DLC Op Buyers Guide by PrdBlackWatch (Last updated: 31st May 2021)


DLC Op Buyers Guide by PrdBlackWatch (Last updated: 31st May 2021) 



Update Notes: 

31st May 2021: Created sheet 



Low value- Would suggest avoiding purchase unless you really like the flavour of the op 

Niche application- Only sees play/value in limited situations, better to go for others 

Average- Pretty solid choice, unlikely to see complaints but not anything special 

Good value- Solid choice, has at least one great thing about them or several nice things 

Great value- Very solid, can fit into most compositions, but isn’t quite top tier 

Must pick- Either unparalleled value, or value that is hard to ignore, 100% worth buying 


PLEASE NOTE: Recommendations are tailored to an average baseline, some people can excel, and I may mention specific variances that argue against the set rating, but the exception shouldn’t rule the average.  


Also, remember that older characters are cheaper, so aim to pick up the older high quality ops first to maximise your spending. 

Year 1 (Great year) 


Black Ice 


Good Value- Strong weapon, useful gadget with unique situations, comp to Sledge, generally not as strong 


Great value- Very good weapon with 1.5x, shotgun secondary, shield/cam, Mats can be round winning 

Dust Line 


Average- Pretty bad guns, can’t be lower than average cause surviving a headshot is fundamentally game breaking, otherwise pretty bad op, can end up being useless, will make enemy dislike you 


Must pick- Weak damage weapon with great accuracy and solid rate of fire, amazing secondary, C4, still the most versatile intel tool on defence. 

Skull Rain 


Great value- A walking utility bucket, only countered by one operator, heavy hitting weapon that suits the 1.5, hard breach charge for extra spice, plus flames can kill from airtight positions. 


Niche app- Can shine against lower tier teams where her existence is slowdown, poor SMG, decent shotty, bad pistol outside of kissing range. Impacts are nice. Not very effective vs higher skilled players 

Red Crow 


Must pick- Great primary, secondary about to be buffed, gadget unparalleled for hatch destruction, much better for wall destruction as well now 


Good value- Gadget not as good, but can still deny plants or be used as mobile cam, SMG buff could see shotgun/smg combo with impacts 

Year 2 (Best year so far) 


Velvet Shell 


Great value- Offers intel, destruction and a solid gun in one package, can make roam clears more efficient. Not quite as compelling as other options at higher levels 


Must pick- despite incoming nerf, her best spots were out of melee range anyway, shouldn’t affect her most useful placements. Shotgun secondary, decent SMG and C4, the full package 

Blood Orchid 


Great value- Underrated primary, gadget that thrives with knowledge and faith, can single handedly enable kills/pushes. Needs an aggressive and experienced op who is willing to trust the gadget 


Must pick- Intel and slowdown and damage and plant deny all in one. Primary still very solid, plus impacts. Intel may not be as clear, but easy to know direction at least. 

GROM Operators 


Must pick- Great gun that’s easy to use, plenty of utility for entry and destruction, very solid dependable operator 


Average- SMG too erratic atm, shotgun limited but devastating at correct ranges, gadget always useful but not enough to back up pick 

White Noise 


Good value- SMG12 buff will hopefully put her in good place with DMR backup, gadget is almost always useful, DMR sight change massive help 


Must pick- Almost always picked as the primary roamer, hard to pin down, great primary and soon to be buffed secondary, plus impacts making him slippery even when caught out 

Year 3 (Good year) 




Niche app- Nice primary, Gonne 6 increases value, gadget just not useful enough to really justify. Makes for nice combos and small amounts of post plant delay. 


Average- Weapons pretty iffy, but being modified to be the only medic on attack, and soon to allow phoenix rez may aid in keeping her average, or even being good. Recoil effect not good. 

Para Bellum 


Great value- Crazy LMG, great revolver/shotty revolver, impacts, gadget will be more limited by nerf, but shouldn’t see his best spots affected 


Niche app- Fun SMG with crazy ROF, same good secondaries as Maestro, gadget usually underwhelming, impacts are nice: struggles to outvalue other picks. 

