DM Notes

 The Known World

The purpose of this document is to introduce you to the world I have started creating and give you an idea of what type of character you want to play.  I obviously have not created the whole world but there is a lot I am leaving out of this document for you to discover or create yourself.

Part 1. World Reference

Below is the known world that I have come up with.  I wrote short descriptions about the known regions.  As you can see many areas are uncharted and have yet to been discovered by you.


The Central Plains:

Native Home to the Human Race.  It has a mild climate that many call it home.  The land is great for farming and raising livestock.  Droughts happen occasionally and bring massive wildfires to the plains.  The landscape is mostly flat with plentiful lakes, rivers, and streams.  There are many windmills and long fields of grain that always give the fields an orange glow.  There is ocean access to the north proving the main base of trading to far away lands.  It is one of the most travelled and populated lands due to the trading routes and access to the ocean.

Notable locations:

  1. Capital City: Rivellon

    1. This massive city is home to many and is one of the largest ports in the world.  It lies in a bay in the northern Central Plains

  2. The Rivellon Academy of Magic

    1. This is a university campus dedicated to the study of magic.  It has a ward for each school of magic.

  3. Fort Ironhaven

    1. Fort Ironhaven is one of the major lines of defense between the orc land of High Rock and the Central Plains 

Climate: Mild

Vegetation: Prairie grass and shrubbery

Wildlife: Chicken, bison, boars, ground birds, rodents, etc 

Topography: Mostly flat, with some rolling hills.  Lots of long narrow rivers and a few lakes.

Native Race: Humans


Elroth is a land named after the Elven explorer who charted the land years earlier and is the home of the Elves.  This area is full of thick woodlands and is far less traversed than the Central Plains.  Extensive logging has damaged the eastern part of the forests but the western part before the mountains is still as dense as all can remember.  Mountains curve around the region blocking access to the ocean to the North, West, and South.  Many wild animals contribute to resources of this area and foraging for food rather than growing it is much more common.  Many elves are protective of these resources and can be hostile to traders gathering their loot. 

Climate: Mild to somewhat cool

Vegetation: Dense forests and plant life

Wildlife: Deer, bears, rodents, birds, etc.  

Topography: Hilly with large lakes.  Many shallow but wide rivers with multiple waterfalls.

Native Race: Elves

Dragon Sands:

This desert area is a barren desert with little life other than the Dragonborn and Lizardfolk.  Few travel this land due to poor road conditions and the extreme heat.  Dragon Sands also has little to offer when it comes to natural resources.  The only resources valuable for trade are metals and precious gems found in the mines of the regions.  Few can stand the heat and lack of reliable water and refuse to travel these lands.  The Lizardfolk in Dragon Sands are not native to the region and were brought in as slaves.  The Lizardfolk have since been granted their freedom but still choose to live there as their family has been there for generations.

Notable Locations:

  1. The Grand City:  This is the largest city and oldest city in the world.  This port city contains all sorts of wonders of the world, including a dragon who oversees the city named The Oracle.  

  2. The Ancient Gold Library: A library of great size, the Ancient Golden Library takes up multiple city blocks and towers over nearby buildings.

  3. The Oracles Tower:  A tower that shadows over the city.  An ancient silver dragon sits atop of the tower and stares into the sun. 

Climate: Extreme heat and arid

Vegetation: Cactus, dry brush, and brown grass

Wildlife: Lizards, snakes, insects, etc.  

Topography: Flat with some rolling sand dunes with a few scattered oases.

Native Race: Dragonborn

High Rock:

High Rock is a mountainous area that is home to the Orc.  Dense forests line the base of the eastern mountains while the land to the north is mostly plains used for farming.  Many mines have been built into the mountains and the forests are full of wildlife that are frequently hunted and trapped by locals.  The orcs have built many forts and strongholds in the area due to their tendency for war.  There are also many villages in the mountains and there are many ports on the eastern side of High Rock that have access to the Eastern Ocean.  Kobolds also exist here but mostly stick to caverns carved throughout the mountains.

Notable locations:

  1. Chuzgummurd: A small city that usually traded basic goods and slaves but recently had a change in power.  Now it exclusively sells milk and is run by a mysterious leader who refers to himself as “Molo”.

Climate: Mild along the base and cold in the mountains

Vegetation: Large forests with little vegetation in the mountains

Wildlife: Deer, boars, mountain goats, birds of prey, mountain lions, etc.  

Topography: Sharp cliffs and valleys near and in the mountains.  Flat along the basin

Native Race: Orc, Kobold


Dangwaru is a tropical region that is one of the more southern parts of the world.  It has a land bridge that connects it to the central plains and has access to all the oceans.  It is home to the most diverse wildlife in the entire world and sees more rain than all other regions combined. The constant rain contributes to massive trees and thick vegetation.  It is home to few except the Tabaxi and Tortles.  The unforgiving climate and wildlife barr most from this region and only the natives who master the land can survive.  

