DM Item Ideas


Traveling gnome named scarab (beedle reference)  will trade a magic item for a random one of the following based on how powerful it is. Level 1-5: weak, Level 6-10:medium, Level 11+: Powerful. 

Powerful Items

  1. Armadillo Cloak: This cloak may be thrown around the wearer to wrap them in a protective shell as a full round action. They cannot move or act while inside the shell other than returning the cloak to its normal form, but while protected they are unable to be hurt in any way. Air does not penetrate the shell, and if the user passes out before returning the cloak to its normal form risks suffocation.

  2. Deck of Many Tarrasques: link

  3. A stone which will let you Retcon ONE action from within the last 30 minutes. Afterwards the stone will break and only you will know what happened.

  4. Deck of Many Things: 

  5. A ring that creates a duplicate of you that believes you are its cousin. The duplicate has all non magical gear, and has all skills/abilities you do. Only one duplicate can exist at a time.

  6. Token of Median Outcomes: This coin is made of iron. One face depicts a bored man of average looks, the other a scale measuring equal weights. Flipping the coin will always result in the opposite of the previous flip. While attuned to the token, whenever you make a skill check, saving throw, or attack roll, roll 2d10 instead of a d20.

  7. Indestructible Fruitcake: The Indestructible Fruitcake cannot be destroyed, obliterated, incinerated, disintegrated, or liquidated by any means physical or magical. The Indestructible Fruitcake weighs twenty pounds and takes up about one square foot of space.

  8. A Soul Contract:

  9. Scroll of Safe Passage: When used, no apparent effect. When that person dies, they get to choose which after life to go to.

  10. Fairy Breath in a Bottle: It makes those who smell it fall in love with the third new person they meet. There is enough to use for 1d4 people. 

  11. Curse Doll – Anything significant that happens to the doll happens to the first person to touch this (with their skin), beneficial or harmful. 

  12. Demon Collar – Any being wearing this collar begins to take on a demonic appearance and loses d6 WIS each day. At WIS 0 they lose their identity, claim a new identity in service of the next person who orders them, but will only follow instructions that cause harm to others. The wearer is never able to remove it themselves.

  13. Everflowing Health Potion: Infinite strong health potion. Ages drinker 10 years on each use.

  14. Plague Wart – A carefully extracted wart sealed in a jar. Anyone that touches it contracts a disgusting plague, losing d4 CON each hour. Any touch immediately spreads the plague. Any magic that can remove disease works to cure this disease, but does not grant immunity.

  15. All in Coin: The holder of this coin must flip it into the air and Call heads or Tails (after having chosen an action to take), if guessed correctly they will either critically fail or have a critical success (1d20: 1-10 crit fail, 11-20 crit success). 

  16. Coercive Reminder: This collar has a blank tag on the front, waiting to be filled with a name. Upon placing this collar around your neck, your soul becomes the property of Graz’zt, Demon Lord of Pleasure and Deviance. You also automatically fail any saving throw against spells that attempt to dominate you. In addition to this, you are also occasionally choked by the collar, just enough to make you dizzy and see stars, and to remind you that you can never remove this collar.

  17. Cursed Lamp: Whomever next rubs the lamp is compelled to grant the next three phrases beginning with “I wish”. This effect recharges every week.

  18. Book of Entrapment: a demonic ritual book detailing a powerful ritual involving 20 sacrifices. The ritual summons a powerful angel, which detects this act as evil and enacts justice.

  19. TerraOrber: This brownish orb seems smooth, but is gooey and sticky when held, giving off the wretched stench of decaying organic matter. This orb continually turns the terrain to swampland around it within a 20-mile-radius. The orb prioritizes weather, land, foliage, and wildlife, in that order. Each one takes 1d4 days to take effect.

  20. Ultimate Nullifier: If pointed directly at a god or other greater being, can be used to disintegrate them. Has no effect on lesser beings 

  21. Heretic Ring: Switches alignment of the wearer for as long as they wear it.

  22. Gluttonous Orb: can eat other magic items, gaining their abilities. Magic abilities gained this way have a new downside added.

  23. Armor of Sentience: Any magical item placed in the open head slot of this full suit of armor becomes sentient and possesses the suit. If the item is removed, the sentience ends. Use the stats for an animate object of a CR that the DM deems appropriate. The magical item is freely able to use its own ability, extending them through the armor if appropriate. If the item uses up all of its charges, it falls unconscious.

  24. Serpent’s Tongue: This subtle amulet lets the user make ideas occur to other people. While the victim is perfectly free to reject them, there is no simple way to distinguish them from her own thoughts. It’s a wonderful way to sow suspicions, or to subtly manipulate the reckless. It can be used thrice a day by whispering into the amulet and staring at the target.

  25. Unwinding Clock: Once per day restores 1 charge on all other magic items within 5 ft.

  26. Death Drum: Anyone that bangs this drum thirteen times will die immediately. The design on top of the drum shows an arrow being shot at and then through the user as they beat.

  27. Mirage Mirror: Can become a copy of one other magical item within 5 ft. One use per day. Lasts 1 hr. 

  28. Infernal Machine of Lum the Mad:

  29. Hack Blade: a small dagger that, if stabbed into the head of someone can be used to control that person. Only works as long as the blade is in the forehead. Does not work on the dead.

  30. Staff of One: Can cast any core rulebook spell once. A spellcraft check is required to know if the spell.

  31. Faithbreaker: A small rubber mallet that when hit upon a target, causes the target to have an existential crisis. One use per week.

  32. Genie Lamp: grants 1 wish that will inevitably be twisted ironically, or evil. Will then teleport to a dungeon. Defeating the genie in that dungeon will undo the wish.

  33. A vial that contains a vampire lord’s tooth. Can be used to spread vampirism.

  34. Canon Cannon: This miniature cannon contains extraordinarily powerful magic from the creation of the universe. Meta: Any time another player character says something, you may fire this cannon to make that statement canon. Upon firing this cannon, it dissolves into nothingness, to perhaps be found again another day.

  35. String of Necessity: Whatever (reasonable) use you put this ball of twine to, it will succeed in its purpose as long as that purpose is totally necessary for your survival. For instance: If you rig it as a snare, it will invariably catch something edible if you're starving, but might not catch something furry if you'd like a new pair of gloves.

  36. Ring of Petrification.  Putting this ring will turn a person to stone, except for the ring.  Someone else can remove the ring, and thereby return them to flesh.

  37. Scrying Bones – Once per day, these knucklebones can be used to ask a yes, no, or maybe question to the fates (DM). There are three bones carved into happy faces and sad faces. All happy faces mean yes, all sad means no, anything in-between means maybe.

  38. Grass Whistle.  When blown, roll for a random encounter.  If the location has no encounter table (some cities, maybe), the PCs will meet someone interesting who wants something. 

  39. Rod of Wonder: 

  40. Cube of Force:, but infinite charges

  41. Sovereign Glue: Will stick together anything. 

  42. Universal Solvent: Will dissolve anything. 

  43. Instant Fortress: 

  44. Ring of Misspelling : 

  45. Amulet of Silence: Nothing within a foot of the holder of this amulet can cause any sound at all.

  46. Arrow of Displacement – An arrow tipped with a shard of quartz crystal. When it is fired, and the arrow strikes something, the archer is teleported to wherever the arrow landed. The quartz crystal tip needs replaced every 3 uses. It takes a full round to attach the tip and they cost 5 gp.

  47. Yoke of Truth: Forces leashed to tell the truth. It also forces anyone holding the yoke to tell the truth.

  48. Bag of Holding: this but no weight limit 

  49. Ring of Telekinesis:

  50. Monocle of Entropy.  If you stare at something long enough, it will fall over.  1 round for a candlestick, 1 minute for a sleeping cow, 1 hour for a small tree, 1 day for a cottage or large tree, 1 week for a castle.  Must be within 100'. 

  51. Chest of the Mundane:  Anything placed inside it is covered with an illusion that makes it look worthless and boring. 

  52. Saint's Bones.  About the size of a cigar box.  Contains mandibles + some carpals.  Will rattle ominously when a lie is uttered nearby.

  53. “Error 404”: a nameless wand. When used on something with a name, that name is erased from existence. Everything in that object’s/person’s life maintains the same, but they never had a name. No one notices except the holder. The holder of the wand knows the names while in possession. The wand can be used again to undo the effect.

  54. Thief’s Brush.  This paintbrush has a needle on the back.  If you prick something, you steal all the color from it, but can later paint with those same brilliant colors (stored in the brush, controlled by imagination).  If a book is pricked, it will steal the words.  The book can then be reconstructed, but it takes a few days of writing for it to be recovered. Can only hold one object’s color at a time, and will not accept new color while it still holds its old color.

  55. Egg of Immortality: A hollow egg that renders the carrier immune to any harm. Must be openly carried in an open hand, covering the egg in any way prevents it from working. Incredibly delicate and loses all power if broken.

  56. Digging Spoon: This tiny spoon can dig through any substance with a forceful push. Is secretly vorpal.

  57. Life Eating Sapphire: Whenever anyone who is attuned to this sapphire kills another being of above animal-level intelligence it glows and swells, increasing its value and weight by 10%. Starts at 5 gp and 1 pound. The sapphire must be within 10 ft of the attuned to work.

  58. Essence Extractor – A large syringe with a ghostly tip. This can extract the consciousness of a pacified or willing living being to be stored within. The consciousness can then be injected into the still warm body of a dead being, giving them a new body to inhabit. 

  59. Amnesia Font – Stored at a house. Any head dunked into the water loses a specific memory as defined by the dunker. Anyone drinking the water absorbs all of the memories lost to the font. If the water is poured out, it loses its magic until it is refilled.

  60. Devourer – A football-sized bug that curls up in your backpack, but can be woken once per day to eat its own size in organic matter, no matter how inedible. 

  61. Imprint Capsule – Any being that enters this booth is bombarded with smoke and emerges spluttering. They imprint upon the next being they see and dedicate their life to them until they next sleep. 

  62. Second-Chance Skull – If you die, your body disintegrates to ash and immediately regenerates from this skull in perfect health.  

  63. Powder Sack – Any powder stored in this small pouch becomes essentially unlimited. Turning the pouch inside out empties the current contents. Currently contains salt. 

  64. Champion's Mark – When you defeat a willing opponent one on one you glow with health and gain the immediate effects of a Short Rest. If anyone defeats you one on one the Mark transfers to them. 

  65. Orphan's Ruin: 6oz of a milky drink. 1oz pacifies any unease, 2oz causes a deep sleep, 3oz eternal sleep.

  66. Parallel Shifter – A metal tin big enough to fit a crossbow inside. If an object is placed inside and shaken, the object is replaced with a parallel version of itself from another reality. Roll d6. 1: Only ash remains. 2-5: The change is cosmetic but noticeable. 6: The new version is better than the old. 

  67. Rail-Lens – A large magical lens with an accompanying  stand. Any missile (arrow, bolt, etc)  fired/thrown through this lens accelerates to impossible speeds, causing 5 times as much damage as normal and tearing through structures.  Orienting the lens takes a standard action.

  68. Anti-matter Key – Once per day, when placed in a keyhole, it utterly annihilates the door.

  69. Ovality Bomb – When thrown, explodes in a 10ft radius cloud of beige dust, forming a 30ft high egg structure around the blast area. Nothing inside can break out, but the outside is easily broken. The egg keeps its contents alive in a happy stasis until released. 

  70. Worldly Tortoise – A small tortoise that can lead the way to anywhere you ask, but gets there very slowly. 

  71. Unstoppable Rod – When a button is pressed and then it is thrown, nothing stops the movement of this rod, except the Immovable rod or pushing the button again. 

  72. Immovable Rod – like this, but limitless. 

  73. Slam Button- A fist sized red button with SLAM written on it. Slamming it causes all doors and windows in a large-room sized area to slam shut, even if secured. 

  74. Phase Tonic – A dose sends you out of sync with reality for around 12 seconds. You can act as normal, but when the tonic wears off, time snaps back to the point before you drank and all actions are undone. The dose is still consumed. 2 doses. 

  75. Pain Wire – Causes instant agony when touched by bare skin. 20m in length when uncoiled.

  76. Hunger Clamp – A small clamp that can be clipped onto loose skin, causing the victim to have a ceaseless hunger, which they will become more and more desperate to sate. They suffer no ill effect from overeating and become immune to starvation. 

  77. Ring of Nine Hells:

  78. Madman's Blanket: Anyone sleeping under this blanket will have horrible, maddening nightmares. One of their nightmare monsters will be real and hostile when they wake. Anyone attempting to attack the wearer before they wake up will have the monster intervene and defend the wearer. 

  79. A necklace that, when worn, kills you for 4 hours and then brings you back to life as long as your body is intact.

  80. A tiara that, when worn, gives you royal authority over anyone not part of nobility. Actual nobility consider the crown a threat to their authority and will try to capture the tiara.

  81. An old boot that teleports you to the place you call home when you whisper your name into it. The boot does not come with you.

  82. A fragile glass cat statue, that when broken by someone, curses them by slowly turning them into a cat over the course of a week.

  83. An empty painting with an Abyssal scripture, that when read aloud, traps you in the painting. Your life is essentially put into stasis (don't age/eat/drink) until you somehow escape the painting. You may still speak. If the painting is torn, the person inside is released, though this is not known.

  84. A mysterious rock that lets you break the fourth wall when held, whatever that means.

  85. A magical deck of cards that banishes your opponent to a shadow realm if you win a card game against them. Cheating will banish you instead.

  86. A normal carriage, but the inside is a mansion.

  87. A mysterious life insurance card that cuts you if you inspect it, which in turn signs it in blood, and allows you to come back to life as soon as you die, with half of your total hit points. One use. The premium is 10,000 gp, with an interest rate of 10% monthly. A random lawful outsider comes to retrieve their share after the insured receives any treasure worth more than 10 gp. 

  88. A jar containing a miniature town, that when opened, shrinks you down and pulls you in. To exit, one must simply walk out of the town.

  89. A potion labelled "Helpful Reminder" which makes you forget who you are for 1 month.

  90. A diamond ring, that when worn, changes your alignment to the evil variant of what you already are. However, you're still loyal to your fellow party members if you were already.

  91. A necklace that lets you directly speak to your deity, assuming you believe in one.

  92. A door, that when placed upright and pushed open, leads to somewhere familiar. (Monster inc door rules)

  93. Lobotomy Stone: This item must be swallowed before a creature can attune to it, which happens immediately after the stone is swallowed. Once swallowed, the stone magically lodges itself in the creature's stomach or closest equivalent, and cannot be removed against the creature's will except by powerful magic, though the creature who swallowed the stone may not ever remove the stone by their own efforts either. A creature who has swallowed a Lobotomy Stone has their intelligence score halved. The creature is also affected by a permanent haste, trueseeing and mindblank spell. If any of these effects are dispelled, they are recast automatically at the start of the swallower's next turn. However, the creature also automatically fails any Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws whilst attuned to this item. A creature attuned to a Lobotomy Stone can never voluntarily end attunement to the Lobotomy Stone.

  94. A bird cage that will kill any living thing placed inside it, but, if left alone, will slowly manifest an Infernal-equivalent over 30 days. This hell-pet will act like a real pet, unless its owner is ever alone with it, at which point, it will try and escape. Its ability to breed with creatures on the Prime Material Plane is unparalleled.

  95. A crystal tea kettle, with what looks like an ocean raging inside of it. If boiled, the temperature of the coasts will rise dramatically. If drunk, the tides will recede further and further back. If filled with water or cooled, etc etc.

  96. An archaic video game controller. If plugged into the brain of a living creature (figure that one out) you can control them in a very robotic and simplistic way. Oh, and the cord is only 30ft.

  97. A chess set of all Queens and 2 Kings. If a game is played, the loser is Banished to the Demi-Plane of Chess.

  98. A helmet with a mouth where your forehead is. If you say the word "Delicious" the mouth will open up and eat 1 thing in front of you and give you one of it's powers for 10 minutes. Example, you can eat a deck of cards and split into 52 tiny versions of yourself. Once per day.

  99. A Skeleton Key: You can use it to unlock a heart (to make someone be open to love), a bladder (to make them pee), or any other part of the body. Does not unlock doors.

