D&D 5e Custom Items

D&D 5e Custom Wondrous, Alchemical, & Magic Items

This document is a collection of custom items I’ve created for use in D&D 5e. Previously I’ve shared items publicly only after I’ve introduced them in my campaigns, but I’ve brainstormed a lot of ideas, and without knowing how soon I’ll get to each of them, I think it’s worth organizing them somewhere where I can share them all.



Armor & Worn Items4


Attuned Items7

Miscellaneous Items8

Older Concepts9


Alchemist's Light: This volatile substance cascades in streaks of electricity when exposed to air. As an action, you can splash the contents of this vial into the space around you or throw the vial up to 20 ft, shattering it on impact. In either case, make a ranged attack against all creatures or objects within 5 ft of the target space, treating the alchemist's light as an improvised weapon. On a hit, the target takes 1d6 lightning damage.

Alchemist's Water: This fluid cools rapidly to a solid state when exposed to air. As an action, you can throw this flask up to 20 ft, shattering it on impact. Make a ranged attack against a creature or object, treating the alchemist's water as an improvised weapon. On a hit, the target takes 2d4 cold damage and is grappled (escape DC 11) as the fluid coats its body and hinders its movements.

Bottled Ooze: This ceramic flask is marked with arcane warnings about containing highly corrosive materials. As an action, you can splash the contents of the flask onto a target within 5 ft or throw the flask up to 20 ft to shatter on impact. In either case, make a ranged attack treating the flask as an improvised weapon. On a hit, an object or construct takes 10 damage at the start of each of its turns, while a creature wearing, wielding, or carrying armor or weapons takes a cumulative -1 penalty to AC and attack rolls with such equipment at the start of each of its turns. The effect can be ended with a Dex save DC 11 to scrape away the ooze.

Fiendish Serum: The dark liquid contained in this vial flickers with nearly imperceptible motes of yellow, red, and blue. The creature that drinks this serum gains resistance to cold, fire, and lightning damage for 1 hr.

Gladiator's Oil: The substance in this vial has the viscosity of honey and the transparency of clear water. Applying the vial's contents to a willing creature requires an action. The next time that creature would take bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage, the coating rapidly changes its consistency such that the creature gains resistance to that type of damage. For example, bludgeoning might cause the oil to become squishy and puffy, while slashing might cause it to become hard and glassy. The oil and its effects remain potent for 1 hr after being applied.

Unholy Water: As an action, you can splash the contents of this flask onto a creature within 5 ft of you or throw it up to 20 ft, shattering it on impact. In either case, make a ranged attack against a target creature, treating the unholy water as an improvised weapon. If the target is a celestial or fey, it takes 2d6 necrotic damage.


Black Iron Spike: A sinister-looking dagger made from a wrought iron barb. Upon a successful hit against a creature with this weapon, the wielder can choose to let go and allow the weapon to embed into the target's body. The spike numbs the creature's limbs such that its speed is reduced by half and it cannot take the Dash action, until it takes an action to succeed at a Str save DC 11 to pull out the weapon.

Dragonwheel: This unusual weapon is a shield-sized throwing star in the shape of a quartet of dragons bound in a loop with wings outstretched. It can be thrown as a handaxe with a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls and a range of 30/90 ft. When the wielder attacks with the weapon in this way, they may choose a second target within 15 ft of the first and make a separate attack against them as part of the same action. Unless intercepted, Dragonwheel returns to where it was thrown at the start of the thrower's next turn.

Fallen Commander's Silver Spear: This signature weapon of one of the kingdom's military elite has been mysteriously imbued with a vestige of its owner's ability after their passing. When attuned, the spear has a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls, and the wielder can use their reaction when an ally within 30 ft makes an attack roll or saving throw to add a d4 to the roll, provided both creatures can see and hear each other.

Frostbow: This crossbow is cold to the touch and always appears to have a veneer of frost coating its wooden and metal parts. While attuned, the wielder can cast the cantrip Ray of Frost at will. The act of loading and firing the weapon replaces the spell's normal components. The attuned character is considered proficient with this attack and may use their Dex mod to hit in place of their spellcasting ability, if any. If the wielder has a spell list with cantrips, the spell's effects are based on their level; otherwise the effects are calculated as 1 plus half their level, rounded down. If any attack roll with Frostbow is a natural 1, its moving parts freeze over and it becomes inoperable. A creature can take an action to apply a source of heat (such as a torch or campfire) to Frostbow, unfreezing it and restoring it to full operation.

