DIY hot swappable PC mouse switches

DIY hot swappable PC mouse switches


This is a short little guide on how you can make your switches on your Mouse how swappable, meaning you can swap switches without having to de-solder or solder.


  1. For the mod you are going to need crimp pins for dupont connectors, they look like this:

             You will primarily need the female ones pictured. The male counterpart is helpful for lining everything up for soldering, but not necessarily.


  1. Once you have the pins you can go ahead and desolder your switch. Make sure all the solder is gone so that there is space for the pins of the switch to go through.


  1. Cut the crimp part off as shown in the following pictures. Make sure to get a flush cut.



  1. Now we can get to work and solder on the socket to the pcb.

             You will need something to keep the socket in place while soldering. As mentioned in the beginning you can use a male crimp pin like shown here or one could use a switch. Keep in mind there is a risk that you will solder the socket to the guide and not to the pcb. So I would recommend using something that you could cut off in the event of a bad soldering job.

             You only want to solder the socket to the pcb, so you only want solder as close as possible to the pcb not anywhere above, otherwise you will solder together the pin with the socket.


  1. Now the final step is to cut once more, so that the socket isn’t too long which could cause problems when reinstalling the pcb. Before cutting take out your solder guide, in this case I would pull out the male crimp pin before cutting. Try and leave as much as possible from the socket and only cut what is necessary. Your finished socket should look like the socket to the left.


C:UsersLukas JandrasitsAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.WordIMG_20190727_2050351.jpg
C:UsersLukas JandrasitsAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.WordIMG_20190727_2050351.jpg

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