Climate: Tropical

Vegetation: Extremely dense forests and vegetation. 

Wildlife: Tigers, tropical birds, large insects, boars, large rodents, etc.

Topography: Variable elevations with huge rivers and waterfalls.  

Native Race: Tabaxi and Tortle


Skyhaven is a mountainous region that is located in the north of the Central Plains.  This region is only reachable through flight as no roads can travel up the steep cliffs that plateau up near the top.  Skyhaven has cities that sit in and above the clouds.  These cities are built by the bird-like race of the Aarakocra.  The architecture of the buildings reach high into the clouds with many perches and windows.  The sun always shines bright as the plateaus flow with beautiful green grass.

Climate: Dry, windy, and sunny.

Vegetation: Only grass can be found on top of the flat plateau areas.

Wildlife: Eagles, ravens, and smaller birds.

Topography: Steep cliffs of dry mountains with plateaus where grass grows. 

Native Race: Aarakocra


Dolam is a small isolated island that is mostly mountains.  The mountains are extremely steep and inhabitable, forcing those who live on the island to burrow deep into the mountains for resources.  The little land there is on the surface is mostly used for small scale farming and raising livestock to feed those in the mines below.  The dwarves that live on the surface are called hill dwarves and the dwarves that live in the mountains are called mountain dwarves.  The dwarves that live inside the mountains rarely if never see the surface.  The communities inside the mountains live in large craters or ravines that have opened up.  Some communities have even carved their own tunnels and created large open spaces in caves to build shelters.  The mountain dwarves thrive on their expert mining and smithing skills.

Notable Locations: 

  1. Kegfaldur: The Dwarven capital of Dolam.  It is a massive city built underneath a mountain.  Most of Dolam’s population lives here.

Climate:  Mild at the surface.  Musky, wet, and hot in areas inside the mountains.

Vegetation: Small forests that line the mountains with little to no life on the rocks.  Mushrooms and other fungi grow in the mountains.

Wildlife:   Deer, boars, mountain goats, birds of prey, mountain lions, etc.   Lots of grubs, ants, bats, etc inside the mountains.

Topography: Flat lands around the basin.  Extremely steep mountains.   The topography of the areas inside the mountain vary wildly.  

Native Race: Dwarves


The rolling plains of Ixion are some of the coldest regions in the world.  The plains have mostly grassland vegetation with hills that get more intense and steep as you travel farther west.  The cold tends to be very harsh but the snowfall is not enough to deter all life.  Little farming is done in these lands due to the intense wind and hills, but the vegetation grows lush and thick, with some grass patches growing up to 5 feet.  The  Centaur and Minotaurs inhabit this land, giving this land the nickname “The Land of Monsters”.  No real cities exist as the native races tend to be chaotic and not to stay in one place.

Climate: Dry, extremely windy, cold.

Vegetation: Mostly tall and short grass with some small shrubs, etc.

Wildlife: Badgers, prairie dogs, foxes, small birds, flightless birds, etc.

Topography: Flat grass land dominates most of the land but rolling hills with sharp rocks and some shallow narrow streams also persist. 

Native Race: Centaur, Minotaur


In its height of power, Narfell was ruled by evil priests. They maintained their power through horrid blood-pacts with demon lords, gaining the control of demonic armies. This once great civilization fell over 1,500 years ago as the climate suddenly changed and became extremely cold to the point where most could not survive.  Those who still live there are mostly scavengers who survive on what little wildlife and vegetation is left.  Some have resorted to caves and burrows since they can grow mushrooms and other edibles inside but they are by no means thriving.  No one race dominates the land since the populace is so scarce.  Only creatures that can survive extreme cold live here and there is no central form of government.

Notable Locations:

  1. Camp Melora: A newly built camp composed of ex-adventurers who believe that they can help rebuild Narfell to it’s former glory.

Climate: Dry, extremely windy, extremely cold.

Vegetation: Mostly tall and short grass with some small shrubs and some surviving evergreen forests. 

Wildlife: Wolves, foxes, rodents, bears, owlbears, penguins, whales

Topography: Flat somewhat hilly areas and some large glaciers.  Frozen lakes, and some icey but still flowing streams.  There are large cliffs that border the ocean to the north and east.

Native Race: None

The Far Reaching Lands:

Little is known about the far reaching lands other than the lands are very unformidable.  The lands are also so far away from the main lands that few are willing to travel there.  Stories have been told about seeing large reptile type creatures and massive volcanoes that are constantly erupting.  One human explorer once told a story about sending a boat to scout the shore when a flurry of spears flew out of the jungle brush and slaughtered his scouts.  The lands reach all variations of climates but tend to be more on the rainforest side. Update: Adventurers travelled here and discovered a mostly peaceful race composed of Loxodon and Goliaths.

Climate: Possibly tropical

Vegetation:  Varies by location

Wildlife: Dinosaurs, large insects, big cats, large reptiles

Topography: Large volcanoes  with a few mountain ranges.  Few plains and some larger beach areas.

