DND Character Creation Reddit Template

***Don’t fill out on this doc, copy and paste to your own doc, this is a TEMPLATE***

Character Name – 

*Things to think about in backstory*

Where was the character born in relation to where the story takes place?

  • What was town like, what was the world like?

  •  Setting of game? (happy, light, dark, gothic)

  • What region or kind of setting do you like (city vs country)

  • Foreigner, from distant land?

Family – Who is/was your family and why (if at all) do they matter?

  • Who are/were your parents?

  • Where were they and why?

  • What jobs do family/parents have and why?

  • Is the family still alive?

  • Where do extended families live and do and why?

  • Why did the family marry each other?

What did you do before lvl 1?

  • How does this impact their character?

  • Why were they doing this thing?

  • What stopped them from this thing, or what made your character interesting?

Why did you (or will you) leave to adventure?

  • Are you bored, unfulfilled, life not going well?

  • Why is going off with a bunch of random people a good idea?

  • Why did you leave at all?

  • What motivates you?

  • Are you or were you promised something?

What did you or do you leave behind?

  • Anyone dead or missing?

  • Is someone searching for you for better or worse?

  • Were you left with nothing or nobody else?

  • Job? Lover? Life? Debt? Past Life? Inheritance?

What does your character want?

  • Goals, dreams, aspirations?

  • Fears, fantastical visions and reasonable goals 

  • And why they want these things

  • Prove to them self or others


  • Positive and negative childhood events?

  • Why did you become the class you are?

  • What were you doing before the first session?

  • Pick a trinket (some object of value to you)?

  • A major event that changed your life OR a series of smaller events that changed you somehow?

  • Who are you? And why are you?


Physical Description (What do I look like):

    Perception/World View (How do I view the world, what do I think of it?):

      Political Leaning (Is the current rule good or fair, what do I think about current leadership?):

        Religious Views (Do I believe in Gods, are you reverent to one?):

          Goals (Long Term):

            Goals (Immediate/Short Term):

              Motivations (What drives my character, why do I want these goals):

                Ideals (Principles or values my character has):


                  Bonds (Who or what am I tied to, emotionally, mentally, physically):

                    Flaws (What faults or imperfections does my character have?):

                      Alignment (Doesn’t have to be important if you don’t like alignment):

                        Catchphrases (Something my character says often):

                          Mannerisms (A habit of speaking or routine gesture my character does):

                            Pain Points (What I refuse to talk about/brings me pain):

                              Fears/Phobias (What scares me? Can be logical or illogical fears):

                                Superstitions (Belief or way of behaving based on fear of unknown or faith in magic):

                                  Questions my character has (What does your character think about or not know):

                                    Is my character a hero?

                                      Knives Summary (from reddit post – Something the dm can use to raise the stakes for your character)


                                        Am I merciful?

                                        Why am/will I become an adventurer?

                                        Personality (Pick a few personality traits):


                                          Quirks (Strange things about your character that they do/say/think):



                                            Character Background Choice and how it applies to my life:

                                              ***Don’t feel the need to add something for everything, the categories you use and don’t use will depend on the kinds of characters you create. Some of these categories are added more to spice up roleplay than to add intricacies to a character, but do what you all see fit, and make the best most dynamic characters you can!***

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