D&D Servants Project: EMIYA

Disclaimer: I focused more on accuracy to the Fate canon in these builds that I did on keeping them balanced. Therefore, these builds/homebrew will be incredibly overpowered, please do not misuse them.

The Faker


Name: Shirou Emiya

Race: Human/Servant

Alignment: True Neutral

Servant Class: Archer

D&D Class: Fighter (Eldritch Knight)

Level: 20

Hidden Attribute: Human

Height: 187cm

Weight: 78 kg



Strength: 14 (+2)

Dexterity: 16 (+3)

Constitution: 16 (+3)

Intelligence: 18 (+4)

Wisdom: 18 (+4)

Charisma: 14 (+2)


Armor Class: 18

HP: 184

Initiative: + 3

Speed: 30

Proficiency Bonus: +6

Hit Dice: 20d6

Spell slots:










Reality Marble












Saving Throws:

Strength: +8

Constitution: +9


Proficiencies and Languages:

Skills: Arcana (+10), Athletics (+8), History (+10), Insight (+10), Investigation(+10), Perception (+10), Survival (+10)

Armor: Light Armor, Shields

Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Improvised Weapons.

Tools: Tinker’s Tools, Cleaning supplies, Cook’s Utensils.

Languages: Japanese, “Common”

Passive Perception: 14

Passive Investigation: 14

Passive Insight: 14



Archer’s Bow: A magic bow of EMIYA’s own design. Requires two hands to use. Heavy, Deals 1D8 piercing damage. This damage is magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance. Range (3280, 13123). This bow creates arrows out of pure magical energy so it does not require ammunition.  If this bow is lost, it will return to EMIYA after a short rest. Additionally, while this bow is in his possession he can materialize and dematerialize it at will.


Studded Leather chestplate: Changes the wearer’s AC to 11 + dexterity modifier.


Red Jacket: EMIYA’s signature red jacket made from a holy shroud. Makes the wearer immune to environmental damage (For example, extreme cold temperatures, sandstorms, ect. This does not make him immune to attacks to do the same thing, only natural phenomenon).


Tohsaka’s Pendant: A jeweled pendant that was once used to save EMIYA’s life. He keeps it on him as a sort of charm.


Abilities & Skills:

Independent Action (B): Class skill of archers. If EMIYA’s master or whatever other creature or object that’s tying him to this world is killed or destroyed, EMIYA can remain in this world for up to two days without disappearing.


Magic Resistance (D): Class skill of archers. Nullifies harmful cantrips or spells of the first level or lower.


Clairvoyance (C): One of EMIYA’s personal skills. EMIYA can see objects up to 4 km away as clearly as if they were right next to him. Additionally, EMIYA can use a weapon at long range without disadvantage. Finally, EMIYA ignores half and three quarters cover.


Mind’s Eye (True) (B): One of EMIYA’s personal skills. A sixth sense for combat built from experience. Grants the following abilities.

  • EMIYA can choose to use his wisdom modifier for attack roles instead of Strength/Dexterity.

  • EMIYA can add his wisdom modifier to his armor class.

  • EMIYA can add his wisdom modifier to dexterity saving throws.

  • EMIYA can use Know Your Enemy instantaneously.


Magecraft (C-): One of EMIYA’s personal skills. EMIYA is not an archer, he is a magus. Archer has spell slots equivalent to a wizard of equal level and has proficiency in Arcana. He only knows three spells: Reinforcement, Structural Analysis, and most importantly, Projection.

  • Reinforcement, 2nd level transmutation. Can be casted as a bonus action. EMIYA touches one or two weapons of his choice, and imbues them with magical energy. It becomes magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance, gains +1 to hit, and gains an extra die of damage. This can also be used on improvised weapons. It can also be used to turn an object into an improvised shield, which has the properties of a normal shield. This spell is a concentration spell. EMIYA can have an amount of weapons reinforced at one time equal to his intelligence modifier.