Grim Sky 


Must pick- Can counter literally all wall denial, has frags, and has a great primary. One of the very best ops in the game, and unbelievably versatile. 


Great value- A bad Clash can be easily shut down, a great Clash can be a roadblock that refuses to let the enemy live. Good comms and her built in slowdown/damage can bring teams to their knees. Alone, however, she is pretty terrible (excluding the odd post plant 1v1 vs window lickers) 

Wind Bastion 


Great value- Personally don’t like her weapons, but some people love the ARX despite slow reload. Gadget outvalues all other area denial tools. Very scary in the right circumstances. 


Great value- The only hatch denier, not as quick to deny as Bandit, but generally more useful, especially with certain frag proof placements. Average weapon suite. 


Year 4 (Worst year so far) 


Burnt Horizon 


Good value- Great gun, secondary shotty, smokes, and an area denial gadget that deals damage. Can she beat Nomad? No. Can her gadget be dealt with quickly and relatively easily? Yes. 


Great value- Fantastic primaries, C4 and a gadget that gives both intel denial and intel gathering in one package. With shotty secondary he’d be must pick. 

Phantom Sight 


Low value- I like Nokk, but she doesn’t offer enough to the team to argue in favour of her, unless you choose to play her contrary to her playstyle by using her hard breach charge. Needs rework. 


Niche app- Same weapon as Valk so not bad for the accurate, improved secondary SMG inbound which could enable shotty SMG. Gadget very niche, but could end up being a monster in the right meta, niche app for now though 

Ember Rise 


Low value- Yeet and delete, but it’s not necessarily the enemy getting deleted. Good guns, gadget is too high risk for anything outside the occasional crazy play. 


Average- soon to be reworked, hard to pin him down in a good spot so I’ll put him in average for now due to Vulcan still being useful and guns being alright. 

Shifting Tides 


Good value- Solid alternative to Thatcher gadget wise, NEEDS new primary, secondary does ok job at filling in. Deserves more love and another primary weapon to be transcendent. 


Great value- Finally in a position where he is pretty much equal to Jager in terms of value, comes down to preference more than power now.  


Year 5 (Great small year) 


Void Edge 


Great value- Value machine, good primaries, frags and an intel gathering gadget that constantly recharges and keeps enemy on edge, could argue must pick, but holding tight for now. 


Average- I love Oryx, he is a human rotation machine with a great primary and excellent mobility both on foot and through hatches. But does he really offer enough to the team? Bring against Mont for fun 

Steel Wave 


Must pick- Arguably the strongest op to be added to the game since Maverick, best in class primary and a gadget that is always useful, plus smokes. The undisputed king of hard breach. 


Great value- If the nerf to her Banshee comes into play she will lose a large amount of appeal, but I think with smart placement she could still be very strong, especially now that it affects feet in LOS  

Shadow Legacy 

Sam ‘Zero’ Fisher: 

Must pick- Crazy weapon that gets slept on big time, hard breach charge, Argus cams are immensely versatile, nothing quite like them on attack. You’re sleeping on Sam, people! 

Neon Dawn 


Must pick- a huge amount of utility rolled into one op. Enables some sites, and creates a problem that attackers almost always need to address at the expense of health or utility. Cool gun, punchy arm 


Year 6 (Too early to tell, tiny year though RIP) 


Crimson Heist 


Good value- Good gun, gadget that is pretty much a straight upgrade to Twitch (for now), and is a free kill against ops on cams. HARD countered by Mute and Mozzie, both of which see a lot of play. In the right circumstances can definitely be great, but definitely struggles against vigilant teams/the hard counters.  

North Star (Impressions, haven’t played) 


Great value- Healing is a blessing, and being able to bolster your team in defensive positions is very strong. Good weapons for a defender, downside will be lack of mobility for gadget, and risk of enemy use. May be worth shooting if you feel like you’re going to lose the territory. 


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