  100. A map of the planes. Any alterations to the map move the cosmos.

  101. An invisible, invincible creature trapped in a lead box. It kills something random once a year if released.

  102. A snowglobe of (insert city from your world), shaking it makes it snow there. 

  103. A vial containing one ounce of the most potent drug in the universe. A tenth of an ounce is enough to kill a man instantly, while he experiences 1000 mental years of pure ecstasy.

  104.  A fingernail sized blade that can cut through anything.

  105. Vase of the Shining Clan: A flower vase that constantly leaks blood and allows communion with any infernal being you know the name of.

  106. Flask of the Old Horned One: Originally used to trap two escaped high devils, this flask can hold up to 5 souls comfortably for transport. Will also capture the soul of the recently dead if held above their body.

  107. Rottskiff of the Rhymers: An iron spike with a red glowing sigil at the top. Plunge the spike into a corpse and throw it in a body of water or lava and have an Infernal boat rise up within minutes from the bubbling vis. Retrieving the spike from the ship wheel returns the boat to Hell, along with whoever is on it.

  108. Mouth of the mindless. Hollowed out demons horn that when blown into makes humanoids with low intelligence (8 or less) a mindless slave for an hour. Once per day.

  109. Visage of Avarice: a bizarre helm made from countless brass coils that strangely do not protect the wearer’s mouth. When worn, the player can concentrate on a creature to learn what it’s current HP is. Can also be used to confirm a creature is dead.

  110. Eyespikes of Sithrax – Two iron spikes with stains from old blood. When driven into the eyes of a victim with a hammer (killing the victim), they will ignite and over the course of ten minutes all flesh will burn from the victim’s skull. It is now a Burning Skull of Sithrax and is continuously aflame about as hot as a normal fireplace fire. The Burning Skull of Sithrax will answer four questions 100% accurately, 100% honestly, and as unhelpful as possible. When not answering questions the Burning Skull of Sithrax screams curses, threats, and describes in horrifying detail the tortures that Sithrax will inflict on all in earshot. After the fourth question is asked and answered the Burning Skull of Sithrax will consume itself and turn to ash after ten minutes of screaming the deepest and darkest secrets of the last person to ask it a question to anyone who can hear. Afterward the Eyespikes of Sithrax revert to their inert state and can be driven into the eyes of another victim.

  111. Siphon of Asmodeus – A gleaming silver chain about three feet long with a golden disk on one end and a copper disk on the other. It allows the person holding the golden disk to transfer injury, age, illness, tiredness, or any other negative condition to the person touching the copper disk. Any injury, regardless of severity or age, can be transferred. A person missing an arm could transfer that to the person on the copper end causing the victim to lose their arm while the person holding the gold disk regained their arm. Given a supply of victims a person with the Siphon of Asmodeus could theoretically live forever, in perpetual youth and perfect health. The most insidious aspect of the Siphon is that there are no downsides at all to the person benefiting. Their health is not creepy; their youth is not waxy. Using the Siphon is not painful to either the victim or the user, though obviously the victim may feel pain from whatever injuries or age are transferred to them. This, of course, encourages the owner to use it and by doing so spread misery and damn themselves.

  112. The Torment: A gargoyle head that looks blank, staring at its face causes the person to act emotionless for hours.

  113. Yeenoghu’s Amulet of Screams: An amulet in the shape of an open mouth. Gives +5 AC, but constantly screams, even when not worn. Unaffected by spells or effects that would silence it. The screams can be heard 1000 ft in every direction.

  114. Fraz-Urb'luu’s Tome of Secrets: Speak a name, and the book will provide a fact and a lie about the person without differentiating which is which. Repeated uses of the same name have an increased chance to provide two lies.

  115. Eye of Piercing Sight: A yellow irised eye with a slitted pupil, the optic nerve trails behind it. If held to a PC’s eye it will magically consume and replace the character’s eye, granting 5′ truesight.

  116. Tablet of the Vile Baptism: Once per year allows any cleric or paladin to engage in a vile ritual detailed on the small stone tablet’s inscriptions. The vile Baptism needs 2 vile objects (infant hearts, a virgin’s ovary, tongue of a divine being, etc. ) and a drop of the practitioner's blood. A successful ritual takes a full 8 hours and allows the cleric or paladin to align their energy to an evil alignment gaining a great blessing from an evil god of their choice.

  117. Orb of Planar Melding: This orb allows the user to overlap planes of existence through a complex ritual that takes a month to prepare and enact. Whether razing cities by combining it with the plane of fire, or using it to open up the world to an army of demons and undead, the scale provides dangerous power. Destroyed by: utilizing the orb to combine opposites such as the Positive and Negative Energy planes, or Feywild and Shadow Planes together, the artifact will implode taking a radius of 200 ft with it to the Astral Plane.

  118. Gravestone of Decay: By chiseling a name of a person, place, or concept into the stone, it will begin to wither away across the material plane and die. A person will take minutes, whereas a city could take months or years, and entire concepts (freedom, justice, etc.) could take centuries. Destroyed by: The only way to destroy it is for someone to selflessly carve their own name into the stone.

  119. Sarcophagus of Rejuvenation: This ancient sarcophagus has incredible regenerative properties. Spending a short rest inside it restores all hit points and cures minor diseases. Spending a 8h inside of it can bring a man back from the brink of death, regenerate limbs and halt aging. Spending time inside of it without any injuries starts to drain a person’s humanity and they move closer to chaotic evil alignment. Only functions in the place where it is found, as cables extend towards the floor, powering it.

  120. The Crown of Hosts: A silver crown with six vertical ornate peaks that reach straight up one foot, each inset with a translucent green sphere. Each sphere houses the trapped spirit of a spellcaster that slightly glows within. The wearer of the crown must be a spellcaster and can command the spirits to cast whatever spells they knew in life. This can be potentially devastating, allowing 6 actions, plus the spellcaster’s, per turn. The wearer knows the power level of each of the spirits, but does not know the exact number of spells they had memorized when they died. The trapped spirits regenerate spells at the usual rate afterwards. If any of the trapped spellcasters uses its last spell, it is immediately freed. The soul of the wearer of the crown is sucked into the vacant gem and becomes its new slave.

  121. Eroded River Rock: This mundane looking flat rock has been washed smooth by eons of swift rapids flowing over it. It still drips as if recently removed from the river that created it. It has been imbued with the power and fury of the river. When water is dropped onto it, the rock accelerates the water into a powerful stream which has the power to erode any non-magical surface. Combined with the Create Water spell, the effects can be devastating. Locks cut through in seconds, buildings eroded to the foundation in minutes, landscapes sculpted in hours, mountain passes cut in days. Used offensively, the jets of water can do serious damage to anyone foolish enough to get in the way. Destroyed by: If Destroy Water is cast upon it, the stone will erode into a fine sand. Alternatively, placing the stone back into the river where it was created will cause the stone to erode.

  122. Wood from the Handle of Death’s Scythe: Renders the owner safe from Death. No matter how much damage they take, they will safely return to normal in 24 hours, with 1 HP. The piece of wood, when held, gives the user a sense of cautious invulnerability (re: doesn’t make them reckless). It’s a small, pebble-like smooth dark brown hunk of wood, as it has been through countless owners throughout the beginning of time; if examined closely, flecks of what could be described as “black glass slivers” seem to pulse through the wood. Destroyed by: the more “resurrections”, the less memories the user has (a set number between player and DM, which can go up any number between play sessions, but cannot go up if the Wood was used during a play session). When the user cannot remember who they are, they can no longer be resurrected and are turned into a zombie.

  123. The Fragile Urn: An ornate urn filled with ash, the user may call upon a deceased ancestor and ask a singular question. For each question asked, a crack grows onto the urn. This process repeats as cracks continue to appear in the Urn. Destroyed by: The integrity of the Urn will eventually be compromised from all the cracks and will break, rendering it permanently destroyed. No one knows how many cracks the urn can withstand before breaking.

  124. The Hugfeld Globe: Mysteries surround this articulate map of the world, as fraud and misinformation frame almost every border of its model. What is known for sure, to much disdain far and wide, is that every line drawn upon it erects a wall.

  125. Godsbane: writing a god’s name in this book while on the same plane as them makes them mortal for 24 hours and unable to leave the plane. The book is usable once per day and can never repeat names.

  126. Soulrender: The Soulrender is a small iron sphere with necromantic sigils and black diamonds on the outside. If a humanoid spends 6 hours chanting an incantation while holding the Soulrender, the sphere emits a magical blast that goes through all non-magical barriers and most magical barriers in a 600 foot radius. Any humanoid within the blast has its soul torn from it’s body and dies, the blast is otherwise harmless. The Soulrender survives the blast, the person who activated it doesn’t. Destroyed by: The Soulrender is indestructible unless it is robbed of it’s magic by an extremely powerful healing spell.

  127. The Portal Wand: A wand with the ability to shoot little energy balls that create two-way portals. Only 2 portals may be maintained at a time. 10 charges per day.

  128. The Manual of Monsters: A magical book that holds absolutely every single monster (including races) and has stats for each entry.

  129. Medallion of Anti-Magic: This medallion generates a 30 ft sphere of anti-magic around them. 

  130. Plow of Blight: This ordinary looking wooden plow corrupts any ground it plows. Any crops planted in this corrupted soil grow to become hoards of evil plant creatures.

  131. Whistle of the Imperator: This whistle when heard requires a save to not fall into a temporary catatonic state prone to suggestion. Reflex save for a chance to block your ears, fortitude save to not fall into the standing coma, and a will save to resist against the suggestion. The blower of the whistle requires some sort of ear impairment or risks knocking themselves vulnerable to sleep and suggestion. All saves have a DC of 15.

  132. Needle of Unstoppable Destruction: This needle looks perfectly mundane, but it is perhaps the most dangerous instrument of entropy in the multiverse. Anything that touches the point of the needle cracks and unravels and crumbles to dust, and I do mean anything, including any artifact on this list. The needle crumbles upon use.

  133. The Deheader: When used to decapitate, a head is added to the hilt. Every 10 heads adds +1 damage. Every head adds 1 lb of weight.

  134. The Emperor's New Blade: Cannot be seen by those who are not fit for their title, making it much easier to attack them.

  135. Separator: A killing attack from this blade separates the soul from the body, causing a harmless astral projection to appear of the soul of the slain. The astral projection can not interact with any physical objects, but can be harmed by magic and magic weapons.

  136. C Sharp: A scrap of magical paper. If one spends 1 hour studying the paper, the paper crumbles and the reader learns the C# cantrip. This spell takes 1 action to whistle a sharp tone and the user makes a ranged attack. If hit, the spell does 1d6 slashing damage. The range on this spell is long (400 ft). Can be used to cut things like rope in range.

  137. A document which shows whatever the observer expects to see but with a few errors (misspellings or other incongruencies).

  138. A mimic ring who will eat a single finger off of any person (only once per person) and will tell a truth that the person wants to know.

  139. Wizzwalds Amazing Cube: This is a light cube made of brass approximately the size of 1/3rd foot by 1/3rd foot by 1/3rd foot. This cube effectively works as a spell magnet, if it is within 5ft of the caster, the target or between them, the spells will be redirected and absorbed by the amazing cube. The amazing cube technically has no limits on how many spells it can hold, but every time it absorbs a spell, there is a 10% chance (+ another 10% for every spell after the first it has absorbed) that it will expel ALL of the spells it absorbed in all 6 directions it’s faces are facing. This can lead to some incredibly chaotic results, such as shooting six fireballs out of all of its faces, and then flooding the area around it with water before shooting an eldritch blast at whatever targets are on the correct angles of the cube, or charming 4 separate creatures at once while also issuing a command creature spell making all of them drop their weapons. You can reduce the odds of the cube expelling its spells to 10% if you spend half an hour and expend a spell slot with it. However, any spells it absorbs after this will still add their bonus 10% chance.

  140. Dodecahedron of Listless Wandering: Once activated this 20-sided sphere 3 feet across in size will levitate and move in a random direction at 60ft per round. A creature whose space the sphere enters must succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or be struck by it, taking 6d6 crushing damage. If it bumps into a solid object, like a wall, it triggers a wild magic surge.

  141. Gilgam’s Self-Replicating Rodent Remover: a tiny construct that pursues its designated target and ‘removes’ it. If multiple targets are detected within its range, it will seek out materials to construct copies of itself. If in the course of locating said materials it finds other targets, then it will add those targets to its list while increasing the number of copies needed to cope with the added number of targets. The off switch is conveniently located on the roof of its mouth.

  142. Ball Lightning: If outside, every time the ball makes contact with a new conductive surface, lightning strikes it. 

  143. A sheet of parchment upon which is drawn a complex mechanical contraption. Allows the user to learn how to craft one real world item, then the parchment disintegrates

  144. Mark of Resurrection: You gain the ability to resurrect a dead person by placing their corpse next to another of similar size. The corpse to be resurrected is determined randomly with a 50-50 chance. The corpse that is not resurrected can never be.

  145. Mark of the Unseen: You can gain advantage on stealth checks for a day in exchange for disadvantage on social skills for 3 days. In addition, you may cast invisibility on yourself 3 times per day; however, every time you do, someone you know forgets your existence.

  146. Mark of the Damned: You gain the ability to cheat Death, ignoring a blow that would bring you to negative hit points. The next time you sleep in a populated area, four people sleeping in the same village die in their sleep. Their relatives know you were involved somehow. This effect refreshes each month on the full moon.

  147. Mark of the Plague: You are immune to the effects of disease, the sickened condition, the poisoned condition, and the effect of all poisons. However you are still a carrier and the effects radiate out from your body for 10 feet, possibly more, spreading any infections that you carry.

  148. Mark of Entropy: The world crumbles at your touch. Stone falls to gravel, wood to sawdust, and friends to bleached bones. Gloves and weapons likewise disintegrate in your hands. Other areas of your body (feet, torso, etc.) do not produce the same effect. Anything you touch takes 1d6 damage per round, bypassing hardness and DR.

  149. Birthright: Whenever you kill a creature with a heritable title, you are the rightful heir. The mark is passed to whoever kills you.

  150. Wand of Turn Undead: turns the target undead. If already undead, they turn into a different type of undead creature.

  151. Pallid Mask: Creatures do not notice the wearer’s presence unless the wearer interacts with them personally or they actively search for the wearer or someone tells them to take notice.

  152. This smoothly polished fist-sized ball of pink granite pulses with a soothing magical power. The wardstone exudes an aura that calms the nerves and emotions of all who are within a 40-foot radius of it, protecting that area from violence. Any creature attempting to strike or otherwise attack anyone within the warded area (including attacks with targeted spells) takes 15d6 points of force damage (DC 22 Will save for half damage). Wardstones of peace are often placed in temple chapels, courtrooms and council halls, and are occasionally even carried in the belt pouches of political leaders.

  153. Enter the Umbral Court: ritual that ties soul to the shadow plane

  154. Eternal Apotheosis: ritual to become a lich

  155. Fiendish Apotheosis: ritual to become a devil 

  156. Welcome the Blighted Soul: ritual to become the Druid version of a lich

  157. Various other rituals to gain a template

  158. Sphere of Annihilation: 

  159. Rod of cancellation: a once per day version of 

  160. Soul of the Hero: when absorbed, ascend, gaining your first mythic rank. If already mythic, treat as successfully beating 1 trial.

  161. Golemancer’s Handbook: grants the Craft Construct feat while attuned. The book contains instructions for 1d4 random constructs (you don’t need to know spells to make these constructs). More can be added if discovered and analyzed with a craft check.

  162. Fleshwarper’s Handbook: grants the Fleshwarper feat while attuned. The book contains instructions for 1d4 random fleshwarper grafts. More can be added if discovered and analyzed with a craft check.

  163. Gardener’s Handbook: grants the Grow Plant Creature feat while attuned. The book contains instructions for 1d4 random plant creatures (you don’t need to know spells to make these constructs). More can be added if discovered and analyzed with a knowledge(nature) check.

  164. Decaying Handbook: lists instructions to make a necrocraft. It also details a ritual in order to make a corpse act like as an undead for the purposes of making necrocrafts (same cost as animate dead). Additionally there is a ritual to bypass the make whole spell component (costs as much as the previous ritual).

