Dark Sparkle Backstory


Dark Sparkle was born under a dark star during a total eclipse a dreaded day for all. Shadows have naturally clung to her since birth yet the wolf’s head wrought in silver that she got from her father would sparkle in the dark so you could tell she was there if she had it out. She has pitch black features and her eyes are solid black despite this she can see normally. She became an outcast once she started hearing demonic whispers throughout the day and night, she learned Abyssal and can speak it fluently because of this though. Once she was outcast she was left to nothing but herself and the shadows that haunt her.

Early Life

Being a Kenku had its advantages with dexterity based actions so she thought it’d be best to become a rogue and seclude herself in the shadows that have been following her since birth. She became very adept at hiding in these shadows and became an expert at using thieves tools during her training in being a rouge. She hopes that one day she might be able to become one with the shadows entirely. Although the demonic whispers that only she can hear that beckon her towards the shadows too. At first this frightened her but now she's so used to it it doesn't bother her, for this reason she is fluent in Abyssal. She was raised by her father because her mother was killed shortly after she gave birth to Dark Sparkle because of her being surrounded by darkness and born on such a day. Though she was cast aside by him after a few years too once she began talking to the shadows. 

The Dark Star

Being born under a dark star is always a bad omen but for Dark Sparkle she was followed by an extremely powerful star and then she started to hear its whispers. It tells her to do unimaginable evils, from killing innocents to something as innocent as stealing important papers to forge signatures. Throughout her childhood they tested her with tasks such as killing an animal or stealing something valuable. As she got older they started to demand more and more from her such as the village incident.She doesn’t know what their end goal is all she can tell is that they are becoming more and more cruel with their demands. Luckily enough for her is that none of them are greedy so she doesn’t seem to need gold or valuables.

True Intentions

  Unbeknownst to Dark Sparkle is that there are many demons that have been haunting her, these demons have all tried to claim her soul if she so happens to die but they have all failed because something far more powerful than them has already claimed it. This demon is known as Divanack Demon God of Corruption and Pleasure aka the God of Theft. Divanack was sealed by the God of Fire to the Demon Realm years back. 

Demons Biddings 

There was one instance where she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to listen to the demons so they would let her go, they demanded sacrifice. When this happened unimaginable horrors befeld her, she was told to kill an entire village doing whatever she could to have it done. She led a group of feral goblins to the village and watched in horror from the shadows as they mercilessly slaughtered everyone.Once they were done they dragged the bodies of those few women that were still alive and took turns raping them. After they had their fill they left them and went away from the village. Feeling sorry for them Dark Sparkle decided to put them out of their misery and killed them herself, all 13 of them… some were not even over the age of 10. 

            This wasn't the only cruel thing they made her do, recently they had her return to her hometown where she was shunned from and was forced to make a sacrifice of her own blood. She had to kill her only remaining family member, her father, the one she still loved for the care he had given her. Once she did this she became devoid of emotions and her personality shifted, she only cares about herself now and never others. She wouldn't even bat an eye at someone being killed or mugged in a dark alley anymore unless it helps her in some way.


Sparkle has acquired a monster hunters pack just in case the dark star following her isn’t just a bad omen and actually something far more sinister. For this very reason she tries to distance herself from material things such as money or people. She would rather distance herself from others so they do not share the same pains she has. You can see her pain in her eyes and feel sorrow and fear of what happened to her, or what is currently happening still. She is very job oriented and will do whatever needs to be done in order for her to complete her task, she is willing to hurt or kill anyone that hinders her progress if they don't have just cause. She uses the whistle she got from her father to drown out the whispers when they become too much, most people think she's doing it as a hobby but she is doing so to put herself at ease. Although if she drowns these whispers out too long they begin to manifest as material things that can hurt her, cuts will start appearing on her arms and all over her body if she doesn’t satiate their greed.

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