Delta D&D


Stats: 21(10 base) STR(+5), 18 DEX(+4), 19(10 base) CON(+4)

20 INT(+5), 20 WIS(+5), 14 CHA(+2)

HP: 369/369

AC: 25(22 Unarmored, 21 Unshielded)

Prof Bonus: +6

Init Bonus: +4

Saving Throws: All Saves

Move Speed: 30FT/60FT

Spellcasting(INT/WIS/CHA): +11, DC 19/+9, DC 17

Spell Slots: (1) 8/8 (2) 3/3 (3) 3/3 (4) 3/3 (5) 2/2

Constructed Resiliance

Sentry’s Rest

Integrated Protection

Divine Sense(6/6)

Lay on Hands(10/10)

(FS)Unarmed Fighting

Divine Health

Divine Smite

Unarmored Defense

Martial Arts(1d10)


Unarmored Movement(+30FT)

Deflect Missiles(1d10+24)

Drunken Technique

Slow Fall(-90)

Stunning Strike

Ki-Empowered Strikes

Tipsy Sway


Stillness of Mind

Purity of Body

Drunkard’s Luck

Tongue of the Sun and Moon

Diamond Soul

Timeless Body

Heavy Armor Master(Feat)

Intoxicated Frenzy

Empty Body

Magical Tinkering(5/5)

Power Armor

Armor Model(Guardian)

The Right Tools for the Job

Tool Expertise

Flash of Genius(+5, 5/5)

Armor Modifications

Magic Item Adept

Spell-Storing Item(10/10)

Magic Item Savant

Perfected Armor(5/5, Guardian)

War Caster(Feat)

Magic Item Master

Aberrant Dragonmark(Feat)

Soul of Artifice

(AI)Ring of Protection

(AI)Cloak of Protection

(AI)Enhanced Defense

(AI)Amulet of Health

(AI)Winged Boots

(AI)Enhanced Weapon

(AI)Belt of Giant Hill Strength

(AI)Brooch of Shielding

Boon of Spell Mastery

Mizzium Plate Armor

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