  165. Sphere of Creation: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the alter and create ability from the creation sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  166. Sphere of Darkness: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the darkness ability from the dark sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  167. Sphere of Unlife: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the reanimate ability from the death sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  168. Sphere of Destruction: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the destructive blast ability from the destruction sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  169. Sphere of Life: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the cure and restore ability from the life sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  170. Sphere of Light: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the glow ability from the light sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  171. Sphere of Thought: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the charm ability from the mind sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  172. Sphere of Air: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the geomancing(air) ability from the nature sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  173. Sphere of Earth: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the geomancing(earth) ability from the nature sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  174. Sphere of Fire: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the geomancing(fire) ability from the nature sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  175. Sphere of Metal: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the geomancing(metal) ability from the nature sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  176. Sphere of Plant: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the geomancing(plant) ability from the nature sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  177. Sphere of Water: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the geomancing(water) ability from the nature sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  178. Sphere of Protection: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the ward and aegis ability from the protection sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  179. Sphere of Force: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the telekinesis ability from the telekinesis sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  180. Sphere of Teleportation: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the teleport ability from the warp sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  181. Sphere of Storm: this sphere grants the attuned 3 spell points and the control weather ability from the weather sphere. Your CL for this ability is treated as ? your character level. Roll on the wild magic table for that sphere on the last spell point used.

  182. Sphere of Chaos: once per day you can use this sphere to roll on the major event table

  183. Millenium Rod: Once per day as a standard action you may target an object no larger than a cottage. The object is immediately aged and eroded one thousand years. Most objects will be destroyed or ruined by this (especially organic materials like wood), though some stronger materials (like adamantine) will be unaffected. This can be used on constructs, but not on anything alive. This is an aging effect, and so will not work on any object somehow granted immunity to aging. A small sign saying Out of Order will also spring up.

  184. Golden Hammer: This hammer can repair up to a 5-foot cube of nonliving objects/material each round (though this cannot return magic to destroyed magic items). All forms of decay, damage, and corruption can be reversed, and even rotting foods can be made like new.

  185. Forbidden Wand: As a standard action, you use the wand against a target in sight. They are instantly rendered sterile. Each of their descendants immediately suffers 4d20 damage and are rendered sterile. This effect only works once every full moon.This is an evil act and gives you an evil aura.

  186. Rod of the King: You may give a simple command to a large group of NPCs (up to 1000 creatures). All of them with 1-3 Hit Dice immediately obey your commands. Their obedience only lasts for 6 rounds. This ability works once per day.

  187. Ocarina of Time: Playing this ocarina will change the time to either noon or midnight, whichever comes next.

  188. Death Duck: once per day when squeezed, someone you have talked to in the last week dies, as if they had been squeezed by a giant hand.

  189. Barrel of 300 wands: each wand has 3 charges per day. Upon use 1 random magical effect occurs from this table. (Here’s the roller). After a wand has been used it will always have the same magical effect. Also fires a magic missile. Random effects are permanent, until removed by a remove curse or similar effect.

  190. Battery Ring: whenever the wearer casts a non cantrip spell that does electric damage, they can reduce the dice by one step and store that dice in their ring. That extra dice can then be called upon (all of it at once) when casting a different electric spell to add that number of dice to damage. 

  191. A pocket watch that makes you and everything on your person age backwards (at normal rate).

  192. A dried monkey's paw that lets you use a wish at the cost of your life.

  193. A book that, when you start reading it, transports you 1d6 hours into the future. You can never quite remember what was it about.

  194. A doll that makes anyone who picks it up believe it's their baby.

  195. A pebble that behaves as if it was a boulder.

  196. A scroll of omnipotence. Details a small part of a dangerous ritual to become omnipotent. Should you finish the bit of the ritual, you have a 1-in-20 chance to gain a minor magical power and the instructions on the scroll change to the next bit. Can be used any number of times, but the tasks will get harder and deadlier.

  197. A wand of necrotic healing. Heals a creature to full hp, but also permanently decreases their maximum hp by 1.

  198. A retroactive love letter. Write the name of your target on it and then your signature. Suddenly, you will have had an affair.

  199. A metal disk that depicts writhing tentacles. The rim of the disk has the word “NEVINYRRAL” on it. If detonated it vaporizes everything in a 10 mile radius. Can only be activated by someone who has stored some piece of their sole in it.

Medium Items

  1. All-Seasons Scabbard: As long as a sword is kept in this scabbard the wearer suffers no ill effects from extreme weather

  2. A silver eye-mask not unlike the one famously donned by Balog, the Spoon Thief. Allows the wearer total knowledge of the location and description of every spoon on the plane they are currently in.

  3. Privacy Collar: Once activated, for the next hour the words a creature says can only be heard by up to 10 designated people.

  4.  A fork that, when placed in between a split path, will always point the safer way.

  5.  A friendly bat that gives you 10ft of blindsight when it’s perched on your shoulder. Has stats of a normal bat.

  6. Mining Pick: This heavy iron pickaxe is chipped and pitted, though it parts earth and stone as if it were brand new. You have a burrow speed of 5 feet through unworked, unenchanted stone and earth. Ground you burrow through with the pick is reduced to dust and rubble, leaving a clear tunnel behind you.

  7. The DNA Sword: a sword with two razor sharp, helicoidal blades, that emit a faint green glow. On the other side of the hilt, there is a steel needle. The sword does 1d8 +1 base damage, and stores the genome of the creatures killed with it. The needle can then be used in an egg, or womb, to fuse the baby’s DNA with one or more stored DNAs, leading to the birth of a hybrid.

  8. The Perpetual Chalice: As legend tells, this cup can bring the holder’s wishes to life in exchange for something of their own. Twice per day, as an action the user attuned to this cup can spend 2d8 +5 health to ask the cup for anything, using the DM's discretion on amount and size. The item asked for must be able to fit through the cups top. Especially valuable objects may require more blood.

  9. Prismatic Ring: The metal of this ring is streaked with a rainbow pattern that shimmers and shifts around constantly. As an action, you may speak one of the following words to the ring, or a word closely related to one of them: "Fire," "Cold," "Lightning," "Acid," or "Poison." All weapon attacks you make have their damage type replaced with the damage type you stated for one minute. This does not make the damage count as magical unless the weapon was already magical. You may not use the ring again until the next dawn.

  10. Rings of Transposition: These twin rings are made of flawless, highly polished electrum. When you peer into the surface of one, you see the reflection from the other. These rings come in a set of two and must be attuned to separate characters to function. While within 100 feet of each other, one character may activate their ring as a bonus action. The other character becomes aware of this, and can immediately use their reaction to do the same. If both rings are activated before the end of the round, their bearers instantly swap positions, regardless of any objects or terrain in between them.

  11. Ring of Cubic Force: This ring is made of electrum and set with a square panel, decorated with a single embossed rune. As an action you may conjure an opaque 5-foot cube of force flush against your palm. The cube floats in space and does not move until over 500 pounds is applied to it, at which point it vanishes. The cube also vanishes after existing for 1 hour or if you dismiss it as an action. After using this ring's power once, you cannot use it again until the next dawn.

  12. Jar of Hoarder Beetles This wide glass jar weighs 2 pounds and has holes poked in its lid. It contains about a dozen beetles of blue and green hues, each the size of two thumbs, and their hoard they sleep on. When you find the jar it has 2d10 silver pieces in it, 1d10 each of gold and copper pieces, and a selection of shiny rocks and bits lying at the bottom. The beetles will always find their way back to the jar at dusk as long as their hoard is worth at least 2 gold and covers the bottom of the jar. If released, the beetles will fly off in search of shiny objects to add to their pile. When released during the day within a town the beetles gather 1d10 silver, 1d4-1 each of gold and copper, and 1d4 shiny rocks and bits throughout the day. At the DM’s discretion the coins gathered might change in number or quality depending on the town.

  13. An intelligent cape that can choose to strangle and suffocate the person wearing it.

  14. A necklace that turns you into a werewolf if worn on the night of a full moon.

  15. A flower hat that lets you speak to and understand plants and animals.

  16. A clockwork raven that makes you tiny and carries you to safety when you go below 25% hit points.

  17. Swear Jar: Everytime someone within 30ft cusses, takes 5% of the current gold and stores it in the jar. Can only be opened by someone that doesn’t have money in the jar.

  18. Gloves of Ungloving: Putting on one of these gloves causes the other to come off. Can be held onto with a DC 30 Str Check. If both gloves are successfully kept on, laying both gloves on another person will de-armor them. 

  19. Invisible Nightcap: Wearer becomes invisible, silenced, and asleep until they take damage or the cap is removed.

  20. Ring of the Adventurous Limb.  If worn on a hand, the entire arm will vanish.  It will return after 24 hours have elapsed.  Roll a d10: 1 – tattoo on arm, 2 – arm injured, 3 – gained a ring, probably a wedding ring, 4 – ring missing, 5-10 – nothing special.  It will have a similar effect on legs.

  21. Cocoon Wax – Anything covered in this wax completely  is sealed off as if in a cocoon. After 24 hours it bursts free as a winged, hostile version of its previous self. One use.

  22. Magma Orb: This glowing orb seems to be constantly melting and reforming. If touched with the bare hand, it clings to the skin, causing horrific burns. While attuned to this orb, you and the equipment you are wearing are immune to all negative effects of lava or magma as long as the orb is being held.

  23. Boots of Devouring.  Cursed.  As soon as you put one on your foot it starts eating you like a garbage disposal.  Feeding it lots of booze causes it to vomit out everything in its stomach (which may include some treasure).  

  24. Endless Boots.  Cannot stop walking.  Will never tire from walking.  Cannot run.  Walk walk walk. Must be removed by getting the boots stuck.

  25. Crystal Ship: This miniature ship is beautifully crafted and valuable, but if it is ever taken on board a ship that ship will sink before its voyage is completed.

  26. Rubber ball of returning. It's just a bouncy ball that always bounces back.

  27. Box of Extreme Convenience: An empty box (like a voting box). Once per day, you can make a request to the box and it will have an effect or produce an item that it thinks will help the situation. The box will never produce something the party wants to. Example: in a fight, wanting fire to kill the troll, the box instead casts a spell that helps run away.

  28. Karma Vase: Filling this Vase with an expensive drink will cause it to drain away, but cure any ailments or damage affecting the pourer. Breaking the vase will kill the breaker.

  29. Chest of Forgetful Hiding: Any object placed in this sentient chest is magically transported and hidden in a place the chest believes to be safe which may be anywhere on any plane but which must physically be able to accomodate the object in question. The chest can only remember the most vague details of where it has hidden things, such as 'in a room' or 'underground’

  30. Grog of Substantial Whismy:   

  31. Flipper: A wand that causes someone to flip around, looking the opposite direction. Can be easily resisted if someone is expecting that effect.

  32. Bad Copper:

  33. Cursed Ring of Jumping: 

  34. Flat's Mat, a mat that you can hide under and be flat.  Foe's walk right over you and they may not even know you're there… because you're flat under the mat.

  35. Rock of Rockening:

  36. Wraith Gloves: These useful gloves can turn the user’s hands momentarily intangible; allowing him/her to reach inside of things (to put things in – or pull them out), to turn doorknobs from the other side, hit incorporeal creatures, and so on. Usable for 5 rounds per day in 1 round increments.

  37. The Scope of Fears– Looking through this glass at a creature will tell you what the creature fears most, but will also tell the creature your greatest fear.

  38. Peace Cord: When tied around a weapon and/or sheathe this colorful string makes those items invisible when not in use.

  39. Sands of Time: This small hourglass holds a minute or so of subjective time. When called upon it will grant whoever the user designates a brief time in which to converse and consider telepathically – although no actions may be taken. The Sands may be called upon three times a day. Even those on the verge of death may converse freely while the influence of the Sands holds.

  40. Slippers of Secrecy: While wearing these slippers, you leave no tracks of any kind, nor does your scent linger after you are gone (though your scent can still be used to find you when you are physically present). It is impossible to track you while you wear this magic footwear. 

  41. Gore Candle – Any injuries that happen in the presence of this candle's 100 ft red glow are extra painful, messy, and harmful, doubling any damage dealt. 

  42. Bag of Endless Rats – It looks like a Bag of Holding, but it stinks. All that comes out of it when a character tries to use it are 3d20 rats. If it is turned inside out or damaged, it discharges 200 rats and the bag is no longer magical.

  43. Everready Gloves: These unassuming gloves are riddled with minor magical auras. As a move action, or as a free action with the Quick Draw feat, the wielder may pull a grappling hook attached to 50 feet of hemp rope, 50 feet of silk rope, a lit torch, flint and steel, manacles, a ten foot pole, a set of masterwork thieves’ tools, a flask of alchemist’s fire, or a healer’s kit out of thin air by reaching into the palm of one glove with the other glove and simply pulling it out. Any item conjured in this fashion disappears after one hour. Each item contained within the Everready Gloves can only be conjured once daily.

  44. Meat Helmet. Once per day the bearer of the helmet can eat a strip of fresh bacon from the hat to permanently gain 1 extra HP and 5 pounds.

  45. Glove of Magehand – Requires attunement. A magical glove you wear that will immediately conjure a mage hand for as long as the glove is worn, which you can use as you'd normally use the spell mage hand. You can also use it to attack as if it was an unarmed attack or to do a sleight of hand skill check, but with a -2 penalty. The catch is, the conjured mage hand can be attacked or damaged, and any injury inflicted on the magehand will also be inflicted to the wearer’s hand.

  46. Turtle Shell Armor. This armor is made with the carapaces of many turtles, united together with unbreakable wires of enchanted steel. You can retire your limbs/head into the armor to get full cover from enemies attacks as an action.

  47. Compass of Destiny: Points towards the location of a random magical artifact until it is within 5 ft of the compass. Then points to a different one.

  48. KiloWand: Roll a random effect here, usable 1/day:

  49. Lightning Greaves: When using the entire round to move, double how much you move.

  50. Tao of Narcosis: An ensorcelled syringe which will fill itself with a full effective dose of a random narcotic substance (mundane or magical) to which the user is not addicted. Narcotics which are normally smoked, ingested, etc. are automatically converted into injectable form by the Tao.

  51. Dust of Dryness: 

  52. Scarf of Breathing – A red scarf sewn with silver beads into the fabric, magically filters air that is sucked through it when worn as a face wrap. Made as a gift for an obsidian miner to avoid complications with volcano fumes.

  53. Pixie’s Handaxe: Very small handaxe that can cut a tree in one swing. Only works against plants.

  54. Lens of Tracking – A monocle that allows the user to once a day see the footprints of a specific person or creature that has been within the area.

  55. Helen’s Earring – An earring that telepathically describes whatever is visible in front of the wearer, whether they can see it or not. Made by a child prodigy for their blind mother who worked tirelessly in order to pay for their magical education. Grants 30ft of Blindsight.

  56. Holethrower – A plain-looking wooden slingshot with an intricately carved handle. Once a day, this slingshot can fire any unmodified projectile and instead of doing damage creates a portable hole at that location. The portable hole stays there for 5 minutes.

  57. Fire Mephit Lantern – A lantern with a tiny Fire Mephit inside. The Mephit can speak. The lantern casts Light out to 500 feet, and cannot be extinguished. Comes with a cloak to cover it

  58. Shot glass that triples alcohol content of drinks

  59. Universal Translator: works with any defined language

  60. Helm of Knowledge: Has a display on the forehead. The display shows any number the player of that character rolls.  

  61. Decanter of Endless Water: 

  62. Slippers: skate across any surface, acrobatics not to slip

  63. Folding Boat:

  64. Mirror Shield: When the holder is subject to a magic attack that requires a save and rolls a 20, the magic is reflected to the caster.’

  65. Ferryman's Toll. The party comes across a corpse that has two gold coins of unknown origin on his eyes. The coins give off a weak aura of necromancy. When one coin is placed over a dead person's eye, and one placed over a players, you can see the last several seconds of their life.

  66. Ring of Sustenance: 

  67. Gloves of Storing:

  68. Invisible Leash: 

  69. Honeytongue Elixir: 

  70. Argental Font:

  71. Metal Eye Mask.  Wearing this mask obscures your normal vision, but allows you to see from above, sort of like an orbital satellite's view.  At sea level, you can see an area 200' in diameter, centered on the mask.

  72. Goblin cloak.  Invisible while in shadowy areas, but stinks like a mound of goblin poop

  73. Miser's Flute.  When played, all unsecured coins in 20' will leap up and roll after you.  They will follow you as long as you play, and as fast as normal running speed.  Uphill is fine, stairs are not.

  74. Donkey Legs.  These wooden donkey legs can be attached to anything.  Once attached, the thing will follow you around like a loyal donkey.  For example, you can attach them to a heavy statue and then have it walk itself out of the dungeon.  Donkey legs are as strong as two donkeys!

