DHA - a quantum molecule

DHA - a quantum molecule 

that helps us see, think and have nice skin. 

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By Jennifer Depew, R.D, Initial publication 8/3/2021.

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a long chain fatty acid with six double bonds which allow it to form a bent yet flattish shape, like a hook or candy cane. The areas of the larger molecule with the double bonds form polarized electron clouds with a more positive side and a more negative side and roughly this may be the special feature that allows DHA to have quantum effects. A similar fatty acid with five double bonds is not commonly used in species the way DHA is prevalent. (1)

Other cell structures and chemicals including genes have become more elaborate or varied over the millennia of evolutionary change - why is DHA special? Possibly because quantum chemistry is slightly faster and requires less energy if achievable, particularly by the cell’s mitochondria, (3), which adds up to an energy savings when multiplied by all the cells of the whole human or other species. (1) In chloroplasts, in plant cells, a photon of light moves in an optimal path - quantum speed, without having to try all the possible paths - roughly, drawn schematically in an old paper (1961) that has since been proven to be an accurate theory. (2)

  • Simple explanatory video of the quantum effects in chloroplast as a photon of light navigates a crowded plain of ~ 200 chlorophyll molecules to find a reactive one - very rapidly, more rapidly than random chance would allow.  Quantum Biology [Part 1] - How Plants Use Quantum Mechanics. - Up and Atom 

Human size visual - you are driving a car in a crowded parking lot, 200 spots - 199 of them full - how long will it take you to find the open parking place? More time than patience perhaps - the photon of light seems to do it in significantly less time than expected, even with 1961’s lab equipment. Quantum movement of the photon as a wave may move through the nonreactive chlorophyll, or be entangled/know which is the open spot, or simultaneously tries all the paths at once, then picks one, there is controversy over just how quantum energy effects occur. 

In the search for a unified theory of physics at all scales, “we could easily be kept on the wrong track for a long time by restricting ourselves to the usual interpretation of quantum theory,” Bohm wrote.” (5)

Particle/wave theory suggests that the ripples of previous paths reveal which path to take - fluid memory - but what fluid? Quantum physicists of the traditional area of study are not in support of the fluid dynamics based theory. 

Space is believed to be empty in the Einstein view of quantum physics. The prevailing theory for centuries was that space was full of a substance called ether. The theory of ether was not disproven in the way that was suggested after an 1887 research study, and that interpretation was eventually widely believed. Some researchers independently, or seeking to confirm or disprove the theory of ether, and in different areas of science, have been able to show a substance exists throughout the atmosphere, and all of life, that is unlike all other known energy forms. It is not electricity and it is not radiation, but is very negatively affected by exposure to radiation. It is attracted to fluid and moves like fluid. Tiny particles such as electrons and protons might be able to move along with it. Ether theory suggests gravity is a combination of ether flow supporting an object in between the counterbalancing streams of ether flowing around it. The galaxy, space, seems to be moving in a specific direction at a steady rate. However - this seems to be the current choice: “restricting ourselves to the usual interpretation of quantum theory,”. 

Independent work needs to occur to prove ether theory and it would then jumpstart advances in many areas of study. The ether energy is healing - unless it is stagnant and/or exposed to radiation, and then the effect can be sickening to people in the area. Knowing about it means that methods can be used to improve it when something like ‘bad air’ or ‘miasma’ seems to be a problem. Air pollution involves many toxins too, that need to be filtered out of air for improved air quality. When it was due to orgone experiments, leaving the area until time could help was found necessary, after ether/orgone energy was exposed to a radiative source. *References include a few, much of that information is from the work by Wilhelm Reich or followers of his work; see the book, The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science, by James DeMeo, (2019) (6), for the overview of the various researchers work on the topic of proving there is a cosmos filling ether type of energy.

DHA may be our evolutionary ancestor - and DNA came along later. All species use DHA for their vision. 

DHA and other phospholipids and the ability to create lipid membranes helped us become more complex in the early stages of life forms, (1, 7), in addition to having better vision and being smarter, more cognitively complex. (8, 9, 10, 11) All species use DHA for their vision, whether a retina or some other tissue.

A membrane defines a cell or organelle within a cell from all the surrounding fluid. When the membrane became complex enough to prevent rapid dehydration, life forms became able to survive outside of watery saltwater or freshwater oceans, lakes and puddles. Ether energy is attracted to water and to narrow tubes with flowing water - capillary action may involve the attraction and flow of ether energy within us. 

The acupressure/acupuncture meridians have been found to match an embryologic vessel system that precedes blood and lymphatic vessel development. The Primo-vascular system seems to be involved in the creation of stem cells of whatever type is needed. Stimulating certain parts of the system with acupressure or acupuncture may be healing in part due to effects on the flow of energy throughout the body and also possibly stem cell production may be stimulated.

Deficiency of EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids may increase cognitive decline, depression, and skin issues. 

