DnD Broken Bonds

Basic Format

Player Name: 

Character Name: 




Biological Appearance: 





Additional Details: 

Player Name: LilyPichu(twitch.tv/lilypichu)

Character Name: Li’lu

Class: Barbarian

Race: Iron Wing Sprite

Gender: Female

Biological Appearance: 3inch-3ft tall, long unkempt black to pink ombre hair, elven ear, 

  pink colored eyes, metal beetle wings

Personality: tsundere, angry, aggressive, mischievous

Clothing: no specifics, preferable(twitter.com/clue_art/status/1280336986440695808)

Accessories: a pair of blood lilies hairpin on either side

Weapon: great axe

Additional Details:

Totemi: armored large Temmie with flowers

Shadow Li’lu: a reflection of Li’lu made from her own shadow

Player Name: Michael Reeves(twitch.tv/michaelreeves)

Character Name: Remag

Class: Rune Mage

Race: Tortle Skinwalker 

Gender: Male

Biological Appearance: 5-6 ft tall, green skin with a brown tint, aged body, obsidian black eye, 

  Violet Eye

Personality: senile with a hint of lust, stupidity thinly veiled by false wisdom

Clothing: Nude/Vibin

Accessories: a pair of glasses with one heavily tinted lens, a time-worn blue bandana, 

          colostomy bag(important)

Weapon: Staff, crossbow

Additional Details: 

Reference: Dollar Tree Master Oogway, alzheimer's ridden Donatello the ninja turtle

Player Name: Disguised Toast(twitter.com/disguisedtoast)

Character Name: P'mis > Dahc

Class: Rogue

Race: Kobold > Daemon Scorn

Gender: Male

Biological Appearance: 

P’mis: 3ft tall, rose red scales, frail body, red eyes

Dahc: 6ft tall, garnet red scales,  demonic wings, muscular, crimson eyes

Personality:  Cowardly, Opportunistic, Parasitic

Clothing: loincloth


Weapon: crossbow, a pair of dagger(blackened steel blade with crowley’s symbol, strange 

skinned hilt, pommel with twin black opals that glows white light when wielded)

Additional Details:

Player Name: Valkyrae(twitter.com/Valkyrae)

Character Name: E’ar > Fe’ar(Not official yet)

Class: Druid + Shrine Maiden

Race: Water Genasi

Gender: Female

Biological Appearance: 

E’ar: 5-6 ft tall, white-tinted water-like hair, sky blue eyes

Fe’ar: 5-6 ft tall, black ichor hair, narrow sky blue pupils with the Shrine Maiden symbol

Personality: cheerful and bubbly, energetic


E’ar: not specified

Fe’ar: shrine maidenXjiangshi

Accessories: a golden sash, rings, choker necklace

Weapon: a glove with black onyx shard

Additional Details: 

Zorro: -a mohrg with light orange “internal organs”, the skeleton fading from white into 

black at the edges, a cross on the skull, the vertical line filled in with faded azure

          -a black shawl with red markings at the fringes worn as a half cape

          -can turn into a bracelet

Player Name: QuarterJade(twitch.tv/quarterjade)

Character Name: Bryan 

Class: Shadow Monk

Race: Dhampir

Gender: Female

Biological Appearance: 5ft 11inch tall, pale skin, slim body, plum purple twintails, green eyes, 

  fangs, long ruby nails

Personality: psychopathic but chill, passionate for Daddylon

Clothing: wine purple slightly torn cotte-like one-piece

   Night Guard armor

Accessories: gold hoop earrings, black choker with ruby jewel

Weapon: black scythe with the Holy Symbol of Glory engraving, emits smoke when wielded

Additional Details:

Player Name: Sykkuno(twitch.tv/sykkuno)

Character Name: Hashbrown

Class: Ranger + Seeker

Race: Halfling

Gender: Male

Biological Appearance: 4ft tall , golden brown Ringabel hair, green eye, 

Personality: airhead confidence

Clothing: leather padded armor,

   Mages of the Taladoni outfit (gray hood with blue streaks, robe tied with a central sash)

Accessories: green scarf

Weapon: runic  longbow and shortsword

Additional Details: 

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