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DnD Stuff

Random Treasure: http://www.asmor.com/scripts/4eMagicItems/randomTreasure.php

Brawl Battle: http://thelearningdm.com/2011/09/26/quick-and-dirty-combats-in-4e-the-brawl-encounter/

Random Encounter: http://www.asmor.com/scripts/4eEncounterGen/planner.php

http://donjon.bin.sh/4e/encounter/ (better)

Dungeon Painter: http://pyromancers.com/dungeon-painter-online

Friday Febuary 11th, 2011 – Dark and Stormy Night

Friday March 4th, 2011 – Camp Orc-Murder

Saturday March 12th, 2011 – Towards the Ramparts

Friday March 25th, 2011 – Deep Dark Catacombs

Friday May 6th, 2011 – Up to the Top

Saturday July 30th, 2011 – The Return of D&D

Friday, October 14th, 2011 – Let's get back into the swing of things…

Saturday, November 5th, 2011 – Finding Michael

Saturday, November 19th, 2011 – The Demonkind Orbs

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 – One Down, Two to Go!

Friday, January 6th, 2012 – Dr. Illithid (or how I learned to love the orb)

The Chained Orb:

The Chained Orb was forged within the Astral Plane by the gods themselves. It's exact origins and original purpose are unknown but at some point the orb was cast down onto the Prime Material Plane where it imbued Warlords of old with great power. Over the ages the Chained Orb was unearthed by cruel beings who hungered for power, passed down among royal lines, taken by force from rival nations, and eventually lost to time. It is known now that the orb's final resting place was within the Shadowfell Tower, a remnant of the Shadowfell Keep which served to protect from The Abyss and a location of high magic which aided in hiding the orb from magical scrying. The Chained Orb was destroyed in year 0.

The Demonkind Orbs:

The Demonkind Orbs, named for their three Demon wielders, are the shattered remains of The Chained Orb. Each contains a fragment of power that the chained orb once held. It is also said that the first wielders of these fragmented orbs imbued part of their souls into them, increasing not only the wielder's power but also the power of the orbs themselves. 

The current wielders of the Demonkind Orbs and their last known locations are:

  • Demon Lord Zoldathra

    • (???)

  • Samael the Great Dragon

    • (Seven Spired Mountains)

  • Bashumgarda,Lord of the Efreets

    • (The Ruined City of Baphul)

The Demonkind Orbs (Psychic, Fire,Poison)

  • Implement: Orb

  • Enhancement: +4/6/8 to attack rolls and damage rolls

  • Critical: +4d10 _____ damage


  •  *You gain a +4/6/8 bonus to resist against ______ attacks

  •  *You gain a +4/6/8 bonus to saving throws against ______

  • Power – Daily (Immediate Reaction)

    •  Requirement: You are reduced to 0hp

    •  Effect: You may spend a healing surge immediately. 

  • Power – Daily (Minor)

    •  *You  regain the use of one expended encounter of daily attack power.

  • Power – At-Will (Minor)

    •  *Requirement: One Demonspawn Orb must be touching another.

    •  *Effect: The two orbs meld into one. 

Goals of the Demonspawn Orbs

  • To be reunited with all the other Orbs of Demonspawn – Restoring Torog to power.

  • To instill chaos and pain into the world.

  • To be held by powerful warriors.

Roleplaying the Orb

Each of the Orbs lacks a complete personality, but does possess enough of Torog's mind to have purpose and will. An orb gives its wielder delusions of grandeur and invincibility while persuading the owner to perform acts that will bring pain into the world.


  • Owner gains a level +1d10

  • An orb is melded into another. +2

  • Owner avoids using a surge in battle after becoming bloodied +1/day

  • Owner destroys an enemy 1 or more levels higher than he is +1 (3/day)

  • Owner avoids melding orbs together -2/orb

  • Owner is not bloodied in battle -2/day

  • Owner uses bluff before intimidate -1

Pleased (16-20)

"I hear the voice of the Demon inside." The Orb seeks to reward the wielder for his or her efforts in restoring the orb.

  • Property

    • Whenever you make an attack that has the ______ keyword, you can score a critical hit on a roll of 19–20.

    • Power:  Daily (Standard Action)

      • Effect: You and your allies are healed for 1d20 hit points during battle.

Satisfied (12–15)

"A force waits to escape from this orb. I can feel it."The wielder has likely taken some small steps toward restoring the orb, but more can be done. Sometimes the orb quivers as though a creature inside is trying to hatch.

  • Properties

    • You are immune to _____ damage.