Native Race: Loxodon and Goliaths


Bilfan is an extremely small continent but it is very dense with life.  On the west side of the land you will find the Black Mangroves, a nasty swamp full of tons of exotic life and secluded Lizardfolk.  On the east side you can find a large population of Gnomes.  The gnomes here have access to many rare resources from the mountain range in the middle of the island.  They used these resources and their natural tinkering ability to create technology that most of the world has never seen yet.

Climate: Humid rainforest on the west and arid plains on the east.

Vegetation:  Varies by location

Wildlife: Monkies, lizard, deer, bears, boars, the variety is bizarre.

Topography: Swamps, mountains, small desert, plains, and even some forests.

Native Race: Lizardfolk and Gnomes

Part 2. The Known Races:

Below are the races that I have some lore already created for.  Feel free to pick any race even if it is not on this list and you can provide the backstory!






Humans are the most adaptable and ambitious people among the common races. Whatever drives them, humans are the innovators, achievers, and the pioneers of the worlds. 

The humans of the Central Plains often live peaceful and comfortable lives.  They have the most interaction with other races as many travel through the central plains.  A lot of humans are humble friendly farmer folk who are always willing to lend a hand.


Dragonborn look very much like dragons standing erect in humanoid form, though they lack wings or a tail.

The Dragonborn of Dragon Sands are very smart and inventive people.  They also tend to be very strong from their work in the mines.  Their charamisa comes from their trading of ores and gems that often bring them great wealth.  Their nobility and wealth contribute to their ignorance and distrust of other cultures.


Hailing from a strange and distant land, wandering tabaxi are catlike humanoids driven by curiosity to collect interesting artifacts, gather tales and stories, and lay eyes on all the world’s wonders.

The tabaxi have often been demonized by their tendency to lie and steal.   They are very greedy and silvertonged to the point where most are distrustful of them before even meeting them.  Most Tabaxi live isolated deep in the jungles of Dangwaru but venture out from time to time.   


Orcs live a life that has no place for weakness, and every warrior must be strong enough to take what is needed by force.

The orcs of High Rock are always at war, whether it is against another race or civil amongst their own.  Their relentlessness in war drives their culture.  They often kill those who are too weak to fight or help the war efforts.  Their darwinism approach gives their race some of the greatest strength any have ever seen.


What many Tortles consider a simple life, others might call a life of adventure. They are nomad survivalists eager to explore the wilderness.

The Tortles nomadic lifestyle encourages strong bonds amongst their own individual tribes but also creates great rifts between other tribes.  Their explorative nature leads them to have immense knowledge.  Their tough exterior shell is more than a metaphor as they are one of the toughest races.  The origin of Tortles is unknown but they tend to stay in the warmer regions of the world.


Elves are a magical people of otherworldly grace, living in the world but not entirely part of it.

The elves live a very isolated life with a strong bond to nature.  They often do not interfere with the conflicts of others but will not hesitate to defend their own.  No other race has a bond as strong as the elves when it comes themselves and the natural world.  Most elves live in Elroth and seldom leave.  Elves that leave Elroth often hold onto their values and will often return to live out their final days connected to the land in Elroth.


Walking in two worlds but truly belonging to neither, half-elves combine what some say are the best qualities of their elf and human parents: human curiosity, inventiveness, and ambition tempered by the refined senses, love of nature, and artistic tastes of the elves. 

Half-elfs struggle to find their identity due to the polar opposite ideals of the humans of the Central Plains and the Elves of Elroth.  They sometimes get discriminated against but for the most part are accepted into society.


Bold and hardy, dwarves are known as skilled warriors, miners, and workers of stone and metal.  They are short, stout, stubborn and always willing to share a drink or five.

The dwarves have been said to first start arriving to the eastern central plains within the last 100 years.  They left their mountain homes to pursue trading across the sea.  They still prefer the ground, however, and have been setting up mines where they can.  Their native land is Dolam which contains a vast amount of mines that are carved straight into the mountain. 


Lizardfolk possess an alien and inscrutable mindset, their desires and thoughts driven by a different set of basic principles than those of warm-blooded creatures.

The Lizardfolk of Dragonsands have been used as slaves for certain Dragonborn tribes as they see them as a lesser race.  Many Lizardfolk have been fleeing Dragonsands to surrounding regions to escape the oppression but some choose to fight back for their freedom. 


Half-orcs’ grayish pigmentation, sloping foreheads, jutting jaws, prominent teeth, and towering builds make their orcish heritage plain for all to see.

The half-orcs of the world are orcs who have rejected their society and started to move into human society of the Central Plains.  They process both the best and worst traits of both human and orc.


Sequestered in high mountains atop tall trees, the aarakocra, sometimes called birdfolk, evoke fear and wonder. Many aarakocra aren’t even native to the Material Plane. They hail from a world beyond — from the boundless vistas of the Elemental Plane of Air.

