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Full Mining & Smithing Documentation

Mining & Smithing – Other Content

This is the full list of changes to all content touched on by mining and smithing which is going out with the rework.

Drop Tables

Full design here.



The following items can be augmented. All other new items from the rework cannot be augmented. (In particular, regular smithed armour, weapons and tools cannot be augmented regardless of level.)

  • Masterwork Platebody

  • Masterwork Platelegs

  • Upgraded Masterwork Platebody

  • Upgraded Masterwork Platelegs

  • Tuned Bane Sword

  • Tuned Bane Shield

  • Tuned Bane 2H Sword

  • Pick of Earth and Song

  • Imcando Pickaxe

  • Crystal Pickaxe

  • Dragon Pickaxe

  • Crystal Hammer

  • Hammer-tron


New smithed items disassemble normally using the standard Invention formulas for level, item type and slot. (Pre-rework, rune items have artificially improved component rates. This bonus will be removed as rune will become an ordinary level 50 item.)

Upgraded items do not disassemble into more components than base items. The disassembly formula does not care how many materials were used to make the item, only its level, item type and slot.

This means that upgraded items will definitely not be cost effective to disassemble. Regardless, smithing will probably not be a good source of components because each individual item takes much longer to make now.

Masterwork and upgraded masterwork armour cannot be disassembled. (It has no special component so disassembling it will always be the wrong decision.)

Invention Perks

No changes

Hallucinogenic, Glow Worm, Enlightened, Enhanced Efficient, Fatiguing, Efficient, Brassican, Antitheism, Cautious, Commited, Mysterious, Hoarding, Talking, Pyromaniac, Prosper, Butterfingers, Confused, Imp Souled


When smithing, instead of disassembling the item, the breakdown perk has a chance to give the same components that would have been gained for disassembling the item, but the item remains intact. The chance is 0.8% per level of the perk per bar used in creation of the item (bars in the recipe, not bars contained in the finished item).


No changes, but the extra XP will be additive with other XP increases, not multiplicative.


Only works on core ore items.


Only works on core ore items. When downgrading to level 40, randomly chooses between adamantite and luminite. Still works on gold and arc crabs.


Only works on core ore items. When upgrading to level 40 or level 90, randomly chooses between the ores at that level. Still works on silver and arc crabs.


Works on all rocks. Old effect removed. New effect:

Mining: +5/10/15% chance per swing to generate no progress, but double xp

Smelting: no effect

Smithing: no effect


Works on all rocks. Old effect removed. New effect:

Mining: +2/4/6/8/10% double ore chance.

Smelting: no effect

Smithing: no effect


Mining: no effect

Smelting: no effect

Smithing: Heat is lost twice as fast, but progress is earned 5/10/15% more quickly.


Only works on core ore items. Mining: +2/4/6% geode chance.

Smelting: no effect

Smithing: no effect


Mining: no effect

Smelting: no effect

Smithing: +2/4/6% double progress chance.


Concentrated Coal Rocks

Concentrated coal rocks require 70 to mine, give the same XP as necrite, and produce coal. They have a difficulty of 500 (meaning it takes 500 progress to get ore) but each time coal is earned, 5 coal is earned. Bonuses that apply specifically to mining coal still apply when mining concentrated coal. Like all reworked rocks, concentrated rocks no longer deplete at all.

Concentrated Gold Rocks

Concentrated gold rocks require 80 to mine, give the same XP as bane, and produce gold. They have a difficulty of 750 (meaning it takes 750 progress to get ore) but each time gold is earned, 5 gold is earned. Like all reworked rocks, concentrated rocks no longer deplete at all.

Rune Essence Rocks

Rune Essence, Pure Essence

Balanced for new system but no major changes. Using a bronze pickaxe will no longer be faster.

Clay Rocks

Balanced for new system but no major changes.

Soft Clay Rocks

Balanced for new system but no major changes.


Balanced for new system but no major changes.


Balanced for new system but no major changes.