  75. Prayer of the Seal.  When this sheet of paper is attached to a door or portal, it becomes magically locked (until the paper is removed or destroyed.)

  76. A ring that makes you invisible, but not your equipment or clothing.

  77. A saddle that turns any creature into a horse when it is strapped on.  The horse cannot remove the saddle on its own.  

  78. A key that can unlock any non-magical lock, but cannot be removed from the mechanism until it is relocked.

  79. Feather of Bravado.  When placed in a hat, it points in the direction of the nearest foe capable of killing the user. 

  80. Mighty Acorn.  When thrown on the ground, immediately grows into a 20' oak.

  81. Statuette of Baal.  Can be "fed" gold to grow larger.  Starts out the size of a gold coin.  Becomes more complex as it grows larger, adds features and smaller cultist statues.  If grown to the size of 100,000 gp, a golden tablet reveals a great secret. If grown to 1,000,000 gp, it will come alive and try to take over the world.

  82. Book of Epic Boredom.  When read, the reader falls asleep.

  83. Black Cigarette.  When smoked, it creates a 100’ (radius) cloud of smoke and allows the smoker to see through smoke and fog.

  84. Medusa's Rope: This 50-foot coil of hempen rope can be turned to stone/back to hempen with a command word, spoken as a bonus action..

  85. Bagpipes of invisibility – turns the user invisible as long as he's successfully playing them. Increases every NPC's aggressiveness towards the user for every turn they hear the bagpipes. 

  86. Ring of cantrips: With this ring equipped you can use cantrips as a bonus action. 

  87. Dispel orb: this light green orb is about the size of a snow globe and can be charged up with a 3rd level spell slot. Once charged as an action a player can trigger it with an action causing a radius of ten feet where magic doesn't work for 1 minute. That means fireball can't be fired in that space (although aiming outside of it still causes fire damage inside because at that point it's just fire) and any 4th level spell or higher that is used has to follow the normal dispel rules against the DC of the person who charged it up.

  88. Goggles of True Sight:

  89. Belt of Returning:

  90. Pawn Tube: A big golden funnel that can be spiked into the ground. Feed any item into it and a rock or gem worth half of its market value is shot out. If the same stone is returned to the funnel, the item is traded back. 

  91. Raw Pixie Dust:

  92. Proxy Chain – When two or more beings are in contact with the chain, any harmful effects that affect one of them affect the others instead. 

  93. Reconstruction Silk – A handkerchief that repairs any object it is draped over an hour. The object must be small enough to be covered. 

  94. Sabotage Disc – A disc of metal that can be slipped into even the most tightly cased machine, causing it to immediately malfunction in the most serious way possible. 

  95. Animation Oil – When rubbed onto an object, it springs to life for the next hour as your loyal servant. One dose.

  96. Prosthetic Tail – A metal tail that straps to your body and functions as a prehensile tail. 

  97. Devil Salts – Awakens any creature from sleep or unconsciousness, but they flail and scream in terror for a few seconds first. They have no memory of this afterwards. 

  98. Bell of the Crier: As long as the holder is ringing this hand-bell their voice will carry across great distances and be audible by all within a mile.

  99. Boat of Murder: If a corpse is placed in this small rowboat it will drift out on the water and return an hour later, empty. There will be no trace of the corpse anywhere and no evidence left in the boat.

  100. Dogpack Tooth: If this tooth is pressed into someone's gums it will take root and allow the owner to speak with dogs and wolves.

  101. Diving Pearl: If a target is named and the pearl dropped into a body of water it will sink and move towards the target and latch onto it, returning it to the pearl's owner. The pearl cannot move objects larger than a person.

  102. Dustbane Broom: This broom not only brushes away dust, twigs and other leaves, but moves them to another plane. This cannot be used to destroy other unwanted items, only things that would normally be swept up.

  103. Never Ending Breadsticks Basket: Ask politely and after a couple of minutes 4+1d4 fresh breadsticks will appear. Being rude can result in burnt breadsticks and longer wait time.

  104. Golden Mule: A tiny golden statue of a mule. Anyone carrying this may carry twice as much weight as normal.

  105. Geese Beads: Wearing this necklace of beads allows you to communicate with geese. Also when you wake up, roll 1d20. On a 20, you lay a golden egg worth 100 gp. On any other roll you lay an edible egg, with either the shell or the yolk having your skin tone.

  106. Ring of Conspicuous Flight: 

  107. Hidden Sword: If this sword is tucked behind a robe or cloak it will not be found by anyone searching for it other than the person that hid it there.

  108. Inspection Lens: Peering through this small lens reveals the true value of any jewels, gems or other art items.

  109. Jump Rope: When told to jump, this rope coils like a spring and bounces upwards twenty feet, carrying up to one passenger with it.

  110. Kindred Bracelets: When two people are wearing one of these bracelets each they are always aware of when the other is in life-threatening danger.

  111. Leech Dust: Scattering this dust over a wound will clean it and drain any poison from it.

  112. Longstride Breeches: Anyone wearing these red breeches will never become tired from walking.

  113. Marble Man: This statue comes to life when touched, functioning much as a normal servant would. It is only as strong as a normal human and can carry out any basic function it is taught the word for. It cannot speak, run or fight and if struck with a blow will fall to the ground and shatter into pieces.

  114. A candle that provides light (in a 30ft area) only you can see, and whispers nice things to you.

  115. Master's Ring: This ring causes a faint tingling sensation whenever one of the wearer's employees, servants or hirelings is planning to betray them in some way.

  116. Map of the Head: The holder of this map may look over it when trying to remember something they witnessed while carrying the map. Within a minute of looking at it they will remember, even to the smallest detail.

  117. Money Belt: Any amount of money may be pressed into a small slot on the front of this belt. The money can be retrieved by tapping it three times and announcing how much is required. This will even cause larger coins to be converted into change for specific amounts.

  118. Coin of Certainty: This coin will always land on heads. The user must roll a higher sleight of hand check than the passive perception of the person being deceived for it to be effective.

  119. The Shared Shards: These fragments of a mirror will allow two people to communicate face to face through the mirror with one another, regardless of distance.

  120. Nail of Fastening: This ugly square nail made of blackened iron, when hammered, will remain in place until a word is spoken. The word is engraved on the nails head, however it is blurred. worn and scratched out from so many hits.

  121. Wonderous Orb: This orb, when held by a creature, will cause it to be paralyzed. Whilst it is paralyzed, the soul of the creature can freely roam 60ft from its body, trespassing through walls and able to identify the nature (Good, Neutral, Evil) of any creature within its radius. If the user holds on to the orb for longer than 1 minute it will take 1 dmg, 2 minutes will take another 1 dmg + 2 dmg, 3 minutes will take 1+2+3 dmg, and so on.

  122. Time Bomb – Time slows down sixty times in a 10m sphere around the blast. Lasts for a minute outside the sphere, or one second inside. One use.

  123. Homunculus Gum – Whoever chews this gum bonds with the substance, which will begin to shape into a small gummy version of the chewer. It follows orders but has a bad attitude. Adding further gum will increase its size but decrease its loyalty. If somebody new chews up the homunculus, the bond transfers to them. 

  124. Plasmic Convertor – Turns a pint of a being's blood into a drop of liquid that grants single use of one special property the being has for one hour. 1-in-3 chance of converting an undesirable effect instead.   

  125. Duplicator – A coffin-sized box. Put one thing in, get two copies. Both copies are hugely inferior to the original. 

  126. Truth Leaf – Smoking this hallucinogenic herb reveals a ridiculous truth and a ridiculous lie. Three doses. 

  127. Hover Plate – Platter-sized tray that freezes in space if you whistle a specific tune. There's a second tune to release it. It supports up to one person's weight and can be forcibly moved with a STR roll of 20.

  128. Genesis Molasses – A tin of deep green syrup that causes lush vegetation to grow within minutes, no matter where it is spread. If eaten, the victim loses d6 STR and begins coughing up moss. 

  129. Chameleomole – A tiny mammal that can phase into any material without disturbing it. It can talk, but is extremely shy and will only answer a question with one word before phasing into hiding in their master's body. 

  130. Execution Orb – A glowing orb that materialises over any person who is 1 health or less within 60 ft. If you activate it, it will decapitate them and all others below 1 health within 60 ft. 

  131. Trick Coin – Looks like a silver coin but has three secret functions that you know how to use. First is a weak light. Second is a powerful magnet. Third is a compass.

  132. Star-Beacon – A heavy tire-sized metal beacon (requires two people to carry) with a matching pin-badge. Pushing the badge teleports the wearer back to the beacon. 

  133. Ambrosia Seed – A bag of golden seed that any animal can't resist eating if thrown. If they're smart they'll realise you have the bag when the thrown seed runs out.

  134. Haunted Egg – A stone egg that can be used as a club. The last thing killed by the egg will inhabit it as a ghostly voice, and will answer questions to the best of its knowledge. It doesn't have any more knowledge than it did in life, but anyone can understand its words. 

  135. Echojector – Hears up to ten seconds of sound and repeats it at vastly increased volume on command.

  136. Doom Siren – A tiny clockwork box lets out a booming drone when a being within 10ft dies. 

  137. Sub-Flare – A one shot pistol that launches a burning flare immediately skywards, burning through any substance in the way and leading a fist-width hole. 

  138. Steel Goggles – When switched on, objects that have a current owner glow faintly green, objects that have been taken from their rightful owner glow red. Objects that have no current claimant look normal. 

  139. Brain Jar – A jar of brine and wires that can sustain the brain of a freshly killed creature, allowing it to psychically project its thoughts. The brain must be fed blood daily or else it dies.

  140. Stinkincense – A pot of wax with a wick. When burned, sewage slowly drips over from the top of the jar. If left for an hour it will burn out, but produce enough sewage to fill a large room.  

  141. Cosmic Ranker – A grey wand that, when waved between two objects, pulls to the object that it deems best by the standards requested. In case of a tie it flies from the wearer's hand. 

  142. Sanctuary Idol – Burning a candle in front of the idol causes smoke to billow out and reinforce all doors, open passageways, and windows into the room. Nothing can enter through these as long as the candle burns. Has no effect outdoors. 

  143. Banker Pig – A clay pig with a coin slot. A penny causes an oinking sound. A silver coin causes it to transform into a normal pig for an hour. A gold coin causes it to transform into a common boar for an hour. A platinum coin transforms it into a Titanboar. If it dies in pig form, it never transforms back. 

  144. Evacuation Syrup – Removes any ill effects the drinker is suffering from, including anything short of death, but flushes the body clean in every sense. One dose. 

  145. Savage Vine Berries – If eaten, rapidly growing vines erupt from the mouth (2d6 damage) and sprawl out filling a large room and clinging to whatever surface it can. These vines are easily climbable.  

  146. Ghost Story – Contained within a small storybook. If you tell this story to somebody as they fall asleep, their ghostly skeleton leaves their body for the night, returning when they wake. The skeleton acts as the owner wishes and is completely immaterial. 

  147. Companion Ball – A hollow ball that rolls behind you and never stops trying to follow you. Can pop open to store a head-sized object or smaller.

  148. Green Soil – Small pot of soil. Any plant that is planted into it will grow a whole season's worth of growth in one minute, but otherwise grows normally. 

  149.  A devil’s horn that repels natural fire away from it.

  150. Fantastic Machine – Huge machine stored in an old factory. Has a slot where paper instructions can be inserted, with a coin slot for a 10 silver payment. After an hour of clinking it produces a rough approximation of the requested item, but anything fancy is poorly made. 

  151. Noble Tumor – This visible growth absorbs the next harmful effect to enter your body, whether poison, parasite, curse, or otherwise, before dropping off and crawling away. If it absorbs something particularly powerful it comes alive as a loyal servant.

  152. Utility Orb – Any tool that could plausibly exist in a mundane multi-tool has a 50% chance of existing in this orb. Keep a track of what tools it does and doesn't have. 

  153. Quiet Bell.  This 2" tall silver bell prevents all other sounds within 5' while ringing.

  154. Palette of All Colors.  Contains 7 mundane palettes (ROYGBIV) and 1 color that is invisible.  If the invisible color is painted on a wall, it allows people to see through it (one way).  Lasts 1 minute.  Penetrates no more than 6".  Getting it on someone's face blinds them.

  155. Mercy Ring: Damage dealt by the wearer cannot reduce someone to 0. It is impossible for an attack by the wearer to kill someone 

  156. A ring that gives you a (random coloured) dragonborn head when worn, allowing you to use a breath weapon attack once per day.

  157. A leather-bound book that always has a map of the area you're in when you open it.

  158. A bottomless tankard of brew that can heal 1d6 damage once per hour, but requires you to make a DC15 Constitution save or else you pass out for 3 hours.

  159. A delightful party hat that makes you jovial and you are mysteriously always allowed into parties when you're wearing it, regardless of invitation.

  160. A glove that allows you to pick up and throw things 4x heavier than your max weight limit when worn.

  161. A fish that fits perfectly into your ear and allows you to understand and speak any language.

  162. A ring that throws you up 100ft at your command.

  163. A magical top hat that turns you into a mouse that can still speak and read common and is wearing the top hat.

  164. A ring that will kill you if worn on either of your feet.

  165. A magic parasol that allows you to glide slowly downwards, preventing any and all fall damage. Does not keep out the rain.

  166. A fold-out ballista used for launching people 1d8x 30 ft.

  167. Whoever looks at it sees a painting of their parents happy together.

  168. A golden pocket watch that can be triggered at any time which creates a "dead" illusion of yourself that falls to the ground and casts "invisibility" on you for 3 minutes. The pocket watch has endless uses, but takes 1 week to recharge.

  169. A ring that makes you appear like a ghost when worn.

  170. A set of hand mirrors. Fog writing on one appears on the other.

  171. A book, that if you write in it, answers you and comments on things. Has knowledge equivalent to a mundane small library.

  172. Bags of Transference: these two bags are always found as a pair. They each have a capacity equal to a pouch. Items inside the pouches cannot be located by magic or other supernatural means, though the bags themselves can be located by those methods. As a bonus action, a creature that knows the bag's command words can speak them, causing each bag's contents to switch to the other. There is no range limit to this feature, though both bag's must be on the same plane of existence, or the words have no effect. Very rarely, a set of more than two bags might be linked together. In this case, the command words cause the contents of the bags to cycle between the bags in a predetermined and unchanging order.

  173.  The world’s loudest accordion. Anyone who is within 15ft of it while it is played will go deaf for 2 hours.

  174.  A small piece of paper with the funniest joke in the world written upon it in common. If you read the joke you suffer the effects of Tasha’s Hideous Laughter for 1d8 hours. No wisdom save can stop this effect and every subsequent time you read the joke you suffer the exact same fate.

  175. A bag of seeds in a burlap sack. There are approximately 500 seeds in the bag. If planted, they will grow into full sized fence posts in approximately six weeks. The posts will never rot and never need painting. The posts will also grow vine fencing between them.

  176.  A set of 6 jars of jam in a calico-lined wooden basket. A jar worth of jam will raise the dead, but requires the owner to give up something precious to them – this includes family members, property, and memories.

  177. A tattoo kit and an image of a door on parchment. If you tattoo that door on living flesh, you can open the door and enter a dungeon.

  178. A birthday cake that will feed a group of 8. Once a piece is fully consumed, the eater drops into a deep sleep for 24 hours, but will awaken fully refreshed and healed of all diseases, curse or afflictions. However, an astral parasite now feeds on the victim and will permanently drain 1 HP per day until the host is dead. The parasite can be removed by a cleric of at least 9th level. The cake only ever appears in dungeons

  179. A harpoon that will spear a fish from any liquid it is thrust into. If asked the curator will demonstrate by spearing a tuna from a glass of milk. 

  180. A deep blue pistol, which compels the wielder to shoot their own head. When done, the wielder's subconscious will physically manifest, and have an honest conversation with them.

  181. A brick of modeling clay that when used to sculpt small creatures they come to life. If two of these creatures encounter each other they will battle to the death, the loser reverting into a blob of clay. Can be used to successfully predict who would win a fight between two creatures.

  182. A nutcracker. It disintegrates shells, leaving the nuts untouched. Bloody marks between the teeth and weird stains on the handle leave disturbing thoughts as to what it has been used for recently.

  183. A brass spoon that neutralizes any harmful toxin within a liquid one spoonful at a time. Made for a Duke’s son after he received a death threat via mail.