Icklocktish: A ceremonial dagger with a serrated blade resembling a large beast's tooth. It's imbued with the spirits of several vicious creatures, granting it a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. When a creature is reduced to 0 HP from an attack with this weapon, or takes damage from this weapon while unconscious, the wielder gains temporary HP equal to the target's Hit Dice, lasting up to 1 hr.

Sealbreaker: This weapon forged from adamantine resembles a cross between a battleaxe and a warhammer, with each side of the head built for either chopping or smashing. When used to destroy an object serving as a barrier or bonds – including doors, gates, walls, chains, ropes, or vines – Sealbreaker is always considered the proper tool for the job, and the weapon damage it deals is maximized in addition to being a critical hit. Sealbreaker cannot deal damage to creatures except constructs.

Shard of Five Dawns: This longsword has a large diamond embedded between the hilt and the blade, surrounded by small spikes of glass in multiple colors. The sword can be wielded as a normal weapon, though its true power is unlocked only through attunement. When attuned, the wielder can cast Elemental Weapon at will, targeting Shard of Five Dawns. While Shard of Five Dawns is empowered in this way, the wielder can cast Chromatic Orb with the same damage type that was chosen when casting Elemental Weapon, and may use their Str mod to hit in place of their spellcasting ability, if any. Casting Chromatic Orb in this way automatically ends the effect of Elemental Weapon on Shard of Five Dawns.

Sword of Wind: This scimitar with a sparkling, almost crystalline blade has a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. When attuned, the wielder gains the power to channel elemental air while they have the Sword of Wind drawn. The wielder can use a bonus action to focus the wind, causing a tangible but harmless ripple of air in a 5-ft radius around them. This effect is discharged if the wielder moves or does either of the following special effects: first, the wielder can cast the Gust cantrip; second, the wielder can use the Attack action to make a ranged spell attack with a range of 30 ft and the same damage as the weapon. With either special effect, the wielder uses their Dex mod and proficiency bonus to calculate the attack roll or save DC.

Tower of Power: This remarkable weapon is designed to shift between two forms in the midst of combat. Its defensive form splits the weapon into two pieces wielded as a battleaxe and shield, while its offensive form combines the pieces into a single shape wielded as a greataxe. When not attuned, Tower of Power remains in whatever form was last used and has no special properties. While attuned, the wielder can toggle the weapon between offensive and defensive forms as a bonus action, with each form providing an additional benefit. When Tower of Power is used in an attack with its offensive form and the attack roll is a natural 20, the crushing force of the blow causes the target to be frightened for 1 turn. When Tower of Power is in its defensive form and an attack roll made against its wielder is a natural 1, the hit is repelled in such striking fashion that the attacker becomes frightened for 1 turn.

Tyrant Whip: This sinister-looking black leather whip is streaked with red stains like dried blood, and has a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. After hitting a creature with the Tyrant Whip, the wielder may target that creature with the Command spell (save DC 15). If the creature saves against the spell or if the spell would have no effect, that creature has advantage on all attack rolls and ability checks against the wielder for 1 min. The Tyrant Whip can be used to cast Command in this way once per 1-hr period.

Armor & Worn Items

Badge of Superiority: This bronze badge bears the design of a shield, eagle, wheel, or other simple insignia, with a mirror-like finish that never seems to tarnish. An attuned wearer exudes confidence when conversing about their area of expertise, predisposing their audience to respond positively. Furthermore, when the wearer is asking around for information, they may ask one specific question about that topic and get an honest answer within their audience's knowledge. If the truth is not readily available for some reason, the wearer learns what the complication is.

Blindfold of the Mystic: This black blindfold with frayed ends appears utterly plain, but the fabric always remains clean and comfortable to the touch. A character must wear the blindfold during the process of attuning to it in order to gain its benefits. Wearing the blindfold imposes the blinded condition with regards to normal senses, but also grants the wearer blindsight out to 60 ft. If the blindfold is removed, the attuned character loses its benefits until they put it on again and spend 1 min in meditative focus.

Circlet of Intuition: A silver headband lined with beads of jade and backed with a thin strip of cotton. The attuned character's Wis score cannot be lower than (15|17|19) while wearing this ornament.

Loadstone Bracers: This set of metallic rings worn on the arms and legs is energized by movement. When the attuned character is traveling for 1 hr or longer, they gain the speed and strength of a draft horse.

Mask of the Gorgon: This steely black mask is fashioned into the intimidating visage of the mythical gorgon bull, including silver-plated horns and teeth. While attuned, the bearer can don the mask to use its magical properties. First, the character gains advantage on Str checks to break or force solid objects. Second, 1/day the character can use an action to enter a statuesque form, taking the appearance of any humanoid of their size. In this state, the character gains the petrified condition (except that they remain aware of their surroundings within 10 ft) and is indistinguishable from a stone statue. The character can maintain this form for up to 24 hr or until they willingly revert, which requires no action.