Balanced for new system but no major changes.


Balanced for new system but no major changes.

Bane Ore

Bane is now a core mining and smithing metal, used at level 80. There will only be one type of bane ore in the game. The bane ore mined in the glacor and abomination caves will be the same ore as can be mined elsewhere at other bane ore sites.

Bane Ammo

The method of tuning bane ore unlocked in by Ritual of the Mahjarrat will remain unchanged in game. The Tune Bane Ore spell can still be used to make different kinds of tuned ore, which can then be made into different kinds of tuned ranged ammo. The smithing involved still requires the Kethsian anvil. (Actually making the ammo from the tuned bar will use the new smithing mechanics, requiring progress and giving XP the same as a bane bar.)

Bane Melee Weapons

In addition, a new method of tuning melee bane weapons will be added with the rework. This is a purely smithing process and doesn't involve the magic skill. To smith a tuned melee weapon the player needs 80 smithing (it unlocks at the same time as bane weapons). There are no other quest or other requirements to do this.

Smithing a tuned melee weapon requires a +4 bane weapon. This is then used in a smithing recipe along with a small quantity of special ingredients depending on the monster type being tuned against. Unlike the tune bar ore spell, tuning a melee weapon destroys the additional ingredients. By comparison to regular smithing, the process takes more progress and gives less XP than regular bane smithing. These recipes can be made at any anvil, they are not restricted to Kethsi.

Bane Longsword +4

Abyssal Whip

4000 progress ->

Abyssalbane Longsword

4000 XP

Bane Shield +4

Abyssal Whip

4000 progress ->

Abyssalbane Shield

4000 XP

Bane 2H Sword +4

2 x Abyssal Whip

8000 progress ->

Abyssalbane 2H Sword

8000 XP

Bane Longsword +4

Any corrupt Statius or Vesta weapon

4000 progress ->

Revenantbane Longsword

4000 XP

Bane Shield +4

Any corrupt Statius or Vesta armour piece

4000 progress ->

Revenantbane Shield

4000 XP

Bane 2H Sword +4

2 x Any corrupt Statius or Vesta weapon

8000 progress ->

Revenantbane 2H Sword

8000 XP

Bane Longsword +4

Draconic Visage

4000 progress ->

Dragonbane Longsword

4000 XP

Bane Shield +4

Draconic Visage

4000 progress ->

Dragonbane Shield

4000 XP

Bane 2H Sword +4

2 x Draconic Visage

8000 progress ->

Dragonbane 2H Sword

8000 XP

(Offhand longswords are made the in same way as longswords.)

Tuned bane weapons have a slightly different effect to tuned ammo. Against their tuned targets, they increase damage by 25% but do not have increased accuracy. Otherwise, they have the same stats as bane +4 (level 79 accuracy and damage).

Tuned bane shields have a thorns effect against their tuned targets, meaning that they deal damage to any enemy that hits the wielder. The damage they deal will need to be balanced along with the armour spikes. The damage dealt is not a reflect, and will not scale with the damage dealt by the attacker.

We won't add wallasalkibane melee weapons (because they would be a waste of development time). If we have time, we will look at adding a new category of monster type to tune against.


Balanced for new system but no major changes.


Balanced for new system but no major changes.

Concentrated Sandstone Rocks

Concentrated sandstone rocks don't have an unusual effect. They are level 50 versions of sandstone rocks. They give the same XP as runite, and also give Menaphos reputation. They do not give sandstone faster (or slower) than regular sandstone rocks. We may rename these rocks to "Menaphos Sandstone Rocks" to make their purpose clearer.

The reward from Tier 8 Worker district reputation still applies to concentrated sandstone, but is now a +1 progress modifier to Menaphos sandstone instead of a modifier to random mining success chance.

Red Sandstone Rocks

The rocks will be updated to the new mechanics.

Red sandstone rocks will continue to limit daily how much sandstone can be mined per day.

50 from Oogloog and 25 from Sophanem.