The Aarakocra of Skyhaven often do not meddle in the affairs of other races and stay secluded in their cities in the sky.  Aarakocra that leave Skyhaven on non-supply related travels will become exiled and never be allowed back.  Most never see outside of Skyhaven and only hear stories of foreign lands from books that are brought back by supply runners.


Centaurs live in nomadic tribes. They roam in climates that they are able to survive wearing furs or hide. Hunter-gatherers by nature, they rarely spend extended periods of time in any one location. The tribes most often sleep under the stars or in cover of trees. They rarely construct anything more than a shield from inclement weather.

The Centaurs of Ixion are very distrustful of humans as humans have often enslaved them as creatures for their entertainment because of their appearance.  They never settle in one place and usually never wander far from the plains.


The comforts of home are the goals of most halflings’ lives: a place to settle in peace and quiet, far from marauding monsters and clashing armies; a blazing fire and a generous meal; fine drink and fine conversation. Though some halflings live out their days in remote agricultural communities, others form nomadic bands that travel constantly, lured by the open road and the wide horizon to discover the wonders of new lands and peoples. 


A constant hum of busy activity pervades the warrens and neighborhoods where gnomes form their close-knit communities. Louder sounds punctuate the hum: a crunch of grinding gears here, a minor explosion there, a yelp of surprise or triumph, and especially bursts of laughter. Gnomes take delight in life, enjoying every moment of invention, exploration, investigation, creation, and play.


Merfolk are aquatic humanoids who are half human and half fish. Males were called mermen, while females were called mermaids.  They are amphibious but they lack mobility on land as they only have tails. 

Merfolk live in cities and isolated settlements within shallow seas and coral reefs, where protection and food are abundant.  The roam all parts of the seas but tend to stick to the more shallow depths.  They are usually neutral with other races unless they pose a threat to their habitats.  


The warforged were built to fight in the Grand War. The first warforged were mindless automatons, but The Central Plains Republic devoted vast resources to improving these steel soldiers. An unexpected breakthrough produced fully sentient soldiers, blending organic and inorganic materials. Warforged are made from wood and metal, but they can feel pain and emotion. Built as weapons, they must now find a purpose beyond the war.

The 996 Treaty was a treaty made by the Central Plains Republic, the Grand City Council, King Kegfaldur the First, the voices of the forest and war chief Ulam.  It outlines that the creation of war forged after the Great War is illegal.  Warforged that were created after the treaty and deemed a threat may be arrested on sight and given a fair trial.  Creators of these warforged will be charged and sentenced accordingly.


Many other races inhabit the land, follow this link to see the others: link

Hall of Heroes

(Continued on next page.)


Born in Lithcoa; a small mountain valley village of primarily humans, but also half-elf outcasts. The village would trade with other near by towns, sometimes going smoothly and sometimes not since neither human or elf could fully trust a half-elf. occasionally, a discrepancy would occur and business would be temporarily cut off. It is true that this would be an inconvenience, but the hardy inhabitants of Lithcoa always knew how to provide for themselves and carry on.

His mother was a skilled jeweler and his father was a trade dealer, both half-elves. He had one younger brother who was always talking about adventures that were in the works. He was close with his family.

Alear had an ordinary childhood but would often steal trinkets from human neighbors when visiting or helping with chores. While he was suspected, he was never caught. As a teenager he would move on to stealing items of small and medium value from the near by human villages in which a trade was not fair (according to Alear, at least) and then sell them to different towns he would visit.

One day, a trade deal had gone sour. The village of Lithcoa had been shorted on an order they were promised by the human town of Stawford for the second time. When the leader of Lithcoa confronted the leader of Stawford, conflict erupted with each accusing the other of lying and theft.

Tensions grew over the months, which turned into hatred until finally Lithcoa decided to try to open a dialogue. They sent the father of Alear to Stawford along with other tradesmen to try and resolve their issues. They returned a few hours later with good news that they will be doing business with Stawford the following week. Alear was suspicious of this seeing that he never trusted the humans fully, despite living among some of them all his life. His father would not disclose the details of the meeting to him, so Alear decided to discreetly travel to Stawford to see what he could find out himself.

On his way only a few miles out, Alear noticed the air smelled heavily of smoke. Upon investigation he saw that the smoke seemed to be coming from Lithcoa! Alear ran back as fast as he could but it was too late. a mighty fire broke out and spread quickly in killing half the town, including the entire family of Alear.

He stayed with a friend for a few weeks to recover from this devastation, all while plotting to get revenge. There was no clear connection that Stawford was responsible for the fire, but Alear blamed them still.

After a while, his vengeance and anger turned into apathy and recklessness. with no family or home left for him, Alear decided to pack up and hit the open road

Update: Where are they now?

Alear decided he did not want to be an adventurer anymore and retired back to his hometown.