    • Power:  Daily (Minor Action)

      • Effect: Each enemy adjacent to you takes 10 _________ damage.

Normal (5–11)

"This orb is one of three, and each is more powerful when bound to another."The Orb waits and watches, offering neither positive nor negative feedback.

Unsatisfied (1–4)

"Does anybody else hear that whispering?"The orb is openly displeased with its owner. Defenses it once provided begin to fade, opening weak spots.

  • Properties

    • You gain vulnerable 5 ______, and you lose ______ resistance you have from any other source.

    • Whenever you roll a natural 1 on any attack roll you make you grant combat advantage (save ends).

Angered (0 or lower)

"It erodes my mind. Soon, nothing will be left of me."The orb knows that its wielder is not going to accomplish what all orbs desire. It actively tries to pass into the hands of another.

  • Properties

    • You gain vulnerable 10 ______, and you lose ________ resistance you have from any other source.

    • Whenever you roll a natural 1 on any attack roll you become dazed (save ends).

The Demonkind Orbs Timeline

  • -600 – The Feywild town of Duckberg is founded around a Plane Portal.

  • -300 – A lost portal key creates life within the Fleetwood Forest. The Keymaster (Bob) is born.

  • -200 – Rumors spread in Duckberg of Fleetwood Forest being haunted. 

  • -150 – Royal Heir to the throne Tanis Thunderborne is born amongst the Storm of Centuries in the Prime Material Plane  to Prince Asteron and Princess Tekta.

  • -146 – During a raid upon the Royal Caravan a young troll was able to make his way into the Royal Carriage and sneak away into the forest with the royal heir. After the confusion of the raid ended, Prince Asteron begins a frantic search through The Forests of Almanir for his son.

  • -143 – The bones of a very young minotaur are found in the remains of a goblin camp. Prince Asteron, his wife Tekta, and the world weep.

  • -102 – Dipana begins to form her physical body from within the Shardmind.

  • -84 – In a freak accident, Princess Tekta falls from the cliff-face of Mount Synt in the Seven Spired Mountains. The date of her funeral later becomes a holy day.

  • -32 – Mikael is born to a tribe of southern nomads. 

  • -31 – In the underdark, Ilivarra is born under the sign of the Drider.

  • -26 –  A Dire Bison stampede occurs within Mikael’s community and one of the beasts tramples the young boy. The tribe’s witchdoctor is astounded that Mikael has come out alive and with only a small concussion, the same could not be said for the Bison. Mikael develops his nervous tick shortly after this incident.

  • -25 – William Wizzzard is born. 

  • -24 – Zahar is reborn by divine order of The Raven Queen. He begins training for his fate-journey.
    Will Wizzzard begins to show signs of magical aptitude and an affinity towards cutlery.

  • -21 – Amon Devilscry is born and later sold to the Greater Universal Church.

  • -13 – Ilivarra finishes top of her class. Begins her career as a paid Assassin.

  • -2 – Rumors abound that an unknown "variable" has surfaced within goblin communities. Larger, more structured hordes begin appearing. The Greater Universal Church begins requesting scouts, spies, and informants from towns and cities of the realm.

  • -1 – The Skirmish of Tarout. Ethran Trollkind defeats Goblin Warlord Zetol in unarmed combat. Earns commanding rights of the Blood Horde.  

  • -6 months – Ethran begins his search for The Chained Orb, an artifact of enormous power located within the ruins of the Shadowfell Tower.

  • -3 Months –  Amyr Devilscry, Paladin of Ioun is tasked with retrieving an unknown artifact (The Chained Orb) from the Blood Horde. He begins recruitment of his Adventuring Party.
    A contract is put out on Mikael’s head for insulting a noble of the house of Atun.

  • -1 Month – A violent storm forces several adventurers into an ancient goblin tor. These adventurers form the remaining members of the Adventuring Party. The group leaves the Tor and quickly arrives at the Shadowfell Tower*

*It was thought initially that Amyr convinced his group to continue onwards toward their final destination. Later testimony revealed that goblin raiders from Ethran's private guard stole from the party, leading the group inadvertently towards the Shadowfell Tower.

  • 0 The Chained Orb is destroyed by the Adventuring Party, hereto referred in history as The Forsaken Heretics, abbreviated TFH. Hell gates across the land open up to release Demonspawn from the Infinite Layers of the Abyss. TFH is transported into the plane of the Feywild.

  • 1 – Trade routes begin to close due to hellspawn infestations. Caravans all but cease to exist, with only the bravest merchants daring the wilderness. Aquatic Shipping Routes become the preferred method of shipping goods.