Crystal-flecked Sandstone Rocks

The rocks will be updated to the new mechanics.

Crystal-flecked rocks will continue to limit daily how much sandstone can be mined per day.

50 from Prifddinas and 24 from the resource dungeon.

Gem rocks

The various gem rocks have now been organised into five tiers requiring 1, 20, 40, 60 and 75 mining respectively. The higher tier gem rocks drop better gems, so you now have more control over which gems you mine.

Arc Crablets

Alaea crablets are be balanced to give better XP than active playing animica, but give salt rather than valuable ores. This gives them a niche as the highest raw XP method, but animica will probably be a better overall deal taking into account XP and items earned.

Solid Crystals (Tarddiad)

Solid crystals require 75 mining to mine. They give the same XP as necrite. The drop rate is balanced to be slightly more generous than current, with crystal armour continuing to increase the crystal gained.

Seren Stones

Rebalanced to be better XP than afk animica, but not as good as animica when playing actively.

Seren stones cannot generate rockertunities. Their niche is entirely AFK.

Corrupted Ore

Balanced but no changes.

Reward Items

Coal Bag

With the addition of the ore box, the coal bag is no longer useful. It will be removed. Any DG tokens will be refunded. A new DG reward will be added to replace it:


Costs 4000 DG tokens.

The autoheater only works when the player has it in their inventory when smithing. When the heat of an unfinished smithing item reaches 0, the autoheater consumes 1 coal to refill the heat to 33%. This makes it possible to AFK smith as long as coal is provided.

The autoheater can draw coal from the backpack, the ore bag or the hopper.

Scroll of Efficiency

When completing a smithing object, for every bar used to make it (every bar in the recipe, not every bar it contains) there is a 2% chance for that bar to be immediately refunded. This can refund multiple bars from a single item.

Collector's Insignia

Existing effects on Agility and Firemaking unchanged.

For mining:

Charged insignia: Tier 3 luck, +2% geode chance, +10% double ore chance when mining red or crystal sandstone.

Loses 1 charge every time a geode is mined or double ore procs on sandstone.

Uncharged insignia: Tier 2 luck, +1% geode chance, +5% double ore chance when mining red or crystal sandstone.

Ring of Forging

As iron bars can no longer fail but now take 2 iron ore each, the ring of forging will instead reduce the cost of iron bars to 1 iron ore. The ring still lasts for 140 charges.

Goldsmith Gauntlets

Relabelled 'smelting gauntlets'. The smelting gauntlets allow you to smelt directly to the hopper, and smelt up to 60 bars at a time in Make-X.

Varrock Armour

All existing benefits relating to mining, smithing and smelting are removed.

All benefits are cumulative (i.e. armour 2 also has all the benefits of armour 1).

All bonuses stack additively with the equivalent levelling benefits.

All bonuses apply at any anvil or smelter.

Varrock Armour 1

+4% chance for double smelting bronze, iron, steel

+4% chance for double ore mining copper, tin, iron, coal

+4% chance for double progress smithing bronze, iron, steel

Varrock Armour 2

+3% chance for double smelting mithril, adamant

+3% chance for double ore mining mithril, adamant, luminite

+3% chance for double progress smithing mithril, adamant

Varrock Armour 3

+2% chance for double smelting rune, orikalkum, necronium

+2% chance for double ore mining rune, orichalcite, drakolith, necrite, phasmatite

+2% chance for double progress smithing rune, orikalkum, necronium

Varrock Armour 4

+1% chance for double smelting bane, elder rune

+1% chance for double ore mining bane, light animica, dark animica

+1% chance for double progress smithing bane, elder rune

New Varrock Armour


All benefits regarding mining, smithing or smelting from Varrock armour no longer require the armour to be worn.


"Chance for double ore" bonus doubled for all levels of Varrock armour.


"Chance for double smelting" bonus doubled for all levels of Varrock armour.


"Chance for double progress" bonus double for all levels of Varrock armour.