Born in a small settlement nestled in the craig of the Dragon Sands dessert Aluriana was a fierce protector. She often got into trouble as a child for getting into fights with the other children when someone dared to make fun of her sister Vila and would come home with scraped scales and twigs in her hair. Thankfully her Mother was kind and understanding about Aluriana's fierce nature and wisely pushed her eldest daughter to join the caravan guard. After years of training and education Aluriana rose through the ranks of the caravan guard to become a first lieutenant. It was during this time that her sister Vila became consumed by her own pursuits of knowledge and the arcane and set out on a journey across the world to seek more information. Her sister hasn't been heard from since. 

Being a caravan guard may sound exciting but it was actually rather boring and one fateful evening after finishing her rudimentary patrol Aluriana and her compatriots decided to partake in some gambling and ale in the local tavern leaving the caravan unguarded. This proved to be the worst mistake Aluriana would ever make as a group of lizardfolk called the free-scales decided to raid and burn the caravan while it was unguarded. 

Aluriana woke to the smell of smoke and the sound of screams with her face plastered to the poker table. Realizing her folly she ran through the camp in a desperate search for her Mother and her daughter Kina. Charging headlong into the flames she used her ice breath to quell as much of the fire as she could until she approached a familiar tent turned to smoldering ash and charcoal in the center of the encampment. Inside she found the mutilated bodies of her Mother and Kina who had been asleep in their beds when the attack began. 

Blinded by rage and grief Aluriana set out on a mission of revenge to find the lizardfolk who had taken her beloved family from her, but lingering in the back of her mind Aluriana knows that it is not the lizardfolk who she should blame but herself. To bury this self loathing she has turned to alcohol as her solace and escape from the memories of her beloved little Kina and her loving, supportive Mother.

Update: Where are they now?

Aluriana got the revenge she was seeking by killing Chains, a leader of a rogue group of Lizardfolk called the “Free Scales” who assaulted her village years ago.  She chose to pursue a career in politics and is now a member of the Grand Council in the Grand City in Dragonsands.  She lives peacefully as a politician with her pet wolf named Tipp.


Archimedes Raloven, better known as Ark the Red, is a tiefling Paladin of Duathanin, Queen of the Earth and the Lady of Stars and Tears. Like most tieflings, his infernal blood skipped a few generations before manifesting in Ark. His parents took his red skin as an ill omen and abandoned the baby. An itinerant elven monk by the name of Tuadathil Ral'ofin found the sickly baby shortly after he was abandoned and took him in under his care. Tuadathil returned to the monastery to raise the tiefling child according to the teachings of Duathanin, who celebrates life in all forms and calls for mercy, purity, and grace. 

While raised in a peaceful environment, Ark's proclivities for rash outbursts could not be entirely quelled by the teachings of the monks. When he came of age, Ark made the decision to leave the monastery and set off on his own, knowing that a monk's life of solitude would never suit his chaotic nature. Thus, he chose to channel his restlessness into a force for good, and became a paladin of Duathanin, swearing to uphold her tenets to the best of his ability, to help those in need, to stay his hand when violence can be avoided, and to grieve for those who suffer, who live in ignorance, and who do not know her grace. 

Ark is a headstrong but well-intentioned young man; whose greatest weakness is his own ignorance about his kind. While he was the only tiefling at the monastery, the monks there quickly accepted the boy and he never experienced any outright prejudice from within the monastery walls. But out in the world for the first time, Ark has been confronted with the reputation that tieflings have, and it pains him that so many are so quick to judge or mistrust him, despite his pure and earnest intentions. He tries not to resent the labels that are forcibly assigned to him, tries not to resent the common populace for their ignorance, but it isn't always so easy, and when pushed too far, Ark's fiery side has been known to surface. 

Other Names:

Among the elves who raised him, Ark is often called Nasarion, meaning "red son."

Update: Where are they now?

Ark found his calling with the people of Narfell.  He found that he can do the most good by helping to rebuild the community there.  He continues to spread the word of his god and has even taken a lover who is a native Firbolg.


Cas was found in a small town on the border between Elroth and the Central Plains, not finding his parents anywhere, he was adopted by a local family. Nalar and Lua Stodron raised him for many years, until he was 8 and a half-orc passing through town was seen by Cas. When he laid eyes on the half-orc, his skin started to turn green, and quickly resembled the orc, horrifying his parents and the surrounding people. 

Frightened by their reactions, Cas fled into the woods, running with no destination in mind. After spending several days hiding in the woods, a mysterious girl appears from the trees, promising to help him, and with no better options, Cas followed her. She explained her name was Nepta, and she was a dryad. Once a simple fey, cursed by The Raven Queen for reasons she wouldn't disclose, now bound in this forest. 

Enamored with the girl, Cas decided to stay with her, spending many years by her side, learning the best way to fight was to avoid the fight completely. Learning to control his shape-shifting for his advantage, using music to win over people who wandered into the woods, and even some magic, mastering many methods to fool people into doing what he wanted.

Cas has started venturing further and further from the forest, in search of gifts for Nepta. 

Update: Where are they now?