  • Structural Analysis, Divination cantrip. Can be cast as a bonus action. EMIYA may choose one object he can see. By observing it he determines what an object is made of, how it’s structured, and whether or not it’s magical. This ability fails against divine constructs.

  • Projection, variable level conjuration, see projecting magecraft.


Projection Magecraft (A): One of EMIYA’s personal skills. His signature form of magecraft which he’s honed to deadly perfection. It is a form of conjuration that gives forms to objects from the caster minds. It can theoretically give shape to anything, but EMIYA has specialized in the projection of weapons. EMIYA can project any simple or martial weapon as a cantrip. He can do this as a bonus action. Archer can also project any Noble Phantasm he has knowledge of. Projection of Noble Phantasms requires spell slots, the level of which is dependent on the strength of the Noble Phantasm. A table of projections will be provided. If EMIYA invokes the true name of a Noble Phantasm, he can use it’s ability but it shatters afterwards. Archer also has a handful of favorite projections, which are as follows. All projected weapons are magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance. EMIYA can dismiss any projected weapon at will. EMIYA can have a number weapons equal to his intelligence modifier projected at one time. (Note: Projected weapons count as weapons not spells so they ignore magic resistance).


  • Kanshou and Bakuya: A pair of twin shortswords originally created by the Chinese swordsmith Gān Jiàng to question the meaning of swordsmithing. EMIYA’s favorite weapon. Each sword has +3 to hit and does 1d6 +3 slashing weapons. This damage is magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance. These swords are meant to be used as a pair. As such, if someone is wielding both swords, they can add their proficiency bonus to both weapons instead of just one. Throwable (25/100). Additionally, if someone is holding one sword, they can instantly summon the other to their hand. EMIYA can project these swords together as a cantrip and as a bonus action. 



  • Hrunting (arrow): A sword originally belonging to legendary hero Beowolf. EMIYA has remodeled it to serve as an arrow. When fired, the attack is guaranteed to hit (still roll to see whether or not it crits). Deals 1D10 + 5 piecing damage. This damage is magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance. EMIYA can project this weapon as a 1st level spell.

  • Caladbolg II: An enchanted sword originally belonging to Fergus mac Róich that EMIYA has remodeled. He can project this sword as a 7th level spell. This projection is an action. Archer loads the sword into his bow then fires it like a missile. Upon impact, it explodes, creating a rift in reality. Any creature with 40 ft of the point of impact must make a DC 19 constitution saving throw. They take 18d8 force damage on a failed save and half as much on a successful one.

  • Rho Aias: A shield belonging to the Greek hero Ajax. Has the “heavy” property. Archer can project it as a 9th level spell.This projection is an action or a reaction. While the shield is up, creatures attacking EMIYA will attack it instead of him. It has an armor class of 20 and 322 HP. The shield has seven layers, for every 46 damage taken, a layer breaks and the shields AC goes down by 1. Rho Aias is completely immune to status ailments but instantly fails any saving throws. The shield is also immune to poison or psychic damage. When the shield is destroyed, any leftover damage from the attack that destroyed the shield overflows onto EMIYA. While the shield is up, EMIYA must use one of his hands to “hold” it. Additionally, due to it’s bulk, EMIYA’s speed is halved and he has disadvantage on attack rolls while using it.

  • Excalibur Image: An incomplete replica of Excalibur, the holy sword of King Arthur. While EMIYA can normally not project divine constructs, his familiarity with the king allows him to create an incomplete copy. EMIYA can project this sword as a 9th level spell. Attack rolls using this weapon gain a + 4 modifier. Deals 1d8 + 4 slashing damage, Versatile (1d10 + 4). This damage is magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance. Upon invoking it’s true name. EMIYA slashes the sword in front of him, creating a fan shaped blast of holy light. Any creature in a 20ft fan in front of EMIYA must make a DC 24 dexterity saving throw. They tack 20D12 damage on a failed save and half as much on a successful save. Upon using this skill, the sword breaks. This sword can only be projected within Unlimited Blade Works.

