn’t get the safe open. “What’s the rush?”

At Tessa, demanding to at least know why she was trying to kill him.

To Michael, asking about Binder’s prisoners.

Realizing Hades was wearing a crown of Mordite.

In response to Hades pointing out the relevant question is why Hades is so interested in Harry.

Realizing he was hurting Nicodemus with his goading about Deirdre.

Talking to Kringle, realizing the risk in talking to friends.

To Michael, after and about the fight with Ascher.

In reaction to Ursiel healing faster than expected.

Response to Grey being able to take a beating.

Reaction to seeing Amanda all growed up.

Reaction to finding out Grey is a Naagloshii


Stars and Stones

Reaction to 2 million dollars.

Missing his force rings when trying to protect Harvey.

Reaction to first meeting the Genoskwa

Realizing the thing on the ground at the safe is a ward set by Gard.

Talking to Michael at the end, wondering about Mab.












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