  184. Shard of the Abyss: Gazing into this shard allows you to summon one CR 2 or less evil outsider who will obey you for 1d4 + Cha days. However doing so will also induce a long-term madness.

  185. Khopesh of Blackfyre: A blood soaked ebony curved-sword that removes 1 HP per turn from your friends while in battle and gives it to you when you are not full health.

  186. Sickle of the Gutting Crew: Sacrifice a friendly NPC to give your party +2 AC each for 1 hour.

  187. Coin of Combustion: A typical coin only distinguishable by the permanent scorch marks on either side. If placed in a coin purse the purse becomes cursed. Any time a creature attempts to use coins from inside they are greeted by a handful of red-hot coins and take 2d8 fire damage. If the creature wishes to maintain a hold on the coins they must succeed a constitution saving throw or drop the coins back into the purse. If they succeed on the save and remove the coins from the purse they instantly return to normal. If coins are poured from the bag they glow red-hot and cannot be extinguished for 1 minute and will set anything flammable that they touch on fire.

  188. The Essay of Eris – A seemingly ordinary sheet of paper or parchment. Anyone reading it will see believable, plausible, and totally false, evidence that those closest to them are conspiring against them to kill or enslave them or worse. The contents may appear to be a personal letter from one person to another, a report from a rival agency, or whatever else would be most likely to cause the reader to think their friends or allies had betrayed them. There is no magic coercion; the reaction of the reader is entirely a matter of how paranoid they are. A normal person with no reason to think they have enemies might dismiss its claims entirely. But if put into a delicate situation where betrayal is likely it can cause civil wars, bring down spy agencies, and turn a room of distrustful conspirators into a howling mob with each person seeking to kill all the others.

  189. Cursed Bag of Holding: The bag acts like a normal bag of holding, but contents are transported to a demon’s lair instead of a pocket dimension. The demon will randomly curse/enhance magical items to malfunction at the DM’s discretion. Upon discovery of its true nature, the party can enter the bag to fight the devil if they desire to gain the loot the devil has accumulated. 

  190. Juiblex’s Decanter of Oil: An infinite decanter of oil. The oil is inorganic and flammable, but, after 1 day, it slowly attempts to coalesce into a living ooze.

  191. Vile Vial: The blood of an innocent filtered through a dead angel’s hair. Besides augmenting dark magics it tastes exquisite and fetches insanely high prices in certain markets.

  192. A curved bow that appears to be made from the horns of an animal. It has no string, but if blood is rubbed on the bow, A stream of blood will form the string, while a jagged bony tumor will grow to form the arrow. The bow can be handled like a normal bow in this state. When the bone arrow strikes the target it explodes into a blood mist, dealing no physical damage, and instead all damage that would normally be dealt is dealt in necrotic damage. 1 pint of blood gives 10 uses of the bow.

  193. Demonic focus: This shrunken imp head radiates dark power. It acts as a +1 spellcasting focus but changes the flavor of your spells to be horrific. For example, Mage Hand would be skeletal or Message would be backed by eerie whispers.

  194. Ring of Opposing Expectations – When a creature dons the ring their crit fails and crit success roles are swapped. I.E. they now crit succeed on 1s and crit fail on 20s (and 19/18 as applicable by the crit range).

  195. A candle made from a human hand with a wick at the end of each finger. When lit, each finger/wick burns for 1 hour and cannot be extinguished. While a finger is lit, the area in a 120 foot radius centered on the hand is suffused with bad luck, causing all ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws to be made with disadvantage for every creature in the area.

  196. Nightmare Catcher – A dark, hellish dream catcher that makes spooky sounds during the night, even if there’s no wind. Whoever sleeps below it will certainly have nightmares for the entire night, but they will be granted +10 to a speed for that day. After waking up, roll 1d20. On a 1, the person gets an insanity effect for that day.

  197. Infernal Flying Potion: Made of the eyes of a child, blood, dark magic and dove wings, drinking this potion curses your soul to the 9 Hells when you die. It also grants a flying speed of 20 feet. To use this speed, you can’t be wearing medium or heavy armor.

  198. Blade of Healing: +1 Sword that heals for the damage it would do for the first three attacks per day.

  199. Merblade: Half human half sword. Human above hilt. Can punch people twice on a swing, dealing damage as a monk of his level. Has its own hp and stats. Party can split xp with it to level it up.

  200. Sworc: Blade with face torso above hilt, orc torso below. Can charge to do a stabbing attack. Has its own hp and stats. Party can split xp with it to level it up. Will be a barbarian.

  201. Chad the Bastard Sword: Half Merblade Half Sworc, looks like a sword with a face. Can be wielded. Has its own hp and stats. Party can split xp with it to level it up. Will be a fighter.

  202. Salvation Sword: A +1 Sword that undoes necromancy upon dealing the killing blow to an undead. For example a zombie’s body would turn back into a human, making it appear that a human was killed not a zombie.

  203. Wereblade: A long jagged sword with a wolf head as the hilt. Someone cut by this blade is afflicted with a variant of lycanthropy with a Fort DC of 15. In moonlight, they morph into a copy of the wereblade.

  204. Bradsword: a +5 broadsword that is actually a human that has been changed ino a sword. Brad is a NG human and really doesn’t want to kill anybody. He forces attacks to miss against all except the most vile of creatures.

  205. Swap swords: a pair of shorts swords. When both swords strike something within a round, those things swap places.

  206. A cup carved from a horn which swallows any liquid poured into it. Once per day the cup can be drunk or from and it will produce the last thing that it swallowed, except for 1 percent of the time it will produce a random other liquid it swallowed sometime in the past.

  207. A mirror with another mirror on its back. When there is a being on both sides of the mirror, it shows each being a representation of the way the other side’s being sees it. Disgust produces a disgusting image, admiration an idealistic image ect.

  208. A small statue of a gold frog with one eye and a relatively huge mouth. It knows every language and is willing to translate anything you show it but in turn for translating it asks to be fed one heart of a creature that speaks that language.

  209. A necklace that looks like an inverted pentagram and is made of wood. If it comes in contact with blood summons a demon, over which the user has no control. The more rare the blood, the more powerful the demon.

  210. A crystal ball able to show you your memories to others.

  211. A blank sheet of paper that cannot be destroyed by anything. If you write on it the words disappear and an answer is written down by an invisible hand. Knowledge is limited to an average human academic.

  212. Fireball Flame Jet: A reinforced crystalline ball with a hole in one side and a tube protrusion on the other. When a fireball is cast into it, it spurts a jet of flame up to 1,200 feet away that does half the fireball’s damage. However, it was only tested with low level casters so more powerful fireballs may cause it to shatter and have the fireball explode in place. May have additional effects with other balled spells, but may shatter.

  213. Reginald’s Rock Cracker: A magical war pick commissioned by a dwarven mining guild. Has 4 charges that restore every day at dawn. Every time the pick successfully hits, it expends a charge and casts shatter at 2nd level focused on the tip. Earplugs are recommended.

  214. Linguist’s Gloves 

    1. The Left Hand: Touching a willing creature with this glove allows the wearer to communicate telepathically with the target. The user can also share information and ideas with this method

    2. The Right Hand: You understand any written language that you can touch, you must be touching the surface on which the words are written. It takes about 1 minute to read one page of text. This allows a user to understand the school of magic any arcane runes touched belong to BUT does not allow a user to know specific spells or functions of those spells.

  215. A small cloth doll skewered with needles. A helpless target can be forcibly attuned to this item over one minute. From then on, any new needle stuck into the doll causes 1d6 damage to the attuned. If the doll is destroyed, the attuned is affected by the disintegrate spell.

  216. A small, weightless stone block. A paste made from part of the stone can, when applied to an object, make it affected by the levitate spell. The stone regenerates after a day.

  217. Mark of Violence: Increase Damage Done on each attack is increased by 1d6 but the extra damage is also done to one of your allies

  218. Mark of the Martyr: When getting hit, you may choose to negate half of the  damage. A friendly humanoid in the vicinity chosen by the DM takes double the damage negated.

  219. Mark of Death: The ability to cast Power word kill which resets 7 dawns after cast. When used it targets as normal as well as targeting a random person that the one casting PWK has met in their life.

  220. Mark of the Vampire: Your character cannot sleep, but all benefits of sleep can be achieved by drinking the blood of any sapient creature, with one fluid ounce of blood replacing one hour of sleep.

  221. Mark of the Inferno: You Learn Fireball as a cantrip, However, Casting it more than 2 times in a 1 day will permanently give you a random curse or madness from curses, madness. Casting it each additional time, will add more curses.

  222. Mark of the Spy: You can sacrifice a small or tiny animal and see what it saw in the last hour it was alive.

  223. Card of Great Value: a card that allows once a day access to the Walmart dimension. This allows retrieval of one item from Walmart for rental for 24 hours.

  224. A robe that causes you to become the leader of a small fanatical cult of 10 members. If any members die, new ones join the next day. The cult is loyal to who ever last wore the robe

  225. Three balls bound by a metal wire, one made of wood, one made of lead, and one made of flesh. By licking one of the balls, your body is transformed into that substance. 

  226. Wand of Dis Guy’s Elf: Summons someone else’s house elf. Original owner may be annoyed. 

  227. Wand of Summon Familia: A family member of the wielder appears. 20 charges

  228. Wand of Some Unfamiliar: A cluster of unfamiliar people and objects appears around the wielder. 20 charges

  229. Wand of Magic Miss Isle: Summons a beautiful half-elf wizard woman wearing a sash declaring her the winner of this year’s Magic Miss Isle pageant. 20 charges

  230. Wand of Bare Soul: Causes the target to unburden their soul and really open up for 10 minutes. 20 charges

  231. Wand of Bear Soul: Summons a spectral bear friendly to the wielder for 10 minutes. 20 charges

  232. Wand of Guys: Summons 1d4 guys. They are very confused about how they got there. 20 charges

  233. Wand of Security: Summons 1d4 security guards who try to throw everyone out of wherever they are right now. 20 charges

  234. Wand of Cone of Cole – summons 1d2 + 2 people named Cole. They are assembled in a cone shape, and disappear after 5 min. 20 charges

  235. Wand of Disarming: Target’s arm falls off (Fort DC 10) (effect at DM discretion if target does not technically have arms). 20 charges

  236. Wand of Silence: Summons Specter Librarian who shushes anyone who speaks. Will attack anyone talking over a whisper after a few warnings. The librarian will not leave unless you sign up for a library card. 20 charges

  237. Wand of Find Steve: The caster must make a DC 10 Perception check to see a man named Steve nearby in the shadows. He seems ready to help do what he can. It is never clear whether Steve was summoned by the spell or just happened to be there at the right time. 20 charges. 

  238. Wand of Hold Person: a human man appears before the target, spreads his arms, and hugs them firmly yet tenderly, then disappears. 20 charges

  239. Wand of Sacrifice: When stabbed into flesh, drains health to gain charges. Can transfer charges to other magical items. 10 hp = 1 charge. 

  240. This bluish-purple fruit, which looks something like a tiny apple, holds the key to creating an animus. The fruit becomes activated when it is mashed together with the blood of a master who truly cares for the creature, and mixed in with the animal’s favorite food. Upon complete consumption of this mixture, the animal transforms into a level 1 animus within 24 hours. It has no effect on creatures that are not natural beasts. The mixture is specific to the animal it was intended for; it will not transform an animal that the blood donor did not care deeply for.

  241. This small ornate ivory box may mean the difference between life and death. Immediately after reaching a negative hit point total at which you will die on the second to next round (normally, negative hit points equal to your Constitution score minus two), the box activates, and you and all of your equipment are transferred to a solitary pocket dimension. The box is your only possession that remains behind in the square that you left. In the pocket dimension, time does not pass, and you do not lose any more hit points. When the box is opened, you are immediately transferred to the nearest empty square adjacent to the box, and time resumes normally for you.

  242. Golden Grains of the Empyreal Lord: When the contents of this pouch are scattered on the ground, a dense field of wheat bursts into place, growing to a height of 5 feet in a single round. The field covers 100 square feet and can be any shape as long as it is one continuous field. The dense field of wheat provides concealment to creatures within it and counts as difficult terrain for medium or smaller creatures moving through it. The wheat is ripe and nutritious, ready for the harvest, and susceptible to spells and effects as any natural vegetation. The contents refill at dawn.

  243. Mirror of the Silent Ren: A user who looks into the metal and speaks her name attunes herself to the mirror, at which point the hieroglyph changes to match the name of the owner. The user’s name is held and protected by the mirror. While the user has the mirror on her person, nobody else within 100 feet can speak her name, their lips moving silently whenever attempting to do so.

  244. Dueling Glove: Successfully making a melee touch attack against the target initiates a duel, meaning that the only harm that can come to the two of them is by each other’s or their own actions.

  245. Loyalty Band: An armband that is used to ensure no betrayal happens. If whomever is wearing the band intentionally betrays someone or takes off the band with the intention too, they are injected with a powerful magic that kills in 3 turns.

  246. Mark of Heritage: Gain additional alternate racial racial traits for your race, max total value of 3 rp 

  247. Potionmaker’s Handbook: grants the Brew Potion feat while attuned. The book contains instructions for 2d4 random potions (you don’t need to know spells to make these potions). More can be added if discovered and analyzed with a craft check.

  248. Slimy Handbook: grants the Craft Ooze feat while attuned. The book contains instructions for 1d4 random oozes. More can be added if discovered and analyzed with a craft check.

  249. Golemancer Jr Handbook: grants the Craft Poppet feat while attuned. The book contains instructions for 1 tiny poppet and 1d4 random augmentations (you don’t need to know spells to make these). More can be added if discovered and analyzed with a craft check.

  250. Spiky Handbook: grants the Craft Shadow Piercing feat while attuned. The book contains instructions for 1 random shadow piercing and you learn the minor, major, and greater versions (you don’t need to know spells to make these). More can be added if discovered and analyzed with a craft check.

  251. Wandmaker’s Handbook:  grants the Craft Wand feat while attuned. The book contains instructions for 1d4 random wands (you don’t need to know spells to make these). More can be added if discovered and analyzed with a craft check.

  252. Scrollmaker’s Handbook: grants the grants the Scribe Scroll feat while attuned. The book contains instructions for 1d4 random scrolls (you don’t need to know spells to make these). More can be added if discovered and analyzed with a craft check.

  253. An Introduction to Raging: this book lets an attuned character rage as a barbarian of their level for two rounds per day.

  254. An Introduction to Performance: this book lets an attuned character perform a bardic performance as a bard of their level for two rounds per day

  255. An Introduction to Healing: this book lets an attuned character channel energy as a cleric of their level once per day

  256. An Introduction to Nature: this book lets an attuned character cast orisons as a druid of their level twice per day. Orisons are chosen upon first attunement.

  257. An Introduction to Combat: this book lets an attuned character use their level as their BAB for two rounds per day.

  258. An Introduction to Martial Arts: this book lets an attuned character use a flurry of blows as a monk of their level once per day.

  259. An Introduction to Justice: this book lets an attuned character use smite evil as a paladin of their level once per day.

  260. An Introduction to the Hunt: this book grants an attuned character the favored enemy feature as a ranger of their level for three rounds per day. The favored enemy is chosen at the beginning of each day.

  261. An Introduction to Power: this book lets an attuned character use bloodline powers of the draconic bloodline as a sorcerer of their level for two rounds per day.

  262. An Introduction to Magic: this book lets an attuned character cast cantrips as a wizard of their level twice per day. Cantrips are chosen upon first attunement.

  263. An Introduction to Arson: this book lets an attuned character use bombs as an alchemist of their level twice per day.

  264. An Introduction to Honor: this book lets an attuned character use challenge as a cavalier of their level once per day.

  265. An Introduction to Judgement: this book lets an attuned character use judgement as a inquisitor of their level once per day.

  266. An Introduction to the Arcane:  this book grants an attuned character an arcane pool as a magus of his level with a pool of size 1.

  267. An Introduction to Transformation:  this book grants an attuned character the shifter aspect feature as a shifter of his level for two minutes per day.

  268. Drumkit of Dolphin Summoning: Once per day summons 4d20 dolphins scattered around in a 30 ft radius.

  269. Ring of Mutual Ignorance This ring makes you unnoticeable to people who you are not aware of. This often leads you to bumping into a person you're trying to stealth around, thereby ruining the magic.