Falador Shield

The Falador Shield 4 from Elite Falador tasks continues to give +5% respect in the Artisan's Workshop. It continues to give +5% XP when smithing.

Luck Enhancers

Ring of Luck, Ring of Wealth, Ring of Fortune, Luck of the Dwarves, Amulet of Glory, etc

No longer affects gem drops.

When mining, luck enhancement increases the player's chance of receiving a metamorphic geode instead of an igneous geode. The base chance is 1%, and each tier of luck increases this chance by 0.5%.


Jack of Trades

Base, Master, Supreme, Legendary

Works the same as currently.

Quarrymaster Aura

Base, Greater, Master, Supreme, Legendary

Existing benefits removed as it wouldn't do anything. Instead now adds 1/2/3/4/5% chance to critically hit when mining (depending on the aura).

Resourceful Aura

Existing mining benefit removed as it wouldn't do anything. Instead now adds 2% to the player's chance to get a geode when mining.

In addition, when mining Red Sandstone or Crystal-Flecked Sandstone, whenever a sandstone is mined, the resourceful aura has a 10% chance to give an additional of the same type of stone which doesn't count towards the daily limit.

Golden Mining Suit

No changes.

Ring of Whispers

Instead of a mining skill boost, the Ring of Whispers adds 3 damage to every swing when mining.

Cross-Skilling Benefits

Divine Locations

The existing divine locations will have their Divination levels lowered to match their new Mining requirements. The energy used to make them will also be adjusted to the right tier (e.g. adamantite locations will require sparkling energy).

A new luminite location will be added at Divination 40 to allow this ore to be gathered. Other new locations will not be added at this time.



No changes. (The urns will work with the updated level numbers for ores.)


Strong urns will work up to level 70 smelting. A new tier, decorated smelting urns, will be added working up to level 99 smithing.

Decorated smithing urns will require 2000XP to fill and give 400XP when teleported.


Juju Mining, Perfect Juju Mining, Perfect Plus

Existing effect of juju potions for mining is removed, as the ore box is better makes it mostly redundant.

Instead, whenever an ore is mined, if the player is under the effect of a juju mining potion, they have a 10% chance to gain a stone spirit of the type of ore mined. (What stone spirits do has changed, see Drop Table design – in short, each stone spirit gives 1 additional ore and is consumed.) In practice this means that while using a juju mining potion, the player generates 10% additional ore.

A perfect juju mining potion (or perfect plus potion) has the same benefit as a basic juju mining potion, plus an additional effect: Whenever a stone spirit is consumed to generate an additional ore, the player's stamina bar immediately refills. By itself, because only 10% of swings generate stone spirits, this is only a small benefit. If the player brings a stack of stone spirits with them, they will refill stamina whenever they get an ore.

Perfect Juju Smithing, Perfect Plus

The perfect juju smithing potion (and perfect plus) gives +5% double progress chance when smithing.

Spring Cleaner

Full design here

Divination Transmuting

This will remain unchanged for now. New tiers will not be added and the existing ores will not have their requirement lowered. The effect of transmutation on the economy is to create floors and ceiling on the comparative values of tiered goods. The value of runite ore can't significantly exceed the value of 6 adamantite ore + 10 incandescent energy, because one can be relatively easily changed into the other. Until the new tiers of ore have been released into the economy and had a chance to settle in value, a transmute would almost certainly predict their relative values incorrectly and therefore have a negative effect on the economy.

Summoning Pouches

Pouches which require ores or bars will not change.

Two new tradeable items are added: iron ingots and steel ingots. Ingots are made at the smelter out of 5 of the appropriate bar. They take 2 ticks to make and give 4 XP (for iron) and 5 XP (for steel). No smelting bonuses or benefits apply to making these items.

The titan pouch recipes require 1 ingot instead of the previous used platebody. This replaces the previous designs which used stone spirits or bars instead. Celestial dragons drop steel ingots in place of their current steel platebodies.