    <small>Noble Phantasm</small>
    <small>Noble Phantasm</small>

Projection list:

Since I’ll be coming up with each heroic spirit’s Noble Phantasm as I go along, I’ll be updating the list over time, so check back if you’re interested.


Spell Level

Can it be projected as a bonus action

Gáe Bolg



Rule Breaker





















Tawrich & Zarich



As a second level conjuration (as an action), using project, EMIYA can launch a number of swords equal to his intelligence modifier. This has a range of 100 ft and the swords can be used to attack any target within range (They don’t all have to hit the same target). He makes range attack rolls, and the attacks deal 1D10 piercing damage. This damage is magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance. For both the attack and damage roles, Archer uses his intelligence modifier. This action can be performed without the use of spell slots within Unlimited Blade Works.

Archer can also project advanced fishing gear as a first level spell. This grants him a +6 modifier to any ability checks relating to fishing.

EMIYA can project cook’s utensils as a cantrip.


Triple-Linked Crane Wings: A technique of EMIYA’s own invention using Kanshou and Bakuya unique properties. This technique can be performed as an action while EMIYA is wielding Kanshou and Bakuya. First EMIYA throws Kanshou and Bakuya at the target, making two ranged attacks against them. Immediately afterwards, EMIYA projects another Kanshou and Bakuya, charges at the target, and makes two melee attacks with advantage. EMIYA then reinforces the swords, and makes two more attacks against the target (no advantage this time). This ability recharges after a long rest.

Unlimited Blade Works: EMIYA’s noble phantasm. A reality marble born from EMIYA’s unique magical origin. As either an action or a bonus action, EMIYA begans chanting the incantation. This must be done either as action or a bonus action. One this action is performed four times in the same battle, the spell activates. The chant is as follows. 1) I am the bone of my sword. Steel is my body, and fire is my blood. 2) I have created over a thousand blades. Unknown to death, nor known to life. 3) Have withstood pain to create many weapons, yet these hands do not hold anything. 4) And so, as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works. Upon completion, all creatures within 60 feet of EMIYA are drawn into his reality marble. Unlimited Blade Works is an alternate plane, it has breathable air, and consists of an endless barren hill peppered with swords. There are also numerous giant gears rotating in the sky. Creatures within cannot leave unless they are capable of interplanar travel,  EMIYA lets them out, the Reality Marble is disrupted, or the ability ends. While within Unlimited Blade Works, EMIYA gains the following abilities.

  • EMIYA no longer has a limit on how many items he can have projected at one.

  • Projections that are 5th level or lower can be projected without the consumption of spell slots.

  • EMIYA can project Excalibur Image.

  • EMIYA can use his sword volley technique without having to consume spell slots.

  • EMIYA ignored rough terrain within Unlimited Blade Works.

  • EMIYA can use Structural Analysis on a number of targets equal to his intelligence modifier simultaneously.

  • Infinite Swords Dance: EMIYA launches a volley of 20 swords as a series of range attacks. This has a range of 100 ft and the swords can be used to attack any target within range (They don’t all have to hit the same target). He makes range attack rolls, and the attacks deal 1D10 piercing damage. This damage is magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance. For both the attack and damage roles, Archer uses his intelligence modifier. This ability can only be used one for each use of Unlimited Blade Works.

Archer can dispel Unlimited Blade Works at any time. If not, the ability ends after an hour, returning everyone to the real world. After the ability ends, it cannot be used again until after a long rest.


Nameless Hero: EMIYA is a hero without a legend. History checks to determine his identity will always fail. If someone is able to determine his identity through magical means, they most like would have never heard of him.


Anti-Hero: EMIYA is a distorted Heroic Spirit and is not a pure hero. EMIYA has resistance to effects that specifically target Heroic Spirits.