  270. Black Hole: Any light within 25 feet of the orb is sucked into the orb and destroyed, thus rendering the area around the orb in complete darkness. No light will function within this range and all vision (including darkvision) is rendered useless. Constant.

  271. Deck of Solitary, A fine set of ornate cards in a cherrywood case. If the user attempts to play solitaire, no matter the conditions a person or creature capable of speaking at least one language will eventually show up and start trying to tell you what to play.

  272. A coral ring that makes you grow and shrink with the tides.

  273. A statuette that turns into a loyal henchman during night (medium size). Anything he carries when the morning comes becomes a part of the statuette until the next dusk.

  274. A ruffle shirt that makes everyone believe that you're their very distant relative.

  275. A bear fur cloak that, when worn, makes everyone believe against all evidence that you're a bear.

  276. A set of posh clothes that force everyone to be polite to you. Hostile creatures will still try to kill you, just politely.

  277. A sheet of expensive letter paper. If you show it to someone, they will see an invitation to an event you're trying to get to.

  278. A pair of boots. If two different people wear one each, they can swap places no matter the distance.

  279. A bridle that transforms anyone into a horse for as long as they wear it. They retain their intelligence, but cannot speak.

  280. A helmet that makes the wearer experience zero gravity.

  281. A striped shirt that makes everyone think you're an infamous criminal. Bad around guards, good for infiltrating a villainous organization.

  282. A woollen blanket that is completely impenetrable to magic.

  283. A seed that can be pressed into the stump of a lost limb to regrow a functional replacement limb of twigs and branches. When pressed into a neck stump, will give the corpse the head of an obedient, dim-witted servant.

  284. A pouch of builder-seeds. When planted, will grow into any desired (if wooden and a bit leafy) furniture or fixture in only a few minutes. Normally can only create wooden walls, but if loose rocks are available, the branches will pick them up as they grow and fashion a wood-mortared stone wall.

  285. A splendid ring. If someone voluntarily accepts this ring from you as a gift, they count as charmed by you for as long as they own the ring.

  286. A jar of endless lava. It drips veeeeery sloooooowly when spilt.

  287. Several sheets of blank paper. When the blood of a dying creature touches the paper, its soul is trapped within and the paper folds into an animate origami of that creature.

  288. A threadbare dress jacket. As long as you wear it, people will loudly and angrily argue against anything you say, no matter their actual opinions.

  289. Powdered unicorn horn. Snorting a line makes you metaphysically pure, innocent and virginal for all magical purposes. Lasts until you do something even tiny bit bad (like attacking or swearing).

  290. Dried demigod testicles. Swallowing one grants invulnerability to damage and a feeling of total invincibility until you fall asleep. Once you come down, take double damage from all sources. No known way of curing the addiction, but you could try to get your next fix.

  291. A syringe of liquid beehive. When injected into living flesh, it will rapidly mutate, developing new orifices and spawning a brood of red bees. The bees are friendly to the creature they live in; they will help it drive away threats and even share their blood-honey, if there are enough flowers to make it.

  292. A jar of brilliant paint labelled "Wizard's Heavy-Duty Anti-Scratch Wonder". Anything coated in it is completely immune to objects and effects of similar colour.

  293. A jar of faded paint labelled "Wizard's Heavy-Duty Anti-Scratch Wonder". It expired a long time ago. Anything coated in it is doubly affected by objects and effects of similar colour.

  294. A jar of d10 leeches. Each leech can suck out either a curse or a memorized spell from a person. If the leech is then squashed, the magic is unleashed on the nearest target.

  295. A bottle of liquid soul. Pour the potion on something to grant it sentience. If you first add a piece of a brain into the potion, the newly sentient object will inherit memories from it. You could also drink it, I guess.

  296. A potion of purification. Violently removes all impurities from a liquid it's mixed into (salt from sea water, cells from blood).

  297. A vial of pure concentrated mana. Has an equal chance of supercharging any magic, or making it dangerously unstable and unpredictable.

  298. A barnacle armour. Grows into your skin, cannot be removed. Starts as leather, but if well fed and cared for, will eventually mature into plate-equivalent. Can infect other people, but their barnacle armour starts very small, with no bonus at all.

  299. An armour of ice. As plate, but light enough to float on water. Melts into lesser armour types if damaged by fire, but will slowly regrow when provided water.

  300. A dagger of soul trapping. When you slay a creature with this dagger, their soul will be trapped in the gem on the pommel. The soul will be pushed out and released when another creature is killed and a new soul trapped.

  301. A soot-stained sword of low-grade iron. Grants immunity to fire, extra +d6 fire damage and sets you aflame for as long as you wield it. Probably found in the hands of a blazing, naked madman, his armour and possessions burned off long ago.

  302. The sword of Babel. Anyone struck by the sword has one of their languages exchanged for a random one.

  303. A stone of spirit splitting. When touched, instantly removes all foreign spirits from a creature's body (demons, curses, diseases, spells), but they are incarnated into a physical body.

  304. A shadowlander's lantern that sheds darkness instead of light. The quality of the darkness depends on the combustible – cheap oil will dim nearby lights and lengthen shadows while a strong, pricey alcohol can make darkness so deep not even darkvision will penetrate it. Weird oils might shed weird dark.

  305. A troll tallow candle. It regenerates quickly if not completely burnt. If left alone for too long, will regrow the whole troll.

  306. Portable Hole: 

  307. Out of Order Sign – A sign on a string. If placed on an object, the object appears to be broken beyond repair. Everyone absolutely believes the item is broken, including the person who put it there.

  308. Ring of Contrariness: This magical ring is cursed, making its wearer unable to agree with any idea, statement, or action.

  309. A pebble that weighs 5 tons

  310. The Tower Shield: when the command word is spoken, this tower shield grows into a 3 story tower. Command word to shrink it down must be spoken at the top.

  311. Imposing Statue: a smal wicked looking statue that imposes itself in between you and and an attacker if you are about to die, blocking it. To recharge, it requires a gallon of blood.

Weak Items

  1. Angel Dart: If a target is whispered to the dart it may be thrown into the air, where it will fly to the target 60 ft per round and hit it without error, regardless of distance or obstacles. The tiny dart causes no damage. 

  2. Shuffle Deck: This deck of 52 cards is always random when you compile it, but the longer you spend shuffling the deck, the closer it gets to perfectly ordered. If you shuffle it for more than one minute, it orders perfectly.

  3. Pod of Casting:

  4. Bookmark of Placeholding: This velvet bookmark can be placed in or on a book. When a creature speaks its command word along with a set of instructions, the bookmark will flip the book to the requested page. It is capable of finding pages, chapters, quotes, and subjects.

  5. Flask of Fluids: At dawn each day, this copper flask refills itself with a random non-alcoholic liquid suitable for human consumption such as cider/tea etc. There is a 1 in 20 chance that it will be filled with a light, oaky beverage that functions as a common Potion of Healing. If the liquid is not consumed or otherwise removed from the flask, it will automatically clean and refill itself the next dawn.

  6. Ring of Finger Guns:

  7. Jealousy Club: A simple club, whenever the owner makes an attack with any weapon but the club, their club swaps with the weapon. 

  8. Extendable Rod: A thick iron rod than can magically extend up to 10 ft

  9. Grinning Amulet.  Anyone who laughs–even a snicker–near this amulet must make a save Will DC 12 or laugh uncontrollably for the next minute (new save every round).  If a player laughs during this, so does their character.

  10. Cape of relaxed flight: Wearing the cape grants a flying speed of 1ft.

  11. Robe of Useless Items: 

  12. Wand of Chirping Echo: When cast on a target or area, it causes the target or anyone in the targeted area to have the sound of cheerfully chirping birds echo around them when they talk.

  13. Traveling Gem: looks extremely valuable, teleports to someone’s hand if they think of stealing it.

  14. Necklace that turns anything helpful or mean said into a compliment 

  15. Wand of Mystery: makes the target taste like pineapple. Impossible to figure out what it does without direct tasting.

  16. A small silver figurine that, when given away, will return to your pocket after 1d6 minutes.  The only way to permanently get rid of it is for the recipient to similarly give it away before the 1d6 minutes expire.   (Alternatively, the original owner could die.) Apparent value: 1d100 silver.

  17.  Ring of Teleportation: teleports the ring – but not the player – to the intended location.

  18. Cube that stores and replays your worst memory. 

  19. Secretary’s Ring: Immunity to papercuts

  20. Sick Stick: These change color when they’re touched by a creature who’s ill; the color gives a rough idea of what’s wrong (bright green for poison ,red for bleeding etc) while how far it spreads up the stick indicates how serious it is.

  21. Talespinner’s Cloth: Those who peer into the weave of this cloth will be able to see and hear the events a storyteller using it describes.

  22. Stone of Purity: This simple carved stone purifies water as it passes around it. While this generally is not enough to neutralize serious poisons, it’s enough to make ordinarily contaminated or polluted water safe and pleasant to drink

  23. Bracers of Force: These brass wristbands allow the user to create and shape minor “force fields” in a five foot radius. These are capable of withstanding up to one point of damage and work well at warding off rain and wind, keeping bugs off, blocking smoke and gas, and holding hot items. They can’t support weights of more than ten pounds or so though. Making a 5ft cube of force field takes a standard action. 4 force fields can be active at a time.

  24. Deathwand: This wand curses small organisms to take 0.001 damage per round; given a few hours to work in they can eliminate infestations of insects or fungi, kill stubborn patches of weeds, and even cure an infection. The wand can affect up to a 5 foot cube. The wand can be used up to 5 times per day.

  25. Local Guidebook: This small book mystically provides “tourist information” about wherever you are at the moment, including simple sketch-maps of large cities, good spots to eat and drink, and any random information the game master wants to give out

  26. Endless String: This ball of string never seems to run out, supplying several hundred feet per day.

  27. Filing Cabinet: Books and/or papers tossed into this chest/set of shelves will be neatly classified, filed and indexed automatically.

  28. Foothold Boots: These boots can create a momentary disk of force under themselves three times per hour – allowing the user to briefly find purchase in midair, and so cross narrow chasms and rivers, avoid falls, and perform unlikely midair acrobatics.

  29. Dirty Bag: These contain bits of string, old pins, candle stubs, worn fish hooks, sinkers, bits of chalk, glue, sticky plaster, scraps of paper, and many other bits of random junk. Dirty Bags never weigh more than six ounces or so – but one can pull out any minor bit of gear that happens to be needed up to three times a day, provided that its value is less than 1 copper.

  30. Conversation Piece: A portrait who can talk and makes pleasant conversation

  31. Telescope of Many Worlds: Can be looked through and up into the night sky to see into various planes. Different areas of the night sky correspond to different planes.

  32. Correction Quill: while writing, no spelling or arithmetic mistakes can be written.

  33. Worm’s Orb. A pulsating hunk of moving worms compose this flesh globe. The globe makes you able to converse with worms and earthworms in a 5 feet range. Doesn’t make them more intelligent.

  34. Ring of Dramatic Entrance: Whenever the wearer enters a room in a town, fanfare and applause is heard. Grows louder and more spectacular with the wearer’s level.

  35. Saddle of the Cavalier: While in this saddle on a mount, you can’t be dismounted against your will if you’re conscious, and attack rolls against the mount have disadvantage.

  36. The Blind Candle: A candle which when lit, gives off no light, and whose flame is invisible. However, anyone looking in the direction of the candle with their eyes closed can see the flame, even if it's on the other side of an obstacle, so long as it's within range (120ft)

  37. The Holoprojector: A small magitech device that allows the user to cast silent image at will, with the caveat that everyone seeing it automatically disbelieves.

  38. Campfire Bead: 

  39. Window of Reflection: when one goes through the window, they are flipped (heart on left side, hand preference switched, etc.)

  40. Ring of the Colonel – Makes the wearer intensely aware of any and all chickens within a 1-mile radius.

  41. Vest of Buoyancy – A small leather vest enchanted to magically float when exposed to water. Commissioned by a noble after his daughter almost drowned in the estate fish pond.

  42. Medallion of the Labyrinth – A medallion that, when focused on, creates a faint blue line that curves around trees and arches over rocks. It will always show the fastest way home, but not the easiest, a flawed enchantment made by a well-meaning wife for her husband, so that he could always find his way back to her.

  43. Magnetic Charge – A fist-sized metal ball with a button on top. When the button is pressed, the ball will begin to glow and produce a magnetic field that lasts 6 seconds. The field repels any metal objects within 10ft of the ball. Takes 1 day to recharge.

  44. Mage’s Cravat – A necktie that soothes the throat and allows the wearer to sing / speak for a long time without injuring themselves. Grants resistance against silencing effects.

  45. Mouth of Holding:  Appears to be a retainer. When used, the user’s mouth has an interior space considerably larger than its outside dimensions, roughly 6 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep. Your mouth can hold up to 500 pounds, not exceeding a volume of 64 cubic feet. Retrieving an item from your mouth requires a free action for the first item, and a bonus action for all subsequent items on the same turn. If your mouth is overloaded, you vomit uncontrollably, spewing all the items out before you and stunning you for 6 seconds. Breathing creatures inside your mouth can survive up to a number of minutes equal to 10 divided by the number of creatures (minimum 1 minute), after which time they begin to suffocate.

  46. Cloak of Vigor – A dark red cloak with an extra long flap in the back that will bend and stiffen into a functional chair when the wearer tries to sit down. Made for a wizard that had difficulty walking across town without breaks. 

  47. Mug that chills/heats normal liquids to ideal drinking temperature

  48. Hand Mirror that reflects a smiling version of whomever is holding it, regardless of the holder’s expression

  49. Wig that changes color, style, length every day at dawn

  50. Diary that when written in, a narrator says out loud

  51. Manacles that unlock themselves after 10 minutes

  52. Golden Tooth: To use this tooth, you must remove one of your own and place the golden tooth in the empty socket. From then on, you can use this magical item to bite down onto any piece of metal and determine its composition, unless it is hidden by magical means.

  53. A black violin case with a red inner lining. The shape of the inside lining is that of a violin, but if you place any single object inside and close it, then it conforms to that object’s shape instead.

  54. Anchor that is weightless, except in water (500lbs)

  55. Duster of Dust: Duster that makes things dirtier instead of cleaner

  56. Blanket of Snow: Remaining within a 30 ft area for 8 or more hours while wearing the blanket causes snow to fall from the sky in that 30 ft area. 

  57. Ring of Resizing: resizes the finger to perfectly fit the ring.

  58. Rope of Knots: will knot itself many times whenever it is out of view

  59. Faerie Flosser: Wand that produces 1 ft of cotton candy every round. The cotton candy dissipates after 1 minute if not consumed. 

  60. Animate rope with the personality of a loyal dog.  50'.  Must be taught knots the way a dog must be taught tricks.

  61. Dugger’s Tome: 

  62. Eye of Zin.  If this jewel is pressed into the forehead, the wearer's eyes turn jet black, they gain darkvision 50 ft, and they are blinded by even small amounts of light (a nearby torch will blind them, for example).

  63. Boots of the Aristocrat.  When you click them together, your clothes become clean, your skin becomes perfumed, and your hair is styled.

  64. Preservative jar.  Anything placed in this jar enters stasis.  Cannot hold anything bigger than a toad.  Currently holds a toad.

  65. An umbrella that allows you to float downwards at 60'/round when open, negating fall damage.

  66. Bag of Infinite Manure. Useful for gardening.

  67. Wand of Necromantic Cooking.  Can enchant a corpse or cut of meat to cut, prepare, marinate, and cook itself.  A slaughtered pig will seek out gravy to roll around in.  Sausages will jump into the saucepan, and then seek out your plate when cooked.

  68. A ring that gives the wearer a magnificent mustache/beard, depending on which finger it is worn on.  The left ring finger, for example, always yields a Van Dyke beard.

  69. Gossip Cookies.  Each one contains either a random rumor from the most relevant rumor table or "You will be killed by [random monster from most relevant random encounter table]".  50% chance of each.

  70. Ring of Swimming.  Wearer treats air as if it had the consistency of water.  You can "fly" by swimming through the air, but the air is too thick to breath.  Other water penalties also apply.

  71. Ring of Flying: Wearer treats liquids as if they had the consistency of gases. Can fall through water, will take falling damage. Doesn’t change perception or light level.

  72. Slimming Cone.  When touched by a creature, it instantly and harmless sucks out all the excess fat from them, ejecting it onto the floor in a big mass.

