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Artisan's Workshop


This design reinvents the Artisan's Workshop as the central hub for regular smithing.

The Artisan's Workshop will be the default location for players to smith together. Small conveniences, the ability to earn respect, and being the only place where the redesigned burial equipment can be made, will make it a place where high and low level smiths can skill together socially.


Currently the Artisan's Workshop is divided into a surface world building and an underground cave.

The underground section, the skilling activities it contains, and the stairs leading down to it will be cut completely. The tracks and cannon making activities are unpopular and serve no real purpose in the progression of redesigned smithing.

The surface section will be divided into two. The western part of the building will become a general purpose smithing area. The furnaces will be replaced with forges, the ingot area will be replaced with a furnace, and a bank can be added. Near the middle of the room is a special port for applying a Luminite Injector (see below).

The eastern part of the building is sacred to the dwarves. In this area, the players can make burial equipment, which has been re-imagined in the new mechanics.


Burial Equipment

Burial armour is replaced with "burial equipment" which is now a core mechanic of the smithing skill. See the basic smithing mechanics documentation for more information.

Luminite Injector

Luminite Injectors are a new item which can be purchased with respect (see below).

In the center of the western part of the room is a device with a hole in it. Using a Luminite Injector on the device causes the whole workshop to get a buff for 5 minutes. For the duration of the buff, the colour of the forges changes from orange to blue. All players smithing anywhere in the building generate 1 additional progress (modified by heat) every time they make a smithing strike. This applies to all smithing in the building, including burial equipment. (This is approximately a 10% increase in smithing XP speed.)

While the buff is active a new Luminite Injector cannot be applied. A new Luminite Injector can be queued up for use even if the previous one hasn't expired yet.

Ceremonial Swordmaking

Ceremonial Swordmaking will remain, but re-imagined as an occasional D&D which randomly occurs in a similar manner to The Pit. (It won't be a daily or otherwise time limited.)

Whenever the player finishes making (or burying) an item of any sort while anywhere in the workshop, they have a chance for a dwarf to run up and hand them a ceremonial sword design. The chance to get a design scales with the amount of progress required to make the item, so faster or slower items generate designs at the same rate.

This design is of a random number (I-V) determining which sword pattern has to be made. The player can choose which metal (Bronze – Rune) to make the sword out of. Higher tier metals have a higher smithing requirement and award more XP, but are also harder to get a good score on.

The player must take the design to any anvil in the AW area. This brings up the ceremonial swordmaking interface where the player makes the sword. The player's performance is a multiplier on the base XP for a ceremonial sword of that metal type. The XP reward will be balanced to be generous for the player's level for the time spent, and very generous for materials since no materials need to be used.

If a player already has a design (in inventory or bank) a new design cannot be won. They are not intended to be saved up and used in a chunk, but as a distraction from regular smithing.

Burst Pipes

The "burst pipes" event will continue to occur. They continue to give the same XP and respect as currently.

Other Events

The "animated armour" and "bronze ceremonial sword" events will be removed.

Reward Shop

Respect is earned by earning Smithing XP anywhere in the building at the same rate as it is currently (1% respect for every 10,000 XP). This means that players can earn respect through regular smithing as long as they do it inside the Artisan's Workshop.

Some of the rewards need updating, as follows. Any old rewards will be converted across to the new rewards, so if you’ve unlocked the old version you’ll automatically unlock the new version.

Quick Repairs: As current.

Repair Expert: As current.

Quick Learner/Budding Student/Master Student: Replaced with:

Solemn Smith I, II, III, IV, V: Making complete suits of burial armour gives an additional 1% XP per bar. Each upgrade stacks and requires the previous. Costs 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% respect respectively.

Ceremonial Sword Plans I-V: Replaced with:

Ceremonial Swordsmith I-V: The player receives an additional 1% XP whenever they complete a ceremonial sword.

Golden Cannon, Royale Cannon, Restocking Cannon: As current.

Ceremonial Sword Orders: The player has a higher chance to get a ceremonial sword design when finishing smithing an item.

Sword Polishing Kit: As current.

Bonus package: Replaced with: 

Luminite Injector: See above. Costs 100% respect each.

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