Supplementing & dietary sources of DHA/EPA:

Supplementing with DHA/EPA omega 3 fatty acids may help the old and young with cognitive health, (12, 13, 14), and a better night’s sleep. (15) ALA is a precursor available in vegetarian sources, however many people may not convert it well - leaving them deficient in DHA and EPA even though they bought a special food or supplement. (18) Fatty fish like salmon, tuna, sardines, and krill oil are good sources of EPA and DHA. Whether a person has male or female hormones may affect absorbility or bioavailability of omega 3 fatty acids. (20) A glyceride mixture of omega-3 fatty acids is being studied in hopes of good absorption in a supplemental product. (19)

Roughly 300 mg EPA/DHA are recommended several times per week - several servings of fatty fish. More may be beneficial for someone trying to treat depression or a different chronic concern, more like a spoonful of fish oil, rather than a single capsule. One to two grams per day may be a more typical dose recommended for a mood disorder. (22)

Adequacy in the diet of a pregnant or breastfeeding mother also helps the infant’s brain and eye development. Lutein supplementation was also found helpful. (16) Infant formulas are more likely to be fortified with EPA/DHA now but checking the label for specific fortification is a good idea. DHA is found in the eyes and brain but also throughout the body within cell membranes and our skin. (17) Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids that are also abundant in the retina and can be helpful as supplements during pregnancy or breastfeeding. (21)

Forest bathing - good air - good ether/orgone energy too?

Forest bathing, or walking along a beach or river may be another way to supplement positive energy - ether/orgone is likely present in a beneficial form rather than ‘bad air’ or ‘miasma’ whatever those words were describing in older times. Watery environments also tend to have negative ions which can have a positive effect on mood. Some places just feel good and healing, while others may not, without there being an obvious negative odor causing the ‘miasma’. 

The work that has been done on use of orgone collecting devices for health benefits has been limited due to the prevailing belief in an empty cosmos, however it has not been disproven and personally I found my own orgone dielectric blanket helpful for aches and mild illness. Caution is needed as too much energy may be a problem for some people and they need to release it somehow - walking in the woods perhaps. Essential oils, fragrant fresh air, proven to have healing benefits for whatever reason, or the many varied benefits all adding up to a more relaxed mind and body.

Reference List - DHA 

 Mother Nature/Forest Bathing webpage

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It was demonstrated that zoea supplies the proportion of essential long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFA), such as arachidonic (ARA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)55,56 which in turns modify the profile of those genes involved in their metabolism. Indeed, several genes related to LC-PUFA such as stearoyl-CoA desaturase-5, acyl-CoA dehydrogenases, long-chain fatty acid transport protein-4, glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase-4 and acyl-coenzyme A thioesterase 3 appeared up-regulated in paralarvae co-fed on zoea. Interestingly, Artemia has a higher percentage of lipids in their composition compared to zoea54. However, this organism has been described to perform a rapid bioconversion of DHA from polar to neutral fraction57,58. In contrast, a study on reared O. vulgaris paralarvae showed most DHA is in polar fraction such as n-6 and n-3 HUFA after 10–30 days of feeding59.” From Abstract “Genes related to lipid metabolism exhibited higher transcriptional levels in individuals whose diet includes crustacean zoeas, which had an impact over their development and immune response capability. High temperature induces acclimation processes at the time that increase metabolic demands and oxidative stress.” García-Fernández, P., Prado-Alvarez, M., Nande, M. et al. Global impact of diet and temperature over aquaculture of Octopus vulgaris paralarvae from a transcriptomic approach. Sci Rep 9, 10312 (2019). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-019-46492-2 https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-46492-2 

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Reference books to read:  Dear Jennifer,

"Thank you again for sending me your article on DHA. Here are 

a few of my responses:

In the references you include numerous articles by Michael

Crawford in obscure technical journals which ordinary folks never read, however you never mention his popular book: The Driving Force; Food in Evolution and the Future; Michael Crawford and David Marsh, Mandarin, London, 1989.  This book contains hundreds of essential facts and arguments for understanding DHA, and also human evolution and development; for instance this passage:


The young cow does a lot of growing but will end up with a small brain.  Its mother’s milk has three or four times the amount of protein found in human milk and five to seven times the mineral content – protein for fast body growth and minerals for bones. Human milk, on the other hand, has less protein but, by contrast, six to ten times the amount of essential fatty acids; these are required for postnatal development of the nervous and vascular systems."  (p. 133)

(Part of the problem in exploring these issues is that sometimes they are called DHA and sometimes essential fatty acids, and sometimes Omega 3 fatty acids, and sometimes polyunsaturated fatty acids, and sometimes structural lipids, and sometimes other terms; we have to keep on reminding ourselves that these all basically the same or overlapping.) 

I consider the Driving Force the most important book ever written, for without Crawford’s revision, Darwin’s theory of natural selection really makes no sense. The book certainly deserves a reference in your article. 

I find it self-limiting to discuss the role of DHA in human life without mentioning the Waterside Hypothesis (or whatever we call it) that humans evolved in an environment where DHA is common and easy-to-obtain.  Crawford and Marsh mention Alistair Hardy and Elaine Morgan’s ideas, you should too. Morgan in The Aquatic Ape does mention Crawford’s contribution, but should have devoted much more of her book to Crawford.  Crawford makes Morgan’s theory invincible." Basho4Humanity, @Basho4h Twitter

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