The following skills are paraphrased from the various D&D sourcebooks


Fighting Style: Archery: EMIYA gains a +2 bonus to Attack Rolls he makes with Ranged Weapons.


Second Wind: EMIYA has a limited well of stamina that he can draw on to protect herself from harm. On his turn, he can use a Bonus Action to regain Hit Points equal to 1d10 + his Fighter level. Once he uses this feature, he must finish a short or Long Rest before he can use it again.


Action Surge: EMIYA can push herself beyond his normal limits for a moment. On his turn, he can take one additional action on top of your regular action and a possible Bonus Action. Once he uses this feature twice, he must finish a short or Long Rest before he can use it again. It can be only used once on the same turn.


Extra Attack: EMIYA can Attack four times whenever he takes the Attack action on his turn.


Idominitable: EMIYA can reroll a saving throw that he fails. If he does so, he must use the new roll, and after using this feature three times he can’t use this feature again until he finishes a Long Rest.


Weapon Bond: EMIYA can perform a ritual that creates a magical bond between himself and one weapon. He can perform the ritual over the course of 1 hour, which can be done during a short rest. The weapon must be within his reach throughout the ritual, at the conclusion of which he touches the weapon and forges the bond. Once he has bonded a weapon to himself, he can’t be disarmed of that weapon unless he is incapacitated. If it is on the same plane of existence, he can summon that weapon as a bonus action on his turn, causing it to teleport instantly to his hand. He can have up to two bonded weapons, but can summon only one at a time with his bonus action. If he attempts to bond with a third weapon, he must break the bond with one of the other two.


War Magic: When EMIYA use his action to cast a spell, he can make one attack as a bonus action


Eldritch Strike: EMIYA knows how to make his weapon strikes undercut a creature’s resistance to his spells. When he hits a creature with a weapon attack, that creature has disadvantage on the next saving throw it makes against a spell he casts before the end of his next turn.

Arcana Charge: EMIYA gains the ability to teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space he can see when he uses his Action Surge. He can teleport before or after the additional action.



This section is paraphrased from both Shirou and Archer pages on Type-Moon wiki, so most of the credit goes to them.

Shirou Emiya, a hero that no one knows. He is not a real heroic spirit, but an Anti-Hero born from a contract with the world. He is a counter guardian, which means he assassinates those the world has determined to be a threat to humanity.

Shirou was born in the coastal Japanese town of Fuyuki. The first seven years of his life were fairly happy and normal, though he does not remember much of them. He was an ordinary boy living with his ordinary loving parents. 

However, in the year 1994, the Fourth Holy Grail war took place. At the War’s climax, the contents of the grail were released upon the city, burning its western half to the ground. Everything Shirou had known to that point was destroyed, but yet he kept walking, just trying to survive the hell around him. When Shirou was on the brink of death, a man discovered him. When he found Shirou, he rushed to him and did everything he could to save him. That moment would stick in Shirou for the rest of life. Upon finding him a living person, a look of joy came across the man’s face, as if he was the one who had been saved. There was something about that sentiment that the young Shirou found beautiful. This man was a magus named Kiritsugu Emiya and he became the orphaned Shirou’s stepfather.

Shirou’s life with Kiritsugu was a somewhat unusual childhood. The two of them were quite close, even though Kiritsugu would disappear for weeks on end. Additionally, Shirou desperately wanted to learn magic, but Kiritsugu didn’t want him to go down that path. Eventually, the old magus gave in, but he warned Shirou not to become a magus, but to simply be a magic user. He only gave him a very basic understanding of magic, which is what would lead to EMIYA’s unique fighting style.

Kiritsugu and Shirou lived together as father and son for five years. One day, Shirou came to talk to Kiritsugu when he was stargazing. He talked to him about how, in his youth, he one desired to be a noble Hero of Justice who could save anyone, but lost his way upon reaching adulthood. Shirou supposed that perhaps it was difficult for an adult to become a superhero, and declared that he’d carry on Kiritsugu’s ideas for him. Upon hearing this, Kiritsugu smiled and peacefully passed on.