Mining Accumulator

No longer gains charge when the player fails to mine. This is a concept that doesn't really exist in the rework.

Instead, the accumulator gains charge whenever the player gets a critical swing when mining. The amount of charge is equal to the amount of XP gained for that swing. Once 100,000 XP has been accumulated, the accumulator can be studied for 2,500 XP. (These numbers are the same as the current accumulator.)

Sign of the Porter

Although the ore box makes signs of the porter less valuable for mining, we won't be adding an additional mining function to them.


Existing mining effects removed. On non-mining resources, crystallise is not changed.

Mining effect:

Now only works on core mining rocks (copper to animica, including secondary ores like coal). One cast of crystallise lasts 30 seconds. For the duration of the effect two things happen:

  1. No progress is earned towards ore. This means that no ore can drop. Progress still generates XP.

  2. As long as the player's stamina is greater than zero, crystallise gives 20% additional mining xp. This stacks additively with other XP increasing bonuses.

  3. Crystallise does stack with rockertunities provided the spell is cast on the rockertunity rock before mining it.

Although this effect is much weaker than the old version, because the rework adds much higher XP mining rocks, so the overall bonus is still very high. Because of the increased value and usefulness of ores, sacrificing ore for XP may not be a good deal depending on the current state of the market.

Light Form

Light form doubles the effect of crystallise when mining from 20% to 40%.

Superheat Item

As before, superheat item smelts ore when cast provided all primary and secondary resources are provided. When cast on iron, the spell will create a steel/iron bar. When cast on coal, the spell will attempt to create a mithril/steel bar. When cast on luminite, the spell will attempt to create a rune/adamant bar. In all other cases the type of bar created is unambiguous.

Superheat item can only be cast on ores in the backpack. It can draw other ores from the ore box in order to provide the right resources. In the Artisan's Workshop (and only in the Artisan's Workshop) it can also draw on ores the player has stored in their hopper.

In addition, superheat item can be cast on an unfinished smithing object to immediately fill 33% of its heat bar.

Superheat Form

Superheat form no longer automatically smelts ore when mined. This is because bars cannot be placed in the ore box (or teleported with signs of the porter) so this isn't actually a useful thing to do.

Instead, superheat form reduces the time it takes to smelt each bar by 1 cycle. (The default time to smelt a bar is 4 cycles, but this improves to 2 cycles with a high smithing skill.) This means that superheat form doubles smelting speed for high level smiths.

In addition, when smithing with superheat form, the player gets increased progress multipliers at certain heat thresholds:

0 heat: 0.5x (no change)

<=33% heat: 1.5x (increased from 1x)

<=66% heat: 2x (increased from (1.5x)

> 66% heat: 2x (no change)


Skillchompas remain unchanged for non-mining skills.

When mining, skillchompas are always used along with the player's current mining pick. If wielded, the mining pick in backpack or toolbelt is used. If wielded, the skillchompa animation plays, otherwise the mining pick animation plays even when chompas are used from the backpack.

The five ranks of skillchompa require 31, 41, 51, 61 and 71 mining to use respectively. Skillchompas always give a bonus to crit effect (this increases both XP and ore gain). The amount of crit effect for the five ranks is 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 respectively.


Rock-crushing Scrimshaw

Existing benefits removed. Now gives +2% critical chance when mining.

Superior version gives +3%.

Gem-finding Scrimshaw

Existing benefits removed. Now gives +2% geode chance when mining.

Superior version gives +3%.

Bracelet of Clay

Same as current, all clay mined is automatically converted to soft clay.


All mining familiars will work in the same way. Each familiar adds a certain value to the player's mining skill for the purpose of dealing damage to rocks.

Desert Wyrm: +1

Void Ravager: +3

Obsidian Golem: +7

Lava Titan: +10

The desert wyrm's Burrow ability will be removed.

Crystal Hammer

Existing benefits removed.

Now gives:

+1% chance for double progress when smithing any core metal. The hammer lasts for 3,000 strikes before reverting to a seed. (This is an hour of smithing.)