Cas died while exploring the FeyWild.  He was looking for a cure to save his mother Nepta.  He was given a funeral where his body was pushed into the milky sea of the Winter realm.  He was buried at sea with his favorite puppets.


I Ran away from my tribe, I Ran away from the only life that I had ever known. As of recently there has been a growing number of undead wandering the frozen wastes of Narfell. Tired from fighting and moving then fighting once again. our numbers began to dwindle. We decided to take up camp in Deathmere, hoping to have a day's respite, while there I was out scouting for food. When I found a collapsed building. Curious I searched the area to find a ritual chamber in the cellar surprisingly still intact. Resting against the wall was this Glaive I hold now. I am unsure of its origin but if I had to guess it may have been tied to the Demons that once made pacts with the humans that lived on Narfell. The shaft looks splinted and ready to snap, the blade is black with something I cannot read carved into the spine. Late in the night we were attacked again. I managed to slip out of the ruined city, anchored not far from a large ship. I found what remained of my clan and tried to press that we needed to leave. The leader refused Reminding me that those of us on this island were sent here, exiled or outcast from the rest of the world. that many had no where to return. frustrated I made haste to the ship. Those aboard the ship were kind once they heard of the undead that were roaming the land they decided best to not go ashore. They took me to Portsmouth.

After looking into The mirror Nott held, I was confronted with visions of my past. when i was young my family was banished from dragonsands i was never told the reason why, when we landed on Narfell we were lost able to survive through the ability of those in our tribe after afew months we were met by a lone Orc the man came to us in peace without weapon or any intent. i was so curious of this man but i kept my distance. One night i had another incident i set yet another tent ablaze scared i managed to get out no one got hurt. he approached me that day His name was Xarlug he told me that the incidents were not something to be worried about that i was chosen by Kord The God of Strength and storms. Not long after he took me out every day to train and learn to focus my so-called strength after a year of practice we found I was able to maintain it. In this time he also taught me many things. Orc was difficult because he had not taught me. I never knew why he called me Glunn, how to hunt and how to fight. i was able to use any weapon he gave me figuring it out with ease but i never found something that fit with me. it wasn't until I picked up that glaive in the basement that I finally felt comfortable with a weapon in hand.

Update: Where are they now?

The player could no longer play Glunn but his story is still ongoing. Stay tuned for an update.


Mother: Unknown human barmaid

Father: Orc Fighter

Adopted parents: Dorn (father) & Rowan (mother) Evenwood, Inn Keepers


Chondathans are slender, tawny-skinned folk with brown hair that ranges from almost blond to almost black. Most are tall and have green or brown eyes, but these traits are hardly universal. Humans of Chondathan descent dominate the central lands of Faer?n, around the Inner Sea.

A drunken Orc and Human barmaid got together one night which resulted in a pregnancy some time later. The barmaid went looking for the fighter so that they could raise the baby together. Upon finding him, she was turned away and was told never to return. Not knowing what to do, she stayed in a nearby town and got another job as a barmaid at an Inn that traveling musicians and merchants would often stop to rest. She would tell others about what happened and they would offer suggestions, but she was too afraid of the Orc and his temper to do anything more. 

The baby came early. He was a half-orc and he was huge. Due to complications, the barmaid passed. Not knowing what to do with this baby, the Inn Keepers took him to find his father. The Orc said that the baby was too small to be of any use and to take it away or he would murder everyone in their Inn while they slept. The Inn Keepers decided to keep the baby and raise him, naming him Henk. 

As Henk grew, he also had a temper but was always soothed by music. He would listen to the musicians play every night and listen to their stories. They taught him to play different instruments and he would dream about becoming a famous traveling musician just like them. He was very curious and always asked questions, learning a little bit of everything as he grew. He would help at the Inn by doing chores and bussing tables, but he was growing tired of this routine. He wanted to make stories and music of his own. 

One day, a man came in the spend the night. Henk was mesmerized at how effortlessly Barry could tell stories that were filled with adventure and enthusiasm that was nothing he had heard before. He knew that this was something different, something rare. After much deliberation, Henk finally mustered up enough courage to talk to him. The man told him that there are magical musical secrets that one could seek out if one was only disciplined and daring enough. 

Henk set out.

Update: Where are they now?

Henk died while fighting against the World Eater. He gave his life to revive his teammates only to be brought back and then killed again.  Every tavern in the Material Plane has a rendition of one of his iconic songs with the loudest horn.


Thocroth is a troubled man from the unremarkable city of Artemis in the Central plains. He crudely studied magic to thwart the tormenting figure that haunted his dreams and opened his eyes to the transient world. 

His father died suddenly when Thocroth was a boy, assuredly by the same force that haunted his father before him. There must be a way to outmatch or outwit this tormentor and undo the evil pattern…

Zezelmold Vokovudi- necromancer- reanimated into a flaming skull and tried to kill us with fire.

Thocroth- dearly wants to stop the necromancy wizard from resurrecting, but party drags him to inn- he wont forget that. He feels that his heroic ventures against the wizard were a waste. (However he was reminded that we left the skull in a cage, but failed to realize that skull can still escape).

