Custom Standard Deck-builder’s Primer: Eralou Standard

Custom Standard Deck-builder’s Primer: Eralou Standard


Sets in EAU Standard

Eralou (EAU)

Rakoa (RAK)

Custom Core 2018 (CC18)

Hollows of Lordran (HLW)

Jannada (JAN)


Custom card search engine: Loreseeker


Eralou Standard Format Primer

Buildarounds (competitive or otherwise)


 Aggro Creatures


Tempo Creatures

Value Creatures

Control Wincons/Ramp or Reanimator Targets






Other Spells


Dual Land Cycles

Checklands: Ally Cycle

Typed Slowlands: Enemy Cycle

Nimbus Mazes: Full Cycle

Rebate lands: Full Cycle

Hollow Lands: Full Cycle

Other Fixing Lands

Utility Lands

RAK Transformers: 5 colors

RAK Legendary Utility: 5 Colors



Decklists, Past and Present

Decks of EAU Standard

Season decklists:

Tournament 1 decklists:

Tournament 2 decklists:

Decks of RAK Standard

League 1 match log with deck names:

League 2 match log with deck names:

And decklists:

Tournament decklists:

Decks of CC18 Standard

    • Aggro/Tempo

  • Monored Aggro

  • Monogreen Stompy

  • UR Aggro AKA Crossing the Red Zone

  • BR Aggro

  • RG stompy

  • UG Flash

  • BW Aristocrats

    • Midrange

  • GB Midrange

  • WB Midrange

  • RG Midrange

    • Control

  • GB Control

  • WB Control

  • UB Control

  • UR Control

  • UW Control

    • Ramp/Reanimator/Combo

  • RG Ramp

  • GBx Cursed by the Veil

  • RB Reanimator AKA Bolas Returns

  • Monored Power Within

  • UB/G Self-mill Combo AKA Sickening Extinction

Decks of HLW Standard

Some decks of HLW standard

  • BR Aggro

  • RG Ramp

  • GBX Cursed by the Veil

  • GW Nahiri Affinity

  • UR Control

  • WB Midrange

  • UW Fliers

  • URG Flash

  • WB Aristocrats

  • RW Artifacts Midrange

  • RW Incandescent Revolution

  • RW Power Within Burn

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