Pair of Sneakers: Two pairs of supple leather boots that shimmer faintly in the light. When attuned to two different characters who work together to sneak through an area, both of them share the results of Stealth checks.

Ring of Shielding: The outer face of this white marble ring is etched with scenes of knights and other defenders with shields held aloft against danger. The character wearing this ring has resistance to damage from any attack where the attack roll matches their AC. The character can also cast the Shield spell as a reaction once every 8 hr, although doing so suppresses the ring's resistance property for the duration of the spell and for 1 min after.

Ring of Strategic Timing: This ring is designed as a pair of intertwining arrows made out of white ash and black ebony. When the character wearing this ring rolls initiative, they can choose to swap the result of their check with that of a willing ally before the first round begins.

Thorncreeper Armor: This suit of armor is made of tightly woven plant fibers that are as tough as leather, and studded with alchemically-treated thorns in place of metal rivets. The armor counts as studded leather with a +1 bonus to AC (total AC 13 + Dex mod). In addition, the wearer can climb trees, ivy, vines, and other natural flora as if they have a climb speed equal to their walking speed, and has advantage on Athletics checks in such situations.

Warrior Portrait: A celebrated but vain soldier of a past age commissioned for their likeness to be painted on this large shield. They were so smitten by the result that their very spirit became bound to it after their passing. The shield grants a +1 bonus to AC in addition to its normal bonus. In addition, the bearer of the shield can use an action to cause the spirit of the warrior to appear within 60 ft. This spirit uses the veteran statistics from the Monster Manual and acts in a manner friendly to the shield's bearer. The spirit returns to the shield after 1 hr or when it drops to 0 HP. Once the spirit has been brought out, it can't be summoned again until 7 days have passed.

Wrestler's Sweater: This overcoat is made of densely-woven woolen yarn dyed in a dazzling clash of colors, and can be worn with other armor or clothing. The character who wears this garment can use their reaction to impose disadvantage on an attack roll made against them while they're grappling or grappled by another creature. In addition, creatures grappled by the character cannot cast spells requiring somatic components.


Wand of Incense: This wooden wand has 6 charges. The character holding it can use an action to expend 1 of its charges and speak the name of any fragrance (such as lavender, patchouli, or vanilla), which causes the tip of the wand to emit a thin trail of smoke along with the chosen scent. This effect lasts for 4 hr or until the holder verbally commands the wand to stop. The wand cannot replicate odors with helpful or harmful effects (such as the stench of a ghast or troglodyte). The wand regains 1d6 expended charges daily at dawn.

Wand of Marking: This wand has 4 charges. The character holding it can use an action to expend 1 or 2 charges and make a color, mark, or symbol appear on an object or surface within 30 ft. 1 charge causes the effect to last for 1 hr; 2 charges causes it to last for 24 hr. The user can cover up to 100 sq ft (minimum 1 ft in each dimension) at a time. If they target an object held or worn by an unwilling creature, that creature must succeed on a DC 11 Dex save to avoid the effect. The wand regains 1d4 expended charges daily at dawn.

Attuned Items

Brazier of the Blood Bond: When attuned to a character who knows the Find Familiar spell and used as a component for that spell, the character's life force becomes linked to the familiar that is summoned. Any time the familiar takes damage, the character can negate all or part of that damage by willingly sacrificing their own HP in a 1-for-1 trade. If the character loses attunement to the Brazier of the Blood Bond while they have a familiar, they must perform a ritual of lighting the brazier that lasts at least 10 min each day or lose the benefit of the life force link.

Brazier of the Eternal Bond: When attuned to a character who knows the Find Familiar spell, this brazier can be used as a spellcasting focus without requiring costly material components for that spell to summon a familiar of the same form and type as the last time the character cast it. Once this property of the brazier has been used, it cannot be used again until 7 days have passed.

Lancer's Cane: A small cane made of polished black wood, shaped like a dragon entwined around a spear and reaching towards the moon. When attuned, 2/day the wielder can make a standing leap up to 30 ft, and 1/day the wielder can use their reaction to avoid being knocked prone by an effect.

Mercurial Tongue: A silver whistle with a smoothly undulating surface. When attuned to a character who has the Bardic Inspiration feature, they may use the feature to affect 2 creatures within range, though the inspiration die is 1 size smaller (d6 becomes d4) and must be used before the end of the character's next turn.