Augmented Crystal Hammer

When augmented, the hammer gives its +1% chance for double progress as long as the charge pack remains.

Crystal Tool Making

No changes.

POH Armour Case

No changes.

Minigames & Special Zones

Mining Guild

The Mining Guild will be the only source of the new ore orikalkum. Otherwise, no changes.

Artisan's Workshop

Full design here.

Lava Flow Mine

Redesigned as follows:

The lava flow mine will be almost completely AFK. Crust works as a mining rock, giving about the same XP as drakolith. Crust has a progress bar like new ores, but it's extremely long (it takes about an hour to fill). On filling it, the nymph spawns. Moving between different areas of crust does not reset this progress bar. The nymph's rewards are unchanged.

Lower flow percentage gives the player additional progress on every swing. (We will need to balance this.)

Other than what causes her to spawn, the nymph remains the same.

D&Ds other than the lava geyser also unchanged.

Lava Geyser

The solidified lava geyser will work as a mining rock. On filling the progress bar, that geyser is no longer minable by that player and an imcando pickaxe piece is earned.

Living Rock Caverns

No changes, but see concentrated coal and gold changes above.

Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace will remain largely unchanged with a few changes detailed below. Its primary benefit will be the ability to smelt up to rune without using coal (or luminite). Although higher tier bars cannot be smelted here, the use of rune bars in elder rune bars should give the blast furnace a small niche use.


  • Bronze, Silver and Gold can no longer be smelted at the Blast Furnace.

  • Coal and luminite are no longer needed at all to smelt there. Only the primary bar is needed. (Iron ore always smelts into steel there.)

  • Ordan will no longer sell ore.

  • Ordan can now unnote iron, mithril, adamant and rune, and no longer charges to do so.

  • (Because the anvils in the blast furnace will have hoppers, it is easy to move ore there.)

  • The anvils there will no longer require Smithing 60 to use.


Trahaearn District

The Trahaearn district will remain relatively unchanged. The existing Seren stones and rocks will remain as they are in live.

Trahaearn Hour / Harmonised Ore

All existing benefits of Trahaearn hour are removed, replaced with the following:

  • Smelting corrupted ore yields 20% additional XP.

  • All rocks in the district have a 20% higher chance to reward double ore.

  • At the start of the hour, each runite rock in the district has a 2/30 chance to be replaced with a light animica or dark animica rock. If the rock has been replaced on this world, it will yield this ore until the end of the hour.

  • Farming benefits remain unchanged.

Ithell Hour

Instead of causing soft clay rocks to not deplete (which is now the default):

When mining soft clay rocks in the Ithell quarter while the voice of seren shines on it, each soft clay mined has a 50% chance to be transported directly to the player's bank before checking for and using porters.

Coal Trucks

Coal trucks will still work after the rework. The ore box makes them less useful.

Kingdom of Miscellania

No changes. Coal still has a use due to the autoheater.


No changes. Dungeoneering uses completely separate mining and smithing code.

Shooting Star

All layers require Mining 1 and have no hardness (which means they don't require a high level pick). Every swing generates 1 stardust. The XP for mining the star is higher than animica but lower than seren stones. Because XP scales with mining level and pick, players of all levels will get appropriate XP.

Shattered Heart

Strange rocks, Golden rocks


Reputation, collections, butterflies

Empty Throne Room

The Empty Throne Room will be reworked into the dark animica mining site.

The requirement to complete The Dig Site will be removed.

The Agility and Divination activities will remain almost identical, except the concept of the refinatrix and storage bin running out of materials will be removed. These activities can always be performed, and the 800,000 XP limit will remain.

The refinatrix will no longer be interactable. The crystal storage bin will remain interactable, but the check capacity op will be removed, and crystals can always be withdrawn from it.

The crystal formations will be replaced with regular dark animica rocks. These are normal rocks, and do not give impure senntisten crystals (which can no longer be obtained anywhere). Conceptually, the old crystal formations *are* dark animica rocks, and the senntisten crystals are now known to be dark animica.