After Kiritsugu’s death, Emiya’s life continued as normal. However, Shirou did everything in his power to try to become a hero. He’d often get into fights with neighborhood bullies, and he was unnaturally willing to help others, something other’s regularly exploited him for. These tendencies lessened as he got older, but his ideals still remained core to his identity.

In 2004, an event occurred that changed the course of Emiya’s life, the 5th Holy Grail War. Shirou was unaware of the war up until this point, Kiritsugu had never told him. Emiya hated the very idea of the war, but upon learning that it was the cause of tragedy ten years prior, he decided to fight to prevent it from ever happening again. He served as the master of Saber, and ended up coming out as the victor of the war. However, he had no wish, so he destroyed the grail. 

Having been dragged head first back into the world of magecraft, he spent a short term at the association before heading out into the world as a freelance magus. His goal was to achieve his dream of becoming a Hero of Justice, so he set out to solve the world’s problems. However, he found that his own power was insufficient. He faced all sorts of enemies during his travels, from wicked men to otherworld demons.

One day, the most important decision of Emiya’s life appeared before him. There was a great calamity that threatened to claim the lives of hundreds of people. As such, Emiya decided to make a contract with the world. He agreed to serve as a heroic spirit in exchange for the world saving those peoples lives. Emiya believed this was a win-win situation. As a heroic spirit, he could continue to save people after his death.

One day, a great war was waged, and Emiya tried to stop it. He did everything he could to stop the conflict, but he was instead blamed for the fighting. His allies betrayed him, and he was executed. However, he did not hate humans, as he thought he would be finally able to save them after his death. 

However, the world had other plans for him. It made the heroic spirit EMIYA a counter guardian. When the world was in danger, EMIYA was forced to slaughter all those who would threaten it. He basically cleaned up after humans to protect humanity as a whole. After forcing humanity off the path of self-destruction numerous times, he began to hate the ideals that once defined his life. In the end he was betrayed by his own ideals.

Eventually, EMIYA came up with a new mission, one he thought would save him from his fate: to find his past self, and kill him.

Eventually, he got his chance, as he was summoned as Archer in the 5th Holy Grail war. However, upon interacting with his past self again, he began to question whether or not he was really wrong. In the end, he put his faith in his past self, hoping he won’t make the same mistakes he did.



This section is paraphrased from both Shirou and Archer pages on Type-Moon wiki, so most of the credit goes to them.

EMIYA is an unusual individual, somewhat of a walking contradiction. He is cynical and nihilist, but he is devoted to his allies, and can be a bit childish at times. He never lies, but he’ll often tell half truths. While he means well, he often comes off as sarcastic. Due to his life as Shirou Emiya, he can neither approve of nor deny the ideals of a hero of justice.

EMIYA is a bitter person due to what he experienced as a counter guardian. Despite this, he has no hatred towards the people he knew in life (other than himself). He chose to become a heroic spirit because he thought he could save everyone, and hated the fact that he could only save some by killing others. For a long time, he despised his ideals. However, after meeting his past self again, he began to believe that his ideals are childish, but perhaps not worthless. He still can’t approve of them though.

Due to the unusual method of ascension, he only has fragments of the memories of his life. If one image does stand out in his mind, it was when he first summoned Saber. However, upon seeing people or places from his past, parts of it come back to him. He sometimes enjoys reminition of his youth, even though he knows about the hell it led him to.

He’s no longer interested in killing his past self. However, he still can’t bring himself to approve of him, or even like the guy.

His favorite pastimes are housework and cooking, and he’s excellent at them. He denies all this of course.

EMIYA has no wish for the grail. Originally, he joined the war in hope of killing his past self, but he’s since given up on that dream. If he were to wish for anything, it’d probably be world peace.




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