D100 : Curse Rolls

How these rolls work: Curses are a lot like damage you take: they negatively affect you, and yet, can be dispelled via means of certain items and spells or simply by long rests. These always only affect Player X1, as to balance the “unfairness” that the party may encounter having one negative roll after another. Some curses are more vicious than others, and therefore the effects of them may be in judgement to the DM who dishes them out; i.e. the 1d4 of necrotic damage from The Proffer Curse may change into 2d4 or even 3d4 based on leveling to make it more interesting. After 8 hours of rest, all curses are lifted (unless explicitly stated), and all PC’s are back to normality. 

Curse Rolls:

  1. Curse of the D100 ( Afflicted rolls disadvantage on their next three rolls. Casu Bonum )

  2. Curse of the Vexatious ( Afflicted stubs toe once per day, everyday, whether it be on furniture or on a loose cobblestone. 1 bludgeoning damage. Incurable )

  3. Curse of the Servant ( Afflicted must follow all orders from anyone without question, but will not: murder, steal, or commit any act that should be deemed Choatic Evil )

  4. Curse of Capricisism ( Afflicted takes no damage from any attack during an encounter, but rather sustains and releases the damage taken at the end of the encounter in one massive blast of bludgeoning damage to the whole body of the afflicted )

  5. Curse of Knowledge ( Afflicted is now fluent in every language, except common. This includes all written, spoken, visual, and telepathic forms of communication )

  6. Wooden Curse of the Liar ( Afflicted is effectively a giant puppet now, controlled by invisible and intangible strings. They turn into wood and become instantaneously light. Weakness to all fire and radiant damage )

  7. Adamant Warrior’s Curse ( Afflicted gain advantage on insight and perception checks as well as +12 Temporary HP, however, the Player will immediately rush into all sudden danger and found traps as means to snuff the threat before anyone else can )

  8. Curse of Scamper ( During any battle encounter, the user must full dash as their bonus action. Outside of battle, the afflicted must run around or jog in place constantly. This curse lasts for 12 hours, and the afflicted is unable to sleep )

  9. Curse of Contraoptosis ( AX are afflicted, and light and dark visions are swapped; i.e. Sunlight is now dark, yet an unlit dungeon is clear as day. Sleeping becomes impossible. This curse lasts 24 hours, and the party is unable to sleep )

  10. Curse of the Addlepate ( For the next 1d4 days, the Afflicted must refer to everything they do in the 3rd person, however they are unaware of this and refute anyone telling them otherwise. This curse affects actions, dialogue, and even tabletop conversation )

  11. Obverse of the Curse ( Afflicted alignment is now the opposite of what it is; i.e. CE -> LG, or LN -> CN. A true neutral PC is immune to the effects of the curse and is safe )

  12. Atlas’ Curse ( Afflicted now weighs effectively 10x as much as they do, halving all speeds, and rendering swimming and flying useless. However, the Player actually  remains their same weight; their curse is merely an illusion )

  13. Curse of Democracy ( Afflicted may no longer have free will, and all actions must go through a democractic process via the party and DM to determine if they may come to pass. The votes succeed on a majority vote and ties are decided by the DM )

  14. Curse of the Shanty ( Afflicted, bard or not, must sing a small song before committing to any action in combat or action that requires a roll of any kind; i.e. skill check, Initiative, Death saving throw. Curse lasts two days as it isn’t too malicious )

  15. Halcyonic Cleric’s Curse ( Afflicted automatically crits on all health spells and healing potions, but roll disadvantage on all attacks and attempts at harm to any creature )

  16. Curse of the Fatherly Figuratives ( Warning: This curse is not for the faint of heart and may compulse players to quit or rage during gameplay. In place of rolling, Afflicted must make a pun AKA “Dad Joke” to succeed in their action. The success of the action will be determined by the effectiveness of the joke on the party and DM. Dm has final say )

  17. Curse of the Remiss Thief ( Afflicted gains disadvantage on Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Deception, and Persuasion rolls, as well that all living creatures within a 50 ft. radius become immediately aware of the Players presence, but cannot sense who or what it is )

  18. Maledizione von Malentendu ( Curse of Misunderstanding – For every conversation where afflicted learns new information or is in deep conversation, they must roll a d20 to understand the other party. Even = Understood / Odd = Total misunderstanding )

  19. Chitinous Barbarian’s Curse ( A giant shell grows on the afflicted. They gain +2 to their Armor Class, however they now have a walking speed of only 5 ft, cannot dash as a bonus action, and are immediately placed at the end of any initiative through encounter )

  20. The Legendary Polymorphic Curse of Chairs ( Afflicted turns into a good-sized oak chair. This curse lasts 1 hour, and the Player is conscious and aware of everything the entire time. Be wise about where you sit, all else. This chair has splinters! )

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