  • 4 – The demonspawn have begun attacking in unfocused force. Several towns, once able to defend themselves from the small but constant waves of monsters, fall to the increasing power that the demonspawn possess. The Royal order of Paladins are sent in to snuff out the blight.

  • 8 – First sighting of Bashumgarda, the Lord of the Efreets. The city of Baphul falls to his fires shortly after.

  • 15 – Shadows Fall – Demonspawn forces finally begin to overwhelm the Paladin order. Tides begin to turn as stronger, smarter “Demonic Generals” and their hordes begin emerging into the Prime Material Plane. 

  • 16 – Chief Paladin Roland Cox reinstates The Elite Right Hand and begins recruiting exceptional soldiers from within the Paladin ranks.

  • 18 – God-King Treppen faces off against Demon Lord Zoldathra, “Master of the Word” and is slain in combat. Prince Asteron steps forward and claims the title of God-King.

  • 19 – Newly crowned God-King Asteron leads a full regiment against Samael, “The Tempest Overlord”.  Samael abandons his forces after a blow from Asteron shatters his skull. 

  • 22 – Captains along the Aquatic Shipping Routes begin to claim that trade might soon be too perilous. Sightings of pirates increase and rumors of gigantic  “sea monsters” begin to stir in local taverns.

  • 26 – The Scribes of the G. U. C. begin their work documenting the events leading up to what is now commonly being called “The Dark Era”. This is the first documented case of the Forsaken Heretics being named for their crimes. Later editions of the Holy Guide will include these amended chapters along with artist renditions of the Forsaken Heretics in addition to the classical heroes and villains of lore.

  • 30 – Samael is found to have roosted within the Seven Spired Mountains. Attempts to drive the mighty dragon out have only been met with failure.

  • 35 – By this point in history, most of the south is to be considered uninhabitable. Small villages and a few well defended towns still exist as beacons of light shining through the darkness of the blight but a large portion of the land has fallen to the Abyss. The safer areas to the North, geographic locations less infested with “Hell Holes” now contain the majority of intelligent humanoid life. Dwarves have abandoned Nogrod and Belegost and have begun excavating lands for a new grand city – Lowgrin.

  • 38 – Despite tremendous losses over the better part of the last three decades, the Royal order of Paladins have now begun to turn away all but the most devout of potential enlistees. 

  • 40 – The Blight begins to slow as fewer demons arrive through the gates. Demonic expansion into Northern Territories all but halt overnight.

  • 48 – Construction of the Holy Barrier, a dwarven constructed wall aimed as a defense from the southern lands, begins. 

  • 49.5 – TFH member Mikael arrives back from the Feywild and enters the town of Acklam. Is arrested by the City Guard and sent to the Inquisitors of the Holy Royal City.

  • 50 – TFH teleport in from the Feywild near Acklam looking for member Mikael. TFH is detained by local clergyman Dellyn Quint and transported by City Guard to the Holy Royal City. There Asteron discovered to his surprise that Tanis is marked as a Thunderborne and thus the assumed long-dead heir was in fact, alive. After comparing the group’s stories to history, by royal decree, the TFH were given a chance at absolution  for their crimes by retrieving, through any means, the lesser demonkind orbs held by the Demon Generals to the south.

Defeating Samael

-Step 1: Get an airship

-Step 2: Dragon attack on airship

-Step 3: Depending on damage done to airship, crash land or base camp land on Seven Spired Mountain range

-Step 4: Skill Challenge to Locate Samael's Layer

-Step 5: Depending on success of skill challenge – more fighting/lost surges or less fighting.

-Step 6: Kill that Dragon

Defeating the MindFlayer

-Step 1: Gathering information. Talk at the ports relay increased agitation regarding sea creatures near the Octet Islands. Probably some other stuff here.

-Step 2: Charter a ship/steal a ship/get a fucking ship.

-Step 3: Water Battle

-Step 4: ???

Defeating Lord Ephreet

-Step 1: Head to the City of Brass

-Step 2: Random Battle

-Step 3: Arrive at the Wall

-Step 4a: If PC's choose to stay at wall to rest, a scouting party informs them of an approaching army. May refortify defenses…

-Step 4b: If the PC's plow on through the wall, they run straight into a larger force/harder battle.