As a regular mining site, the limit of 800,000 XP will be lifted. The dark animica rocks no longer become empowered, but they do spawn rockertunities as usual.

The rocks to the far north and south will be removed, and new rocks added around the "throne" area to create a full mining site.

Because we now have a proper mining site, the dark animica rocks around the entrance can be removed.


All quests have been updated to make sense with the new mechanics, but no major changes have been made. For example, we haven't gone through and checked that dialogue still makes sense with the new metal tiers.

Promotional Items

Skilling Outfits

Gemstone Golem

Existing benefits changed to:

+5% crit chance

+1 better rockertunities bonus (magic only)

No aggressive living rock (magic only)

Still duplicates any unlocked golden mining suit bonuses

Still duplicates any unlock varrock armour mining bonuses

Still obtained through mining.

Blacksmith's Outfit

Still gives the same XP bonus (+1% per piece, +1% for the whole set)

Rather than obtaining via ceremonial swords, can now be purchased from the Artisan's Workshop for 100% respect per piece.

Modified Blacksmith's Helmet

Still gives the same free coal. (This coal is useful because it can be used in the autoheater.)

Instead of the 5% chance to save coal when smelting, it now gives a 1% additional chance for double bars when smelting.

Portable Forges

Portable forges will be replaced with luminite injectors. (See the Artisan's Workshop design for more details.) Neither the bonuses nor the identity of the portable forge quite work in the rework and luminite injectors fulfil much the same community bonus ideal.

Because players may not want luminite injectors, rather than simply replacing them, on first login players will have their existing portable forges replaced with a new 1-item portable skilling pack. Using this, players can then select any of the other portables, or a luminite injector.

Existing and future portable skilling packs will also have their portable forge option replaced with a luminite injector option.

Protean Bars

Protean bars will continue to be a simple, AFK smithing method.

Protean bars will not work with the new smithing mechanics, instead remaining a simple 8 tick Make-X process. This allows them to remain as a completely AFK training method. However, it also means that any smithing bonuses to progress, heat etc will not apply to protean bars. In particular, luminite injectors (which replace portable forges) will not give any benefit to protean bars. The one exception is smithing XP bonuses (like the blacksmith's outfit) which will work as normal.

To compensate for this, we have buffed the XP values slightly. We've also adjusted the curve slightly so that protean bars are better at higher levels and not as good at lower levels.

Here are the new values for using a protean bar at each of the following levels:




















































Elder Rune




Dwarven Ramhammer

Same effect as current, but implemented as follows:

In XP mode, all progress generated on the rock is reduced to 0 (so no ore is ever gained) but the XP is doubled.

In ore mode, all XP is reduced to 0, but every swing generates double progress (thus generating ore twice as fast except on very low level rocks).


Dwarven Instinct

Should work with basic mining, smelting and smithing.

Doesn't work with non-core activities.

Explorer's Aura

No changes. New rocks will not be added to the explorable dungeons.



Rather than slowing depletion at seren stones, all styles of Starfury armour have the following benefit:

+1% crit chance when Mining Seren stones per piece equipped. (This bonus does not stack with the crit bonus from the gemstone golem outfit.)


We will ensure that the lunar shards needed to upgrade lunarfury armour still drop when mining.

Other Considerations

Daily Challenges

All mining daily challenges will be replaced with:

Mine any one ore.

All smithing daily challenges will be replaced with:

Using smithing to make, upgrade or bury any one item.

In both cases, the XP awarded will be equal to a Medium XP Lamp.

In both cases, no items will need to be "handed in", and no reward bag of items will be given. 

Skillcape Perks


+5% double ore chance on all rocks.

In addition, whenever double ore procs, you get XP equal to the level requirement of the rock. 


Whenever you reheat your unfinished smithing item, your next strike generates 5 additional progress.

This works with the autoheater/coal burner and superheat item spell.

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