Thocroth walks through the doors of his father's house. He finds his fathers library (denies that the necromancy was his father's effort), finds his young self and his old spellbook (a secret from father). 

 The father says nothing interesting (just a memory)

Thocroth's nightmare is a young beholder, spawned from evil memories of his father going too far with magic and transporting his uncle to a new era, never to be found again.

Thocroth burns the book, wanting to be free from the curse. He remains curious of his fathers fate and the extent of his magical "legacy."

(Will he start to feel guilty of covering this magic act?)

Thocroth continues to feel that he is not a good person at heart. During the assassination of Owen Redbrand, Thocroth uses his lover's Glass Staff to lure the notorious criminal into a back room. Seeing Owen's impassioned countenance fall as he is overtaken by the warforged, Thocroth is pierced and thrown into doubt about his moral quality. This memory has reoccurred at the wrong times and may degrade into something worse.

Update: Where are they now?

Thocroth retired along with another adventurer to help rebuild a city on the continent of Narfell.  He also married a long time rival elf named Vada who redeemed herself.  They now have 7 children, all of whom wish to be a wizard as great as Thocroth.


When born to two simple farmers Tia was quite the shock with her pure white hair and bright blue eyes. The village healers quickly denoted her as an Aasimar meaning she was of celestial lineage and a large feast was held to celebrate such a wonderous omen being blessed upon their village. 

Tia's parents grew concerned as she grew older and helped out on the farm. They knew such a simple life would be a waste of her celestial gifts so they scraped and saved every coin they could to one day send her away to the capital of Rivelan to study under the great Phalagar Murdad, a sorcerer of great renown. Tia however had other plans and had no intention of becoming a wizard as she found studying ancient texts to be EXTREMELY boring. 

As she grew up Tia quickly became faster and stronger than her bookworm classmates in the arcane university and Phalagar saw her becoming antsy during long class sessions. Sensing she needed some sort of release he introduced Tia to Lelah Frostfollower, a Lieutenant of the crown guard under the strict orders that she not be taught anything unsavory like weapons fighting but rather just some simple cardio to tire her out and make her focus on her studies easier. 

Lelah was a firm but kind teacher and the two quickly became the best of friends. Eventually they would meet in secret so Lelah could break orders and teach Tia how to become a proper fighter. Tia was overjoyed and happily led this double life for many years, even straying from Phalagars teachings to forge a bond with her own weapon. Eventually with diligent training Tia became a master of fighting and proficient with any weapon placed in her hands. 

Tia spent years studying under Phalagar and grew to respect him as a teacher. After a horrible misfortune where his wife and son were mysteriously killed (According to the official reports) Tia began to notice a darkness surrounding Phalagar that would slowly spread from student to student. They would become withdrawn and quiet even when they had previously been so jovial and outspoken. Thinking that perhaps they had shared in the grief of their professor Tia went to speak with him at his office. When she did she was attacked by a demon he had been summoning, this demon forcing its dark corruption into her without mercy and causing her once bright celestial abilities to become dark and shadowy. Her white long hair grew back at the tips and her once glorious wings were now useless skeletal shadows of their former beauty. 

When Tia awoke in the infirmary she had been told that Phalagar had disappeared and no one knew how to track him down. Tia spent years after her recovery trying to hunt him down. When she finally heard some evidence that could point her on the right path she had discovered there was another group out there that was tracking him down. A group called the Slayers had rapidly hunted down his path and according to the rumors from Lelah they had dispatched him in a grand battle with the king leading troops to the battlefield as a distraction while they snuck in.

Tia immediately felt a calling to this group, as if an angelic voice was whispering in her ear, telling her to go, to find these Slayers and join them for they would be her redemption. She began acting on this gut intuition and trusting that it would lead her down the path she sought so rigorously, the path to redemption. After spending weeks wandering across the lands in search of the wandering path that the Slayers wandered she finally got a hot tip from Lelah that the group had been spotted in Paentmarwy headed north towards Dragonsands. She rushed off to Venom rock which was the nearest trading post from that town. She was livid when she found out she'd just missed them and had no idea where they went. She tried her best to track the wheels of the wagon they'd bought from a woodworker named Marigold and ended up getting a little lost until finally she found the ruins of a camp of Lizardfolk. She began investigating the outskirts of the camp and waited like her intuition told her.

Update: Where are they now?

Tia was a member of the Slayers that helped stop the invasion of the Astral Dreadnoughts and landed the killing blow on The World Eater.  She has now retired to the Stone City in the Far Reaching Lands with her Goliath wife named Flint Finder.


Thymir was born 5th son to a wealthy dwarven noble. It has long been tradition for sons not-in-line of succession to take up arms. As a boy, his father told him stories of his Great Uncle Throm, a Paladin, who was out adventuring and bringing justice to those who deserved it. Throm wielded the family’s most prized possession, Thuun, an ancient hammer deemed only worthy to wield by a Paladin. One day, Thymir hoped to take up the hammer and walk the righteous path, just like his Great Uncle.