3 x Cave Bear (mm 29, 500 xp) (total 214/7th party member)

Treasure: None

6 x Dragonkin Kobold Champion (dr2 198, 300 xp) (total 307/party)

Treasure: 2 x Small Bloodstone (310 gp each), 3 x Small Carnelian (350 gp each); +2 Totem of Trailblazing (mme 54, 2600 gp); hoard total 4270 gp

6 x Human Noble (mm2 148, 200 xp) (171/party)

Treasure: None

3 x Lesser Fire Demon (dem 113, 350 xp) (150/party)

Treasure: 2100 gp; 3 x Carved Smoky Quartz (390 gp each), Large Citrine (370 gp each), Large Jasper (420 gp each); +2 Crystal Armor (av 43, 4200 gp) Drakescale Armor (av 7), +2 Medic's Weapon (av 72, 4200 gp) Spiked Gauntlet (av 9), +2 Unraveling Weapon (phb3 202, 4200 gp) Greatbow (av 10); hoard total 16660 gp

If after Samael:

Party needs to find travel to Seven Spired Mountains.

1) They can go it on foot (random battle, roll table)

2) They can find an airship – Talk to Cpt. Hammer!

3) Fight upon airship – Dragonkin swoop down using griffins, Samael attacks ship. 

4) Arrive at Mountains (if ship is damaged over halfway, crash into mountains, people are thrown and suffer damage)

5) Heavy snowfall, skill challenge to make it up the mountain/find Samael's cave. 6 successes before 3 failures

5a) No Failures – straight into fight with Samael

5b) 1 Failure – Get lost, roll endurance checks, lose 2 surges.

5c) 2 Failures – Find wrong cave – fight bears!

5d) 3 Failures – Get lost, lose surges, fight bears.

6) Fight Samael – the poison orb!

If after Ephreet

1) Party heads out.

2) Fight band of Human Nobles upset at group.

3) If party rests, fight – Lesser Fire Demons. Surprise round!

4) Arrive at the partially constructed Holy Barrier.

5) Rest, talk to Dwarven Overseer.

6) Scouts arrive with news of a large tiefling group heading towards the Barrier.

7) Skill challenge – ideas for stopping the tieflings/keeping the peace/etc…

8a) Tiefling Fight (Dajani)

8b) Skill challenge for diplomacy

8c) Dwarf fight! (Zark)

9) Head towards Brass City

10) Arrive at Brass City…

11) Fight gate guards?

12) Sneak through streets?

13) Defeat Baphamel.


Size: Your mount must be larger than you.

Adjacent: You must be adjacent to a creature to mount it.

Willing: You can use a creature as a mount only if it is willing.

Saddles: The rules assume that you ride a creature with a saddle. If you lack a saddle, you take a -2 penalty to attack rolls, AC, and Reflex defense while mounted.

Mounted Combat: Anyone can simply ride along with a beast of burden without using the Mounted Combat feat. The Mounted Combat feat allows you to make the most of a mount’s abilities. When you have the Mounted Combat feat and you ride a creature, you gain access to any special mount abilities it confers to its rider. (Not every creature has these abilities.) While you are riding a creature with Mounted Combat, the creature can make any Athletics, Acrobatics, Endurance, or Stealth checks using your base skill check bonus rather than its own if yours is better.

Mount and Rider

Space: The rider and mount both occupy the mount’s space. However, the origin squares of the rider’s powers and other effects do not change to the mount’s size. Whenever the rider uses an effect that has an origin square (such as a melee, a ranged, an area, or a close power), the rider first picks where that square is located in the mount’s space, and the effect uses that origin square. For example, if a Medium rider uses a close burst attack power, the rider chooses a single square within the mount’s space, and the burst emanates from that square. This rule means that if the burst targets each creature within it, rather than each enemy, it can hit the mount.

Targeting the Mount and Rider: Even though the mount and rider occupy the same space, they are still separate creatures and are targeted separately. For example, an attack that targets only one creature can target either the mount or the rider, not both. In contrast, area and burst attacks can affect both mount and rider, since the two are in the same space.

Mount Benefits: Many mounts offer special attacks or benefits they can use or grant to their riders. These abilities range from flat bonuses, such as an AC bonus to the rider, to special attacks that the mount can use. The Monster Manual details the benefits that many creatures grant if the rider meets a minimum level and has the Mounted Combat feat. If the rider doesn’t meet a mount’s prerequisites, he or she can ride it but doesn’t gain the mount’s special benefits.

Provoking Opportunity Attacks: If the mount’s movement provokes an opportunity attack, the attacker chooses to target either the mount or the rider, since the two of them move together. However, if the mount or the rider provokes an opportunity attack by using a ranged or an area power, the attacker must target whichever one of them provoked the opportunity attack.