  73. Party Book.  This book creates audible illusions imitating a party.  The state of the party depends on the page the book is opened to.  If the book is turned to page 1, you'll hear a couple people setting up silverware.  Middle of the book, raucous carousing.  Near the end, mostly snores and a few people taking shots.

  74. Staff of raise dead – Levitates any corpse up to half a meter off the ground, only 1 at the time.

  75. Cloak of Accompaniment: plays appropriate music for whatever situation you're in. Blaring horn sections and drums during combat, that sort of thing.

  76. Cape of Billowing: This black and red cape will always billow dramatically behind the wearer.

  77. Wooden Spoon.  Carved with rune for "food".  When tapped on a non living material (chopped off wood, dirt) it turns that stuff into edible foodstuffs, although it will be mushy and gross.

  78. Deck of Things: a normal deck, except that it contains an explanation of each deck of many things entry

  79. Wand of wand of detection detection: this whip-like birch rod can cast detect objects infinitely, though only targeting itself.

  80. Wand Of Creation: When analyzed, reveals the wand has nigh infinite power. When used creates a new Wand of Creation, and then is destroyed.

  81. Drunkard’s Hat – This straw has frayed at the edges over time. The wearer always knows the direction of the nearest alcoholic drink.

  82. Magic Marker: 

  83. Stone of Sending:

  84. Tin Buddy – A can that springs out to a 2ft tall automaton (2hp, AC 12). He is loud, annoying, and doesn't do a good job of whatever you request. Has no real means of fighting.

  85. Gallon-Syringe – A tiny syringe that can draw up to a bath-sized amount of liquid at once. 

  86. Aqua Grease: This pale grease can be rubbed over any equipment to completely protect it against damage from water exposure.

  87. Chalice of Moods: Anyone drinking from this cup must roll. On 1-3 they remember something sad from their past and their mood drops. On 4-6 they feel a new vigor for life and start to smile.

  88. XP Scouter: While wearing this monocle, one can scan a creature you determine how much xp one would receive upon victory. If it is over 9000 an error message displays and it breaks.

  89. Candle Beans: If one of these beans is bitten or pinched firmly it will glow for a few seconds before igniting in a low flame, much like a candle. It will burn for around ten seconds before going out and leaving a faint trail of smoke.

  90. Eternal Chessboard: Anyone playing chess with this set cannot win or lose a match. It simply goes on and on no matter how many moves the players take.

  91. Fisherman's Blanket: This blanket will become dry with a quick shake, regardless of how wet it is, and is always faintly warm.

  92. Engraving Quill: This quill can engrave messages onto any substance.

  93. Frog Box: If this box is left open near to a frog it will be compelled to hop in and sit there happily. The frog will stay in the box without needing food, air or water, until instructed to hop out.

  94. Fiery Ring: If a container of food or liquid is held in the hand bearing this ring it will slowly heat up. Within a minute it will be boiling, but the container will still be safe to hold.

  95. Frost Thread: If this thread is dangled into a body of water it will freeze at the rate of around one gallon per minute. Once the thread is removed it will start to thaw.

  96. Howling Horn: This horn makes a very convincing howling noise when blown through, like that of a wolf.

  97. Happiness Beads: Anyone wearing these beads feels a little happier than when they're not wearing them.

  98. Ice Diamond: This diamond is found submerged in crushed ice in a specially sealed box. If it is removed from the ice it will gradually change over the next minute until it resembles a grey pebble. If submerged in crushed ice again it will quickly return to its diamond appearance.

  99. Juggler's Balls: If thrown these balls will always make their way back to the thrower's hand.

  100. Kingsblood Weed: Boiling this weed produces tea that will taste delicious to anyone of royal blood but foul to anyone that isn't.

  101. Lion Gauntlet: This awkward steel gauntlet has a lion's head at the end in place of fingers. When the jaw hinge is moved from inside it makes a convincing lion's roar. The hand inside the gauntlet can't be used for anything else.

  102.  Ring of tracking: Once attuned, the wearer will always know the location of the ring, regardless of where it is or if it is being worn by another person.

  103. Heart Locket: When looking at the locket, gain a sense that someone loves you.

  104. Threatening Probe – Has no function, but glows and vibrates in a way that suggests it could be used for distributing extreme pain. 

  105. Saucer Hat- You don't remember getting it. In the presence of artificial/magical light it tingles, and you can will yourself to levitate slowly towards the light.  

  106. Universal Pin – A hair-pin that sticks into any surface, no matter the material. Causes no pain if stuck into flesh. 

  107. Tiny Shield Generator – A rat-sized collar that will create a force-field (3 temp hp, refills on short rest) around the wearer. Only works on subjects of chicken-size or smaller. 

  108. Stick Eye – A glass eye on a stick that the holder can see through. 

  109. Stem-Stone – Pebble that transforms into whatever nonliving substance it last touched. Currently the leather of a pouch. 

  110. Maggot Prince – A tiny maggot with a gold band marking. Flies and maggots will vacate the area to make room for it, and anything that eats maggots will be strongly drawn to try and eat it. The gold band marking can be transferred up the food chain, but will not work for sentient creatures

  111. Skeletal Dove – Carefully assembled. Can be crushed to unleash a cloud of confused doves. 

  112. Cane that when held, causes back pain and a limp

  113. Tiny Phantasm – A floating mass of swirling colours the size of a penny. It follows your every command and leaves a multicolour trail across any surface it touches. Cannot physically interact in any other way.

  114. Fine Mustache:

  115. The Damp Shoe: A leather boot that will always be slightly damp. 

  116. Boots of Independence.  When you remove these boots and fail to restrain them (put them in a pack, etc) they will walk back the way they came, all the way back to where you first put them on, with more-or-less the same cadence and sounds. 

  117. Goggles of the Clown.  When worn, everything looks like a clown, and speaks in a mocking, clowning voice.  It is very difficult to tell people apart.  You can barely tell a knight apart from his horse (which appears as a four-legged clown).  In combat, you must make a Wisdom check every round or lose track of which clown is which.  On the upside, you are immune to the beauty of nymphs and the ugliness of catoblepas.

  118. Salt Block.  Any food you carry will never spoil.  Doesn't have to be on your person.  Applies to a captain and his ship's cargo, for example.

  119. Ley Globe: A globe of sand that morphs to match the terrain of the current environment. Basically gives a topological map. 

  120. Ring of the goat: 

  121. Ring of Trans-forgetfulness: Causes the wearer to instantaneously forget their gender, and all surrounding characters will be unable to tell the wearer's gender. Even those who knew before will start to question themselves.

  122. Boots of the Lost Lover: These boots are emblazoned with a demonic symbol, showing their evil origins. While wearing these boots, you can use an action to learn the location of the nearest brothel. You must then travel to this brothel as quickly as possible or face the consequences of disobedience.

  123. Coin Beetle: A normal looking coin. However, at night it comes to life and eats one other coin it can find, before disguising itself as a coin once again.

  124. Sobering Tonic: immediately clears the mind of any apparent alcoholism. Doesn’t removed the actual alcohol from the bloodstream

  125. Ring of Undwarf: 

  126. Rat Coin– Simply a platinum coin with a rat engraved on it, but the holder has an unshakable feeling that it is lucky or important, and will make any excuse not to spend it.

  127. Unreliable Rope– A rope that will always snap perfectly in two when forced to withstand more than 3 pounds of force. If broken, the segments will both still have this effect.

  128. Abrezzio’s Lost Penny Whistle:

  129. Rock of Improbable Events:

  130. Fingerless Gloves: Anyone that puts on these gloves feels a faint tingling in their fingers. An hour later it will be uncomfortable cramps. A further hour later, intense pain. At this point, if the gloves are removed their fingers will fall off.

  131. Moon Rock: This rock has a strange feeling and is a weird yellow-grey colour. Any inspection suggests magical properties but in fact it's completely mundane.

  132. Jerky- A statuette of dried meat. Whatever eats this will act like an utter jerk for the next hour, even to their most loved ones.

  133. A ring that makes you male when worn on your left hand, and female when worn on your right.

  134. A ring that makes you two feet shorter (minimum height: 1/2 foot).

  135. A ring that makes you two feet taller.

  136. A ring that makes you think you're a dragon.

  137. A stuffed teddy bear that hugs you when you sleep. Now isn't that adorable?

  138. An empty box that makes cat sounds when left closed.

  139. A bar of soap that seems to attract bears when used.

  140. A jar of room temperature lava.

  141. A ceremonial, ornate, golden sword, anyone it hits is coated with copious copious amounts of fake blood, but never deals damage.

  142. A golden wreath that causes everyone to address you as “Maximus Gluteus” while worn.

  143. A treasure map that leads to a very dangerous area filled with tough monsters. Once you unearth the treasure there is a small piece of paper in the treasure chest that reads “Friendship”. This piece of paper can be sold for 4000gp but there’s no way to tell without trying to sell it to someone.

  144.  A rowboat called “The S.S. Friendship”. This boat will crash before it reaches its destination, no matter what.

  145. A pirate hat that makes you talk like a pirate.

  146.  A carpet that will always try to trip people who step on it.

  147. A bottle of black-coloured Absinthe labelled “Elwood Reserve”. On the back is a label in common that reads “The Elwood family is not responsible for the potential harm this drink may cause, please drink responsibly.” Anyone who consumes at least 1oz will have to pass a DC21 Con save or pass out for 10 hours.

  148. A mirror that reflects who you want to be.

  149. A tiny clockwork robot that follows you around and brings you random shiny things from time to time.

  150. A statuette of yourself, holding a statuette of yourself holding a statuette of yourself, etc etc. They mimic your movements while you hold it.

  151. A sentient chess piece that can move, talks to you, and enjoys logic-based activities. Really good at chess. 

  152.  An arcane keytar which can be adjusted to sound like any instrument.

  153. A small oil painting of a ferret. To many people it seems completely mundane. Anyone illiterate who views it will see the portrait animate. The ferret inside will speak and insult the onlooker before attempting to teach them how to read.

  154.  A small wooden box with some silver markings on its surface. You can hear something shift inside, however it has neither a lock nor hinges, cutting it open by force reveals it to be solid wood.

  155. A sundial that shows the correct time regardless to whether the sun is in the correct orientation or even present.

  156. A normal sized carrot that weighs 300lbs.

  157. A single rusted scale from a piece of scalemail. It seems to attract rust, and when in contact with other metals it will let them gleam and shine (collecting all rust already present and preventing new). When it disintegrated (due to collecting too much rust, or otherwise) the magic is released and all the collected rust will affect the nearest metal things instantly.

  158. A toy otyugh that vomits cloth garbage when you pull the string on its back

  159.  A (fake) plant, made of some sort of organic fiber, resembling a tiny Shambling Mound, that will clean your room and leave a slightly slimy trail.

  160. A small stone that ticks. Everyone who hears the stone becomes convinced that the stone must remain locked away or something very bad will happen.

  161. An orb that swallows a negative emotion and spits out a black butterfly.

  162. A lock that any key can open, but can’t be lock picked.

  163. A golden egg that wobbles every once in awhile (After a week while attuned to it, a random pet pops out, which is friendly to the holder)

  164. A creepy porcelain doll that whispers to you while you sleep

  165. A coin that when flipped remains suspended in the air, spinning indefinitely until it is grabbed again. One face has a picture of a cat, the other a buttered slice of bread.

  166. A ball bearing that rolls back to the owner when thrown, defying gravity if it needs to.

  167. A pewter dragon wrapped around a metal cylinder. When the bottom of the cylinder is twisted, the head of the dragon produces a small flame

  168. A fruit flavored hard candy that never dissolves, wrapped in thin parchment. When taken out of your mouth, the candy dries instantly and can be rewrapped without evidence of having been eaten before.

  169. A snowball that refuses to melt. When thrown, it reappears in the player’s hand 6 seconds later.

  170. A smooth stone, that when whispered to, retains the words given to it. Putting it up to your ear reveals that the stone will repeat what was whispered to it until a new message is given to the stone.

  171. A levitating quill that writes out whatever the last person who touched it wants, given that it has enough ink and parchment. Someone’s son had it commissioned after his novelist father lost feeling in both of his hands after a wall collapsed on him.

  172. A magical glass sphere. If you beg the sphere to show you a specific person, the sphere shows you someone else with the same name.

  173. Two loaded dice (d6). They always show one random combination of seven if rolled together.

  174. Celestial salt and abyssal pepper shaker set.

  175. A -1 longsword

  176. An egg, with a label attached explaining that this is a perfectly normal egg and not anything to worry about.

  177. An ornate clock, which instead of telling the time is counting down to… something.

  178. A belt that has a texture worryingly similar to your skin’s

  179. A board covered with runes and a silver weight tied to a string. Holding the weight over the board causes it to slowly spell the answer to any question asked. It's never the correct answer, just the answer the person asking most wants to hear.

  180. A 3″ x 4″ x 2″ wooden box within which is an ink soaked sponge. Touching the sponge causes inky hand prints to appear on whatever that person has touched for the last hour. The inky prints fade in an hour. The sponge dries out after one use and must then be refilled with a full vial of ink before it can again be used.

  181. A shard of a mirror which shows your reflection – or rather, what you think your reflection should look like.

  182. A spool of string, glimmering in the most astounding colours. String becomes invisible as long as music is audible.

  183. A feather quill. Anything written with this quill will appear in a distinct and unknown handwriting. This unknown handwriting remains the same, regardless of who is writing with the quill.

  184. A flute that can either [1 on d6] emit no audible sound (makes the nearest animal hostile), [2 on d6] an extremely high-pitched one, [3 on d6] bass strong enough to cause 1d4 damage in a d6 metre area or [4,5,6 on d6] sound like a regular flute. Hide the rolls.

  185. A coin pouch. It sounds, weighs, looks and feels like it’s filled with coins, but upon opening it you discover that it is empty. Made of fine dragon leather.

  186. A single arrow. It cannot be snapped, dulled or broken. Other than that, it acts like a regular arrow. The person who found it always manages to find it after firing it.

  187. A tarnished brass kazoo in the shape of a fish. If blown under water it summons one normal fish of the nearest common variety. It will not summon anything monstrous but who knows what might be chasing the fish that is summoned.

  188. A whip, when you strike anyone the whip moans loudly. Only the user can hear the moan.

  189. A rope that ties itself into a hangmans knot every time it’s not watched.

  190. A spoon that alters the contents of whatever being eaten. It varies from person to person, but using the spoon over extended periods of time begins to alter the appearance of the person eating from it…

  191. A coin purse that, once a day, will convert all the currency inside to whatever the local common coin is. It won’t add or subtract any, and it will leave change of what it can’t convert.

  192. A pair of boots that leave tracks of a random creature, within 1 size class of the wearer. The random creature is consistent throughout the day.

  193. A cutlery set that makes whatever it’s user eats taste delicious, but needs to be meticulously cleaned after every use. The knife will dull, the spoon will shake and spill, and the fork will have tines break off until it is cleaned again.

  194. A hardy, darkened conch shell with an almost dangerous amount of ridges and points. By holding the shell up to their ear, the holder can hear rushing water and violent waves with an unusual degree of clarity. Continuing to listen the shell causes the holder to slowly begin to experience sensations of seasickness and a pressure similar to being too deep underwater. As the sensations intensify, a muted, indecipherable whispering can be heard very faintly, as if it were coming from the bottom of the sea. The whispering continues to grow louder while the sensations escalate, until the whispers can almost be made out, at which point the holder falls unconscious for an hour.

  195. A singular, tattered playing card with a very faded face side. When shuffled into a deck being used for a game, it is frequently drawn in the owner’s opening hand, with the face side of a valuable card for whichever game is being played. The card roughly matches the design and condition of the deck it was shuffled into when drawn, though it always is in slightly poorer condition than all the others cards. When pulled from the deck, the card is in it’s normal, faded state.

  196. A figure of a gnome with its mouth open. When you pour a liquid into it, it spits it out and then screams the name of whatever liquid was in it.

  197. Silver Mechanical Door Opener: If attached to a door frame as a full round action and connected to a door handle on an unlocked door and activated as a free action, the mechanical device weighing 25 lbs. will turn a door handle and/or force a door open in 5 rounds as if it were opened with an ability check (Strength) of 14.