When Great Uncle Throm had returned home from his many years of adventuring, he noticed Thymir in a scuffle with his brothers on the hill in the yard. Thymir, being the youngest, was not fairing well in his game of king-of-the-hill with his 4 brothers. Thymir’s brothers were quick to use cheap tactics such as tripping and hits below the belt. Throm noticed that Thymir, while being near the bottom of the hill at all times, always kept his blows above the belt, and did not resort to easy cheap tactics. He also noticed that while only reaching the top a few times, Thymir always got right back up and showed resilience to keep trying.

That day Throm decided to take Thymir as his squire and set him on the righteous path of the Paladin. After a few years of training under his great uncle, Throm deemed Thymir ready to leave home and pursue his path of righteousness by bringing light and justice to a world troubled by evil.

However, during his adventures, Thymir became mortally wounded at the hands of a mindflayer.   Upon ascending to the gates of his heaven, a dark robed figure stood outside and offered him another chance at life.  Thymir had not lived quite as long as he had wanted, and he knew that his friends needed his help to complete their goals, so he took the deal with the hooded figure and awoke upon the mortal earth once more.

But Thymir was not the same.  By cheating death, he had forsworn his oaths and become an oathbreaker.  His mood changed more brooding and foreboding.  His once fiery red hair turned black and his skin became paler.  Thymir, or Rimyth as he now wanted to be called, no longer felt one way or the other about any specific thing and could only summon one emotion freely… Rage.  

After proving his truly good nature by defeating….

Update: Where are they now?

Thymir died while fighting against the World Eater.  He took hundreds of blows leading up to the final claw that stopped his heart.  He is immortalized with a statue in Rivellon to recognize his heroic deeds that saved the Material Plane that day.

Red of the Ruby

Whispers speak of a clan of Tabaxi who had laid their roots near the northern-most tip at the western border of Dangwaru. Red of the Ruby begins her story as the daughter to a noble leader of the Tabaxi clan once known as Azharul. The eldest cub of three, Ruby was responsible for overseeing the care of her younger brother and sister, Silver of the Sapphire and Emerald in the Evening. As a nobleman’s daughter, she attended daily lessons and learned about the world around her from a vast collection of resources shared by Azharul. Ruby was not a typical noble daughter as her most favorite activity was reading. In fact, she enjoyed the activity so much that it was often a point of contention between the family. To her mother’s dismay, Ruby longed to explore and see the wonders that her readings had told. However, Ruby was betrothed to the eldest son of a rival clan, the Lovitar, as a sign of good faith. After saying a brief goodbye to her family on the day of the exchange, Ruby left her clan with only the clothes on her back and a single book to remind her of the only home she had ever known.

Little did the Tabaxi know that fate was also about to intercede.

During her travels, the Great Old One would appear to her, a single eye reflecting eerily in her litter’s mirror. He offered an answer to all of Ruby’s problems. This answer would be exchanged for just one thing — a deal. Without a second thought, the deal was struck and all went dark for Ruby. She came to deep in the forest during the middle of the night. Using her dark vision, the Tabaxi would slowly begin to make the long trip back home on foot. However, the home she returned to was not the one that Ruby remembered. It was a city overrun with Lovitarians that greeted her on her arrival to Azharul lands. Caught by Lovitarian guards while trying to gain access to her home, Ruby soon found herself a product to be sold in a slave trade auction at the Bay of the Dancing Dolphin. Here, the Tabaxi saw her highborn mother and father publicly executed as well as witnessed her siblings being sold to slavers. Ruby was bought by old hag who ran an exotic brothel in the Central Planes. It is here that Ruby would come of age, working for the old hag as a servant girl. On the night she was be indoctrinated as a lady of the brothel, The Great Old One would appear to her yet again.

That Which Lurks had come to collect upon her end of the deal.

Ruby soon found herself sucked down into a sea of tentacles, the voice of The Great Old One booming in her head. Begging for mercy and the freedom to make her own choices, the Great Old One allowed Ruby her life and great power so long as would devote her life to serve him. Seeing no other choice, the young Tabaxi agreed to her God’s plight. She would awaken to the smell of blood. The brothel was quiet, deathly quiet. No sound of pleasure would ever pass through these walls again. She had killed  the old hag, the whores, and their patrons in cold blood, feeding her newborn power. That night, Ruby burned the brothel to the ground, offering this energy to the deity for whom she would now serve for the next eternity. As the fire burned, Ruby would wander into the night, eventually making her way to the tavern where she would come to meet the ones who would become her traveling companions.

Update: Where are they now?

Ruby fought in the battle against the World Eater and dealt many of the significant blows that killed the beast.  Ruby prayed to her patron during the final fights but she never realized that the power was coming from within herself.  She has taken the place as the Great Old One and has multiple followers that pray to her daily.  

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