Ralishaz's Relic: A pendant that prominently features three small bones crossed together, symbolizing the god of ill luck and insanity. While attuned, 1/day the bearer can impose disadvantage against an enchantment or illusion spell for 1 creature.

Miscellaneous Items

Amulet of Undead Detection: A small animal skull on a silver chain. It doesn't require attunement, but the bearer must consciously activate it while holding it in hand. The skull's jaw chatters loudly if undead creatures are nearby, also betraying the bearer's presence.

Cat's Cradle Hairpin: A 6-in golden hairpin tipped with a white pearl. When a character stabs this pin into any solid surface, they can spool out up to 50 ft of thread from the pearl at a rate of 10 ft/round, with each foot dyed a different color. The thread is as strong and pliant as silk rope and can be used for the same purposes. The thread maintains its quality even when cut, but still counts against the amount that can be pulled from the pin until the next dawn, when any separated thread dissolves into nothingness. When the pin is removed, any uncut thread retracts into it immediately.

Clockwork Leaper: This tiny automaton can take the shape of a hare, toad, or grasshopper at the handler's choice. After spending 1 min to wind up the mechanism via its turnkey, the handler can release the automaton, at which point it hops in a single direction at a speed of 15 ft for 10 min.

Empathetic Reins: Each length of material in this set of animal reins is composed of two strips of supple leather dyed in contrasting colors (such as bright red and dark green). It magically resizes and reshapes to fit over the head of any beast suitable as a mount. While holding the reins, the rider of that mount can automatically sense its mood and any unfulfilled basic needs, and has advantage on any ability check made to control or influence its behavior.

Horn of Proclamation: Speaking through this horn allows the user to project their voice up to 5 times farther than usual. In addition, 1/day the horn can be used to communicate with a specified individual as if through the Sending spell, with the limitation that the sender and recipient must be within the boundaries of the same settlement, such as a city or village.

Memory Pool: This 1-ft-diameter hoop is made of white wood and inlaid with sparkling glass beads of hues between sky blue and sea green. The space within the hoop ripples with the slightest disturbance, though there is nothing tangible to be felt. Anyone who holds the Memory Pool can gaze through it to gain advantage on any Int-based skill check. A creature who uses this power cannot access it again until 24 hr have passed, but otherwise there is no limit to the number of times the Memory Pool may be used.

Paper Crane Teakettle: This item normally resembles a piece of paper with a pattern of tea leaves printed upon it. When its command word is spoken, the paper automatically folds itself into the shape of a crane, or back into an unfolded form when the word is spoken again. While folded into its crane shape, if the teakettle is tipped over a teacup, the cup will fill with warm, fresh tea. The teakettle can produce up to 4 pints of tea in this way per day.

Starlight Globe: This palm-sized crystal sphere appears to contain a twinkling star plucked from the night sky. It sheds dim light in a 40-ft radius but radiates no heat. A creature holding the sphere can use an action to speak its command word and cast the cantrip Dancing Lights from it. While the spell is active, the Starlight Globe turns dark.

Older Concepts

This is a list of item descriptions that I brainstormed before settling on the versions described above. These typically represent a change in function, and in some cases the item originally had a different form as well.

Badge of Inspiration:

  • “When the wearer successfully negotiates a favor with a humanoid NPC, the NPC will provide something in addition to the original terms of the bargain, or if the favor requires an ability check then the NPC is granted advantage.”


  • “The attuned character is considered proficient with this attack and may treat it as a ranged weapon attack instead of a spell attack, using their Dex mod to hit in place of their spellcasting ability, if any.”

  • “A character with spell slots can expend one to shoot one extra ray per level of the slot.”

  • “A character with Extra Attack may apply the feature to attack multiple times with this cantrip.”

Mask of the Gorgon:

  • Gorgonscale Armor: This scale mail is composed of steely black plates trimmed with silver. It's imbued with the endurance of the mythical gorgon bull, granting a +1 bonus to AC (total AC 15 + Dex mod, max +2) and providing advantage on Str checks to break or force stone objects. However, the distinct clattering of the plates caused by the wearer's movement imposes disadvantage on Stealth checks.”

  • Gorgon Ironplate: This breastplate is a steely black color with silver trimming. It is imbued with the endurance of the mythical gorgon, granting a +1 bonus to AC (total AC is 15 + Dex mod, max +2).”


  • “Sealbreaker cannot deal damage to creatures except constructs; however, against any creature that wears nonmagical armor, if the attack roll is at least 5 higher than that creature's AC, their armor suffers a permanent and cumulative -1 penalty to AC until they take time to repair it.”

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