  198. Gob’s Hood of Hiding: Makes you Look, and Smell, like a goblin – head to toe – dc20 perception check. When you take it off, you no longer Look like a goblin. Oh, the smell? It lingers…

  199. Mummified goblin hand: once per day can release into a populated city. The goblin hand steals 1d4 gp work of small jewelry and then returns to the owner after one hour. Roll a 1d4, on a 4, the stolen good’s owner chases the hand back

  200. A brass ring that never tarnishes, while worn your armor and weapons isn’t affected by normal wear and tear.

  201. A mechanical canary inside a gnome-crafted lamp. It starts sounding an alarm when it detects the air is contaminated

  202. Hand of Glory: a dead hand of a thief holding a candle. When the candle is lit it gives light to only the holder

  203. A gold monocle frame without the lens. When worn, illusory fine clothes appear around the user.

  204. A silver teardrop earring made from a real teardrop. Allows the user to cry on command

  205. Mark Of Insomnia: A sinister mark injects you with nervous energy throughout the day, constantly invigorating you to the point where your body and mind can barely relax. You find that while you gain the benefits of a long rest in half the time it would originally take you to do so, you are unable to gain the benefits of a short rest whenever you take one.

  206. Twisted Icon: You are gifted with a twisted lump of metal that can be used to turn undead with advantage. Other people see the symbol as the holy symbol of the god they are most opposed to and believe you to be one of its followers. They are resistant to convincing them otherwise.

  207. A miniature, tame mimic. Can use animal training to have the mimic morph into a small object it can see.

  208. A dried sky lily, from the tip of the Godshead, an impossibly high mountain. Protects against the effects of high altitude, such as cold and lack of oxygen.

  209. A cube of ice that never melts. 

  210. A preserved basilisk eye. Prevents petrification

  211. Mark of Hangman: you learn how to tie An intricate knot that nobone else seems to know how to tie or untie 

  212. A ring with a poison reservoir for slipping into drinks and a tiny razor edge for cutting purse-strings.

  213. A goblin-made key that can lock any door, but unlock none.

  214. A hunk of metal which appears to be several gears jammed together at unnatural and impossible angles: attempting to turn it causes it to emit a horrible shrieking sound. If attached to machinery, stops it from working

  215. A wooden plank that refuses to burn. If attached to something, renders it fireproof

  216. A vial of mysterious pale blue liquid that slithers back in when poured out, and has a pleasant floral scent. Is actually a small tame ooze that through animal handling can dissolve some things.

  217. A tiny piece of metal that floats on water. When attached, it lets anything float in water.

  218. A tiny, tame earth elemental that is afraid of beetles.

  219. A tankard that is always full of a thick flammable black tar. If tipped, the fluid runs endlessly, albeit slowly.

  220. A vial of red liquid that moves up or down depending on the current danger.

  221. A crystal prison in which a lich's soul is trapped. It is damaged, however, and the lich perpetually complains.

  222. A waterskin that turns anything inside it into fresh, clean water.

  223. A black feather that somehow weighs 40 pounds.

  224. A miniature cannon made of glass that when heated releases a large amount of smoke.

  225. A diary that when shaken reveals a secret that a nearby entity knows although the secrets are almost always useless.

  226. A wooden mask that makes the wearer see the people around them as unnaturally beautiful.

  227. A riddle so tough just the sight of it makes even the most intelligent person frustrated at how hard it is.

  228. A 3-foot cube box that causes bread placed in it for more than one minute to become toasted and buttered on one side.

  229. A small box with a button. When pressed a repetitive 30-second tune will play. If the button is held down for 20 seconds, it imprints a new tune.

  230. A tiny hand carved from amber that flies around you and pokes people.

  231. A drum that makes someone within a 30 foot radius sneeze tremendously on every 7th beat.

  232. A dung beetle the size of a pony that refuses to do anything but follow you, and push a gigantic ball of dung.

  233. Three thousand tiny hats that you almost can't see. You can only tell they're hats because you get a wizard to enlarge one for a short period of time. Placing a hat on a small bug allows one to command the bug.

  234. A miniature piano that can fit in the palm of your hand but still plays and sounds exactly like a full-sized one.

  235. A small hand mirror which only reflects inanimate objects.

  236. A rough stone eye pulled from a petrified creature. Looking through it, one can see through stone.

  237. A rock that may be absorbed into any point on the body and produced from another point at will.

  238. A small, hollow metallic orb that vibrates when tapped. While vibrating it prevents anyone in close proximity from sleeping. It stops vibrating when tapped again.

  239. Wand of Diss Guys Elf: Summons an elf that criticizes all male characters for 1d4 hours

  240. Wand of Counterspell: A loud voice counts all the objects and creatures in the room

  241. Wand of Counterspell: Conjures a large kitchen work surface

  242. Wand of Feather Fall: A single feather falls to the ground

  243. Wand of Remove Blind: Removes all window coverings

  244. Wand of Bare Sole: Causes the target’s footwear to vanish

  245. Wand of Mage Armoire: Conjures a wardrobe full of wizard robes in a variety of colors and sizes

  246. Wand of Mage Amor: Causes the wielder to flirt with all spellcasters they encounter for 1d4 hours

  247. Wand of Hecks: The target can only use PG swearwords for 1d4 hours. Oh, fork!

  248. Wand of Wave: Conjures a spectral hand that waves enthusiastically at everyone for 1d4 minutes.

  249. Wand of Massage: The wielder feels relaxed and their tension headache is, like, totally gone!

  250. Wand of Frog Cloud: You create a mass of airborne frogs in a 20-foot radius centered on a point of your choosing within range for up to 1 hour.

  251. Wand of Suggestion: A voice gives the party helpful suggestions about what to do for 1d4 hours

  252. Wand of Dancing Lights: Conjures a disco ball, flashing lights, and music with a sick beat

  253. Wand of Shocking Gasp: A chorus of voices gasps dramatically whenever the wielder takes an action for 1d4 hours

  254. Wand of Color Spray: Conjures a bottle of wash-out color hairspray (d4 = 1 – hot pink, 2 – blue, 3 – green, 4 – orange)

  255. Wand of Portable Ram: Conjures a pocket-sized adult male sheep. He is adorable.

  256. Wand of Sticky-ness: Wand transforms into an ordinary stick.

  257. Wand of Ultimate Magic: Conjures an item (d4 = 1 – bouquet of flowers, 2 – rabbit, 3 – string of silk scarves, 4 – a scroll that says ‘ABRACADABRA’)

  258. Wand of Pestodigitation: Choose one – create smell of pesto, flavor up to 1 cubic foot of nonliving material pesto flavor for one hour, or make the recipe for pesto appear on an object or a surface for 1 hour.

  259. Wand of Heeling: charms all canine targets in a 30 foot radius.

  260. Wand of Invisibility: Casts Invisibility… on the wand.

  261. Wand of Fireball: conjures a fifth of spiced liquer

  262. Seal of Hydra: Anyone attempting to pickpocket the bearer of this seal finds the targeted item immoveable and the bearer is made instantly aware of the attempted theft. If the seal is attached to a chest with a command word, no one can open or steal from the chest without first destroying the seal or by saying a command word. In all other ways, the chest is warded by an arcane lock. Attempts to open the warded chest mentally alert the one who activated the seal regardless of distance. 

  263. Dagger of Eternal Sleep: a dagger that, regardless of the amount of damage inflicted, will not wake a sleeping foe

  264. Ring of telepathy: grants telepathy 1ft

  265. Trapper’s Handbook: grants the Learn Ranger Trap feat while attuned. The book contains instructions for 2d4 random traps. More can be added if discovered  and analyzed with a craft check.

  266. Poisoner’s Handbook: grants 1 rank in Craft(alchemy) checks to make poisons. The book contains instructions for 2d4 random poisons. More can be added if discovered and analyzed with a craft check.

  267. Wooden Handbook: Poisoner’s Handbook: grants the Cultivate Magic Plants feat while attuned. The book contains instructions for 1d4 random magical plants (you don’t need to know spells to make these). More can be added if discovered and analyzed with a knowledge(nature) check.

  268. Bands of Disarmament: These armbands cause your non dominant arm to be able to be detached as an action. You are still able to move your arm as normal, and can use it as a 1 handed weapon with the stats of a club.

  269. Pet Rope: An animated leash that has been possessed by a dog.

  270. Ring of Deodorant: can mute the smells either the user or up to 30 ft away.

  271. Amulet of Training: While wearing this amulet, all damage dealt by you is negated. Spell become illusions, swords become intangible at the last moment etc.

  272. Wand of Pointing: casts a narrow version of the light spell (laser pointer)

  273. Bag of Insufficient Volume: this bag is always too small to hold whatever you try to put in.

  274. Wand of Sneezing: You point at someone and they sneeze.

  275. Girdle of Kobold Strength – Makes your strength score 6 

  276. The Bottle of Breezes: a 5 mph breeze blows in the direction you point the neck of the bottle, 5' wide, 10' long. 

  277. A fork that causes any edible substance stabbed and removed with it to be transmogrified into delicious cooked pork. Was retrieved from the possession of an infamous serial murderer.

  278. A Faerie Dragon wyrmling that can fly and spit out dancing lights, but can't yet speak or cast other spells.

  279. A gecko sized basilisk that can only turn extremely weak creatures to stone with its gaze. Can be trained to protect its owner from insects. Bigger creatures just get dry skin.

  280. A tiny gargoyle that will guard your backpack.

  281. A set of tiny toy outsiders that when placed on your shoulder, gives advice about what action their alignment would do.

  282. A tiny fire elemental in a bottle.

  283. A tiny air elemental in a bottle

  284. A tiny earth elemental in a bottle

  285. A tiny water elemental in a bottle

  286. A skeletal mouse that can be trained as any animal.

  287. Ring of Legs: when worn, sprout 2 extra legs (think centaur with human legs). This increases movement speed by 5 ft

  288. This ring allows you to spit up a frog as an action once per day. The frog understands you and obeys your commands. The frog disappears at midnight

  289. Bootlaces that tie themselves when commanded to do so.

  290. A piece of cloth that can clean the rust off of any metal with one wipe.

  291. A soft leather pouch with fancy gold numbers that show how many gold pieces are inside of it.

  292. An icecube that never melts.

  293. A quill that writes down all the words it is dictated.

  294. A bedroll which can be folded to fit inside your pocket.

  295. A lantern that ignites by itself whenever the sun goes down

  296. A pair of glasses without temples that hover in the air just in front of the face.

  297. A compass that always points to the most closeby rabbit.

  298. A snowglobe that causes snow to fall for a couple of seconds in a 5ft radius when you shake it

  299. A gold ring that turns to silver when on the finger of a creature that is cursed.

  300. A stone that laughs whenever someone makes a joke nobody laughed at

  301. A hat that flies and settles on a random head within 30ft. when thrown

  302. A scarf that changes the voice of the creature wearing it, depending on how it is worn

  303. A small stone owl that turns its head towards a creature when they cast a spell

  304. A dark red book that keeps a tally count all the creatures you have killed.

  305. A board that hovers 2 inches above the ground which supports the weight of a medium sized creature

  306. A holy symbol which recites the beliefs or tenets of the deity it belongs to.

  307. A heart shaped locket that allows you to mentally send up to thirteen words once per day to the person whose name is engraved in the locket. They can immediately respond back with thirteen words.

  308. A tent big enough for two people that folds, with its poles, into a 4 inch cube.

  309. A pea sized crystal and a compass that always points toward the crystal.

  310. A magical stone hawk that can be set to attack any tiny or small beasts that approach within 300 feet.

  311. A horn that when blown can clearly be heard by everyone within 300 feet. After blowing the horn the users’ words are amplified for the next minute and can also be heard by everyone within 300 feet.

  312. A key that opens any lock you locked.

  313. A pound of troll flesh that constantly regenerates providing enough meat every day for two humans. The flavor is disgusting.

  314. A chamber pot that disintegrates any excrement put in it.

  315. A small blank book. As a swift action you can copy another book or other document into your book. The copy remains until you will it to be erased or copy another document.

  316. A gold coin that you can summon back to your hand as long as it's within 20 feet.

  317. A whistle that can only be heard by your allies.

  318. A small doll that mimics your movements.

  319. A 6 inch long crystal coffin. When empty if touched to a dead body the body is shrunken and placed inside the coffin. The body can be released from the coffin by opening it. While in the coffin the body is under the effects of a gentle repose spell. 

  320. Ring of Tracking, a simple ring, when attuned to it the user knows the location of the ring at all times.

  321. Tome of Summon Cat, Shortly after the user attempts to read this book a cat appearing from nowhere will appear and attempt to lounge or nap on top of this tome. Repeated testing confirms the cat can walk through walls, and its origin is wherever it feels like.

  322. Smugglers shoes, A pair of boots that when attuned too will allow the user to disguise their footprints /tracks with that of any animal they’ve seen.

  323. Beholder’s Amulet, A small red amulet that’s covered in bumps and ridges. On attunement an eye will pop out and the user can see through it as long as it stays within 10ft of them.

  324. Tome of PseudoMagic, a tome or grimoire bound in leather and several years old. Once per day it can be used to create a false publication that will back up the user’s claims. A DC15 relative knowledge check is needed to see through the lie.

  325. A golden coin that has your face on it, along with the name of the current local ruler. The face changes with the ownership of the coin, and the name with geopolitical location.

  326. A pair of trousers that make you translucent and intangible up to your waist. And yes, you can kick ghosts.

  327. A carnival mask that turns you and everything on your person invisible, except for your skeleton.

  328. An invisible and silent suit of plate mail. It's still quite cumbersome.

  329. A hand mirror that does not reflect the holder. Great for spying what's behind your back.

  330. A choker that makes your head detachable. If taken off while your head is not on your shoulders, well…

  331. A rusted iron ring that makes salt water constantly dribble from your mouth.

  332. A soup stone. Boil it with nothing but water and get a delicious soup. Unlimited use, new flavour every day.

  333. A statue that will move behind your back when nobody is paying attention. It does nothing else, just stand there right behind you. No burden or bondage seems to stop it.

  334. A small blue key. Any door can be opened with it, but will only lead to a tiny extradimensional broom closet.

  335. A very snobbish skeleton butler. Once you acquire it, there's no way to get rid of it. It will serve you tea, right now.

  336. A tankard that prevents any liquid you drink from it from having an effect on you.

  337. A canary in a cage. It dies at the lightest hint of a poison, disease, harmful gas or other such danger, but comes back to life when you next rest.

  338. A small pouch of holy spice. Flavour a meal with it to absolve it of all related sins (non-kosher, cannibalistic, etc.). Angels often use it to enjoy a hearty soul-based meal.

  339. A stub of chalk. Any space enclosed by its drawing (like a circle on the floor) is slowly divested of air, until a bubble of vacuum forms. It will collapse if the line of chalk is broken.

  340. A ring of lock-fingering. You can use your finger as a lockpick.

  341. A razor of quick-shaving. Anything with hair or fur can be shaved completely in a single round.

  342. A pack of cigarettes. The smoke will depict the most cherished or most regretted memory of the smoker.

  343. A cursed lantern that constantly releases colourless, odourless, explosive gas when not lit. When you try to light it…

  344. A coral candlestick that can be set alight only underwater, but then provides very bright light and makes all water as far as its light can reach crystal clear.

  345. Gene in a Lamp: an oil lamp that when rubbed, a man named Gene pops out. He will do 3 requests before he and the lamp disappear. He’s a completely average non magical man.

  346. Snikt Sheath: A sheath for a katana that can only be half drawn. When half drawn, some small weak object is cutu of the wielder’s choice. Can cut mustaches, belts, etc

  347. A golden egg that wobbles every once in awhile (After a day while attuned to it, a random pet pops out, which is friendly to the holder) (pet looks like a baby version of some monster)

  348. A small vial of ogre urine. It smells incredibly unpleasant.

  349. A coin that when flipped remains suspended in the air, spinning indefinitely until it is grabbed again.

  350. A holy symbol that when a certain part of it is pressed, the symbol sounds a prayer aloud in the voice of the person who pressed it.

  351. A crumpled scrap of parchment. Each day at dawn, an inspirational message magically appears on it.

  352. A mirror that shows the reflection of the viewer as if they were the opposite gender.

  353. A snowball that refuses to melt. When thrown, it reappears in the player’s hand 6 seconds later.

  354. Infinitely nested nesting dolls

  355. Ring of Elf Detection: point and use on a creature. Ring will loudly say the percentage of elven DNA that the creature is made up from. 

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