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There are two main events in the city’s past that you need to know

  1. The rebellion

    1. The rebellion took place roughly 300 years ago

    2. It was led by the elven monarch, Rumino Gaeal 

    3. The rebellion was due to a lack of food and a lack of communication through the General Trost of the time

    4. Rumino tried burning the mistletoe trees when he realized that they were going to be converted to goodberries

    5. his followers then realized that he misled them in a bid to seize power

    6. Gruot’s ancestor’s soldiers defended the fields and the rebellion was stopped

    7. all of the rebels were exiled, sent off on a ship to find land. 

      1. it is worth noting here that this is how the city deals with large offenses, they are given a ship and exiled to seek new land to flee to.

      2.  Five enormous ships each capable of holding about 1/5th of the city’s population will then ferry the city’s population to the new land. 

    8. Eledara Stormfhar was later elected monarch in Rumino’s old position

  2. The breach

    1. At one point roughly 50 years ago, Grognark’s army succeeded in breaching a small part of the wall

    2. Countess Loraine’s son and fighters were able to take back and hold the breach, but when the former General Trost ordered a retreat they were overrun

    3. all of Countess Loraine’s soldiers were wiped out, including her sons

    4. after a great loss of life, soldiers were able to hold the breach long enough for it to be sealed by King Brunuol Oakfinger, who formed a massive wall of thorns with his druids

    5. the breach has since been properly sealed

And the names of those on the council of monarchs

General Trost

  • Family line was responsible for building the city

  • They lead the council, and their votes count as two

  • Each Trost inherits their name

Gruot Burstclaw

  • Is a Gnoll, leads Beastmen and half-breeds

  • Is in charge of defending the wall

  • Has authority to forcibly enlist soldiers

King Brunuol Oakfinger

  • A dwarf, leads Dwarves and halflings

  • Leads the Druid’s guild, who are responsible for managing the cities food supply

  • This is done through massive fields of mistletoe, which the druids convert to goodberries

  • Is old, even for a dwarf. Rumors claim that he’s centuries old but still young

  • After a small portion of the outer wall was breached, and great loss of life to retake it, he summoned a massive wall of thorns to fill the breach, said to be harder than iron.

Queen Eledara Stormfhar

  • Is an elf, represents elves and tieflings

  • Bears the responsibility for her predecessor's rebellion

  • While the city has overall moved on, races with longer lives (and longer memories) may still bear grudges

Countess Loraine

  • Is a half elf, the people she would represent were wiped out

  • After a small portion of the outer wall was breached, her son and her countries fighters led the charge to retake the wall

  • They were wiped out, and while she retains her seat she holds nearly no power

What has happened in the previous sessions

  • Essentially, the important bits are as follows:

    • The group, brought together by circumstances, investigates beyond the first wall into the vast fields of mistletoe, found a group of strange unknown creatures casting a spell they identified as silence. After striking down this group, and investigating the corpses to find any possible information, they were discovered by a large, bulbous orc carrying a strange skull. They were able to defeat this foe, and capture one of his bodyguards.

    • Afterwards, the group discovered a conspiracy where the captured creature, and its slain kin, were using arms forged by the city. After investigating, they discovered a tunnel leading outside of the city wall, which they reported on the return trip and had sealed.

    • In return for capturing the traitor who fled outside the walls, and returning the criminal to the council, the party was given permission to establish a mercenary company that while independent from the army, gets paid for completing tasks from the council.

Building your character

  • Your character will be seeking to join this mercenary group, but past that your backstory is of course completely up to you. If I may offer some advice to fit them into the world, it is likely that a citizen with fighting capabilities of level 4 would have interacted with their monarch at some point, to what degree is up to your character. For example, if your character is a level 4 dragonborn, it is likely that Gruot Burstclaw would have sought out enlisting you at some point. Additionally, Countess Loraine’s house was nearly destroyed in the previous breach, so she would likely be more involved with her remaining subjects. 

  • Additionally, if you were not born in the city, rather came to it from the outside, just know that settlements outside of the city would be extremely rare and would need a reason explaining why they went so long without being discovered by the orcish horde. (I am by no means opposed to the idea, it is just worth mentioning)

  • And finally, races such as Half-Orcs and Goblins, races that can be found in the orcish horde, will be facing some discrimination here and there. Nothing as extreme as being attacked in the city, but expect some comments or some dirty looks in a tavern. The races and classes we already have are as follows: A dwarven cleric, and an Orc Ranger.

  • Regarding homebrew, if you are wanting to try out a homebrew class/race please message me first with a link to it’s abilities. I am not opposed to homebrew as long as it is not overpowered.

  • Please PM me on discord @Cress#0283 if you have any questions regarding the above, and I’ll be happy to answer.

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