Forced Movement: If the mount is pulled, pushed, or slid, the rider moves with it. If the rider is pulled, pushed, or slid and the mount isn’t, the rider can have the two of them move together. Otherwise, the rider is dismounted and falls prone in the destination space of the forced movement.

Teleportation: If either the mount or the rider is teleported, the other does not teleport with it. If the mount is teleported without the rider, the rider is dismounted and falls prone.

Mounts in Combat

Mount (Move Action): The rider mounts a creature adjacent to it and enters its space.

Dismount (Move Action): The rider dismounts, moving from the mount’s space to a square adjacent to it.

Initiative: The mount and rider act on the rider’s initiative count, even if the mount had a different initiative before the rider mounted it. The two continue to act on the same initiative count after the rider dismounts. A monster and its mount have separate turns, whereas an adventurer and his or her mount have a single turn.

Actions (Adventurers Only): An adventurer and his or her mount have one combined set of actions: a standard action, a move action, and a minor action. The player chooses how the two creatures use the actions on the adventurer’s turn. Most commonly, the mount takes a move action to walk or fly, and the adventurer takes a standard action to attack. The adventurer and the mount also share a single immediate action each round and a single opportunity action each turn. If the adventurer dismounts, the two still share one set of actions on that turn, but have separate sets of actions thereafter.

Mount Attacks: The mount takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls unless the rider has the Mounted Combat feat. While not being ridden, a typical mount (such as a riding horse) rarely attacks on its own, unless it has been trained for battle, is defending itself, or feels unusually protective of its rider. Left to its own devices, a typical mount avoids combat.

Charging: When the rider charges, the rider and mount move up to the mount’s speed and then the rider makes the charge attack. When the mount charges, it follows the normal rules for a charge.

Squeezing: When the mount squeezes, the rider is also considered to be squeezing.

Falling Prone: If the mount falls prone, the rider is dismounted and falls prone in an unoccupied space of the rider’s choice adjacent to the now-prone mount. However, if the mount is flying when it falls prone, the rider isn’t dismounted unless the mount lands and falls prone itself.

A rider who is knocked prone can immediately make a saving throw. On a roll lower than 10, the rider is dismounted and falls prone in an unoccupied space of the rider’s choice adjacent to the mount. On a roll of 10 or higher, the rider is neither dismounted nor knocked prone.

A rider who voluntarily drops prone falls prone in an unoccupied space of the rider’s choice adjacent to the mount.

Tavol’s Last Stand

1) Party leads themselves back to Royal City

2) Nearing the castle walls is a large group of demonic mounted riders. – Battle 1 against mounted demons and the party on bear-back. 

3) Enter the city. The town seems normal enough.

  •  Perception check DC 20. – Townies are staring and mumbling.

4) Surprise round if failed check- Rolf the Butcher and other mind controlled citizens attack.

5) Make it inside castle/fortress walls. Guards are FREAKING OUT because SOMEONE LET THE ANIMALS OUT OF THE CAGE.

6) Zoo fight. Because I want someone to fuck up a rhino.

7) If things are going too well, throw in a couple of guards.

8) God King’s Chamber.

  •  God King acts as if he’s holed himself up here. Obviously somehow Tavol has gotten through.

  • Perception 25 – Keymaster is strung up over the throne but is concealed by a large banner hung between the two minotaur statues. 

  • Perception 30 – Notice God King’s eyes – small blue fires.

  • God King attacks, attempts to grab orbs. 

  • Rob is revealed as the changeling spy. 

9) God King incapacitated, Tavol reveals himself from behind the throne. Fight ensues.

10) Orbs are reunited and meld into the Chained Orb, which is showing signs of cracks. Bright light shines through and Torog, the god who crawls, emerges. Grants characters wishes.



King Asteron is becoming senile due to the mind control of the Illythid. *Scene with Andrew*

Tiefling racism has greatly decreased thanks to Amon and the freed Tieflings who aided in the final confrontation.

Mikael is now a family man. Dear god, his kid can bench a house.

10 years have passed since the events that transpired during the last game. The continent, having most of its fallen population wished back to life, slowly rebuilds. The first years were tough. The party’s wish came with a price, the slain in battle were restored, but so were the frail and sick. Plagues ran rampant in warmer climates where the elderly and meek succumbed to the diseases that had been left behind by the inhabitants of the Abyss. The church, weakened by decades of battle, sends its many healers out to aid – weakening it further. 

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